The Gifts of Truth

I’ve been feeling inspired lately, recognising that
Change is possible
There is a quiet joy and celebration in me, as I notice “Wow, I’m different”
These are little changes, but they inspire me forward.
I am steeped in the quiet knowledge that
Courage is required if we are to truly Change
This quiet mantra is with me now. Not as an overbearing demand “You must change! You must grow!”
The cries of “If you don’t grow you aren’t worthy, if you’re not perfect noone will love you!” that have plagued me in the past are gone or fading.
Instead there is desire to change and grow. A deeper knowledge of Grace. And an understanding that
When we live in fear we loose sight of change
When we substitute fear for Truth in our lives, fear becomes our ruler, it restricts us, controls us, and limits our capacity to change. In fact fear screams at us “It’s not possible!” and without Truth we have nothing to combat the command.
I can see that the changes in me are only happening because I am growing a sincere desire to not only receive Truth about all things in my life, but also the willingness to live in Truth and to honour Truth at all times. This is where the courage bit really comes in!
But as always, when we step into more harmony with God, there are gifts.
I am finding, through my living and not just my thinking, that
One of the gifts of Truth is trust.
When a person is loyal to Truth – always and no-matter-what – the people around them can trust their word and their actions. A gift is born – the gift of closer bonds and deeper intimacy.
When I have the courage to live in Truth I literally feel the warms of God’s Love and Laws supporting me. Our relationship – the magic connection between me and my Creator (how humbling it is) – can truly commence. It is enabled by my willingness to acknowledge that it is He, not I, that controls how this Universe and the course of my life runs.
Fear, that harsh tyrant, would have me believe that I must control and protect every aspect of myself and my life, or all will be lost. This position places me, not only in opposition with all of the Loving Laws that God has created to guide me home to Him and who I truly am. But it also, in its arrogance, says that I must be the creator of who I am and what I become.
The Truth is something far more magical.
The Truth is that a Greater Hand than mine created me. He imprinted within me the design for a creature that I, in my current fear bound state, cannot even imagine. I must only surrender to His Love and Laws to enable the more beautiful, creative and loving creature to be born. 
Or it would be truer to say
I allow myself to be born again.
All of this grows, this trust in my Father, the deeper intimacy in my relationships, through my honour of Truth and thus my refusal to accept fear as my ruler.
Trust can only grow as we live in Truth.
In this season when there is such an emphasis on ‘gifts’ my wish for you, dear reader, is that you may begin to receive the gifts that Truth can bring to your life and to know that all things are possible with the One Who Loves the most.

5 thoughts on “The Gifts of Truth

  1. Chad Jeffery

    The question of "is change possible" has been on my mind so much lately. Strange how hard it is to accept the truth about that.Thank you for a wonderful article, Mary!

  2. Teresa French

    thank you for your gift of you and your other half Mary, it is inspiring and awe-inspiring to contemplate the huge gift the seven pairs of soulmates have given the world by returning. Thank you and thankyou to God for God's wisdom in making it all happen, and you for your desire and love for us all. That is what I am choosing to celebrate at this time (thank you for that inspiritation too!) 🙂 – lol, I am NOT changing that typo…. love it… inspiritation :Dlove,Teresa

  3. Zapatista44

    I've missed your posts Mary … such gifts they are … so xcited to see you & Yeshua in Dallas soon …. Thank you both for all that you are & all that you do … words cannot express my gratitude … Love to you … Enrique

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