Late Change to Today’s Programme

Hi everyone, Just to let you know that Karaoke is cancelled tonight.

We are instead having the presentation & discussion (planned for last Wednesday) for those interested in service to the world in the areas of Housing, Environment, Design and Construction.

This presentation will start at 6pm in the Wondai Memorial Hall, Corner of Scott & Mackenzie St, Wondai.

I think it should make for an interesting discussion. Look forward to seeing you there if you are interested.

If you know of anyone who would be interested but without ready access to internet, I’d be most grateful if you felt the desire to let them know.

I’ll be back later with more reflections on love,

Have a super day whatever you are doing,


4 thoughts on “Late Change to Today’s Programme

  1. Amanda

    MaryI wonder if this is being recorded for YouTube. I for one would love to see it….it's where I work in the real world…not sure it's one of my passions but this might help me discern that.

  2. C

    Hi Mary,I was also wondering if the talk regarding "Service to the world in the areas of Housing, Environment, Design and Construction" was available to watch?Love Cecilia

  3. Mary

    Hi Cecilia & Amanda,In answer to your questions I'm not sure if the presentation will be available on youtube. On the night we watched the film 'Garbage Warrior – Turning trash into treasure'. We purchased the license to show it and then paused at different times during the film to discuss not just the methods involved in construction and design but the unique individual at the centre of the story, his attributes and qualities and how they have served him in his passions. We discussed a lot about following our individual passions, thinking outside the box and how passions can be fulfilling in and of themselves (ie we don't need 'approval' for them, or for others to do them with us). I recommend the film – there is loads in it if you approach it in terms of the human soul and what an attitude of service to humanity may really look like. I really like Mike, the man at the centre of the story. Here are some links: Hope this helps,LoveMary

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