Jesus & Mary : February & March

It’s been a big couple of months for this couple. Our First Assistance Group As many of you likely know we held both sessions of the first group in our Education in Love assistance group series. In total 118 people attended “Using My Will to Love” and we received great feedback from many of those […]

Jesus & Mary – January Update

It is great to finally make the time to sit down and write on update for November, December and January here on the blog. I really enjoy writing to you all in this way. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on everything that we’ve been doing and what I’ve been learning. This is always […]

Responding to Spirit Attack: A Letter

Hi Jesus and Mary, I am wondering if you would be willing to have a conversation with me by phone or skype. Everything is really ramping up for me, I don’t know if I am on track, if I am being relentlessly attacked by spirits. I have focused on my relationship with God and feeling […]

Reflections on Relationships: July Newsletter

Hey everybody, I was going to start by saying July wasn’t one of our best months. But upon further consideration I think it’s more accurate to say it wasn’t a fun month. It was a month of facing challenges (me), embracing new truth (me), speaking up (both of us), making solid decisions (both of us), […]

Jesus & Mary: April/ May Newsletter

After the lovely response we received after our ‘Super, Duper Update’ in March, I have decided to write a regular update of our lives and any news-ey things for you here on the blog. That way – especially during this time that we aren’t producing new videos – you know how we are doing and […]

What Is Divine Truth?

*** This page is still in draft form and will be updated to include links later Divine Truth is a spiritual movement which began in Australia, and is taught by Alan John Miller, also known as A.J., who claims to be Jesus of Nazareth, and his partner, Mary Suzanne Luck, who claims to be Mary […]

Let Yourself Fall from the Plane

Imagine yourself high in the air, a passenger in a small plane. Mid-flight you are calmly sitting in your seat, eating free peanuts and enjoying the scenery from your window seat. Suddenly, one of the other passengers leaps up, and throws open the door of the plane. Shock fills the cabin. Everyone else begins to […]

Sometimes I Think of Dogs

I once had a friend who was afraid of dogs. I didn’t know this until some years after we had met. She visited at a time when I was dog-sitting for an acquaintance and the dog scared her so much so she couldn’t stay in the apartment. My friend’s fear didn’t bother me but I […]