Jesus & Mary: April/ May Newsletter

After the lovely response we received after our ‘Super, Duper Update’ in March, I have decided to write a regular update of our lives and any news-ey things for you here on the blog. That way – especially during this time that we aren’t producing new videos – you know how we are doing and what we are up to.

I’ll be honest; I originally planned to write a monthly update. But at the end of April I thought to myself ‘well we really don’t have much to say, I’ll write my newsletters once every two months’.


Then I wrote you this update after two months and it was clear I totally needed to rethink my plan.

This is a long update.

Once I got to writing I had to laugh at myself. I realised that there actually was lots to share.

So in future I’m probably going to publish a newsletter each month. Unless I trick myself again into thinking I don’t have that much to say. Then I’ll probably just be writing another massive update at the end of two months.


I make no promises.


Things have remained busy here at home during April and May.

Below is a summary of what’s covered in this update:
(you can click on the titles below to jump to individual sections if you wish)

Thank You
Studio Progress
A New YouTube Channel
Website Upgrades for Portable Devices
Hard Disk Drives
Offers to Help Out

Thank You

First off Jesus and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated to us over the past couple of months (and ever really!). Without your support none of what I outline in this update would have been possible.

Jesus and I see this time period as a window of opportunity to create a solid base from which to enable long term and effective sharing of Divine Truth. We are working on setting up and refining our current frameworks, systems and facilities used for the sharing of Truth.

In the future we plan to be engaged in actively sharing and demonstrating The Way for others more publicly but we know that in order for that to go smoothly good systems are essential. Otherwise our time can be chewed up with repetitive tasks that are required to keep basic things running.

So, your donations at this time are helping us to do many of the things I list below but also to create the groundwork for awesome new things like a searchable Divine Truth database and upgrades to the website. All of those projects still require a fair amount of time and funds to complete but we are working towards them.

This month we also had some crucial bills to pay in order to complete studio and without your donations we wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude. Your generosity is so moving and so appreciated.

Studio Progress

The studio is nearing completion. We have had a few delays. Rob our volunteer painter was unwell for a couple of weeks and we had some hold-ups sourcing good quality recycled timber for the landscaping.

However the painting is now finished and we have some railway sleepers in the yard ready to be placed around the gardens.

Over the coming weeks Jesus, Cornelius and Igor will be working on installing the desks and lighting and Jesus and I will work on laying the data cabling in the suspended ceiling.

We are almost there!!

It is looking fantastic and I am super excited to record a bit of a tour for all of you who have been so interested and excited in the project. That won’ be for a while though as things are still a bit dusty for precious video and sound equipment to be used inside.

The studio takes shape

The studio takes shape

The beautiful floor and paint job

The beautiful floor and paint job

The guys working on wiring and desk installation today. Can you see Jesus in this picture?

The guys working on wiring and desk installation today. Can you see Jesus in this picture?

A New YouTube Channel

I’m also excited to announce that we have a new YouTube channel called ‘Divine Truth Clips’.

This channel is to provide a place for short excerpts from longer presentations to be shared. The videos will be tagged with key words for searching, and also eventually incorporated into the JSON database Jesus is developing for the website. (So excited for that future database that will allow keyword searches of ALL Divine Truth data as well!)

Having been in the audience for many of Jesus’ older recorded seminars I know that there are hidden gems on varying subjects (often off topic) within these larger discussions. So I am super excited that volunteers are now coming forward to want to edit out some of these sections and make information relating to specific topics more accessible. Sometimes hearing a small gem of truth is enough for a new comer to decide to explore more!

I believe that having a large collection of short clips from all of the Divine Truth talks will become a wonderful resource that can be used in many ways by many people.

If you would like to be involved in creating and contributing clips for the channel we have developed a specific and fairly easy procedure for volunteers to follow. This procedure allows us to download clips from volunteer’s YouTube channels and upload them semi-automatically onto the Divine Truth Clips YouTube channel.

If you wish to be involved in this project please email for details.

