How We Live

Many people have a lot of misunderstandings about Divine Truth and about Jesus and I. This has come about because the Australian media has told a lot of blatant lies and insinuated a great many more about who we are, what we do and how we live our lives.

I guess it also comes about as a sad “hang over” that many people have as a result of being harmed, or knowing people who have been harmed, either by members of organized religions or by people in charge of so called “spiritual movements” in the past. Because of this past pain that people still carry they often pre-judge us and our motives based on their own past negative experience and don’t take the time to establish the truth first.

So, perhaps the first thing I can clear up is to say that Jesus and I aren’t starting a religion or cult. We believe that what we teach is God’s Truth which we have learned from personal experience and we simply wish to give the gift of that knowledge to others so that they can benefit from it.

We have never personally met most of the people who listen to Divine Truth and, apart from a few personal friends and acquaintances, we have very little to do with the day to day lives of anyone besides ourselves.

We never direct people in how to live their lives or regarding personal decisions. We never use threats or withdrawal in attempts to influence people. What we do do is to speak enthusiastically and plainly about what we know to be true.

What we teach is a way of life. That is, the Way that we can form a close relationship with God and grow in Love and Truth. This Way can be implemented in any location and at any or all times.

Where & How We Live

Despite what media reports have said, there isn’t an established “community”, “group” or church associated with Divine Truth. There is no group living situation or compound. As I’ve said, most of the media presentations made about us and our lives are completely untrue.

Jesus and I live alone in a small two bedroom home on 40 acres of rural land and only ever have personal friends to stay with us as guests. This is the only land that we own.

We encourage all people to take personal responsibility for their own care and financial responsibilities.

We are exceptionally grateful to receive enough donations from people who listen to, watch, read or attend our talks that allow us to pay our bills and live a healthy lifestyle.

We currently spend over 80% of the donations we receive on creating more Divine Truth material, data sharing services (website, servers etc), maintaining our recording and editing equipment and giving personal donations to volunteers who assist us.

Please view the following FAQs by Jesus which discusses these points in far more detail:

Do you have a group of people that you organize?
Do you have any “followers”? If so, how many?
Do you have any “members”? If so, how many?
Do you have a church or a congregation?
Do you recruit followers or members?
Do you tell people what to do in their own life?
Do you encourage people to remove themselves from families/society?
Do you covertly attempt to control others?
Do you encourage or teach people to leave their families?
Do you encourage or teach people to come and live with you?
Do you encourage people to come and live near you because it’s safe?