Sharing All The Pieces

“It is wonderful what God can do with a broken heart, if He gets all the pieces.”
Samuel Chadwick
I love these words. My challenge is to dig deep inside to find all of those hurt and broken pieces and then be brave enough to hold them, to be with them long enough to share them with God so that healing can begin.
Wishing you (and me) the courage to share the tenderest parts of your heart with God, He so loves us,

P.S. God whispered something to me recently, right after I had been brave enough to share a part of my brokenness with Him. He told me simply (in feeling not in words)
“You are worthy of love”
The beauty of that feeling is still reverberating around my soul. It hasn’t settled as a truth inside of me yet. But I wanted you to know because He’s been trying to tell you the same thing.
M xo

5 thoughts on “Sharing All The Pieces

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Mary. I love your work and love you, your heart and your courageous vulnerability. You give me encouragement to face my fears and all of the hidden caverns within me that need healing, grieving and God's Love and Truth! I agree -let's open up all the hurt and broken pieces! I'm ready and willing now. I truly love this path and I love you guys heaps! Thanks for sharing this amazing path and for being you! Deb W xx

  2. Anonymous

    This made me cry again.When we did the work shop in September and we all struggled to connect to our father emotions (I struggled and I know this is one of my biggest if not the biggest error I have) and when we had to sit across from another person, I chose (LOA) an older male. I was able to (Quite blazay like) tell this man that I wasnt connecting…and oh yeah, My dad had affairs (and as children, we felt his abandonment/lack of desire to be our father) and I could talk of his abuse and turning a blind eye to the issues his friendships created etc(all the while smiling and shrugging. I didnt blink an eye and I really struggled to feel anything. But when this quiet, gentle soul said "But you are worth being loved" those were the magic key words and now I am sobbing at them again. Thank you so much Mary. Your blogs are inspiring me to unblock.Kylie. xo

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