The Eternal Blessings of a Relationship With God

1. I learn about love from the source of all Love.
God loves perfectly so by receiving His Love I learn about the true qualities of love.
I experience the bliss of being loved and nurtured by One who is without addiction, who honours and knows me.

As I receive more of God’s Love I will become more loving towards myself and all of Gods creations.

2. I have a constant and reliable method to determine truth.
I have a way to discern what is moral, ethical and loving in every situation.
Eventually all of the Secrets of the Universe will be revealed to me.
3. I will grow and expand eternally.
4. I will come to know myself.
I will become the beautiful pristine soul that God created me to be. 
In this way I will also automatically serve the world and others since, in our pristine state our unique personality and nature adds love and creativity to God’s Universe.

5. I will attract my soulmate – my perfect partner, created for me by God.
6. I become healthier – emotionally, physically and spiritually.
7. Many other gifts will be added to me e.g. gifts of mediumship, healing, excellence in natural talents like singing etc.
8. I will attract things (events, relationships, gifts) that will cause my growth and ultimately lead to joy and lasting happiness.
9. I will be less and less dependent on my environment and earthly relationships for my happiness and more reliant on my relationship with God to lead me towards greater states of love for myself and others.
This heightens my capacity to give, rather than take from my environment and people in my life.
10. I come to understand the design of my soul and God’s purpose for our existence.
I learn about the power of my will and desire.
I learn how to use my will in harmony with love.
I learn how to create lasting creations, lovingly and powerfully.
11. I begin to teach about God’s Love and God’s Truth simply through the way I live my life.
Through my spirit, words and actions, I automatically confront error and unlovingness whenever I come into contact with them. I don’t have to try or plan, it just happens.
12. I come to live in my soul.
I become more of a ‘feeling being’. My emotions are heightened. I become more sensitive to my own emotional experience as well as being able to sense that of those around me.
13. I learn the power of humility, the importance of Truth and willingly acknowledge and receive the gift of God’s Love.
I respect Gods authority and see His Laws as products of His Love for me.
14. I come to embrace my childlike nature again which opens me to learning freely and with enjoyment. 
This allows me to receive more and more of Gods Truth. 
I am able to learn Truth by observing any part of God’s Creation.


There are so many other benefits to add to the list but this is where my brainstorm ended.
I hope you had fun if you chose to write your own list. 

AJ’s discussion didn’t cover our whole list so I’m sure there will be a series of talks on this topic.

Thanks to everyone who sent their feedback on the idea of sharing new content here on the blog. I’ll do my best and try out a few new things soon. 

2 thoughts on “The Eternal Blessings of a Relationship With God

  1. Linda

    Hi Mary, thanks so much for posting this question for us to ponder. I had a lot of fun coming up with a few things and find tha tthere are more that need to be added compliments of your list. As my list is ratehr long I have posted it on my blog Journey Towards Love if you are interested. Thanks again for your beautiful and insightful work.LoveLinda

  2. Marina Smargiannakis

    Thank you so much for this. Sometimes it feels really hard and intangible, and then there are few, sometimes brief moments, when we allow the surrender and overwhelm to take us, that helps and gives us the strength to continue forward in the way God created and revels in joy for us to be. Perfect timing, like always.Marina

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