What Is Divine Truth?

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Divine Truth is a spiritual movement which began in Australia, and is taught by Alan John Miller, also known as A.J., who claims to be Jesus of Nazareth, and his partner, Mary Suzanne Luck, who claims to be Mary Magdalene.

Both Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck claim they have lived a single 2000+ year life which began in the 1st century, and continued in the spirit world (or other dimensional spaces) after their death in the 1st century. They state that during their existence in the spirit world, they continued to grow and learn, and were able to discover a process by which they could return to earth. Alan John Miller calls the return process “reincarnation” but his description of the process bears no resemblance to other reincarnation [link] philosophies currently taught.

Alan John Miller claims that Divine Truth is God’s Truth, which is the absolute truth about the universe and everything inside of it, from the perspective of God.[1] He teaches that he has discovered it through forming a personal relationship with God, and he teaches that Divine Truth can be discovered by any person through the same process.[2] The Divine Truth teachings include information about God and God’s nature, the human soul’s nature, growth and potentials, how to have a relationship with God, what is loving from God’s perspective, how to become a more loving individual, life after death, spirits and the spirit world, and the laws that govern the operation of the universe.[3]

Some of these teachings appear earlier from James E Padgett (1852-1923),[4][5][6][7] and the prayer for Divine Love on the Divine Truth website appeared in Padgett’s writings in 1916.[8][9] Mr Miller claims that since he is Jesus, he gave most of the information contained within the Padgett messages to James Padgett. However, a comprehensive Padgett website has posted numerous objections in denial of Alan John Miller’s claim to be Jesus, and many of his teachings.[ref]


Alan John Miller was born on 10th March 1963 in Loxton, South Australia, Australia. He has previously worked as an electronics technician, commercial cleaner, computer systems engineer and software developer, and a property developer. His personal religious history is that he was a member of the Church of England until the age of 7 years old, and then the Jehovah’s witness faith from the age of 7 until 33 years old. He became an elder in the Jehovah’s Witness faith at 26 years old. He removed himself from the Jehovah’s Witness faith when he was 34 years old. His parents, sister and brother remain in the Jehovah’s Witness faith.

Although he claims he had many memories about his life over 2000 years during his childhood from the age of 2 years, he claims he began to accept that he was Jesus over a two week period of intense emotional experiences which occurred in 2004 when he was 41 years old, and these emotional experiences continue to the present.[11] He now claims to remember many events that have happened during his life over the past two thousand years, including his crucifixion and death, his life and people in the spirit world, along with his decision to return to earth and the process of returning.

When questioned about whether he could speak Aramaic, the language spoken by Jesus, he states that although he could speak Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew in his 1st century life, during the two thousand years that have followed when he was in the spirit world he did not communicate with language, but through thoughts and feelings, and therefore he has not spoken any 1st century language for 2000 years. He also states clearly when asked questions about himself that he still cannot remember many things yet, since each memory is attached to emotional experiences that he must go through in order to regain a memory of the event. He states that as long as he continues to progress he will remember more things from his life, and does eventually expect to be able to speak any language. [12] But he has also stated no matter how many languages he eventually speaks, his speaking those languages can only logically prove that he is able to speak different languages, and that speaking any language does not in itself prove his identity as Jesus.[ref]

Alan John Miller has said that he has met Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Gandhi, Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the afterlife, along with millions of others known and unknown on earth.[13][14]

In a seven-minute interview which aired on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Alan John Miller claimed Divine Truth is God’s Truth, the “absolute truth of the universe”[15], but he has stated that he personally does not know all of God’s Truth, and that no one but God knows all truth because God’s Truth is infinite.[16] He has stated that he is not God, and never has been, but he is a child of God, as every other person is.[17] He has also stated that he is currently not at-one with God, the condition that he was in during the 1st century, but that he is working towards that state. He expects that if he continues progressing he will eventually reach that state again. [18]

