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Highlighting the Work of Generous Individuals

There are four individuals who currently work (most of them full time) for the God’s Way Ltd not for profit organisation. They are Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins, Catherine Spence, Cornelius (David Walsh) and Kate Eckersall.

Eloisa, Cornelius & Kate provide essential services to both God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd. Without them, Jesus and I would not be able to achieve the day to day requirements of managing God’s Way Ltd, or be able to provide as many Divine Truth Pty Ltd services free of charge as we do.

Catherine provides finances for all of God’s Way Ltd operations. All current God’s Way Ltd operations would be impossible without her constant help.


Eloisa is the Managing Director and Company Secretary of God’s Way Ltd. She is also the Administration Branch Manager, and the Environment Branch Manager (she manages the day to day operations of all administration and environment projects) for God’s Way Ltd.

She currently does not receive any payment for these services from either Divine Truth Pty Ltd or God’s Way Ltd.

Eloisa’s current roles include:

  • Full Time Unpaid Volunteer, God’s Way Ltd & Divine Truth Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Member, Managing Director & Company Secretary, God’s Way Ltd, Australia
  • Branch Manager, Administration, God’s Way Ltd, Australia
  • Branch Manager, Environment, God’s Way Ltd, Australia

Eloisa’s contributions include:

  • Gifted 1/4 finances to purchase 600 acres of land (Environment Centre) for God’s Way Ltd
  • Gifted 1/2 finances to purchase God’s Way Ltd servers
  • Operations Manager of God’s Way Ltd Accounts & Legal
  • Operations Manager of all God’s Way Ltd Environmental Projects
  • Management of volunteer activities for God’s Way Ltd
  • Manages, co-ordinates and performs manual labour for environmental projects
  • Mentors and trains new God’s Way Ltd managers
  • Manages and co-ordinates meetings and recording sessions
  • Manages and provides day to day accounting and legal requirements of God’s Way Ltd
  • Handles research, accounts orders and payments, and volunteer training for God’s Way Ltd

Jesus is able to delegate many of these tasks to Eloisa because she sincerely practices and implements Divine Truth teachings in her personal life, and remains a very humble person. Jesus has mentored Eloisa in each role she has in the God’s Way Ltd organisation since 2016. He is very confident in Eloisa’s abilities, and enjoys the process of mentoring her because of her humility and passion for God’s Truth, her strong desire to have a relationship with God and to be a loving person in every aspect of her life.

Eloisa’s dedication to living God’s Way and managing God’s Way Ltd organisation greatly reduces the amount of time Jesus and I would otherwise have to spend completing these tasks in order for to the company to remain solvent and operational.

At the moment Eloisa uses her personal funds to pay all of her living expenses. She recieves a very small sum each month via donations. This is not a sustainable situation for her and unless she begins to receive more substantial and regular donations she may need to return to regular work as a teacher. Eloisa has a Masters Degree in Education.

Eloisa has enough personal funds to support her and her three children for about another year before she will need to seek employment elsewhere. If that happens, her return to work would severely affect everything Jesus and I are attempting to achieve. Most God’s Way Ltd operations would need to close down.

At the moment, Eloisa is the person that we would most like to receive donated funds. If she could receive enough donated funds, or Divine Truth Pty Ltd could receive more funds to cover her employment, then we have an excellent manager to sustain the development of the God’s Way organisation in Australia.

To donate to Eloisa:


Catherine is a Director of, and a part time unpaid volunteer for, God’s Way Ltd. She currently does not receive any payment from either Divine Truth Pty Ltd or God’s Way Ltd.

Catherine’s current roles include:

  • Part Time Unpaid Volunteer, God’s Way Ltd, Australia
  • Member & Director of God’s Way Ltd

Catherine’s contributions include:

  • Gifted all finances to purchase 400 acres of land (Function Centre) for God’s Way Ltd
  • Gifted 1/2 finances to purchase 600 acres of land (Environment Centre) for God’s Way Ltd
  • Gifted 1/2 finances to purchase God’s Way Ltd servers
  • Gifted all finances to build Divine Truth Pty Ltd recording studio
  • Gifted Bulldozer, Excavator and Tractor for God’s Way Ltd Environment Projects
  • Continues gifting backup financial funding for all God’s Way projects
  • Continues gifting operational expenses for God’s Way Ltd Environment Projects
  • Continues gifting operational expenses for God’s Way Ltd Building Projects

Due to her passion for Divine Truth and for the goals of the God’s Way Ltd organisation, Catherine donates a substantial amount of funds every year to God’s Way operations (over $150,000 per annum). This is not a sustainable situation for her or the organisation. If she continues to contribute similar amounts, she will run out of funds within four to five years.

If others could contribute to God’s Way Ltd projects directly, then her funds can be used either for building the Function Centre, as backup funds to sustain the company in case of sudden unexpected costs or in times when other donations reduce.

Of course, Catherine no longer providing these funds would severely affect everything Jesus and I are attempting to achieve with God’s Way Ltd. Without Catherine’s contributions most areas of God’s Way Ltd operations would cease.

Catherine doesn’t feel that she needs any donations from others at this time, but the more that others donate to the God’s Way projects she supports, the more funds she can provide to God’s Way Ltd to help build our Function Centre Stage 1 Power, Auditorium, Kitchen and Visitor facilities.

You can donate to God’s Way Ltd directly here:


Cornelius (David Walsh) is a Member of, and a full time, partially paid, worker/volunteer for God’s Way Ltd. He currently does receive some payments from Divine Truth Pty Ltd and God’s Way Ltd.

Cornelius works very closely with Jesus on building plans and building materials research required for both the new construction and renovation of God’s Way Ltd infrastructure and building projects here on our personal property. These projects include, a large scale shed extension, new shed buildings, the caretakers’ home renovation, new cabins to replace our eco tents, and the Function Centre building development.

He is the only carpenter/builder currently working for God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd which means that he also physically implements (builds) the projects. He supervises and liases with external contractors, God’s Way Ltd volunteers, and private individuals employed by Jesus and I to assist with building on our property, and for the God’s Way Ltd organisation.

Jesus and Cornelius are often looking for alternate means and innovation when approaching building and spend many hours brainstorming and logically analysing possible solutions.

Cornelius’ current roles include:

  • Full Time (Partially Paid) Volunteer, God’s Way Ltd & Divine Truth Pty Ltd, Australia
  • Member & Branch Manager, Building & Construction, God’s Way Ltd, Australia
  • Builder & Camera Operator, Divine Truth Pty Ltd, Australia

Cornelius’ contributions include:

  • Building services for Divine Truth Pty Ltd & God’s Way Ltd
  • Building design for Divine Truth Pty Ltd & God’s Way Ltd
  • Building material research for Divine Truth Pty Ltd & God’s Way Ltd
  • Management of volunteer activities for God’s Way Ltd
  • Primary camera operator at Divine Truth events
  • Backup video switcher at Divine Truth events

Cornelius is a builder with over 35 years experience working in domestic, industrial, commercial and civil construction.

Cornelius currently receives small payments from God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd of $1000 per month from each organisation, or $2000 per month total. This is the same amount Jesus and I pay ourselves from the Divine Truth Pty Ltd organisation.

If others could contribute to Cornelius directly, then God’s Way Ltd or Divine Truth Pty Ltd would not need to pay him directly, which would make more of the funds we receive available for projects and teaching.

You can donate to Cornelius here:


Kate is also a keen musician, she is in the centre singing with Jesus & Tristan

Kate is a full time paid worker for God’s Way Ltd. She currently does receive payments from Divine Truth Pty Ltd and God’s Way Ltd.

Under Jesus’ direction she is helping to redesign our website and writing important programming code which will simplify our day to day running requirements. She manages the Divine Truth transcription and translation teams.

She is also involved in the redesign of the God’s Way Ltd website (which will closely resemble the Divine Truth website). This includes providing programming assistance to design new Project Pages which summarise projects and their progress on the new God’s Way website.

Kate assists managers with various technical shortcuts and strategies to streamline information sharing. Along with Jesus, she provides input on database compilation and creation now underway within the Environment Branch (database creation will also expand into other branches over time).

Kate’s current roles include:

  • Full Time Paid Volunteer, Divine Truth Pty Ltd & God’s Way Ltd, Australia
  • Programmer, Divine Truth Pty Ltd & God’s Way Ltd, Australia
  • Manager Transcription & Translation Teams, Divine Truth Pty Ltd, Australia

Kate’s contributions include:

  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript Programming
  • Website & Web Applications Programming
  • Visual Basic & Visual Basic For Applications Programming
  • Programmer for the Transcription & Translation Team
  • Maintain Code for Transcription, Translations, Transliterations, Subtitling & Book Production
  • CAD Drawing for Machines, Tools, Function Centre & Housing
  • Computer training for all God’s Way members

Kate holds a Bachelor Degree of Information Technology.

Kate currently does receive payments from God’s Way Ltd of $1000 per month, and $2000 per month from Divine Truth Pty Ltd, or $3000 per month total. She is our highest paid volunteer, mostly because she pays rent for the house she lives in (while all the other volunteers mentioned above own their own home).

Without Kate helping him, it would be very difficult for Jesus, since he would have to do all of the programming that Kate does in order for us to share Divine Truth for free.

If others could contribute to Kate directly, then God’s Way Ltd or Divine Truth Pty Ltd would not need to pay her directly, which would make more funds we receive avialable for projects and teaching.

To donate to Kate:


As mentioned above, Eloisa does not receive any funds at all from God’s Way Ltd, or from Divine Truth Pty Ltd. Eloisa, Kate and Cornelius are each fully qualified in their chosen fields and would receive quite a lot more money than they currently do if they were to work in those professions.

You can read more about their professional qualifications and experience in the appendix A of the 2020 God’s Way Ltd Directors’ Report.

If you would like to see projects in both God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd continue, making a regular donation to Eloisa as a priority, and then to Kate and Cornelius, would greatly assist us. It would mean that Jesus and I, Divine Truth Pty Ltd, or God’s Way Ltd would not need to pay them directly.

Of course, one off donations are always welcomed and assist us greatly. But if each person currently listening to Divine Truth could afford to gift $10 per month, $100,000 per month would be available, which is well beyond what we would need to not only pay all those who are fulltime voluntary workers, but would also be enough for us to easily complete at least the first stage of our Function Centre Power, Auditorium, Kitchen and Visitors build. At the moment, less than 1 in 100, or 1% of people regularly donate to Divine Truth Pty Ltd, and far less regularly donate to God’s Way Ltd.

If Eloisa, Cornelius and Kate received enough donations directly, they could focus solely on their roles within Divine Truth Pty Ltd and God’s Way Ltd, removing concerns about the potential need to seek paid employment elsewhere. This would also enable God’s Way Ltd and Divine Truth Pty Ltd to use the funds currently paid to Kate and Cornelius towards other projects.

All of these individuals and their donation details are also listed on the Divine Truth volunteer donation page:

Thank you for considering the situation of these sincere individuals who aspire to live God’s Way.

