Trees. Sunshine. Us.

There have been some peaceful moments this last month.
We’ve spent many hours together alone – talking, crying, planting trees, tending gardens and growing a new thing called ‘us’.

Summer breathes golden all around. The days are long and hot.
Butterflies make daisy chain flights from wildflower to flower.
Lazy monitor lizards bask in midday sun and crickets and tree frogs chorus us as night drains the heat of day into cool breezes.
I touch the trunk of the old mama mulberry tree who has seen more seasons on this place than us and I finally breathe in deep.

I breathe in life, I breathe in choice and opportunity.
I exhale more at peace with a life so unexpected, unusual and rich. I am content.
There is still so much unknown in this chrysalis life, so many corners of this soul still uncharted. I feel it is only now that my journey is beginning. A choice to live God’s Way and not my own.

I am so, so grateful for all that I am Given.

Tomorrow we leave on a six week adventure to share Divine Truth in Sweden, Greece, England and Texas.
I’m often challenged to just stay breathing when we travel. In the past I have been quick to run and hide behind my façade.
So my prayer as we pack is to receive this trip as the gift that it is – an amazing opportunity for me to walk the Way, to be humble to every experience, especially those that may push up against my demands for control, for justice or for space.

I’m doing my best to pack this suitcase full, not just with winter woolies, but humility as well.

I’d love to bring you along on this trip. I hope to be able to share some of the moments in each place with you here.

And to those who we plan to see that I have only met online before – how exciting! I can’t wait to meet you!

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  1. Grace

    Find beauty and understanding and you shall be at peace. To do so is to walk with God. May your travels be beautiful and your message understood by those that hear and read your words.

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