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Personal Emails with Jesus or Mary
A List of Divine Truth Email Accounts
Divine Truth Email Account Policies

Receiving a Personal Response from Jesus or Mary

While Jesus & I oversee all Divine Truth email accounts, it is very rare for us to personally answer emails. We are constantly very busy creating and sharing new Divine Truth material that we share for free via our website and YouTube accounts. We receive too many emails to respond to every email individually. For this reason, we have appointed volunteers who respond and refer contacts to us when needed.

On rare occasions either Jesus or I may take time to personally answers questions that would benefit a wide variety of people. If we do this we place the question and its answer on the FAQ page of our website, on this blog, or in a video recording on one of our YouTube Channels.

If you wish to see if we have already answered your question or one similar, you can search for keywords, topics, and questions via the search field on Divine Truth Main, FAQ & Clips YouTube channels.

YouTube Videos Divine Truth Channel
Divine Truth FAQ Video YouTube Channel
Divine Truth Clips Video YouTube Channel

List of Divine Truth Email Accounts

You can email your questions arising from your listening or reading of other Divine Truth material to the faq email account. You can also request that we speak about a topic not previously addressed.

At the moment we have over 1200 hours of video available via our sites and have already spoken about a vast variety of topics. As we offer such an extensive amount of teaching material we recommend that you use the search function available via our YouTube channels to see if we have previously addressed the topic you are asking about before you email us with your question. This can save our volunteers a lot of time and may mean you find your answers immediately.

We have a long term project going on behind the scenes to create a database of all Divine Truth material. This database will enable us to offer a search feature on our website. which will make refined searches of our videos, and written material possible.

Use this email account for:

  • Media & Interview Requests
  • Report technical issues you notice with the website
  • Ask about an upcoming Divine Truth Events (for the most up to date information on Divine Truth Events please see the Events page on this blog)
  • Express thanks
  • Other general enquiries not covered in this list

You can email this account if you would like to report an issue with Divine Truth Radio broadcasting.

We have a team of volunteers who work on transcribing and translating Divine Truth presentations. These written documents are then used to create ebooks, self print books and subtitles for videos. If you would like to volunteer to assist this team you can email the transcribe email address.

Some of our Policies for Responding to Emails

Anonymous Senders

If you send an email to any Divine Truth account without identifying yourself by name then we will not respond to your email until we know who you are. The reasons for this policy are below:

1. Jesus and I do not hide our identity and will not correspond with anyone who does. Hiding your own identity is an action based in fear. Also, it is unethical to expect Jesus or I who have been open with you about our identities and contact details to respond to you when you have not been as open with us.

2. We have found from past experience that almost all people who hide their identity have not been honest about themselves or honest about their personal situation and often ask fictitious or insincere questions just to waste our time.

3. The internet is commonly used by people who wish to remain anonymous in order to gather information about other people so they can use that information to attack others. We have found that most people who contact us anonymously have these motivations.

If you are not willing to provide information about your identity that can be verified or Jesus and I have not previously met you then we cannot respond to your request since we are only interested in responding to sincere people who have real situations or questions that they are seeking answer for.

Abusive Emails

If your email is abusive in nature we will block your email account.

This includes if you continually send us unsolicited “advice” or information. We don’t spam other people’s email accounts or contact them to force them to listen to what we teach. When people do this to us they are breaking the principles of free will.

Requests for Personal Time, Advice or Interactions with Jesus & Mary

Jesus & I are both very busy, and generally do not have time to respond to people directly or to see them, this is because we prioritise our time so that we focus on producing information that can benefit many people at once.

Many people believe that what we have already presented doesn’t apply to them however this is most often not the case. We encourage you to explore the wealth of online resources that we have already created.

This information can be found via the following links using the search function (see purple arrow in image below):


Divine Truth Website
Divine Truth Main Video YouTube Channel
Divine Truth FAQ Video YouTube Channel
Divine Truth Clips Video YouTube Channel

In order to guide you to the answers that may have already be given to your questions, feel free to email a list through to and a volunteer will do their best to navigate you to the material already presented on those subjects. Also, once volunteers know what you are passionate about asking, they can forward your list of questions to Jesus & I to see and we may include them in our future recordings.

It is very rare for Jesus or I to respond to people’s personal situations via email. This is because writing emails is very time consuming and their meaning is often misinterpreted.

So, if we do choose to respond to your request for a personal interaction we will require that the personal interaction is recorded and able to be used publicly. If you aren’t comfortable with that then we won’t engage the interaction with you.

Also we usually only respond to requests for personal interaction if we believe that it will be of benefit to a much wider audience besides yourself.

On the rare occasions that we choose to respond to people personally it depends upon a great variety of factors including the emotions that we feel from the person making the request and our own personal situation and priorities at the time.