Karaoke Cancelled

Hi folks in Queensland,
Sorry to do this to you all at late notice (I know how much you all love to sing) but we are cancelling the Karaoke planned for tomorrow night.
AJ & I are snowed under getting ready for our next trip – so we will leave the singing to all of you. I heard a rumour that some of you are already getting together for group sing-a-longs!
Look forward to seeing those of you who will be at Book Group tomorrow,
Thanks and Love

9 thoughts on “Karaoke Cancelled

  1. Teresa French

    hotel california, heartache tonight and desperado were the songs that came to me in that order, but none of them feel right for the bottom photo 🙂

  2. Marina Smargiannakis

    'I Can't Tell You Why'? (Hotel Cali is my 2nd choice)…then again, I don't know many eagles tunes! :)Btw, 2nd pic below made me literally LOL!!Miss you guys and hope maybe one day I could join something fun like that with you (other than the great seminars!)Lots of Love. ❤

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