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  1. Charlotte

    Hi Mary –
    Thank you so much for this lovely blog that you have created. I have found many of the stories so beneficial to my own progress along The Way. I am writing to see if you might consider writing about or start a discussion about the experiences you and others have gone through as you/they progress along The Way with a Soulmate?

    My Soulmate, Jason, and I live in Chicago (United States) and were first exposed to Divine Truth about six months ago. We have been working on processing our emotional injuries and growing our love for God together, it has been a truly beautiful experience….but certainly not without it’s challenges. The reason I am asking you to consider a discussion around Soulmates specifically is because I am currently finding this to be one of the most challenging areas and I don’t personally know any other Soulmate couples on the Divine Love path who I can share experiences with and learn from.

    Even before hearing Divine Truth for the first time, I had an overwhelming feeling within me that Jason was my Soulmate. After having serious relationships in my 20’s and being married for 10 years, I knew that my feelings for Jason were coming from a completely different part of me. We met 2 years ago while I was on vacation in Arizona, shortly after separating from my husband. There was an instant attraction between us and despite the distance (1500 miles) we began a long distance friendship and relationship after only spending a few days together. There were bumps and curves, ups and downs, starts and stops….but the intensity of my love and longing for him did not waiver, even when we went 6 months without seeing one another. After a year of trying to maintain a long distance relationship, one morning Jason felt a sudden urge that he needed to be with me in Chicago as soon as possible….and that afternoon he moved. Love.

    That was 16 months ago. As I stated before, I always had a knowing that this beautiful man was my Soulmate….but after hearing Jesus’ discussion of Soulmates, that knowing was even stronger. It has not been the same for Jason, he has opposite gender issues that he is working on processing and feeling his way through that have kept him a bit more blocked. However, about three months ago he woke up one morning and said “I feel you are my Soulmate. I couldn’t feel it before, but I feel it now.” Love.

    I say all of this to illustrate the different paths Jason and I have been down, up to this point, when it comes to our Soulmate relationship. What I am currently finding so challenging is how that Soulmate connection can be so intensely strong and I am overcome with an overwhelming feeling of love for my partner, and then as he or I am processing a different set of emotions, that connection can suddenly feel cut off. For example, he becomes very internal as he is processing his own emotions of self love…quiet, not wanting to open up or share what he is going through, and experiencing difficult sleep state memories. As he is going through that, I then start feeling fear and grief as a result of the loss of connection to my Soulmate, feeling like there is an invisible barrier between us and even when I touch him it doesn’t feel as though I am. I start feeling my own emotions of unworthiness and fear of love. I feel so separated from him when we are in this space. I feel such a loss of Love. I pray for God to help me through this and help me feel all of these emotions fully so I can heal my soul and once again feel my connection to my true self and my Soulmate.

    I would love to know if you or others have gone through these waves of emotions when progressing along the Divine Love path with a Soulmate. Is it possible or even beneficial to work on staying open to one another while feeling through our own personal emotional injuries? We are still fairly new, just six months into these teachings and love knowing that their is a community of others that are progressing as well. I find writing to be therapeutic and perhaps there are others out there that do as well. I am so thankful and grateful for you and Jesus and all of the teachings that you have brought to myself and others. Jason and I continue to share Divine Truth with our family and friends as we can feel our connection to God and the love within us growing everyday.

    Much love to you and Jesus!


  2. Katy Evans

    Hi Mary,

    Which of Jesus’ birthdays do you celebrate and also do you celebrate Easter or is that a really difficult time of year for you?