Mary Suzanne Luck is Alan John Miller’s partner, and she claims to be Mary Magdalene. She was born on 2nd January 1979 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is a trained Occupational Therapist, and has a degree in Occupational Therapy. Her mother was born a Presbyterian and her father a Catholic, but they did not practice those faiths and Mary was raised without religion. The couple met in 2007, and have been together since 2009. Prior to meeting Alan John Miller, although she claims to have had memories of experiences from her life which did come from her current life, she had no knowledge of her first century self, but claims that memories about events and relationships of her two thousand year life have returned through a process of allowing intense emotional experiences.[19]

Alan John Miller began publicly presenting Divine Truth teachings in 2005, began recording some of these events since 2007, and has since travelled at the request of interested persons to destinations around the world, including the USA, England, Sweden, Greece and Brazil to give seminars, interviews and meeting groups. The presentations are given for free, and Alan Miller and Mary Luck fund their events and living expenses through receiving donations.[20] They publicly post their financial records on the Divine Truth website.[21] All events are generally videoed and placed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel, and can be downloaded free of any financial payment or subscription.[22] Alan Miller and Mary Luck also record answers to frequently asked questions, which are placed on the Divine Truth FAQ YouTube channel.[23] As of early 2015, there are over one thousand hours of video presentations on the YouTube channels, along with audio’s, transcripts of presentations and other documents.

Return of 14 People In Total

Alan John Miller claims that a total of 14 people have returned from the spirit world for the specific purpose of teaching Divine Truth. He states these “returns” began in 1962 (at the time of his own conception) and continued until early 1980. He has stated that; 6 of these come from Australia – their 1st century identities being Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Apostle John and his male soulmate, and Cornelius and his female soulmate, 2 from Asia – their 1st century identities not recorded in history but they are a female soulmate couple, 2 from South America – their 1st century identities being John Mark and his female soulmate, 2 from South Africa – their 1st century identities being John the Baptist and his female soulmate, and 2 from Canada – their 1st century identities being Luke and Sarah (whom Miller claims was his and Mary’s daughter from the 1st century).

Mr Miller claims to have personally met all but 2 of these “returned” persons, but in discussions will not reveal the identity of these people since most have yet chosen to reveal themselves. Mr Miller states since he honours the free will of others to make their own decisions that it would be wrong for him to reveal the identity of people who have not made the personal choice to be known publicly. As at 2015 the only identities that have been revealed are the person whom Mr Miller claims is the Apostle John (identity John Kreppold) who was attacked viscously by a male friend in December 2006 and died 5 days later (2nd January 2007), and Cornelius (David Matthew Walsh) who now is a neighbour of Mr Miller and Ms Luck and has become involved in teaching Divine Truth since 2013.

Divine Truth Teachings

General summary

Mr Miller makes no apologies for changing Divine Truth teachings at any time. He states that since Divine Truth is God’s Truth, and that he, being human, is only aware of a sub-set of God’s Truth, it is impossible for his own discovery of God’s Truth to remain constant.[ref] As he personally discovers new truth he personally adjusts his own understanding to conform with his own new discoveries, and then he shares these discoveries with others if they wish to listen. He states that as long as he continues to receive God’s Love, his understanding of God’s universe will continue to change and grow.[ref] He likens himself to a scientist in a process of discovery and exploration about all matters physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual[ref], and believes that anything that God has done will eventually be able to be understood and validated by science and scientific processes[ref].

Relationship with God

The primary focus of Divine Truth teachings describe how to form a personal relationship with God, since God is personally interested in all of His or Her Children. It teaches that it is possible to form this relationship directly with God, and the relationship does not require intermediaries, such as Jesus or priests. It is claimed that this relationship will become the source of all truth, love, happiness, and information about the universe and how it operates.