A letter about Coronavirus & vaccination

Dear AJ and Mary,

Thanks for the wonderful truths you have shared with the world. I have loved them.
I have heard that you are supporting the recent vaccines from several sources including Alex.
It makes me wonder if you are fully informed about what you are supporting.

Do you know

1.  The ingredients and contents of the vax
2.  The intentions of the creators of the vax
3.  The efficacy or effectiveness of the vax

It seems to me that it would not be ethical to support the vax without being fully informed about these issues.

So, I wonder, have you researched these issues, or do you disagree with my analysis of what is ethical?

Hope you are well,

Wattle in bloom – God’s Way Ltd Function Centre

Hi Kris

I find it very revealing that your email to me (is it your first communication with me?) contains no desire to discuss issues regarding a relationship with God, loving principles affecting yourself and your behaviour, or anything about your own soul condition. These are areas that I personally wish to discuss and I have virtually no interest at all in discussing vaccines.

I must say though that, like you, many others have sent emails with a similar theme, usually criticizing what they believe I have said or done without personally having had any interaction with me, and without bearing in mind that all third party musings are subject to being modified by the condition of love existing in the people sharing them. I also must say that these kinds of questions demonstrate many unloving motives, including a large amount of fear, presumption and arrogance in the person sending them to me.

That being said, I will provide a short (and certainly not complete) answer to your questions, as I currently have a little time to do so. So here goes.

In regards to disease, what happens to a person’s physical body is directly under the control of the soul and its condition of love, and limited by the physical design parameters of the body itself.

Voluntarily medical procedures (including taking a vaccine) are of no direct risk to the soul and its development, nor do they generally interfere with the soul’s relationship with God. Indirectly, engaging medical procedures frequently indicates a high degree of fear about death and pain, and if the soul is in any degree of fear, this is, of course, very damaging to a relationship with God and with others.

From the soul’s perspective, there are many loving reasons why a person with limited development in love may consider taking a vaccine, however, once a soul is completely in harmony with God’s Love, there is never any need for any vaccine.

However, even in a condition of at-onement with God, there may be reasons why a person chooses to use a vaccine even though they do not need one (such as conforming to Human made Laws in order to more easily share God’s Truth), but there would be no fear of any vaccine. The vaccine of choice would be one that mimics as closely as possible the normal process of being exposed to a virus. Fear of death is not a valid reason for taking a vaccine, just as fear of a vaccine is not a valid reason for refusing a vaccine. Fear is the primary cause of all human problems, and fear itself is in direct contradiction to love.

Taking a vaccine is potentially very risky for the physical body, unless the vaccine mimics as closely as possible the normal process of being exposed to a virus. God has made the human body with the ability to cope with many risks, and, as long as the soul is in harmony with love, the body will respond to any virus in a loving manner by creating its own resilience to the infection.

Medicines or drugs (including recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeinated coffee, etc) can interfere with the soul’s connection to the body by interfering with the communication of information between the spirit body and the physical body through the silver cord that connects the two bodies. They can also interfere with the correct operation of the body by interfering with the design parameters of the body such as the brain, hormones, the nervous system, the vascular system and so on. So under many circumstances medicines or drugs can be permanently dangerous to the body itself.

Medicines or drugs (including recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeinated coffee, etc) can also be dangerous to the soul if the person taking them feels or acts out of harmony with love towards oneself or others either in the motivation to take, or under the influence of, such compounds. Of course, a vaccine is often less dangerous to the soul than something like alcohol, drugs, or coffee is, since a person addicted to alcohol, drugs, or coffee often acts unlovingly to others, whereas it is highly unlikely a person will become addicted to a vaccine, and less likely they will act unlovingly due to taking a vaccine (although the current superior attitude that often develops from taking a vaccine of course does affect the development of the soul).

On the other hand, many people refusing a vaccine are very unloving and superior as well, and they often resort to very unloving behaviour towards others, which of course damages their own soul condition. It is ironic that they try to “protect” their body in a flawed manner, but further destroy their soul condition by their actions and attitudes. The best protection of the body comes from soul condition improvements.

A person can be in a loving state and take a vaccine, and they also can be in a loving state and not take a vaccine. It depends very much on the motivation of the individual and if fear is driving either decision.

I do not know what you have been told Kris, but I personally do not “support” (as you call it) any vaccine. You do not know me personally very well, and have not had any real personal discussions with me. Listening to or believing other persons interpretations of what I have said or believe, and then accusing me based upon your assumptions, is very unloving behaviour towards me, and illustrates my points above. Of course, the persons who have shared their erroneous interpretations of what I have said with you are also being unloving to me and to you.

If you must get a vaccine at all, I do personally believe that some vaccines are safer than others to use (due to the technology used within the vaccine). If you wish to get a vaccine, that is your personal decision, just as if you wish to not have a vaccine, that is also your personal decision. What you do with your body and its safety is your personal responsibility. I have no business interfering with your personal decision, and no doctor or government has any business interfering with your personal decision either, just as you have no business interfering with my personal decision (which is one of your bad motives I was talking about at the beginning of this email). Of course, any personal decision you make that is out of harmony with love towards your soul or the soul of others, will damage your soul.

The current fearful political, social and economic climate regarding vaccines, and the unloving intentions of governments and many of the earth’s industries (such as but not limited to the pharmaceutical, weapons manufacturing, media, and social media companies), is where much more damage is occurring to humanity at the soul level.

These matters certainly deserve exposure and discussion from God’s perspective. God expects humans to solve these severe problems but they can only be solved by changing our condition of love as individuals. Loving individuals create loving governments and industry.

The current COVID panic (read panic, not pandemic), being the result of greed and fear, indicates severe problems in the human condition which existed before the COVID panic. COVID has merely highlighted these issues to westerners in particular. Much of the world’s population was already living with the consequences of unloving and corrupt government and industry before the COVID panic, and western government and industry is often the cause of a huge amount of pain and injustice for all of humanity.

As I have said to everyone I have spoken to, I personally have no intention of getting a vaccine unless:

1. It can be proven to me that the vaccine mimics as closely as possible the normal process of being exposed to a virus, and;

2. I have a reason that is loving towards others to get the vaccine (such as improving my flexibility to travel in order to share Divine Truth personally with others).

I have no desire to dictate to others (as you obviously do) as to what they should do. I have taught for many years God’s principles of Love and Truth, along with God’s Laws, and many like yourself, through comments made in emails to me, demonstrate they do not understand the fundamentals God’s Laws, the Soul, and the Principles of Love and Truth. This indicates that either the listener is insincere, or/and that I have much more work to do sharing these truths.

If people emailing me about COVID and vaccines did understand God’s Laws, the Soul, and the Principles of Love and Truth, they would feel like I do, and have virtually no interest at all in discussing vaccines, but rather would be much more interested in discussing matters about their own personal soul development, and understanding better God’s principles of Love and Truth, and be even more strongly motivated to bring their own soul and its actions into harmony with God’s Loving Laws.

Instead, I see most people, including those who have been listening to God’s Truth, living in their addictions and fears, and COVID has become a trigger for their justification of even more unloving actions. This is very unfortunate, but it does expose the true soul condition of the individual.

Anyway Kris, that is all I have the time to share on the subject at the moment. Remember that I am interested in your soul’s welfare first. I encourage you to be more interested in developing the loving condition of your soul, rather than using unloving behaviour to attempt to control things that only love can solve.

Your friend

Jesus & Mary Update: February 2022

Hello & Thank you

Hello and thank you to all of you who have written to us over the past year to say hello, express your gratitude, or to ask how we are. We are both very well and I’ll share below the things that have our attention and focus at the moment.

We also express our gratitude to those of you who continue to donate to us. Even when we are not publishing new material, we are always recording material, and planning and experimenting with ways to share God’s Truth with the world.

Our desire is that any person can easily access and hear God’s Truth free of charge, in a way that they can understand and relate to. This creates the opportunity for people to experiment with their relationship with God. Once a person has that relationship their faith grows and they can continue to develop with God for the rest of their existence. So, as you will read below, even while we are not publishing new material on the internet, our focus and projects are all still working towards that aim.

Flowers in Wilkesdale

Current Projects & Activities

Personal Progression

Jesus and I continue to be focused on our personal progression towards God and our relationship with each other. Our personal happiness depends on our progression. Also, our ability to present God’s Truth to you depends on our ability to remember God’s Truth and live it ourselves.

We know that our example does a great deal to inspire others to engage their own experiments with God’s Way, and so we are very focused on continuing to develop a more complete connection to our own soul and to God. This is of primary importance to us, and takes precedence above everything else we do.

But let’s proceed discussing the less important areas now.

Website Upgrade

The Divine Truth website has been in need of an upgrade for some years. The website contains many thousands of links to videos, audio, and written material. There is so much material on our website that it is difficult to discover the full extent of what is available, and often much more difficult again to find specific material.

To remedy this, Jesus, along with our programmer, Kate Eckersall, has been working on changes to the website to include a number of new features that will improve any user’s ability to find and utilise the information on the site.

Features include:

  • the ability to search all material and find specific material matching key words, chapters, sessions, date, title, topic or type of material
  • the ability to save searches to your local computer, and recall previous searches from your computer
  • a navigation bar which includes a tool bar and a menu bar
  • allowing all pages and searches to scroll beneath the tool bar and menu bar, so that the tool and menu bars are always available
  • a menu structure that is representative of the site layout
  • the ability to easily track browsing history
  • a side bar allowing quick jumps to various predetermined locations on the site
  • quick links to external sites (such as YouTube, our Divine Truth server, event bookings, this blog, God’s Way website etc)
  • the ability to easily copy hyperlinks to share or save material
  • the ability to trigger the opening of data in new tabs
  • updated colours and photographs
  • new formats for embedded and external photo galleries
  • an autogenerated and up to date ‘What’s New’ feature
  • all Divine Truth and God’s Way websites will be static websites
  • every Divine Truth and God’s Way website will be able to be copied and used offline
  • all Divine Truth and God’s Way data will be able to be downloaded, as individual files, or as a complete package of files
Note: the new toolbar taking shape and slightly different colours

In addition, individual videos will be able to be downloaded or streamed via the website from a Divine Truth server, removing our dependency on YouTube, and removing your annoyance of having to watch videos that keep being interrupted by advertising and marketing.

The God’s Way Ltd website will use different colours but will have identical features, look and feel to the Divine Truth website. Any new website created by either organisation will also have a the same features, look and feel. This should help users to become familiar and comfortable navigating on sites relating to Divine Truth teachings.

New God’s Way Ltd website: under construction

When a person gains a copy of all Divine Truth material, or God’s Way material, either through the Hard Disc Drive copy service or the sync service via the Divine Truth server, the website is also copied. In this case, all of the website links and the new features, such as the search function, are functional offline and can be used to access any of the Divine Truth or God’s Way videos, audio recordings and written material contained on the local disc without needing a connection to the internet.

I’ll make a post on this blog when the new websites are live. We expect them to be completed in about 3 months time.

Internet Connection

As I mentioned in our previous update, Jesus continues to work on our technical set up to allow for livestream presentations.

