Jesus Quotes: Faith, Fear & Courage

“If you just rely on yourself, having courage is very hard – how much courage you have is completely dependent on your own limitations. Whereas God is an unlimited God, with unlimited Goodness. If I trust and have faith in God, now my courage will be dependent on God’s feelings, not my own. To me, […]

Living In Fear & the Freedom to Choose Differently

The sad truth is that the entire world’s population lives in fear in some or all aspects of their lives. Some of us acknowledge some of our fears some of the time. But seeing our fear doesn’t mean that we deal with it healthily. In fact, most of us feel justified in our fears and […]

Fear Is Not Our Ruler!

Wow! AJ & I just arrived home after a full day of absolutely awesome auditions for our first God’s Way of Love concert to be held tomorrow. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of you who auditioned. It was so amazing sitting in that hot, dusty and very ordinary hall, feeling the […]

Jesus & Mary 2020

Well, once again, it has been a long time between updates. We are safe and well and grateful for our circumstances, but this year we have been snowed under by: Audio and video editing tasks Computer hardware breakdowns Renovation of our studio to allow refurbished servers to be installed (which also required moving studio contents […]

Living by Law {Jesus Quotes}

“The problem is not that we are afraid It is that we honour fear above the Law. If we choose to live in harmony with God’s Loving Laws, all fear and painful emotion will naturally be released from us Integrity to God’s Law is the key to complete emotional healing. Heartfelt desire to live by […]

A message from Paul

Recently I had the privilege to speak with an old friend of ours in the spirit world. Jesus and I were discussing what we remembered of Paul and his life on earth and Jesus suggested I speak to Paul directly. Since, at the time, we had no capacity to record the mediumship session, I channeled […]

Dynamics between Jesus & Mary: A letter

*** This post has been updated – see end for a follow-up note from Mary *** Hi, This is the most difficult email I have ever written as I am going to make some critical comments about AJ and Mary in the following video. These comments come from the deepest recesses of my soul and […]

What causes lung cancer? A letter

I recently received an email from an acquaintance asking me about the causes of lung cancer. Her mother died of lung cancer and my acquaintance was concerned that she may share the same emotions that created the disease in her mother. I thought that others may benefit from the explanation of the disease which Jesus […]