Relationship with God is achieved by engaging in three principles – firstly developing humility, then being open to praying for Divine (God’s) Truth, and most importantly praying for Divine (God’s) Love to enter our soul.[24] Humility is defined as a passionate and sincere longing and desire to experience all emotions, whether those emotions are painful or pleasurable.[26] Prayer for God’s Truth is defined as a passionate desire for universal and personal truth to be a part of ones life, and which causes a person to seek truth daily.[ref] Prayer for God’s Love is defined as a sincere emotional longing towards God for God’s Love.[ref] Prayer is not an intellectual process.[25]

The focus on humility derives from the teaching that human souls are emotional, and God’s Soul is emotional, and therefore a true relationship with God can be formed only through an emotional bond with God, and not a thought-based connection. [ref] There is a focus on the cathartic release of emotions in the teachings, since emotional “errors” inside of people, which are emotions that are not in harmony with love, block the flow of God’s Love into the human soul. Therefore these painful emotions need to be experienced in order for one to continue to receive God’s Love. [ref]

Alan John Miller teaches that a personal relationship with God can lead to a rapid development in love, through the reception of God’s Love, and that after the experience of all emotional errors, God’s Love can transform the human soul into a condition of at-onement with God, or being “Christed”. He teaches that this condition is possible for any person, and that it is the state that Jesus (whom he claims to be) attained in the first century. He also teaches that millions of people have reached this state in the spirit world after they died on earth.[27] Divine Truth teachings also focus on how to develop in love through an understanding of ethics and morality[28], and the respect of others’ free will.[29] He teaches that free will is a primary gift from God, and must be used responsibly, ethically and morally if a person desires to maintain a relationship with God.

The Human Soul

Divine Truth teaches that human beings are comprised of;

1. a physical body, created by the conception process and existing in the physical world[ref], and;
2. a spirit body, also created by the conception process and used to interact (daily through the sleep process and after death of the physical body) in the spiritual dimensions (also called spheres)[ref], and, more importantly;
3. a half of one soul, which is a part of a complete soul created by God, and existing in the soul dimensions, is connected to the spirit body, and via the spirit body to the physical body[ref].

One half of a complete soul incarnates by attaching itself to the physical and spiritual bodies created by the human parents at the time of conception in order to obtain the experience of life, and this process is mandatory for each half of the created soul.[ref] At the moment of incarnation, each half of the soul begins the process of growing self-awareness which eventually is under the complete control of the individual themselves.

The soul’s condition, defined by Mr Miller as a sum total of the soul’s awareness, spiritual, moral and emotional state, belief systems, experiences, memories, desires, passions, personality, masculinity, femininity and free will to be responsible and make decisions, determines the health and wellbeing of both the physical and spiritual bodies.[ref] He teaches that all sickness in the body is the result of the soul being out of harmony with God’s Love in some manner. He states that once a soul is in complete harmony with God’s Love (at-onement with God), the person will experience no sickness or unhappiness. But they will continue to grow should they choose to do so by learning more about God, themselves, and the universe in which they live. He calls the universe the “soul’s playground”. [ref]

Since Mr Miller claims that the soul is made up of two halves, which split when the each half of the soul incarnates onto Earth, these two halves are known as “soulmates”.[ref] Each person on Earth has only one soulmate; the other half of their own soul (or the other half of themselves). Soulmates can be heterosexual or homosexual, depending upon the overall masculine or feminine predisposition of the complete soul, but will not be bi-sexual. It is the self-chosen destiny of each half of the soul to meet with the other half and form a conscious relationship, rather than being unconscious of this relationship as most people on earth are. This can happen on earth, but he states that most people do not meet their soulmate before they have grown in love significantly enough to do so, which usually occurs many years after people have died and live in the spirit world.[ref]

Divine Truth teaches that the soul is the most powerful part of the human being.[30] It is only the human soul that can form a close relationship with God through the giving of love to, and the reception of Love from God.[31] As love is received from God, the soul grows in its understanding of itself and the universe in which it lives.

God’s Laws

Divine Truth teaches that there are a hierarchy of laws that exist within the universe, which have been created by God, and which automatically govern the functioning of the universe.[32] The hierarchy of laws are;

1. Physical Laws. The lowest laws in terms of power over the soul, which govern the functioning of the physical body, the relationship between humans and other physical living creatures, and all matter that exists in the physical universe. These include known laws such as the laws of gravity, thermodynamics and aerodynamics, and unknown physical laws which humans are yet to discover.