The aim is not only to stream presentations but also to capture and keep high quality video of the presentation so that it may be edited and used in other material after the fact. The requirement to record high quality video of livestreams is more difficult to resolve, particularly if we wish to have interactions with people via the internet. It is taking some time to sort out these issues, and we may still need to purchase extra technical equipment to make streaming from our location possible. We hope to resolve these difficulties within the next 3 months, technical problems and financial issues permitting.

The limiting factor preventing us from holding livestreams up until now has been a reliable, high speed internet connection with low latency. Over the past couple of years, as in most parts of the world, travel in Queensland has been restricted. So our plans to start live streams from locations which have lower latency internet connections than those in our remote location were prevented.

As I have mentioned in prior updates, our internet connection here in rural Queensland currently relies on a satellite which introduces latency of up to 2 seconds during video calls or conferencing. These delays make livestreams involving interaction with anyone in the world impossible. To combat this problem Jesus initially set up a high gain radio antenna which accesses a mobile phone network around 5kms away from the studio. However various factors, including rapidly growing trees (thanks to our environmental projects) blocking the signal, have made that upgrade unreliable. We have attempted to remove some branches to improve the connection, but ultimately the connection is always going to have service difficulties since our studio is in a radio blackout area, and our installed high gain antennas are not above the tree heights. To get an antenna system installed that is above the tree height (above 50m) would be expensive, and at the moment that is cost prohibitive.

The high gain radio antenna is installed

Just yesterday we received a SpaceX satellite connection which will potentially provide coverage in our area. But there are a number of technical issues relating to the SpaceX equipment which must be resolved. These include; high power usage, tree obstruction and lack of ethernet cable connection (preventing connection to our network).

Once Jesus sorts out the technical and obstruction issues and establishes a connection to our network, we hope that having the SpaceX service will allow us to begin streaming. So I hope I am not being presumptuous when I say, “we look forward to seeing you ‘live’ sometime soon”.

God’s Way Organisation

Jesus and I have been spending a lot of our time working within the God’s Way Ltd organisation. This not for profit company was established by Jesus and I, and Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Catherine Spence, as a vehicle for the practical application and experimentation with Divine Truth principles in areas such as human relationships, environmental recovery, education and science.

Over the past year, Jesus has spent a great deal of time educating all God’s Way managers and probationary volunteers how to be humble, desire truth, and to love in real practical settings within the organisation.

Jesus speaks with volunteers

I have recently been taking opportunities to manage volunteer days as well as continuing in my role as editor and creator for information sharing.

Cornelius and Mary on a volunteer management day
Eloisa, Mary & Elias on a volunteer day

There is a lot being accomplished by the God’s Way Ltd organisation at the moment, far too much to share with you in this blog post. Everything we do for God’s Way is exciting, and we hope to be able to share more with you in the future about this.

Lunch break for volunteers on a God’s Way Ltd Environment Day
Volunteers take part in environmental work in Wilkesdale

Function Centre Build

I am however pleased to share with you that via the God’s Way Ltd organisation, we are moving towards our desire to build a God’s Way Function Centre on a local God’s Way Learning Centre property. The Function Centre will include an auditorium, office, visitors centre and various private accommodation for caretakers, managers and visitors.

The Function Centre will be owned and operated by God’s Way Ltd but would serve as a venue for both Divine Truth and God’s Way events. In addition, Jesus and I hope that eventually at least one God’s Way Function Centre would be constructed on each continent, and that Jesus and I would spend the majority of our time traveling between these centres to teach Divine Truth.

Click on the image for larger PDF file

These centres would also offer a place for guests external to those organisations to visit and share loving and beneficial information in harmony with God’s Truth, on subjects such as, environmental recovery, human relationships, teaching and parenting. Every event would be free to attend, open to everyone, and would be recorded and shared for free via the internet.

Having a purpose built venue would:

  • Allow Divine Truth and God’s Way presentations to become regular weekly events
  • Eliminate the recording problems experienced at third party venues. Currently, at every new venue we encounter serious recording problems affecting our production, including radio interference, acoustic problems, lighting difficulties, and more
  • Allow better time management and efficiency, since the venue could remain set up and ready to be used. This saves significant time currently spent to dismantle our studio, pack up the equipment in the studio for travel, travel to the venue, unpack equipment into the venue, set up recording. Then, when the event is finished the entire process must be reversed to get our studio operating again. Not having to do this would save large amounts of Jesus’ time in particular.
  • Create flexibility for scheduling events, and enable much more frequent seminars, groups and presentations. Currently we encounter many time and scheduling limitations involved in the delivery of events, besides the above studio dismantle and venue set up, such as, being at the mercy of venue booking scheduling, time lost moving to and from venues, venues not having the appropriate facilities for our participants or for recording and so forth.
  • Reduce overall costs once the facility is built. At the moment venue hire costs are increasing substantially, this money would be better spent on building and maintaining the God’s Way Ltd facility. In addition, at any current event we also must hire accommodation and allow for travel costs to venues. Since any venue owned by God’s Way will have a place for visiting speakers to stay, these costs all disappear.
  • Enable frequent God’s Way presentations on topics such as environmental recovery, human relationships, teaching and parenting, children and families.
  • Allow for visiting guest speakers to present on topics in harmony with God’s Principles. All presentations would be free and open to the public.
Click on the image for larger PDF file

Jesus has so much more information to share and at times I feel sad and frustrated by the great limitation that logistical requirements create in preventing him from sharing new material every week (something I know he would enjoy and many others could benefit from).

Building God’s Way Function Centres would eliminate many current difficulties and barriers to Jesus sharing Divine Truth publicly (though until there are more video and audio editors than just Jesus and I there will still be restrictions on how quickly recorded presentations can be shared via the internet. I talk more about this below).

The process of building would also offer many opportunities for groups of volunteers to come together and put the principles of God’s Way and Divine Truth into practical action.

Members discuss Function Centre logistics with building materials in the background

Jesus has worked very hard over the past few months to create a number of design options for the centre. Some of these are now available to view here:

Jesus has had a lot of experience, both in the Jehovah’s Witness faith and as a property developer, designing, overseeing and taking part in the construction of auditoriums, housing developments and their additional facilities. Cornelius is a builder with over 35 years experience (not including lego). Together they are now working on finalising various details, including structural engineering, planning and building material requirements for the Function Centre. Once our requirements are finalised, and enough funds are raised to begin the project, plans will be submitted to local government for approval.

The finished facility will be the property of the not for profit, member based, God’s Way Ltd company. Jesus and I and the other members of God’s Way Ltd are donating our personal funds towards the construction of the centre. Of course we don’t currently have enough money to fund the entire build.

Members & Archie survey the site for the new Function Centre

Until now, almost all expenses of God’s Way Ltd have been paid for by Jesus and I, Catherine Spence and Eloisa Lytton Hitchins. These costs include the payment of wages, operational costs involving three large properties; the purchase and maintenance of machinery, including a bulldozer, excavator, tractors, trucks; installation of water collection and management systems; house renovations; a major shed extension; new shed builds etc. While the organisation now receives smaller donations for some programmes these are not enough to cover the total costs associated with individual projects, programmes, or the company running expenses, which include accounting, insurances, machinery maintenance and many other things.

Divine Truth Pty Ltd, a private company which Jesus and I run, pays for all operational expenses associated with Divine Truth including providing a wage for Jesus and I. We are grateful that Divine Truth Pty Ltd receives enough donations to cover these expenses and allows us to donate a limited amount to God’s Way. But at present Divine Truth Pty Ltd and God’s Way Ltd do not receive enough to fund any new development.

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God’s Way Ltd has freehold ownership of the land that the Function Centre will be built on because of the generous support of Catherine Spence and Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins who donated the funds to purchase that land. However significantly more funds than the organisation currently has (which is largely the money that Jesus and I, Catherine and Eloisa have) will be required to start and complete the building project.

If you want to donate to support this building project, you can do so now via the donation pages already provided on the Divine Truth Donate Page (note the new tab to contribute specifically to Building Projects) or God’s Way Ltd website.

When our new websites are live there will be new and simpler donation methods on the God’s Way Ltd website. In the meantime, any excess funds donated to Divine Truth will also be used to get the building project up and running.

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Of course, one off donations, and donations from single benefactors are always welcomed and assist us greatly. But if each person currently listening to Divine Truth could afford to gift $10 per month, $100,000 per month would be available, which is well beyond what we would need to not only pay all those who are full time voluntary workers, but would also be enough for us to easily complete at least the first stage of our Function Centre Power, Auditorium, Kitchen and Visitors build. At the moment, less than 1 in 100 or 1% of people listening to Divine Truth regularly donate to Divine Truth Pty Ltd, and far less regularly donate to God’s Way Ltd.

Venues in other Countries

Jesus has a passionate desire to create God’s Way Learning Centres in each continent of the world. We have been contacted over the years by a number of people living overseas who share the desire to create God’s Way Learning Centres their country.

There are a number of limitations to this happening at the moment.

The biggest problem is that most people interested in such projects are either in denial of their own true soul condition or do not want to bring their lives into harmony with Divine Truth principles, that is, to live God’s Way.

In addition, anything that becomes a God’s Way Ltd Learning Centre must be created, owned, overseen and audited by God’s Way Ltd. This is to ensure that such centres are operated in harmony with the God’s Way Ltd constitution and non profit principles.

Cornelius, Catherine, Eloisa, Mary & Jesus: God’s Way Ltd members 2022

At the moment there are very few people on Earth who truly understand in their hearts, the principles and objectives governing God’s Way Learning Centres, and what is involved in terms of personal soul development, to manage those centres.

To combat these and other limitations, we must first set up a centre in Australia which can act as an example to sincere people overseas. People who are interested in having a God’s Way Learning Centre on their continent can then visit an operational God’s Way Learning Centre in Australia to experience and learn how to run and manage such a facility. There is a great deal of education, emotional and soul progression, and love for God and people required for a person to qualify to run a God’s Way Learning Centre.

For the past five years, the five members of God’s Way Ltd have been developing the first God’s Way Learning Centre on Earth, here in Australia. They are assisted by some twenty probational volunteers. This has required spiritual, emotional, and managerial training and development which Jesus has focused his time and energy on delivering to members and volunteers since the inception of God’s Way Ltd. Without the spiritual and emotional development of individuals who wish to sincerely live in harmony with God’s Truth, and to share God’s Way with the world, no physical facility will ever have a positive impact.

We hope that the construction of a God’s Way Learning Centre here in Australia will further help to accommodate and facilitate the soul based education and growth required in individuals, locally and abroad, who sincerely want to create God’s Way Learning Centres around the world.

Sharing New Material

Jesus and I love to share everything relating to God’s Truth and its practical application. We would love to be sharing this kind of material every week, face to face and via the internet.

We do share material every week with people who are local, particularly with the volunteers working in God’s Way Ltd. We also do a lot of mediumship but most of that is unrecorded or, if recorded, takes a lot of time to edit.

At the moment Jesus and I are the only editors for Divine Truth audio and video recordings. As we are currently involved in so many other projects, we have very little time to edit. At the moment we have a bottle neck of material which we have created but has not yet been edited.

