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Requests for Personal Time or Assistance

Jesus & I are both very busy, and generally do not have time to respond to people directly or to see them, this is because we prioritise our time so that we focus on producing information that can benefit many people at once.

Many people believe that what we have already presented doesn’t apply to them however this is most often not the case. We encourage you to explore the wealth of online resources that we have already created.

This information can be found via the following links using the search function (see purple arrow in image below):




It is very rare for Jesus or I to respond to people’s personal situations. We don’t ever involve ourselves in giving advice or influencing the specific decisions people make.

From time to time we do discuss the principles of God’s Truth in the context of people’s personal situations. We do this to help them, and others, to see how God’s Laws are operating in relation to what is happening for them and to highlight aspects of God’s Truth.

We always record these interactions so that others can benefit.

So, if we do choose to respond to your request for a personal interaction we will require that the personal interaction is recorded and able to be used publicly. If you aren’t comfortable with that then we won’t engage the interaction with you.

Also we usually only respond to requests for personal interaction if we believe that it will be of benefit to a much wider audience besides yourself.

On the rare occasions that we choose to respond to people personally it depends upon a great variety of factors including the emotions that we feel from the person making the request and our own personal situation and priorities at the time.