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“The failure to recognize and act upon the spiritual importance of (life) is perhaps one of the most remarkable and indefensible follies of the human race. As a commercial asset, life in it’s physical phase is one of supreme value; even its adjuncts, accessories and parts are matters for which armies and navies are brought into existence to defend; in its spiritual aspect the value is practically nil; yet the former is evanescent, the latter abiding; the one vanishing even as we dreamed it away, the other eternal as God Himself. And the men who thus frolic with the shadow, while they neglect the substance, call themselves wise.”

Excerpt from The Life Elysian:: Recorded by Robert James Lees


Hi, I’m Mary. Welcome to Notes Along The Way.

About Me

I live with my man in rural Queensland, Australia. We teach what we believe to be God’s Way of loving and living. In my experience these teachings are the keys to living the happiest and most fulfilled life possible and to unlocking and experiencing the awesome person that God designed each of us to be. I feel incredibly blessed to have found my soulmate and share with him the exciting and soul-stretching life that we have created together.

If you would like to read more about my journey you could start here.

About The Blog

My aim for this blog is to provide practical tips, ideas, inspiration and encouragement for putting the teachings of Divine Truth into practice in day-to-day life.

I’m passionate about developing a personal, lasting and tangible relationship with God and living in harmony, trust and faith with His Laws. I also have a strong desire to know, heal and experience the whole of my soul, including the half of me that is my soul mate. I’m in a process of learning and developing some key personal qualities I believe are essential to knowing ourselves and our Creator. Not the least of these are humility and self-reflection.

These passions and processes are what inspire me to write. They also happen to cover the key progressions we each must engage if we are to live the ‘Way’.

You will find writing on this site is fairly varied. Over the years according to personal changes I’ve made the frequency, style and content of posts has changed quite a bit. These days the blog has become a great way to share regular updates from Jesus and I and occasionally I write about a certain topic or share some private correspondence that I feel might benefit others.

All blog posts are brief, personal and limited. For more comprehensive understanding of the teachings that underpin these writings you can visit our website, our YouTube channel or our Frequently Asked Questions channel.

I hope that you find these ‘Notes Along The Way’ beneficial. Please make yourself at home!