We need video and audio editors who:

  • are humble enough to listen and follow direct instructions
  • approach tasks with an attitude of self responsibility
  • are able to carefully, methodically and thoroughly complete tasks
  • personally and passionately desire to live in harmony with God’s Laws and Principles
  • are willing to be financially supported only by receiving gifts
  • are willing to live locally
  • have good technical experience and knowledge, or can be easily taught, or desire to teach themselves

Video and audio editing must be done locally due to the large sizes of files involved, poor internet services in our local area, the back up requirements for Divine Truth projects, and the necessity for Jesus to check and approve editors work to ensure that it meets with requirements of love, truth, quality, and transparency.

Until we have suitable editors, or we have the funds to pay the high costs of professional organisations to edit our material, we are severely limited in the amount of new material we are can share online.

Our experiments with live streaming may enable us to share more material as long as those services are ethical (no marketing or advertising) and available using our limited internet connections. More structured and organised teaching, such as Assistance Groups, can’t be shared regularly until we have either/and/or a function centre with an auditorium, some assistance with editing material, or more time to focus solely on Divine Truth projects.

Future Travel

While our priority has been local projects over the past couple of years, we would still love to travel to meet people and present more Divine Truth.

Besides giving presentations and meeting people, Jesus and I are responsible for every logistical and technical requirement of traveling and teaching. We have been thinking about ways to reduce this workload so that we can travel more often and more easily.

Our ideal would be to have a technical set up stored and ready to go when we land on each continent. This would eliminate the need to pack up our current studio and travel with large amounts of recording gear which is expensive and easily damaged or lost during travel. We could purchase and store equipment suitable for use in each country (equipment which operates in Australia is often incompatible with power and frequency requirements in other countries).

For each continent, and particularly in Europe and North America, we would like to purchase a van which we could travel in and which would house all of our technical recording equipment. We would like to have recording equipment needed for any type of venue, or even to be able to connect recording equipment to the van, and do recordings in public places and nature based environments. The equipment needed includes 8 cameras, associated cabling, sound microphones, computers, storage, power and other ancillary equipment. Jesus would standardise the equipment so that it is similar in each country. Ideally, we would also have the ability to edit the material, and upload it, while traveling.

With this set up we could visit a continent and travel in the van for a number of months and visit many places to speak. When we leave, the van could be stored somewhere ready to go for when we visit again. With this arrangement, we could easily travel for 6 months of every year.

Until we have such a set up, there are large amounts of work and costs involved in planning and undertaking any interstate or overseas trip for the purpose of teaching Divine Truth. These limitations severely affect our ability to share Divine Truth in face to face environments.

Eco Tent Renovation

In my prior update I mentioned our eco-tents. These were homes that Jesus and I loved living in for over twelve years. We preferred them to our one bedroom house. However over time they weathered and severe storms ripped them apart.

We are in the process of building new cabin-like structures in place of the tents. We plan to test innovative methods and designs which can be used on a larger scale in the God’s Way Function Centre build.

New roofs are now installed on the cabins, but nothing further has been done and the build is currently on hold due to financial constraints and Cornelius being occupied with other projects.

New Roof on one of the cabins (old eco tent)

YouTube Ads

As some of you may have noticed, YouTube has begun placing advertising on our videos. This is something beyond our control. We would never place adverts in Divine Truth material and we don’t gain any revenue from the ads that are appearing. YouTube has made changes to their Terms of Service which enable them to place the ads without consulting the creator.

There are other platforms that we could use to share Divine Truth videos but they all have problems in terms of Application Programming Interface (API), cost and/or advertising.

It has become quite difficult to supply ad free videos and maintain our ability to batch upload and name files. YouTube did allow this until they forced advertising onto our site. We have tried other platforms, such as Vimeo, but Vimeo has API limitations which we ran into, and which they do not wish to fix.

As video sharing sites now all attempt to monetise the provision of all services, we are having to look at other options that enable us to keep our videos free and ad free. We outline some of these methods in the next section.

At this stage, to create our own infrastructure which would enable thousands of people to view videos simultaneously would be quite costly. Unfortunately, we are having to pay more and more to share material for free. Many video sharing companies, due to the incessant desire for more money and greater power, are making ad free, free of cost video sharing, very difficult. Our only longer term viable option is to have a server farm which serves all Divine Truth material, connected to very fast internet connections. At the moment, this is really only possible in Europe or North America, and would require Divine Truth to own a premises. Of course, if that location could also serve as a future God’s Way Learning Centre, that would be the ideal.

Ways to Access Divine Truth Material For Free

At the moment you can download any video for free and ad free from our Divine Truth server via the options listed below. There are limitations on bandwidth which will impact how many people can use these services simultaneously.

The only way to improve these limitations would be to increase the bandwidth, and the number of servers that we have (which would mean increasing our regular business costs in Divine Truth far more than we are currently able to handle).

These are the options you currently have in order to watch any Divine Truth video for free and ad free:

  1. Sync all Divine Truth material from the dedicated Divine Truth server
    Instructions on how to do so are here: Sync Service
  2. Utilize the Hard Disc Drive copy service
    Instructions on how to do so are here: Hard Drive Copy Service
  3. Browse the Divine Truth synchronisation server and download an individual file or video from that site
    You can do that here:

If you do gain a copy of all Divine Truth material via the sync service or the hard drive copy service, there are now new instructions on how to use this offline material here.

Assistance Groups Update

Understanding Sin & Its Causes Videos

Many of you are still awaiting the videos from the 2019, “Understanding Sin and Its Causes” group.

As I’ve previously shared, the audio recording problems at the group now require a great deal of editing to make them a pleasure to listen to. Jesus completes the audio edits and the task requires him to be sedentary, to make repetitive hand actions, and to concentrate intently for extended periods. I am involved in editing the video which I love. However it also involves extended periods of concentration, attention to detail and Jesus and I must work through the final phase together carefully checking various finishing details.

Last year, it was important for both of us to step away for a while, take care of ourselves, and focus on other parts of our desires that were being neglected, including our long term plans. Every day spent editing meant taking time away from all of the other things we want to achieve.

I personally wanted to deeply examine my emotions and desires for my future and the future of both Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations.

There were many local projects that Jesus wanted to give his time and attention to. These included his ongoing management of God’s Way Ltd renovations and new buildings, planning for new physical infrastructure in God’s Way Ltd (such as water collection, terrace construction and plans for the new Function Centre buildings), and his leadership of God’s Way Ltd members, managers and volunteers.

In addition, last year Jesus:

  • reconfigured and rebuilt our local storage servers
  • rebuilt our local network
  • maintained international servers and current sharing services
  • re fixed a lot of cabling required for the new network
  • commenced redesign of the Divine Truth website
This is the mess that Jesus now has to tidy up as a result of all that work

We will return to editing this year but as you may imagine securing or creating a venue which can eliminate the problems we had with audio recording in this group is also a top priority. That way, we will never encounter these difficulties again.

It would be great that Jesus didn’t have to sit and edit material that he has already presented! There are so many other things to occupy his time, that he needs to guide and be involved with.

Future Groups

We would love to continue to present groups in the Education in Love Assistance Group series.

As I may have mentioned previously, there is a new addition to the series. We have added a new group “Confronting Sin and Its Causes”.

The series now looks like this:

  1. Developing My Will to Love
  2. Developing My Loving Self
  3. Understanding God’s Loving Laws
  4. Understanding Sin & Its Causes
  5. Confronting Sin & Its Causes
  6. Removing Sin & Its Causes
  7. Engaging God’s Loving Laws
  8. Receiving God’s Love & Truth
  9. Loving God

“Confronting Sin and Its Causes” will focus on the difference between understanding sin and its causes as a general concept and confronting sin and its causes within oneself. It will be a much more personal and practical group.

The material in ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’ is essential knowledge for participants to apply during the ‘Confronting Sin & Its Causes’ group. So we can’t present ‘Confronting Sin & Its Causes’ until we edit and output the ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’ group.

Until recently we have been unable to schedule this group due to COVID restrictions in Australia. But the largest limitation we have in holding the next group is our need to first complete the editing for ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’.

World Events

Many of you have emailed us requesting that we comment about Coronavirus, vaccines, and the various limitations and mandates associated with the pandemic. Many people sending these emails are bullies, either trying to force Jesus into a response, or trying to force Jesus into accepting their beliefs about the world. Often they are completely driven by fear of being controlled, fear of death, fear of authority, fear of others, fear of losing their “rights”, and fear of their own pain or discomfort.

I laughed when recently someone called Jesus irresponsible for stating to a local group that, keeping in mind the principles of love, truth and humility, people must make up their own minds about what they put into their bodies and what they choose to do in their personal lives. It seems to me that when it suits a person’s desire to avoid emotion, they would like a cult leader to tell everyone what to do. Many people emailing us about the pandemic have demonstrated the epitome of unloving behaviour, while they claim that everyone other than themselves is being unloving about the pandemic.

Our listeners often want us to comment on a specific world event or situation affecting them, as if new rules apply to the new situation occurring. The desire for Jesus to comment on a specific world event or situation affecting them personally, demonstrates that many of our listeners are still being completely selfish, and are very selective when listening to Divine Truth. What we teach relates to every world event, in every situation. In the broadest sense, humanity’s collective lack faith in goodness; lack of humility; lack of desire for truth; lack of feelings of equality, justice and fairness; or lack of desire to love themselves or others in a sincere manner; causes them to believe that they are not equal children of a loving God who are required by loving law to become humble, self-responsible, self actualised individuals. Hence humanity creates all of the pain and suffering on Earth and in the spirit world today.

Flowers in Wilkesdale

I will share a brief letter from Jesus specifically about coronavirus and vaccines on the blog in the next few days. But I must say that Jesus and I don’t find vaccines or coronavirus to be the most pressing or important matter facing the world at the moment, and that Jesus has barely any interest in the subject (and many around us are surprised and frustrated about that). Jesus has already taught you the truth about disease, and the part your denied emotions play in that. He has already taught you about why companies and governments are unloving, and the part your fears of pain and death, and your desire for comfort and lies, play in that.

COVID is one of many problems, and is not the largest problem by far. Compared to how many children die from abortion, miscarriage, mistreatment and malnourishment every year (around 200 million), COVID pales into insignificance. The truth is that the mistreatment of children – emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually – is worldwide pandemic which has been raging for centuries, and which very few people seem to really sincerely care about. Besides the unloving situation regarding children, many more problems cause much more degradation of the human soul than COVID. COVID is only an effect, rather than a cause, of problems in the soul.

It strikes me that people in developed countries often don’t see a problem until their own fear or level of comfort is challenged in some way. War has torn apart Syria for over a decade now and, in that same time period, malaria and HIV Aids have taken countless lives in Africa. These are just a couple of long term examples in which pain, suffering and death are extreme realities for people on Earth every day. Yet, no one has asked us about these things. In all the time I have known Jesus I have only ever heard one person ask about plight and causes of suffering for people in less comfortable societies than themselves. This is not to diminish the pain and suffering involved in the war in Ukraine or the coronavirus. I merely wish to highlight that most people are driven by selfishness and self involvement that causes them to ignore major issues of love until the impact of these issues affects their daily lives or triggers their personal fears.

