Fear Is Not Our Ruler!

Wow! AJ & I just arrived home after a full day of absolutely awesome auditions for our first God’s Way of Love concert to be held tomorrow.

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge all of you who auditioned. It was so amazing sitting in that hot, dusty and very ordinary hall, feeling the buzz build throughout the day and watching something extraordinary unfold. Thank-you for following and sharing your passions. You inspire me.

I loved the little rush of ‘invincibility’ I observed in many of you realizing that you were bigger than your fears.

It reminded me of an important Truth, that positive possibility can only grow and creativity is free to come out and stretch her legs whenever fear ceases to rule our lives. 

As AJ said tonight “Today was a good day. Its always a good day when people challenge their fears”

You are all so brave and so talented to boot. Look out world!

For anyone interested in attending:

Gods Way of Love Concert – Sunday 8th January 2 -4 pm at the Murgon hall – open to all.

Free admission with a free supper provided by the Hospitality Team to follow.

4 thoughts on “Fear Is Not Our Ruler!

  1. Mary

    Hi guys, it was a fantastic weekend. I came home thoroughly inspired by the talent and courage of the performers and the support and enthusiasm of the audience. And yes we are hoping to hold a number of concert weekends throughout the year. Hope to see you there David!Mary P.S. there was also AMAZING food provided by the Gods Way Hospitality Team.. I mean like restaurant class quality and presentation.. it was vegan paradise… ๐Ÿ™‚

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