In Order To Be Truthful

A poem by
Michael Leunig

In order to be truthful

We must do more than speak the truth

We must also hear the truth

We must also receive the truth

We must also act upon truth

The difficult truth

Within us and around us

We must also devote ourselves to truth

Otherwise we are dishonest

And our lives are mistaken

God grant us the strength and courage

To be truthful


1 thought on “In Order To Be Truthful

  1. Amanda

    Hi Mary not totally related to your post but just wanted to say thanks for talking about resisting feeling humiliated and being prepared to feel it to break the facade. During the day my daughter came into the bathroom and weighed herself in front of me and I understood my resistance to feeling humiliated in public for being overweight. I must admit that I then weighed myself with noone present but hadn't weighed myself for years. I also realised how I go round the houses to understand something instead of admitting to someone that I don't understand what they've said.

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