Coronavirus and vaccine mandates offer an opportunity to ‘westerners’ to highlight their personal selfishness and personal sin impacting the world around them. However most responses to COVID in the west have been to act in more fear which only compounds the problems. The world must learn that problems can only be solved by removing their causes, rather than by trying to inoculate against the effects. Vaccine opposition is often driven by as much fear and anger as taking a vaccine is.

One of the biggest problems humans face is their fear of discomfort, pain, disease and death, and their lack of understanding about the causes of death and the causes of disease.

And humans driven by the desire to avoid fear take actions to control others and to avoid truth; they don’t stand up to violent bullies or they become bullies themselves.

Because the majority of humans are now so far from a desire for love, for truth or for humility, they expect others to make their fear dissolve, and more and more events resulting in pain, suffering and destruction will continue to occur on Earth. In the future, millions, and perhaps even billions, of people will die from the environmental destruction on our planet, and from basic problems associated with water and food supply. However, for many people in the west, these issues are of minor importance because these issues do not affect them yet.

Every current world situation as an opportunity to consider:

  • How do my unloving desires contribute to this situation?
  • What unloving desires is this situation exposing in me?
  • Am I humble about these unloving desires?
  • Do I want to experience the emotions that drive my unloving desires?
  • What does love require me to do in this situation?
  • What are God’s Laws attempting to teach me in this situation?
  • What changes WITHIN ME would improve the situation?
Wattles bloom and give home to a spider in the Terrace Project, Function Learning Centre

Until we are willing to see our own unloving desires, and release the addictions and emotions that drive those desires, we are unable to accurately assess any situation as God would. This applies in day to day interpersonal interactions, and to global events and societal mandates. If one is serious about responding in love and becoming loving, it is essential to humbly respond to world events, remove our addictions, and heal our personal emotions that drive our unloving desires.

There is so much more to say about these matters and Jesus speaks eloquently about them. However, as I shared above, our limitation at the moment is the means to edit and share such information.

In Closing

To close, let us say this:

Beautiful things can be accomplished by being humble, truthful, and loving, and developing loving co-operation with each other. Beautiful things cannot be accomplished by expecting one person or a government to solve our problems for us.

Changes in our world will only occur when each of us realise how important and practical love is. Once we see that love is practical, we will see the importance of making it our first priority.

Placing a priority on love is essential. If we loved one another, if we lived love, the effect of arms manufacture, the effect of starvation, the effect of environmental damage, the effect of lies and manipulation of truth, the effect of COVID, the effect of companies profiting from human pain and addiction, the effect of untrustworthy government, the effect of religious, social and political oppression, the effect of child abuse, the effect of the cult of families, along with all of the effects of pain and suffering, would completely disappear – because the causes of those things would disappear.

Without each of us changing our personal condition in love, nothing in the world has the potential of changing.

Unless I see the direct relationship between what is happening in the world, and my unloving soul condition, and my lack of desire to be responsible and change that condition, nothing can or will change for the better in my world. That is and will continue to be the focus of what Jesus and I teach. Unless I personally change, and unless I have more faith, and I become more loving, more honest, more truthful and more humble, there is no option but for bad things to continue to happen in my world. My desire to break God’s Loving Laws contributes to my own pain and suffering and the pain and suffering of the world I live in. I create pain and suffering through my attitudes, my unloving desires, my addictions, my avoidance of emotions, and the decisions I make moment by moment, day by day, to remain unloving. I am participating in the creation of the unloving world I am living in.

More future turmoil is inevitable because most people refuse to love and refuse to see the practicality of love. Most people listening to Divine Truth are still in complete denial of their own unloving desires, addictions and actions.

Love, Truth and Humility are all practical and actionable concepts. When we refuse to see this in our personal lives we automatically become a part of the destruction of the world and the people in it.

Jesus and I are passionate about focusing you, the individual, on your personal choices in relation to love, truth and humility. Ask yourself:

Am I going to decide to have faith in God and God’s Way?
Am I going to decide to be more humble?
Am I going to decide to be more truthful?
Am I going to decide to be more loving?

While I expect somebody else to do these things first, I am basically saying that I am not going to participate in positive change on the Earth.

The only way for serious problems, such as the mistreatment of children, war, disease, and environmental damage, to change, is for the attitudes within myself to change so that I am no longer driven by my fear and my addictions, but focused on being loving under all circumstances. Unless I see this, I am a participant in the continued degradation of my planet and the people on it.

Beautiful things are possible but only if we come together, and act on the practicality of love, truth and humility.

With our love,
Mary & Jesus

then there is the pain of all that

and there come the times when it hits me
the pain of the lived experience
the pressure of the beliefs forced into me
as a kid
the crazy catch 22s that I’ve lived by
that cause more hurt and frustration
year after year

and tears fall
and that is good
I want the all the pain to wash out

there is no more trying to fix it
there is no more trying to make it better
there is just the pain of it
the simple pain.
the hurt that exists.
and I want to feel it
because it matters.

the pain is something true
about me
I’ve have lived with it for so long
without ever feeling it
like a silent flatmate who I never got to know
and eventually one night we both stay up talking until dawn
and the conversation is so meaningful
I wonder why we never did it before

the pain was always telling my story,
to me.
but I never felt it
so, in a weird way, it is familiar
I know it well
but also,
it is a stranger

the pain of all that
makes everything fall into place
I understand myself
it connects me to me

and I can finally love myself
because I know now how it all happened
it finally makes sense
and even if I can’t change any of it
– the things that went on and the way that I feel –
I finally get. it.
and I know my life
and I know myself

all that life I lived
is clear in a moment
and I know what is real

most of all, I am real
my pain makes me a real-live-person
not the fiction character from a worn out novel
that someone else was narrating

I am full of me
in a way that is good
not selfish, or self involved
like when I was the made-up-character
avoiding her pain

no, now I am full of my own understanding
now I can create, and discern, and move on
now I am free

Mary Luck
19th October, 2018


Our friend Lena passed into the spirit world on Friday morning, 19th March 2021.

Elena Shakanova

Lena worked with us in Divine Truth for around 8 years. During that time she helped with video recording, video editing, office inquiries, studio cleaning and maintenance, volunteer training and equipment care and storage.

Lena is a hard worker and we are grateful for her contributions towards helping us gift Divine Truth to others. She wants others to have the opportunity to hear God’s Truth.

While Lena often finds it difficult to trust others and feel the love others have for her, over the years I came to know her and I appreciate many things about her nature and character. Some of our favourite times with Lena include when she allows her unique way of seeing the world and God’s Truth to shine through. We have often enjoyed her analogies and hearing about the particular elements of a teaching or channelling that strike a cord or create a ‘light bulb moment’ for her.

Lena is always practical, good with manual tasks, and willing to give anything new a try even if she is afraid. She has a great deal of courage about new experiences. She takes personal responsibility very seriously and is neat, tidy, and very thorough, and this continues to show through in most aspects of her life.

Jesus and I encourage Lena to express herself freely when in our company, and we really enjoy her unique personality and humour that shows through during those moments.

She has an artistic nature which was often expressed when she was editing our videos. We also see her bring her sense of style and art to almost every area of her life, including her personal artwork, her fashion, her flair for food preparation and presentation, and the way she uses decor in her home. Lena has an eye for detail and aesthetics and would often notice a problem with a camera shot or fix our hair (we don’t really notice those things). She would remember where an item of equipment was kept and she was a thoughtful gift giver, often noticing something about me and giving accordingly.

Lena Recording VSP Meeting

Lena’s childhood experiences growing up in Russia were difficult and triggered her courage and desire to leave Russia on her own as a teenager and experience life in other places of the world. She lived for a time in America before settling in Australia where she met and married Igor.

Lena often commented about her early experience of Russian society and the way that women are sexualized by men in their families and in general society and how women, including mothers, train their daughters to meet the sexual expectations of men. This treatment had a large impact on Lena and the development of her illness, cervical cancer.

Like all of us, before we become at-one with God, Lena has unhealed emotions and addictions. It is her avoidance of some of these addictions and emotions that created her illness. From the time we met Lena and Igor in 2010 we were always talking with them about these relationship issues and the impact not dealing with them would have on their future lives.

In 2014 Lena told us that precancerous cells had been found. Since then we have had many discussions with her and Igor about the emotional causes of cervical cancer. We talked about her suppressed anger about having to please men sexually and the childhood events that led to her belief that she had to do that. In 2017 we asked Igor to no longer work with us because we were concerned about his attitude and behaviour towards Lena and women generally. We felt he needed time away from us to decide whether he wanted to deal with those problems. At the same time we spoke with Lena about her eagerness to comply with a man’s demands and refusal to confront the man’s treatment of her even when she felt it was unloving.

In late 2018, Jesus and I asked Lena to stop working with us so that she could focus entirely on releasing these addictions and her hurt emotions. Since Igor was no longer living with her, she was attempting to enter the same addictions with other men, including Jesus, and using her work with Divine Truth to avoid the realities of her illness. We told her we were very concerned about her desire to deny and ignore emotions that continued to harm her and that were developing into major physical problems. We told her that without dealing with them properly she would die from cancer. Although reluctant, Lena saw the points that we were raising with her and made some decisions to change her life and deal more directly with her illness.

In the intervening years we have kept in touch, visited Lena and Igor at home and in hospital, and discussed the same spiritual and emotional issues with them when invited to. On Sunday 14th March 2021, 5 days prior to her passing, Lena invited us to visit again and told us that she had made the decision to pass. Her physical pain had been increasing for a long time and for many reasons she was finding it difficult to release the emotional pain that caused her physical illness.

Some of Lena’s difficulties included; blaming herself for the way others treated her, being judgemental towards herself and others, being angry about having to be truthful about others’ unloving treatment and taking action to correct it and love herself in the situation, not wanting to feel her own loneliness, not wanting to feel about how unloved she had been in her childhood, not wanting to feel her anger about men’s sexual projections and sexual demands, and using addictions and pleasing others as methods of avoiding those emotions. She was often angry at those who love her and pandering towards those who didn’t. Although none of these difficulties are any part of Lena’s nature or personality, Lena has anger, fear, and sadness relating to the issues we discussed with her, and wants to avoid experiencing and releasing these painful emotions.

Lena could see that these problems were still difficult for her to address and experience and we discussed that she would have opportunities to work through these emotions and make new choices in the spirit world. We discussed her fears and having faith about passing, having faith about God, God’s Love for her, and God’s Truth about the power of releasing painful emotion. We told her about the great deal of love available to her in the spirit world if she chooses it. We talked about the prayers of friends and efforts of spirits that can assist her now that she is there.

As Aphraar states in ‘Through the Mists’:

If some strong hand could, but for an instant,
tear the veil aside, and bid the multitudes of earth behold the future as it
really is, what a revelation it would be! How it would change their sighs to
songs, remove all doubts of God’s eternal love, and proclaim a gospel for
which all hearts are crying. It would be to earth what it is to me; I who more
than once, or twice, or thrice had been cautioned that the life I led could only
meet with condemnation at the bar of God; and yet I found the first words
addressed to me were words of hope and encouragement – ‘I need not fear’

and in ‘The Life Elysian’:

The new life is so crowded with overwhelming surprises, so fruitful of charming
distractions, so beautifully bewildering with unimagined pleasures, so
tender in its diverting sympathies, that even earth’s purest conceptions
are certain to be shattered and carried away, and the perfect God-design
leads us gently forward into the fullness of our unanticipated joy.