2. Spiritual Laws. The next highest laws in terms of power over the soul, which govern the functioning of the spiritual body, the relationship between humans and other spiritual living creatures, and all matter that exists in the spiritual universe. These include discovered laws such as the laws governing what humans classify as dark matter, dark energy and dark flow, and unknown spiritual laws which humans are yet to discover, but which many persons after they have passed from earth investigate. These laws also operate upon the human soul to a degree, in that they revolve around a persons desire to give and receive love, ethics, and morality, which Mr Miller calls “natural” love. They include the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect, and are designed by God to govern humans in the physical and spiritual dimensions, and to give truth to mankind and to reveal the true nature of their soul to themselves even if the soul chooses to reject having a connection with God.

3. Laws Of Divine Love. These are the most powerful laws in the universe, and are the laws that involve the operations of God’s Love upon the human soul. These include the Laws of Repentance and Forgiveness, and the Laws associated with the Holy Spirit which governs the flow of God’s Love into the human soul.

The more powerful laws can overcome the effects of less powerful laws, in the same way that the law of aerodynamics can overcome the law of gravity under some circumstances.

Alan John Miller teaches all of God’s Laws are loving, and that there are automatic consequences when living in or out of harmony with the laws. When people break God’s Laws there is a consequence upon the part of the human existence that is governed by the law. e.g. If a person ignores the law of gravity, whether purposefully, unintentionally, or by being forced, death or injury to the physical body will result. If a person breaks the Laws of Love, this will lead to consequences what will lead to painful physical and emotional experiences. When people live in harmony with God’s Laws the consequence will be positive experiences, such as joy and love. [ref]

The Spirit World

Divine Truth teaches that there are dimensions other than the physical world, which together are called the spirit world. When people die their soul and spirit body disconnect from the physical body, and they continue to live in the spirit world, which they experience through the spirit body and soul.[33] There are many spheres within the spirit world, ranging from the first sphere, which includes what is known as the “hells”, through to higher spheres. The spheres are separated by boundaries in love.[ref]

It is possible to move through the spheres in the spirit world by developing in love. Development in love can be obtained by desiring to grow in the expression of your own love (called “Natural” Love) or by receiving Love from God (called Divine Love). An individual person can only enter the eighth sphere once they have become at-one with God and received God’s Love in order to do so, while a soul mate couple can only enter the thirty-sixth sphere by joining into a soul union, where the two halves of the soul become complete again.[34] Every 7th sphere transition (i.e. 7-8, 14-15, 21-22, 28-29, 35-36) contain major lessons and transitions in the reception of God’s Love.

Each higher sphere is created when the first person receives enough of God’s Love to enter the new location. The Laws governing the human soul create the new location the moment the first person receives enough Love to make the creation of the new location possible. Each subsequent person entering the new location adds to and changes the environment in that location by the loving expression of their personality and individuality.

Although Mr Miller claims to not yet have discovered any more spheres beyond 36, he states he fully expects to discover them in the future by progressing and receiving more of God’s Love. He views himself as a person on a voyage of discovery, rather than a person who knows everything. He states frequently that he is only human, and does not know everything, and can only teach from what he has personally experienced. [ref]

The Environment

Divine Truth teachings include the encouragement of a love for the environment.[ref] When asked questions about the environment Mr Miller states that humankind must learn to live in harmony with the environment in a sustainable manner in order for life on earth to improve.[ref]. The couple’s personal diet is vegan[ref], and they encourage others to engage a vegan diet.

Divine Truth teachings state that from God’s perspective people are more important than animals, since animals do not have a soul while humans do, and treating people in an unloving manner has larger negative consequences to the human soul’s condition than killing animals for food does.[ref] However, Mr Miller does not believe the loving treatment of humans and animals is mutually exclusive, and believes it is possible for people to be well fed with a balanced diet without involving the poor treatment animals or the environment.[ref]

Media Reports

Accusations of cultism

Divine Truth has been referred to as a cult.[13] It should be noted, however, that most of the worlds current religions were first thought of as cults when they began[ref], and most large religious organizations currently have a leader or group of leaders who claim to be inspired of God.[ref]

Helen Pomery, spokeswoman for the Cult Awareness and Information Centre, said, “The moment someone becomes God or God’s voice on Earth, it gives them another level of authority to enforce submission to them.”[35]