Please note that while the new YouTube account is now operational we haven’t yet loaded any clips onto it. This will begin to happen soon – so watch that space!

(What you currently find on the channel are just test uploads of old FAQ clips).


Jesus has continued work on a number of programming projects including writing code to enable semi-automated transfer of the short clips created by volunteers onto our new Divine Truth YouTube Channel. He is working on automation of download and synchronization of Linux based operating system distributions (distros) and is beginning the automation of Linux based software repositories (repos), and software, and continuing the automation of the transcription process.

He is still working on document conversion routines for the transcribing and translating teams, and continues to update the website, and program that backend database into the website. He has been programming 10 hours per day for 4 days per week. He seriously blows my mind with everything he is able to manage and achieve!

The other 3 days of the week Jesus spends on tasks relating to completion of the studio. He has continued work on the landscaping and he and Cornelius have been experimenting and making prototypes for custom spotlights we will install in the studio.

Next month he’ll be focused on laying Cat6A and SDI 3G wiring in the suspended ceiling.

It is a busy time for him and he is still struggling to have time and space for his emotional work. However he does feel that in the future as he progresses, he won’t have the time to lay these valuable foundations for the distribution of Divine Truth that he is currently working on.

Jesus prepares a hole in our front garden to bury scraps in.

Jesus prepares a hole in our front garden to bury scraps in.

In they go!

In they go!

These scraps are spoiled goods donated to us from a local fruit and vege store.

These scraps are spoiled goods donated to us from a local fruit and vege store.

Future Events

We are still open to giving some seminars and groups in the later part of this year.

You can see running totals towards overseas Assistance Group donations on the Assistance Group page. Donations towards these events have petered out a little of late and in May we only received one donation towards an Assistance Group. But we’ll just keep logging donations as they come in and I’m sure these events will go ahead in time if enough people desire them to happen.

It has been pleasing to hear from many newcomers to Divine Truth from overseas expressing an interest in attending a seminar over the past couple of months.

There has been some limited response from people in Australian regional areas on our Eventbrite pages that register expressions of interest in hearing us speak.

At the moment Australian destinations registering the most interest are Melbourne and Sydney respectively. And we have had one offer from a person who would be willing to help with organising an event in the Bangalow area of NSW.

As usual details of any concrete plans will appear in the Events sections of this blog and on our website.

Website Upgrades for Portable Devices

Thank you to some of you who let us know that various pages on our website, including the Donate and Gallery pages, were not working for IPad, IPhones and Andriod devices. Jesus has now fixed this issue.

Hard Disc Drives

In April there was a huge response to our offer of hard disk drives as gifts. We copied all of our Divine Truth data onto four drives that we were no longer using and sent them off to people who emailed me.

While I wished that I could send a drive to everyone who expressed an interest I also wanted to let you know about the options that are always available to you for you to have a copy of all Divine Truth data on your own disk at home.

First though I wanted to make sure you know that all of our Divine Truth data is available online for free via our website and various YouTube channels. (Some people were a little confused about whether or not extra data was included via the Hard Disk Drives)

Now about having your own offline copy of data on a disk at home:

1. We do offer a disk copy service for anyone who wants an offline copy of all our materials.

Details about this service and what you need to do to have a disk copied can be found on the website here.

2. You can sync all Divine Truth material via the internet.

Details about this service can be found on the website here.

You will need to download the latest Bit Torrent Sync software from the Bit Torrent site here.

3. There are people in various areas around the world who will complete a copy of all of the current data onto a disk for you – as long as you provide them with a disk.

Details for those people willing to do disk copies outside of Australia can be found here.

You will find contacts listed for the USA, Asia, Europe & South America

Many people find this option helpful to get them started and then add new data as it appears via the Bit Torrent Sync Service. That way you get the majority of data quickly and it is only a matter of updating small amounts of data each time we add a video or document to our site.

Since those of you in Europe and the USA have lightning fast connections and huge bandwidth allowances compared to us Aussies Bit Torrent Sync does seem to be a great option for you all.

This is another environmental project here at home.