Jesus feels that Lena was far too absorbed in fixing her physical symptoms rather than experiencing and taking action on her spiritual and emotional that cause her illness. I made a comment to Lena on one of our visits about how in the past I would become obsessed with a physical diet or ‘fix’ to avoid the emotional turmoil I was in at the time. She commented that she had also done this with some of the ‘therapies’ she tried in order to cure cancer. That is a good lesson which Lena was already ahead of the game in learning.

Lena came to see and continues to see lessons and truths that most people who listen to Divine Truth on Earth are still in denial of. Although Lena passed due to her physical illness, unlike many millions of humans who pass every year, she is aware of the spiritual and emotional causes of her passing and therefore we expect that in her spiritual life she will not encounter many of the difficulties that most people who pass from Earth experience.

Lena is resting quietly at the moment as her final two years of life on Earth were very exhausting and painful for her. Once she recovers some of her strength, we have made an arrangement with her to come and speak with us. We expect to continue to regularly talk to her as we do with many people who now live in the spirit world.

We love Lena and look forward to our ongoing and deepening friendship with her.

The Life Elysian

There breaks the soul from every weight away
And for itself beholds and understands!
In that clear dawn of life’s true morning light
It turns, reviews, and then must needs accept
Whate’er results from yesternight’s wild rush
And feverish greed, within the robing-room of earth.

‘Tis then it learns how cherished ignorance
False guide has been, and led the soul astray,
Appraising tinsel at the price of gold,
And teaching how base metal and true wealth were one,
That, also, all the wild array of masquerade,
Which fools had brought together for their revels,
Were robes, insignia, orders and rewards
Provided by the King, that all His sons
Might dress and grace the marriage feast!

There comes the Truth, and all the false array
In which we strutted forth, lordly and envied,
Must then be thrown aside and left behind,
As worse than useless – we have to pay their cost
Ere we can forward pass. Each soul with painful rue
There doffs its mantle of hypocrisy, to find
Its royal lustre and its richness vanished with the night,
Leaving but sign of poverty behind.

Then sighs the soul to learn its bankrupt state,
For till that moment none can ever know
The price it pays for such a treacherous robe,
And false deceitful outfit; –
We don it in expediency and haste,
We doff it in the searching light of God.

Where is laid bare all bruises, scars and wounds
We felt not when received in maddened rush
To save the object of our choice from other hands.
But in our passage to the feast we have to pause,
Consider, and discharge th’ account for what we thought
Was free to those who could secure and keep!
And this is painful reckoning.

When this is o’er, then breaks the soul away
And learns it has another role than masquerade
To play on life’s eternal stage. It throws aside
All relics of the brute, the savage and barbaric tastes,
And making restoration with a pure repentance
Steps to life’s mark clad but in freedom’s garb,
With naught to weight, to hinder or retard
Its course, and as a man starts on the race
Which has its goal and destiny in God.
‘Tis of this race I sing, and now I bid you come
And see how it is run on God’s own course –
The Life Elysian!

Truth – as a hobby

What if we all took up telling the truth
as a hobby?

What if, whether awkward and red faced
or free, unabashed,
we spoke in unadorned words,
straight from the heart?

What if truth-telling
became a skill to refine
as we got deeper,
more honest with self?

What if we dared be transparent
and frank
about all that we think, believe, and wonder
and – crucially –
said what we want

On Monday afternoons, at bedtime,
in meetings, on dates,
with the post office lady,
at late summer picnics,
and on the commute

What if we all made truth a pastime?
More than a lofty ideal
or noble pursuit
what if truth became habit,
so standard and common
it was never in doubt?

Would this chasten the boredom,
the middle age spread?
Wouldn’t it heighten the crisis but also its end?

instead of football, or hockey, croquet or golf,
in lieu of baking and YouTube and scrolling the phone,
we practiced and laughed,
as we built up the muscle,
increasing endurance
until truth was routine?

What if truth and its telling
is the answer, to ending
the quest for fulfillment,
to “finding one’s passion”
and living our best.

Mary Luck

Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Jesus & Mary: January & February 2021

As I explained in my last update, in 2020 we experienced a number of technical roadblocks to completing the editing of our last event, the “Understanding Sin & It’s Causes” Assistance Group. We still have a long way to go to finish the project. So, because our life was effectively being chewed up on this one big task and the complications to completing it, this year we decided to be firmer about having more of a balanced and enjoyable life. We also want to be able to continue to share new material to hopefully encourage people who are attempting to put the principles of Divine Truth into action. This means that we will be splitting our time and focus to include not only editing and technical tasks but some new projects (see below) and much more time for our personal growth.

Purchase of new hardware

In December I mentioned that our old iMac computers, which we use for video and audio editing, were beginning to have problems. After Jesus replaced the hard drives in both machines we found that we were still encountering failures and unreliability. (Including that after completing repairs on my Mac one afternoon – which involved removing and then firmly reattaching and re-gluing the screen – Jesus returned the next morning to find the screen which had been left tilting backwards in the closed, empty studio had somehow defied the laws of gravity and lay smashed forward on my desk). Repairs and maintenance on these computers was now dominating most of Jesus’ time, meaning that not only were we not editing but we also weren’t working on other important projects. So, we decided it was time to simply purchase new computers with the intent of completing this enormous editing project as quickly and easily as possible (no matter what we do, it still won’t be quick or easy but delaying the purchase was only making the process slower and more difficult).

Our long term goal is to move away from Apple products altogether and so we had been hoping to be able to use our existing iMacs to finish the “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” edit and then make the shift to new computers and new editing software. We changed this plan when we decided the headaches and loss of work we were encountering trying to make do on the old machines weren’t worth it.

Unfortunately we are still having connectivity issues between our servers (where the raw data is stored) and the Mac computers. So, Jesus spent a lot of time over the past few months trying to repair the old iMacs, then setting up the new iMacs with the necessary software and attempting to solve the networking issue between the iMacs and servers.

The situation brought editing tasks to a complete halt once again in January and February. However this gave us some time to work on another project which we have wanted to get started for a while.


Over the past month we have been working on establishing our capacity to host regular livestream events in which we can interact with listeners in real time.

This is a multi-step process which has included:

  1. Finding a suitable streaming platform
  2. Setting up a new YouTube account specifically to stream and store video of live events
  3. Configuration of a new technical set up which allows us to:
    – stream good quality video (that is, video is captured by our stuido cameras and sent in place of usual webcam video)
    – stream good quality audio (use of personal microphones rather than relying on the audio captured by a PC)
    – capture and record a local copy of video and audio recordings during the events which can later be edited and used on our other main and clip channels
  4. Finding a physical location with low latency internet connection, high upload speeds and sufficient bandwidth to allow for seamless transmission and interactions during regular livestreams

In January we took a trip to the Sunshine Coast for Jesus to complete a podcast interview via livestream. This gave us the impetus to start to work through the four steps I listed above. Designing and setting up a new recording system for both video and audio and gaining adequate internet connection speeds took about a week. And while we had various problems to solve in this process, the interview went ahead and we now have a skeleton plan and set up to start to host our own livestream events.

Experimenting with the new set up

This issue of an adequate internet connection from the Divine Truth studio remains an issue.

Our current home and studio set up relies on a satellite internet connection. Satellite transmissions always introduce problematic delays (due to higher latency times). This is because any feed must be transmitted from the creation point, to the satellite in space, and then back to the viewer in another location on Earth.

Those of you who made international phone calls in years gone by may remember the lag between you speaking and your speech being heard by the other person. This is the kind of delay experienced on our satellite internet connection when attempting to make video calls and which would be present if we were to use our current internet service for livestreams from home. Delays are off putting and definitely disruptive to spontaneous and free flowing dialogue.

Using mobile phone networks to access the internet provides much quicker speeds. However, as we live in a rural area with poor mobile phone coverage, we have never been able to utilize this option. However, at the moment, we are investigating improving our mobile phone coverage by installing antenna on our or a neighbouring property. If we are able to achieve this we could livestream from our home studio – which would be perfect.

In the meantime, as we work on the home internet issue, we have decided to introduce some travel so that we can start livestreaming using better internet connections in other locations.

Once there is a date for the first livestream, an announcement will be made via YouTube to subscribers on our Divine Truth Main YouTube channel.

The first event will likely be a casual update on Divine Truth with Jesus. You will be able to participate in real time by typing questions to him.

In future we would like to have themed discussions and feedback sessions in which listeners can participate and ask questions.

The new YouTube channel for livestreaming is: Divine Truth Live

Technical Upgrades and Installations

Despite no longer editing, Jesus has achieved a great deal these past two months. He researched and experimented with the equipment required for the new livestreaming project and worked on organising and packing cases that enabled us to transport the equipment safely. As I mentioned he set up the new iMac computers, installing necessary software etc.

He also built and is now able to run Virtual Machines on our smaller servers which weren’t being used. This enables us to use the servers for storage of recorded data while we are traveling (e.g. video and audio captured during livestream events). They can also be used as personal computers in place of the laptops we usually travel with.

Two of the servers on which he had installed virtual machines were given away. One to Eloisa and the other to Cornelius, so that they now have the ability to start creating video and audio content to share on their personal channels. (I’m excited to see how their creations go, I have an inside scoop on some of the projects in the works and I think that they will be interesting and inspiring to others).

Jesus trains Corny in his new virtual machine

Clearing the Studio

At the moment, as with a lot of things in our life, we have the opportunity to overhaul, review and redesign. This goes for the equipment, systems and practices that we have been using for years in relation to data storage, computer software, AV equipment, and recording procedures.

At the moment the floor of our main studio room looks like this:

The renovation to create a server room and Jesus’ storinator server building projects in 2020 meant that everything in the studio has been moved around and mixed up. Some of the equipment we were using has been repurposed and some is now redundant.

As we have decided to no longer switch video live during events equipment from that old set up that can now be gifted or sold. Along with that, in the studio, a lot of newly configured gear must be rehoused and various cables, screws and parts labelled and organised. In January, under Jesus’ direction, I spend time on this project but as you can see there is a lot more to do and, as we make new decisions and set up the livestreaming project, more things are added to the pile in this room.

I’ll continue to work on this project over the coming months but I do rely on Jesus precision knowledge of each piece of cable, every part, all of the equipment and the systems they fall into to guide my work. The benefit of all of the upheaval in our operations since 2019 is that I am learning a lot more about the nuts and bolts of what we use and how to use it all.

Obviously for us to start to record any content from home (livestream or otherwise) this floor needs to be cleared and our recording set up reinstated.

Before then we have so many screws to sort (see below)

God’s Way Ltd

We continue to meet regularly with God’s Way members and various projects including terrace seeding and Caretakers’ Residence renovation construction are ongoing. If Jesus and I can find a way to have livestream events from home, we are excited that God’s Way Ltd may also be able to host seminars and Q&As via livestream as well.