Alan John Miller denies allegations of cult-like behaviour on his website and YouTube FAQ channel, saying he does not desire worship, power or control over people, which is what cult leaders do, according to his definitions.[36] He is quoted as saying: “Just because I am saying I am Jesus, it doesn’t automatically make me a cult leader.”[37] There is no evidence of a cult existing around Mr Miller and Ms Luck, since they live very privately in their own small home, and have no organized structure of religion, worship, group meetings, or control other others. There is no religious or authoritative hierarchy in anything they organize. They claim to spend time with people who ask them to speak, if they can financially afford to do so. They are very public about their life and are not secretive, and almost any information about their life can be obtained from their publicly available recordings.

Mr Miller also states he does not desire any authority over other people, and does not force others to be submissive to him. He states on his YouTube FAQ Channel that if he did so, he would be going against his own teachings, which include the teaching of free will. [ref] Divine Truth teachings state that everyone has been given the gift and responsibility to use their own will in any manner they see fit. No single person has authority over another, and the only real authority in the universe is God.

In 2007, Miller purchased an isolated 16 hectare property at Wilkesdale, Queensland, Australia, which is located near Kingaroy. He purchased the property with money he obtained through his computer and property development businesses. This is the only property that Mr Miller owns, and he and Ms Luck live on the property by themselves. The property is not fenced, and is not a commune. In fact, both Mr Miller and Ms Luck have stated publicly that they do not desire to set up a new religion, nor do they have any desire to live in a commune of any kind.[ref] They encourage people who listen to their lectures to engage with the world rather than remove themselves from it.[ref]

He claims he bought his property in Queensland because he wanted a place to retreat from his busy schedule and have time alone.[ref] Between 2009 and 2012 it is estimated by the media that up to two hundred people moved to the region to follow the teachings.[35][38] Contrary to media reports, Alan John Miller and Mary Luck continue to live alone on their property, and say that there is no cult headquarters or commune.[39] Any visitor to the location can see it is a private residence.

Alan John Miller states that there is no membership to join Divine Truth, that he does not attempt to control people who listen to him, and that since the Divine Truth teachings are available for free from the website or YouTube, he has not met many of the people who listen to Divine Truth.[40][41] He also states that Divine Truth is not a religion[42], that he encourages people to follow their own desires harmonious with love, rather than ask him what to do with their life[43], and that he does not want people to worship him.[44] He also says that the majority of people who listen to Divine Truth do not believe that he is Jesus.[45] He claims that most of the people who do listen usually begin by criticizing his claim to be Jesus rather than listening to him because of his claim.[ref]

False Media Reports

Mr Miller and Ms Luck claim that almost every media report about them contains factual inaccuracies or direct lies purposely fabricated by the media in order to generate a story.[ref] They claim that some media representatives have visited the couple in their home, and yet have purposely falsified information in order to gain an audience.

Many of the media reports have been proven to be sensationalized reports, fabrications, and in some cases direct lies.

For example, the couples small home has been called the “Cult Headquarters” by most media outlets, and “the Compound” by others. [ref] Any visitor to their home will see a few equipment sheds and a small home. Mr Miller’s free seminars and events are called “touring the country, drumming up followers” (Channel 9 Australia 16th May 2011) and “on a national recruiting drive cutting a swathe through the suburbs” (Channel 7 Australia 18th May 2011). Mr Miller claims he is not interested in having followers, and while the couple have regularly travelled, the only recorded travel has been to people or groups who have requested they visit for the purpose of free events, seminars or discussions, which are all recorded in full and placed on the YouTube channel and their own website.

A Channel 7 Australia report in 18th May 2011 claimed that “our hidden cameras went inside his Queensland headquarters”. Mr Miller has photographs of these “hidden cameras” on his website, so they were not hidden. [link] The “Queensland Headquarters” where the Channel 7 reporters stayed for 2 days is his own small private home with photographs of the home also available on the website.

