Lessons 2010/ Desires 2011

I love this time of year! 

Yesterday I was journaling and reflecting on 2010, what it was all about and where I am at now. As I said previously it was a super year! I found myself looking for the major things that sparked my growth in 2010 and what it was I wanted to nurture or manifest in myself in 2011. 

Here is what I came up with:

My Most Important Steps or Lessons in 2010

Humility – this past year I became more willing to see myself as I truly was, in all my error and addiction! This became the most powerful starting point, a springboard, for my growth. I really learnt that you can’t make changes until you are willing to truly see where you are at! You need to know where you are on the map before you can set your bearings for the destination. 
Passions – I took loads of steps in the direction of my passions. It was a stretch. It was challenging. I felt unworthy and incapable most of the time but, wow, I learnt a lot!!
Letting Go – Some of the toughest moments in 2010 were coming face to face with my addictions and realising if I wanted to grow I would have to let go! It meant owning all of the techniques I used to get what I wanted through control and manipulation. It meant recognising all of the ways I used to stay away from my fears and grief and deciding not to run, not to get angry and not to blame. Life is a lot less tumultuous (and a lot more honest) as a result. 
I challenged many old belief systems. I thought about where I had come from and what my friends and family believed and asked myself ‘If I let go of needing the approval of these other people, what is it that I believe?
I let go of lots of relationships and my expectation that others support me or even approve of my journey. It was sad but also liberating. I now feel much more love for who I am and for those people that I let go.
The Qualities I Desire to Nurture Within Myself in 2011 
Vulnerability – to open my heart and share the authentic me, to allow my expressive, sensitive, goofy self to be present all of the time!
Integrity – the courage to stand for love & truth despite my fears, to make the loving choice even if it means triggering my fears and past pains.
Surrender – to be in a constant state of allowance of all of my emotional experience, be it fear, grief, joy or excitement! I want to face my fear of my memories and allow my wisdom and their pain to overwhelm me.
Creativity – to reconnect with the creative, expressive side of myself – no matter how it looks! I desire to make things, to beautify things, to garden, draw and write more often!
Continued Humility 
Opening My Heart to God and Love and My Soulmate
When I finished my journal entry I decided to channel a message for the New Year and my guides wanted to add another quality for me to focus on. 
Here is part of what they had to say:
“Dearest Miriam, you are reflecting just now on the qualities you wish to nurture within yourself in the coming year which is a beautiful activity and one we see you take great pleasure in. Revisit such activities regularly for they benefit you in many ways – they open your soul to change, they activate your desire (which is very powerful) and they encourage deeper connection with your own self and your humility.
We wish to share with you another quality which we believe to be very powerful for you to nurture in the coming year. It is the quality of faith. Faith is a new friend of yours and you already begin to feel the beauty and the power of it as a substance within your soul. In the coming year it will be important for you to have faith that while you exercise your courage, while you act in harmony with what you know to be Truth and feel to be Love, that God will provide to you everything that you require to grow, expand and develop.
There will be many times when you will need to dig deep for courage, to pray often for understanding of what is unfolding. Know that if you stay true to these qualities that you so desire to nurture that God will provide for you and that your evolution will result…”
Rainbow Over Kingaroy
My greatest passions for the year ahead are God and my soulmate! I strive to complete my connection with these two most beautiful beings in my life! There is so much to be thankful for, so much to be excited about!
Wishing you all a year of growth and expansion.
Have you considered what your biggest lessons in 2010 were? What are your desires for 2011?
Much love,

5 thoughts on “Lessons 2010/ Desires 2011

  1. Philippa

    Ah Mary a Sister after my own heart 'Goofy' Rocks! Embrace the Goofy! :)I am so inspired & moved by your posts, your writing is just beautiful.Thank You seems such a small word to express how I feel.Much ❤ to You Philippa x

  2. Zapatista

    This is freaky good … Goofy rules Sister !!I have not contemplated the past year or what I learned … just that i have been really dishonest in order to avoid pain & you can't pray a lie to God … it's a waste of time … as for 2011 ?? I guess honesty & … I should really go make a list & leave your blog alone .. thank you MaryAlways a Mess, Enrique

  3. Anna S, Sweden

    Yes I have decided a wish and an intention for 2011. But I hadn't thought so much about what I learned during 2010, so you made me think a lot about that. The most important for me (all categories) has been the knowledge I have received through DVD’s and mp3’s about Divine Love Path and the change practising that has done in my life. I am deeply grateful and wondered that you choose to come back and that this Truth has come to me. One big lesson for me has been to be truthful in all situations. I always thought I was, but your teaching has shown me that I actually was (and still am) lying a lot of times. Another big insight has been to pray from my heart instead of from my head. My wish for 2011 is to more and more learn the truth about myself and to grow closer to God and at-onement. My intention for the year is to learn to stop and ponder what is most loving to do before I act. Lots of love to you

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