Eco Tent Renovation

As I mentioned in December, we are building small cabins (designed by Jesus) to replace our worn out eco tents. We are paying Cornelius and Jadda to work on the job.

Things are taking shape!

Tristan Farewell

Tristan has set off to start his teaching degree and we held a lunch in February to wish him well on this next adventure.

It was great to hang out and play some music together.

Who knows the cord?
Archie, Tris & Jesus – three of the loveliest guys

Other stuff

Jesus made time to clean out and restore one of our worm farms.

He also visited the terrace project which is looking great after some (limited) rain in January.

And he checked in on the plumbing project for the God’s Way Ltd Caretakers’ Residence renovation which he is directing (for more information about God’s Way projects check the God’s Way Ltd blog).

As for me, when not helping out in the studio, I have been spending a lot of time on my own working on some emotions which I will update about soon.

Thank you

Thank you for your donations in January and February.

I’ve been struck lately by the modern world and how there are so many intrusions and distractions competing for people’s attention. Media, social media and mobile phones seem to dominate most people’s attention a lot of the time. Divine Truth is so different from the things being ‘served up’ via these other sources. You could say that Divine Truth is ‘anti-addiction’, while those other things, for the main part, feed on and encourage people’s addictions.

Divine Truth is for truth, which most people have become completely alienated from in themselves, in their relationships, and in the world around them. Divine Truth is all about a very definite, immovable Love that most people don’t recognize as love at all. And to top that off, it is led by a couple of seemingly ordinary people (or odd, depending on who you consult), who claim to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene (identities shrouded in preconceptions, misconceptions, and myth) and who often stir up emotion and anger in others.

So, at times, I am surprised that anyone listens to Divine Truth at all, let alone donates money to have it continue to be shared on Earth. Of course, I also know that truth is ultimately appealing to every human heart and that love is attractive. But still, I thank those of you who choose to give in any way to have us continue what we do. It is a privilege and we try to spend and use what we receive wisely and well.

With love,

Jesus & Mary

On Prejudice and Principles

I believe that speaking plainly about the real matters at hand, discussing principles, and rooting out causes of disharmony and unhappiness are all worthwhile and reasonable pursuits. I often feel naive because I tend to assume that other people would share this opinion. It seems logical to me.

To my mind, when problems arise, if we can’t discuss:

  1. ethical principles pertaining to the events or actions in question, and,
  2. the underlying motivations and intentions that drive personal actions, systems, and events

then what on earth are we even talking about and how can a problem ever be resolved? This doesn’t have to be a war and peace length discussion either. In my experience, interactions become far more streamlined when people are honest and focused on the points I mention above.

I have always felt this way and I know that at times in my professional life I was a headache for my managers because I always wanted to address the elephants in the room and I could never play institutional politics.

But I onbserve that most people choose an alternative to “solving problems” which involves one or more of the following:

  • Silence, avoidance, denial that an issue exists
  • Game playing, and social and political politics
    For example “I’ll say something to get what I want from you. You give me what I  want. I praise you for doing it and we’ll both tell ourselves problem solved!” In other words – manipulation for personal gain
  • Using faces of politeness and pseudo concern to mask self interest and selfishness
    In other words, the issue is addressed with polite words or in calm tones but under the surface a mass of other angry or entitled feelings drive the exchange

None of these methods solve the problem. And even though, on some level, I understand what motivates people to act in these ways, some innocent child in me is still shocked and sad when attempting the alternative, a discussion of motivations and principles, apparently causes so much offense. So many people react as if it is UNREASONABLE to want resolution based on truth and real change.

Which brings me to something I have been pondering about lately.


Prejudice. I mean, it’s a big topic and I am concerned that I won’t be able to do it justice and express everything I feel about it in one go (I definitely won’t). But here are some things.

The dictionary defines prejudice as:

noun: prejudice; plural noun: prejudices

preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

Prejudice exists so widely on Earth. I think about people who are instantly judged based on the colour of their skin, an illness, their beliefs, the way they dress or speak.

It is heartbreaking.

I’ve always felt this and I have always wanted to change it.

In my work with people with disabilities, people with a mental illness, with refugees, and in general health settings, the desire and autonomy of the individual were my focus and to speak up against systems and decisions based on prejudice were always important to me. (Although I didn’t really think about this at the time, it is only on reflection that I see the values I held. And indeed, on reflection, I see how I could have done better and how humility to some emotions at the time would have made me way, way better at loving and removed prejudices of my own).

And in reference to my previous points about motivations and principles, I have always known that anyone’s propensity towards prejudice of a certain (or any) type comes from unresolved and/or unloving desires within that person. Uninformed bias or preconception so often has roots in locked up pain from a person’s past or in investments in the emotional “rewards” granted to that person by significant others when they retain their prejudice.

I believe that I have always had compassion on some level for groups and individuals who encounter hate and prejudice as a part of their day to day lives.

But something I have avoided giving sincere consideration to is how these desires of mine apply to Jesus and I. How does prejudice relate to us and indeed towards the people who love us?

Julie, a friend, recently sent me a text:

I've been going through people's judgement of me (behind my back) that's there from some of the people I know in the community who I have contact with as being a 'Jesus Person'. I had no idea it was happening and how much its around. Sharing time with you and my friends and knowing how much you both have given to all of us. I'm angry that people are judgemental of you both without knowing you. This comment is such a put down. It's like I've been 'blind sided', thinking I'm just Jules without the added 'label'.

Jesus has been doing some interviews lately and when he spoke up about some of the ways he was treated, it was obvious, due to his identity claims, that the people involved didn’t believe he deserved the respect afforded to others.

After the interview was edited it was sent to him for a response before publication. Jesus raised that music had been used to add dramatic effect and that religious statues had been placed around his image. As he said (and I paraphrase here), his claims are sensational enough without having to add such features that make fun of him and/or heighten emotion in viewers. He also said that there had been a lack of regard for our time (we were given the impression that further interviews would take place and set aside time for that) and that one interviewer had placed words in Jesus’ mouth (notably stating that Jesus supports Mormonism). While these issues were not major in and of themselves, the motivations that drove them are important and would continue to play out and worsen in future interviews if not addressed. He received a “polite” reply which dismissed his latter concerns as not having occurred and the former issues about making fun were promised to be removed.

When Jesus responded stating that the important issue was not the removal of the music and images but to address the motivations that drove their placement in the first place, he was branded a bully. Two out of three of the interviewers commenced a campaign of ridicule and derision against him online and now have plans to film a specific attack video about him for their channel.

Again, my child-like heart was shocked. Why don’t people want to talk plainly about their true motives? Why don’t principles matter to others? Why are “polite” words which avoid the real issues taken to be a kind response?

Of course the adult, largely cynical, Mary knows the reasons why and my desire to remain innocent to these matters is only a futile attempt to shield me from my fear and grief about the real motives that always existed in these people had I been willing to feel and notice them. (Jesus warned me about their intentions before the first interview took place).

I wrote to the interviewers:

Hi Derek, Dave and Dr Price,

I’m writing as you directly as you invited me to be involved in an interview with you and Jesus.

I was considering your request but first took the opportunity to see how you treated Jesus in the prior interview and then how you, Dave and Derek, ‘promoted’ the video and how you have been responding to commenters on both Reddit and YouTube.

Since I now have plain evidence for the derision you have for us (that was obviously always underlying what you called a ‘respectful interaction’ during the interview), of course I don’t want to be involved with you guys. I find it strange that you would think that I would.

In my opinion there is always room for love and respect for every person, no matter what your personal beliefs and opinions are. Derek and Dave, I watched as you both told Jesus how kind and loving you are as people. But in reality you are clearly more interested in creating a channel and revenue than you are in those most core human values.

I have nothing to hide and I’m not a brain-washed, manipulated bimbo as many people would like to believe. But you guys already don’t seem to be interested in displaying me or Jesus as we are, so talking with you would do nothing but play into your unkind agenda.

Because I believe so strongly in those values of respect and care for all humans, I am always open to the possibility of those values existing in the people who want to interview us. However time and again I find, as in this case with you both, that derision, ridicule and calling us ‘insane’ is something people find acceptable towards us. To me, if I were you, I would question why you actually think that we somehow deserve what you say that others don’t. And how that fits with your view that you are kind people.


In their responses to me both Dave and Derek stated that I was wrong and that they are actually kind men. But to watch their recent online comments and responses shows me that they lack the integrity and common regard for humans they profess.

My values of love and respect apply to all people, no matter the condition, intention or actions of the people I am dealing with. I hold these towards Derek and David still. I can’t say the same of them towards us.

In this instance I observed Jesus, with his kind heart and passion for truthfulness, ethics and principles, sincerely try to resolve an issue of prejudice towards himself. The more he tried to do this, in clear and respectful terms, the more he was labelled as anal, unreasonable, OCD, a bully and badly in need of psychological help (none of this was stated in an attempt to sincerely help him but rather to put him down).

I think of other people who experience far worse prejudice daily. Too many people are refused service and basic human necessities on the basis of a single feature about themselves.

Gender, race, age, sexuality, wealth, religion, belief, ability, disability and so many other factors – these have all be weaponized. I think about how societies as a whole don’t want their prejudices exposed and how they often attack those who they harm for speaking up about it. We fight coming to terms with our judgements and hate because we fight the knowledge of our own unjust, unloving, selfish and entitled motivations that drive them.

In my reply to Jules I wrote:

I've been thinking about prejudice more lately. Like you, I tend to skip over it, try to placate it (by trying to show I am 'normal') or I just withdraw from interactions with most people not associated with Divine Truth so I don't have to feel sad or afraid. I want to write about it because, as you say, it isn't just Jesus and I who experience this, it is almost everyone who chooses to be open about listening to us. There is grief to be felt but also the opportunity to challenge the unloving judgements in others. I think about people who are judged for the colour of their skin or for a disfigurement or disability, how difficult it must be for them.  If I don't challenge prejudice wherever I find it, even when it is against me, then how can I say I love?

I don’t spend enough time dwelling on others’ judgements about us because I still resist the grief that the full recognition of our rejection would expose. And I do things to help me avoid this grief. At times, in some sneaky corner of my soul, or sometimes right out in the open, I rationalize and make excuses for people’s unkind treatment of us.

For example, I often feel that it would be weird for people to have someone show up and say that he is Jesus – that it scares them or angers them based on issues in their past, or on what other people have done in the name of ‘spirituality’ and ‘God’. Sometimes I brace because I know that others will find our focus on principles and motivations “too much”. I wonder, are we just “too much” for people to handle or like?

I feel that as Mary Magdalene others must find me disappointing, I often feel disappointed in myself. (I don’t feel that way about Jesus. That man has the heart of a giant loving lion, he walks his talk and he knows God). But I catch myself making excuses for people’s difficulties with us. It hurts that our intentions are continually judged incorrectly but to speak up against it – to address the attack – often leads to more attack. So I shy away. To do otherwise would be to feel more injustice, and pain.*

But by denying the truth and my emotional experience of what is happening, I realise now that I am acting in direct contradiction to some of my core values. I wouldn’t stand for this towards others but I allow it when it is towards Jesus and myself.