In A Channel 9 Australia series of reports from 16th to 18th May 2011, small groups of people around the world who meet up to discuss Divine Truth teachings are called “Branches”. Mr Miller claims he has no contact with these groups of people aside from receiving their details to publish on his website.

Most media reports include comments about the couple and Divine Truth from “cult experts”. However, Mr Miller claims that only one of these “cult experts” has ever met him personally, and this was a Christian Minister who was challenged by Mr Miller’s teachings and claims. This same person was also responsible for the Channel 7 media reports which contained false information about the couple.

Media reports also attempt to link Mr Miller to cult leaders such as David Koresh[ref]. Channel 7 Sunday Night program stated “Cult experts have warned that a 47-year-old Queensland man and self-proclaimed ‘Jesus’ is in the early stages of developing a dangerous religious sect comparable to WACO, which ended in mass-suicide.”[ref] In contrast Mr Miller personally believes that suicide is not loving to oneself or others, and has stated that any comparison between himself and any murderous or suicidal cult leader is an attempt to slander his own character.[ref]

Contrary to most media claims, Mr Miller does not encourage promiscuous sexual behaviour, since it damages the soul condition of the individual.[ref] He is very outspoken against group based tantric[ref] sexual practices, due to his belief that they damage the soul condition and include the involvement of dark and evil spirits (people who are now in the spirit world who used to live on earth) through the spirit body of the persons on earth. He does not engage in sexual intimacy with anyone other than his partner Mary Luck, and before he met Mary he was celibate for a period of 5 years.[ref]

Up until 4 years before he met Mary Luck, while he was celibate, he did believe for a period of time that someone else other than Mary Luck was Mary Magdalene although he did not have a relationship with the woman. But, he claims that after working through specific emotions about his soulmate, he was clear that the person he believed was Mary Magdalene was definitely not, and he needed to remain celibate until he met the person whom he would know to be Mary Magdalene. When he did meet Mary Luck in December 2007 he instantly knew her to be Mary Magdalene, but he did not tell her personally about his knowledge.[ref] Mary Luck contacted Miller 3 months later after she heard third hand via her own parents that Mr Miller believed her to be Mary Magdalene.

Many media claims about Divine Truth teachings are also false. Mr Miller has placed his own responses to many other media claims on his own website.[ref]

Earth changes predictions

Alan John Miller answers questions about the subject of earth changes, or severe natural disasters, but he generally states firstly that his answers on the subject are his personal opinions, and cannot be assumed by the audience to be God’s Truth on the subject.[ref] He has also discussed the complex difficulties that any person not at-one with God has in making predictions of any kind.[ref] He also states clearly in his presentations that humankind have the ability to change its collective future by making major changes in their soul condition.[ref]

However Mr Miller stated that as early as 2012 a series of Earth changes could cause a world catastrophe, resulting in Australia’s east and west coasts being wiped out. He stated in a seminar in 2009, in which he was encouraging the audience to release their fears of Earth changes, in order to assist with the development of their personal relationship with God, “There’s the movie 2012, right? Everyone I suggest you see it, everyone. A lot of the events portrayed in the movie are kind of similar to the events that will be occurring.”[46][47]

He still believes that severe natural disasters will continue to occur with increasing intensity until humankind change the way they treat the earth. However, he does not present this information as Divine Truth, and he states clearly he does not know God’s Truth on the matter.[ref] He also states that he is allowed to have his personal opinion on matters, and while he may be confident about such opinions, he also is allowed to make mistakes.[ref] If he is asked for his personal opinion, he gives it without fear.[ref]

He states that humankind’s general desire to turn Jesus into God causes people to believe that Jesus is not allowed to make a mistake about any matter.[ref] He states he is not God, and he does not know anything but a small portion of what God knows.[ref] He has stated that he focuses very little on the subject of Earth changes during his presentations, that he does not claim to be able to predict the future accurately, but that while he believes major disasters will still occur, he believes the future of mankind after such disasters is still very positive.[48]

He laughs at media suggestions that he is a leader of a “doomsday cult”.[ref] He personally believes that the future for the earth and humankind is bright, but that this depends on humankind making some changes in their collective condition of love.[ref]

