Self Punishment and Joy

I was chatting to our friend Joy the other day. We were discussing blocks, the things that prevent us experiencing our emotions and connecting to God. I mentioned self punishment, the state of berating ourselves for not ‘getting it’, not being ‘good enough’, putting ourselves down and projecting anger at ourselves. Joy said casually ‘Oh […]

Mediumship with Gregor: Compensation in the Spirit World

During a recent informal discussion with God’s Way Ltd members, volunteers and probation volunteers we spoke with a spirit, Gregor, about his progress in the spirit world. We had been discussing with the group how Compensation operates in the spirit world. Jesus had explained that when we enter the spirit world a record of our […]

The Big Year: January Newsletter

It has been a while since our last update and so as usual I have a lot of information to share. Here is a list of topics I’ve covered (clicking on each title will jump you to that section within the post): Thank you Assistance Groups Recent Divine Truth Training Programme Volunteer Induction Programme Other […]

Moving through the Four ‘D’s {The Great Experiment Series}

In this first series of messages I’ve chosen for discussion we often find people in darkness, despair, disillusionment and doubt. It isn’t by accident that I chose as I did. It’s important for all of us to face these four ‘d’s i.e. darkness, despair, disillusionment and doubt. Many of us find ourselves the most stuck, […]

{Notes On} Missing the Gifts

I know of a woman, who, after eagerly anticipating the birth of her first child, took one look at him after delivery and said “But he’s a blond.” She refused to wash, hold or nurse him for days after his birth. She had anticipated a cherub with brown hair and eyes, and couldn’t accept the […]

Reflections on ‘Lawlessness’, Confessions of a Rebel

Well its been quiet around here I know. There hasn’t been much time for words on a screen. Life has been happening thick and fast and it feels to me that in the past two months a light bulb has gone on behind a kaleidoscope of emotional baggage, fears, anger, pain, resistance, unresolved addiction and […]