  3. shane

    If you say you believe in the Bible then why don’t I see any scriptures to support what you’re teaching. I just noticed a video about John Miller believing he is Jesus Christ. Jesus is God, He is the Messaih. John Miller doesn’t speak any of the languages of where Jesus is from. Jesus is holy, sinless, clearly Jon Millar is not. Jesus had a new body when he was raised from the dead. He was whole and walked into buildings but didn’t need doors to do so. There’s nothing in scripture to indicate that Jesus had another new body. In fact, Jesus showed the people around him the scars on him that were healed, but were still scars. Jon Millar does not have scars, is not sinless like God, and I haven’t heard him say anything at all the is scriptural. If he were to be God in the flesh, Jesus, he would be known as such. Sadly, there’s no evidence to prove that he is authentic. Rather there’s heaps to prove that he’s just another man with a void in his soul needing and made to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

    What I see you and John promoting is something very very harmful to people. It’s deceptive and will destroy and harm people, devastating them and if and when they come out of the deceit they will become disillusioned and may never find the actual truth of salvation and abundant life in Christ, the Messiah.

    As I follower of the Jesus Christ of the Bible, not Jon Millar, I beg you to really check you heart and turn from this deceit, repent and be forgiven, then see professional Biblical based counselling. You will need it. Plus, please tell the people whom you have deceived to look to the Word of God and seek to know God in Spirit and in Truth. John Millar is not the Way, The Truth, The Life. Jesus Messiah, He is.


    1. Mary Post author

      G’day Shane,

      You seem to have misunderstood some basic things about what we teach and say to others (and, if I were you, I would question the validity and truthfulness of the video you saw, since it has misinformed you)

      We don’t ‘believe in the Bible’ as you state, although we do freely share that the Bible contains some beautiful Truths of God.

      AJ doesn’t claim to be God or a sinless being. For many years now he has been demonstrating a progression towards the eradication of sin from his soul, through a direct relationship with God. He is very open that he still has sin (or error) within him, but that at some point, either here or in the spirit world, it is possible to remove all error and to receive the Love of God to the point of being at-one with God in His feelings of Love for all of His Creation.

      It is Jesus’ (AJ), and my desire, to show others that such a state of at-onement is possible for everyone, should they engage the process we teach. This is the same process Jesus demonstrated to people in the first century.

      Also, we do encourage people, as well as ourselves, to ‘check our hearts’ (as you encourage) often. Jesus and I are in a constant process of examining our desires in relation to love, ethics and morality. We know that a true understanding of love and morality is gained through a direct and personal relationship with God but that ethics is a simple matter of a living each day according to the ‘golden rule’, i.e. ‘do unto others as you would have them do to you’.

      Both Jesus and I encourage people to refer to other written works, including the Bible, and to seek out truth in whatever religion, group or study they feel interested in. We encourage others to make up their own minds and hearts about what they believe, and to connect directly with God, not ourselves, as the ultimate authority on love and truth, Who is accessible to everyone, in every moment.

      Thank-you for this opportunity to clarify some of our beliefs, and a little of the way we approach life. I wish you all the very best.


  4. JoshuaThomasG

    Hello, I have a question regarding your memories. In an FAQ video you mentioned you were having memories of emotions regarding your past life as Miriam of Magdala. I understand AJ described the process of emotions as tiers, and how their unraveling unlocks other emotions that ultimately lead to memories from past lives. I guess the question is, have you had any dreams from the first century, or is it possible to have any visual memories of your past life as Mary? Is it ultimately like Post Traumatic Stress disorder, where a certain emotional trauma is relived over and over again? Would you describe emotional processing as a form of cognitive behavioral therapy? Does it resemble a form of EMDR which in involves adaptive information processing, and rapid eye movement?


  5. JoshuaThomasG

    Hello, Mary. I wanted to inquire about the Divine Love path, and it is a rather crass question, but I hope you don’t mind. I understand certain principles that AJ has taught over the years, but overall I fail to see where it all leads. Certain religious institutions promise life everlasting, but what does the Divine Love path offer? Is your mission on earth to teach the Divine Love path to the entire world? Is that the sole purpose of your institution? Once we become at one with God what is left to do? Where does it all lead once we’ve passed into the spirit world?

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