Differences between Divine Truth and Christianity

Alan John Miller has stated that there are many differences between what he teaches and what is found in the Bible and Christianity, despite his claims to be Jesus.[ref] He states that it is impossible for all of God’s Word to be contained in one book – the Bible or the Quran – because God’s Truth is infinite.[49] He states that many of the teachings about God that are contained in the Bible are inaccurate because they portray God to be punishing and wrathful, whereas he teaches that God is only loving and merciful.[50]

Alan John Miller claims that many of the records of Jesus’ life in the Bible are not accurate, including the notion that Jesus died for mankind’s sins, because sins, or emotional “errors”, can only be paid for by the sinner themselves.[ref] He also states that there is no eternal damnation for sinners, but instead locations within the spirit world that sinners go to, which they can leave once they grow in love and work through the emotional reasons for their sin.[51]

Some of Alan John Miller’s teachings are consistent with teachings in the Bible, including that “God is Love”, that the human soul can receive God’s Love to the point of at-onement, and the notions of loving thy neighbour, treating others in a manner that we wish to be treated ourselves, sowing what we reap, and turning the other cheek.[52][53]

Alan John Miller also teaches that; homosexuality is a natural part of God’s creation; in terms of how God created souls, that God created men and women equal, women are not subjected to men, but rather all persons are subject to God’s Laws; men and women have equal abilities to form a relationship with God; and that abortion is not a loving act because a human soul connects to a fertilised egg at the point of conception.[54][55] Some of these teachings contradict Bible statements.

There are other differences too numerous to mention here between Divine Truth and Christian belief systems.

Differences between Divine Truth and New Age Philosophy

Alan John Miller has stated that there are many differences between what he teaches and what is commonly believed by New Age movements.[ref] In fact, many New Age movements criticize his teachings as ‘Christian’ while many Christians criticize his teachings as ‘New Age’.

Mr Miller claims all of the 14 persons who have returned did so through a process of “reincarnation”[ref], but his reincarnation teachings are widely divergent from any New Age[link], Buddhist[link], Hindu[link] or any other eastern philosophy.

New age teachings generally refer to mind based intellectual dominance over the spirit and physical bodies and the emotions, while Divine Truth states that the soul is the dominant force and the mind has been created to be subservient to the soul’s desires and passions.

New Age generally teaches meditation as an essential practice, while Divine Truth teaches that meditation is often a method used to avoid the true emotions of the soul rather than feeling and experiencing those emotions.

The New Age movement generally believes the spirit body to be the soul, while Divine Truth states that the soul is the creation of God, while the spirit and material bodies are the creation of the conception processes.

The New Age movement generally believes that each person who has ever lived is a part of God, and can be considered to be God. Divine Truth teaches that there is only one God, the creator of all souls and the universe itself, and that each person including Jesus himself is just a child of God, with a different individual identity and personality.

The New Age movement generally believes that every person who has ever lived on earth has experienced many (sometimes hundreds) past lives, and each person returns to earth in a cycle called reincarnation which they generally cannot remember. It generally encourages “past life regression” as a method of “remembering” previous incarnations. It also suggests that each person experiences Karma from unloving behaviour in a previous life, and that each person is comes to the earth with awareness.

Divine Truth teaches that there is only one life for each individual, which began when God created the soul, and during the incarnation process this soul becomes self-aware and individualized. This life continues beyond the persons death on earth, and they continue living and progressing in the spirit world or dimensions, with opportunities to learn and grow continuing. Once the person reaches the soul union state, they can return to earth, but this is a choice and not forced upon the individual, and they will remember all of their life if they allow the emotions of those experiences.

Divine Truth suggests that “past life regression” is a dangerous practice because it allows connections with many different spirits who all claim to be previous incarnations of the individual who is going through the regression in order to gain control over the individual. It suggests that each person will reap what they sow due to the choices they make in their current life, and that each individual comes to the earth with no self-awareness, since they generally have never been previously living in a conscious manner on earth or in the spirit world. Obtaining self-awareness is a part of the essential incarnation process.

There are other differences too numerous to mention here between Divine Truth and the New Age movement.

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