This is another environmental project here at home.

We place used cardboard into a dam-like depression created in depleted part of the property. The depression collects moisture.

We place used cardboard into a dam-like depression created in depleted part of the property. The depression collects moisture.

Later we will cover the cardboard with mulch and as it breaks down it should create fertile soil for planting natives.

Later we will cover the cardboard with mulch and as it breaks down it should create fertile soil for planting natives.

The cardboard is collected from a local business.

The cardboard is collected from a local business.

Offers to Assist with Divine Truth

After our last update a number of people contacted me wanting to volunteer time to assist us in our desires to share Divine Truth with the world.

Working on the studio and the landscaping around the new studio is nearing completion and involving new comers on the project at this time would likely take a fair amount of time explaining everything that needs to be done.

So here are the other ways that people can help out with sharing Divine Truth at this time:

1. Transcription Team

This team works on transcribing past presentations so that these talks can be used in a number of ways including creating e-books, PDF downloads and self print books, along with many other resources. This work also creates the basis for future subtitling of videos. If you would like to help out by transcribing past presentations and discussions please email Barbara on

2. Translation Team

This team works on translating the website and previously transcribed documents into various languages. You can see some of the work so far here:

If you would like to offer your services on this team and feel that you have the skills to do so please email

3. Creation of short clips on specific topics from previous Divine Truth presentations

This is a way that any of you can contribute to the new Divine Truth Clips channel.

If you would like to assist in the process of creating short clips in which Jesus, Cornelius or I have spoken about a particular topic within the context of a larger presentation there is now a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing these clips. You will need to create or already have your own YouTube account in order to make clips.

If you decide to take part in creating short clips it will be important to follow a certain procedure for describing and coding each clip. This is so that the clips can be automatically copied to the Divine Truth Clips YouTube account.

For more information on the correct procedure for creating the clips please email

 4. Organising Divine Truth Events in specific locations

This usually means liaising with me closely and helping to arrange suitable venues, equipment for the event and accommodation for Jesus and I. However we usually only hold events in locations where there is already an interest in hearing us speak.

If you feel that you or a group of people in your area have a strong interest in hearing a presentation from us and you are willing to assist in the arrangements for such an event then please email outlining your desires.

5. Technical Assistance

Jesus has found that many of the people who offer technical assistance aren’t willing to do exactly as he asks. This of course means that they are not really helping him. Jesus has tonnes of experience in the IT field (over 36 years ) and usually knows exactly what he needs to get jobs done.

If you can follow directions and document everything that you do clearly, you have specific IT, engineering and programming skills and you have an idea of how you can help, then Jesus would be glad to hear from you.

These are the five main areas where people are volunteering their time to assist with the growth of Divine Truth at the moment.

If you have a project in mind that you would like to help us with and you have the skills and expertise to complete the project without assistance then please let us know.


I’ve been keeping up with my usual tasks e.g. making sure Jesus is fed, watered and clothed while he continues to work like a genius multi-tasking various manual, technical and planning jobs.

I’ve also been working on streamlining systems in place for our Divine Truth Office and FAQ email accounts. With the number of emails we receive continuing to rise it has been necessary to create some ‘canned responses’ to frequent emails. This ensures that mailers receive the pertinent data quickly and that volunteer time is used effectively. I’ve also been meetings with volunteers who respond in those accounts to discuss approaching their duties in harmony with Divine Truth principles.

Along with all of that I am really fortunate that Jesus encourages me to take time for my own emotional work and for the past few months I have begun to appreciate and value that time for the gift that it really is.

To be honest, with our reduced filming and travel schedule over the past couple of years, I initially found taking concentrated time to focus on myself very challenging.

Taking a break from doing so much travel after 2013 and even ceasing our regular filming while the studio is being built automatically created more space for reflection inwards (rather than outwards). What I found within myself was a lot of fear and resistance towards some very deep and crucial issues that I’d been overlooking for a long time.

The going quickly seemed to get very tough.

