Free Materials

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Online Divine Truth Materials

All Divine Truth teachings are offered free of charge.

We believe that God’s Truth should be available to all people, no matter what their circumstance.

If you have a speedy internet connection with a large data allowance you can access all Divine Truth material via the following sites:

Divine Truth Website


Vimeo (coming soon)

Offline Divine Truth Materials

Obtain an offline copy of all Divine Truth material on Hard Disc Drive

New Drives

We currently offer a service copying HDD.

You can either send us your Hard Drive along with return packaging and postage (our address can be found below) or we would be happy to purchase a hard disc disk and copy all of the material onto it for you.

The cost of the 4TB drive and return postage to you is approximately $300 AUD.

This amount doesn’t include our time in creation or copying of the data. These are our gifts to you.

If you would like us purchase a hard drive for you, please make a payment to cover your costs. Once you have made the donation, please email the following details to

– The method used to make your donation (if possible please label your donation with your surname and the suffix HDD e.g. SMITHHDD)
– The day you made your donation (this helps us to identify your donation in our bank records)
– The type of device you will use to view the data on the drive (that is, Mac, PC or TV – we format the data according the requirements of you particular device)
– Your mailing address so that we can post you the copied drive

Updating Your Existing Drive

If you have an existing Hard Disc Drive that you would like updated with the most recent material you can post this to:

Divine Truth
71 O’Dea Road
Kingaroy QLD 4610

Please include return postage and packaging (or make a donation to cover these costs).

Due to time constraints, we only offer to copy and update our full library of material. (This can be run as an automated process from our systems). Our current data total is now close to 2TB so please ensure your drive is at least 2TB. However we recommend using a 4TB drive to allow room for you to add more data as it is created.

Synchronization Service

If you would like to obtain an offline copy of all Divine Truth material via a syncing service, you can find instructions on how to do this here:

We no longer distribute DVDs or paper documents and books as this is a more costly and time consuming process for Divine Truth. We now use the donations we receive to create new Divine Truth projects and material.

However, if you wish to have your own hard copy documents or books, you can download various transcripts, outlines, letters and complete books from our website for your personal printing and use.

Transcripts can be found in hyperlinks listed for individual event downloads (in the Downloads section of the Divine Truth website – use the drop down menus at the top of page to navigate by year or event type).