I spent months fighting my process and reverting to self-attack, allowing spirit attack and searching for new distractions. I went through a period of questioning whether I had ever made any progress at all since meeting Jesus again in 2009.

Many times I questioned my capacity to feel through what was emerging for me. And I was forced to confront my lack of true desire to deal with the level of fear I have about fully embracing my soul again.

I am happy to report that I finally feel like my grip on all of that resistance has loosened. I can see that while my progress might have been slow that there has been forward movement over the years and I am finally in a place where I feel I am about to take some big steps. In a lot of ways it feels like the work is just beginning but I also feel excited and more positive for the first time in a long time.

The past 18 months have been a huge lesson in strengthening my will to love and I have had to face my anger and resistance about embracing that process. Only through facing the state I was in have I been able to let go of some of those false beliefs and get to a new state.

I have had the benefit all these years of a strong, wise partner who has reminded me of truth and in many ways encouraged me and supported me when I refused to do that for myself. I have recently begun to feel how uncaring it has been for me all these years to not take responsibility for reminding myself of truth and to cease listening to negative influences of my own accord.

All along I’ve had the choice to seek Truth and God for myself. I have the option to grow my own desire for love and building faith based on my experiences (not Jesus’) and in fact, unless I do this, I’m never going to get much further than where I already am.

I’m sharing all of this with you because I know that while we aren’t holding seminars or producing new videos many of you are beginning to have to face the emotional issues relating to your own reliance on Jesus to provide ongoing positive input in your life. I know that some of you are being confronted with how much personal will is required to take responsibility for your own emotional injuries, to break down addictions and to welcome God into your hearts.

I want to encourage each and every one of you to do that.

It took time and many choices out of harmony with love and truth to find yourself in a place of unhappiness, distant from God and feeling afraid.

So it is logical to recognise that gaining a relationship with God and becoming a happy, whole person will require from you a dedication of time. And it must require an individual’s development and strengthening of will towards love that has been previously lacking. (If it wasn’t previously lacking you wouldn’t have found yourselves so distant from God or yourself).

You are going to have to want to give time to this soul regeneration project and to make choices in harmony with love and truth every single day. And some days you won’t feel the immediate rewards, some days you have to stay true to the overall aim and have faith that you will reap rewards once you are through the pain and fear.

Giving up when the pressure mounts or the uncomfortable emotions begin to surface gets us nowhere. In fact, it is staying humble and honouring truth at precisely those times that creates the gateway to future happiness.

It is so, so easy in our modern world to find distractions from and excuses for avoiding our deepest pains. Yet as Jesus has said so many times – dealing with our biggest fears and grief is what changes the ball game most quickly. Releasing these things unlock us rapidly and allow us to sincerely long for God’s Love.

Yet sometimes we avoid these injuries for years. We try to do deal with emotions that feel more ‘comfortable’ or manageable or what our facade says that we feel (not what we truly do) and then wonder why we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere. We can start to project blame at God’s Way or doubt the effectiveness of emotional work when in fact, the cause for our feelings of stagnation is that we haven’t yet truly embraced God’s Way or proper emotional work.

One thing I know for sure: Avoiding our largest fears and deepest grief severely limits, and eventually halts, our capacity for growth and authentic happiness in a relationship with God. For myself, holding onto resistance around these issues was completely preventing any sincere longing for God from within my soul.

I share this because I know that many of you face the same roadblocks and make the same excuses as I have. As I continue to break down my facade and face where I really am at and what I really feel, I sometimes feel scared, sad or ashamed. But simultaneously it is the most genuinely liberated I have ever felt and embracing this process is causing me to soften to myself in a new way – without judgement and in deeper allowance.

There is probably loads more to say about all that but time, and the ever expanding length of this post, limits me for now. I hope that my sharing helps you to make moves forward.

It seems to me that there is so much to be grateful for – God’s Love and His provision of  new opportunities for growth and positive change every single moment. I hope I can inspire you to take time today to consider these wonderful gifts as Jesus and I extend our thankfulness again for your generosity that helps us to keep doing what we love to share these wonderful Truths.