What I haven’t wanted to recognise is that by making excuses for people who attack me I become complicit in the prejudice against us. When I don’t grieve, I play games with myself instead, trying to rationalise another person’s hate or judgement. In doing this, I don’t confront their lack of love and I tacitly support that person in something that harms them** as well as me and others.

When I comply with prejudice in any form, even if only towards myself, I contribute to prejudice in all its other forms wherever it exists. What I mean is, whenever my heart says it is OK to make even one exception, I am in fact saying to other hearts that their ‘one exception’, whatever that is, is OK too.

Photo by Ian Turnell on


* As an aside, most people (not just me) rationalise judgement and attack of Jesus.
The rationale is often “Well, if you are going to say you are Jesus then you have to expect you’ll be {insert horrible treatment here}” . To some degree I could understand if the statement was “If you are going to be a greedy, selfish, arrogant mongrel then you can’t expect to be treated well”. That at least relates to a person’s character and conduct. But Jesus is most often treated worse than others based on his claim alone, not on his character. Of course, that fact that he speaks up about matters of love and truth just adds to the desire most people have to attack him after they interact with him for a while.

** People who hold and express feelings of judgment and hatred harm three sets of people:
1. those people they direct their judgement and hatred towards
2. those people that they influence and interact with
3. they themselves

Jesus & Mary 2020

Well, once again, it has been a long time between updates.

We are safe and well and grateful for our circumstances, but this year we have been snowed under by:

  1. Audio and video editing tasks
  2. Computer hardware breakdowns
  3. Renovation of our studio to allow refurbished servers to be installed (which also required moving studio contents into our small one bedroom home and back again into the studio)
  4. High winds and hail damage to our eco tents, which are our sleeping and living quarters, so we have to redesign and now rebuild them into more resilient structures
  5. Water tanks having leaks (we are responsible for all of our own drinking water collection and distribution)
  6. Water Pumps failing
  7. Vehicles beaking down
  8. Deliveries have arrived late with damaged or incorrect parts

We have been without volunteer assistance this year so just Jesus and I are managing every detail of our operation without help. This includes administration, production, editing (video and audio), uploading and sharing information, along with the usual software and server hardware maintenance and systems administration tasks that Jesus regularly performs. So we have been working very hard and are badly in need of a rest. It often feels as though we are climbing a mountain with a thousand tiny additional tasks or distractions requiring attention along the way. All while we are trying to keep our eyes on our core desires to share Truth with the world and to grow ourselves in love.

In amongst all of that, in the middle of this year, Jesus, who is completely overworked and in need of time to process emotion, injured his back and spent 6 weeks in bed.

So, in a year when so many people had time to sit and watch videos, it has felt that so many factors were against us publishing new material.

But as Jesus says, these circumstances allow our listeners to challenge their addictions to always having ‘something new and inspiring’ and provides them opportunities to spend the time to sincerely reflect upon their own condition of love, state of humility, and relationship to Truth, God and each other. We hope you have taken up some of these opportunities this year, as an act of love towards yourself and others.

A rare moment outside the house early in 2020

But Jesus and I have made some time to make this update for you, just to let you know what is going on. We will cover the following:

  • A Little About Bushfires
  • Assistance Group Video & Audio Editing
  • Technical Upgrades to Divine Truth Operations
  • Server Room Construction
  • Plans for Future Events & Interactions
  • Education in Love Assistance Group Series Update
  • Tent Reconstruction
  • Involvement with God’s Way
  • Responding to Office & FAQ Emails
  • Our Gratitude
  • Our Progression
  • A Brief Comment about World Events

As a side note, I did have a draft of this post ready in June of this year but at that time Jesus’ comment was that there was more detail that needed to be added, and since both of us were very busy at the time, I didn’t ever get time to make the modifications and publish the post. Keeping in mind that an additional six months have passed, I will do my best to be thorough with some detail, so this post is bound to be a long one.

Also, 2020 was not our most photogenic year. We hardly left the confines of our house or studio, or changed our clothes. So even though it may seem like some of these photos were taken on the same day, let’s just say that there was some outfit recycling going on.


We want to thank those of you who reached out to us this year to enquire about our welfare during the bushfires (way back in January) and throughout the year to enquire about our well being during the coronavirus outbreak.

Our location was not directly impacted by the fires that received so much media coverage here and abroad. We do live in an area where smaller fires are a regular occurrence mainly due to deliberately lit fires by farmers who use it as a ‘land management’ strategy. None of those fires affected our personal lives aside from dealing with the smoke pollution.

Sadly, the damaging environmental impact and risks of fire are still largely being disregarded by land owners worldwide. For every 100kg of matter burnt, around 98kg is carbon dioxide which enters the atmosphere which further adds to global warming. Queensland also has one of the highest land clearing rates in the world, which results in the destruction of native wildlife, insects, vegetation, habitat, and ground cover, along with causing loss of topsoil, soil erosion and many other problems.

The massive bush fires here in Australia over our last summer (December 2019 – February 2020) were also tragic. The changing climate and weather patterns will make the loss of native wildlife and habitat due to fire, ordinarily so incredibly difficult to recover, that much harder.

Australian flora and fauna exists in a delicate balance. In reality, most natural environments do. However Australian plants and animals have adapted to living in very specific conditions during long difficult dry periods. Once established they can be hardy, but the establishment of new fauna takes a long time. Many Australian species are endemic, only existing on this continent. When disruption occurs, insects, plants, animals and microbial life are thrown out of balance, which results in extinction of already endangered native fauna and flora and domination of the environment by introduced species. In Australia, European settlement only began a little over 200 years ago. The introduction of hoofed animals, along with European farming and land clearing techniques and practices, have severely impacted our environment in a relatively short time.

To quote Nature Conservancy Australia:

“Early studies found Australian fires (in early 2020) burnt through more than 80% of the known habitat of 49 threatened species. And at least 50% of the habitat of another 65 threatened species have been affected. […] Australia already has the highest rate of mammal extinction in the world.”

Nature Conservancy Australia, 2020

Jesus and I feel passionately about preserving the natural environment and we are continually experimenting with ways to regenerate the land in harmony with God’s Laws, here on our home property, and also on properties owned by the God’s Way organisation.

In recent years, while individuals and societies laud people who speak up or protest against governmental environment and climate policies, very few people are actually willing to take action in their personal lives to repair environmental damage commensurate to what they have created through their own lifestyle, let alone the damage that has been caused historically. Protesting does next to nothing and takes hardly any effort. Repairing environments takes much more sincere effort, time, consideration, and resources and often involves experimentation and innovation. Most people are unwilling to engage this process and yet express frustration at their governments who are only reflecting the same attitudes as themselves.

We try to share what we are experimenting with and learning about via the God’s Way Ltd blog. However we are still in the learning phase of many experiments and we have very few volunteers to help share what we have learned so far. Hopefully in the years to come we will be able to share more of this kind of information. There are many projects happening, but few details are being published because of the time pressures on current God’s Way members.

Of course, a personal relationship with God and individual development in Love and Truth is what helps people to develop other loving desires, such as the desire to care for God’s Creations and work in harmony with God’s existing restorative processes. This is why our primary focus remains on sharing information to assist people in those first endeavours.

As inhabitants of first world countries, we have many emotions of entitlement which directly impact upon the natural world, which include:

  • A desire to consume rather than to give, improve, and to nurture
  • A desire to just feel the illusion of being good, rather than actually be moral, ethical, responsible or loving
  • Disconnection from God’s Creation and Laws due to lifestyle choice, living location, selfishness, and other emotions
  • Opposition to gaining wisdom by observing God’s Creation and Laws, due to anger at authority, anger about law, desiring to be self absorbed, self indulgent, our own law maker, and other similar emotions
  • Opposition to hard work and creation in harmony with God’s Laws due to a desire to have large gains from little effort
  • A lack of care and hardened heart towards the environmental consequences created through the personal avoidance of pain and the seeking of pleasure at any cost

There are many more principles we would like to discuss and share about what it means to truly love and care for the natural world and the pitfalls and errors involved in many common approaches to ‘conservation’. A source of frustration for us this year has been that, due to technical tasks, especially the ongoing editing of the last Assistance Group, we have been unable to make new recordings to discuss these and many other matters.

Assistance Group Video & Audio Editing

We are, of course, still working on the 2019 Understanding Sin and Its Causes Assistance Group material.

As I explained in my last update there were many problems with the audio recording at the groups and so editing this material is taking Jesus an inordinate amount of time.

Jesus has developed RSI in his shoulders and wrists working on this project. So, he can now only complete 3-4 hours of editing in one stretch, at which point he moves on to other technical upgrades for a few hours before he can return.

He is now almost half way through editing the recordings for both groups.

Once the audio for a day or session of the group is completed, I then start the video and video marker editing process for the same segment. I really enjoy this job. It is much less painstaking than Jesus’ audio editing task and I have the added bonus of revisiting all of the material and enjoying many of you who asked questions, your responses and laughter.

As I work through the video edits I often find further audio issues that come about by mixing three channels of sound, which Jesus then corrects. Unfortunately this means more work for Jesus to return and fix these instances.

Once the video edit is complete (which is actually a three part process) then adjustments are made for colour correction. Then the final product is almost ready to be output ready to publish on YouTube.

Before upload can occur, Jesus must first use the video chapter and note markers from the completed videos to generate updated outlines for each talk which are then loaded onto our website as downloads. The markers are also used to create shorter stand alone clips from each presentation. Those people who use the hard drive copying service receive all of these clips on their drive, but as yet they do not appear on our Divine Truth Clips channel. Uploading clips to YouTube used to be a semi automated process but due to forced setting changes on our account by YouTube that is no longer possible. So new clips appearing on our channel is yet another job requiring Jesus’ input at some stage in the future.

I have just started to learn the audio editing process which feels good as it is the largest part of the delay to our output of files and one that, until now, only Jesus could complete. With that said, I am finding it a very challenging task. I don’t yet have the ‘ear’ for sound anomalies but I plan to stick with it. We have made some audio-only recordings of mediumship sessions that we completed in private this year. So I am learning on those files so that they can be published on the website.

As it only the two of us editing material these days, and there is still so much of the last group left to edit, the task feels enormous and, as I’ll explain below, we are having to prioritize our time and tasks so that we don’t completely neglect our personal progression in the process.

We do hope to have the first session of the second ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’ group up on YouTube by February 2021.

If I had to display our year in pictures it would look a lot like this:

Technical Upgrades to Divine Truth Operations

Because the recordings from the last Assistance Group were poor, we (and here I mean mainly Jesus) have been investigating ways to improve our recording and production process. During the events our goal is to remove or drastically reduce the possibility of radio and audience interference in our audio recording, to eliminate problems with live video switching and recording, and to increase our storage capacity at the event to allow for larger amounts of data being recorded. After the event we also need to improve the processing speed of the machines we use for sound and video editing which means improving the speed of our editing worksations.

We have already decided to eliminate live video camera switching at events. Instead video streams from 8 different video cameras and audio recording from presenter and audience microphones will be recorded as individual tracks, and then stored in multiple copies on servers we take to the event. These camera and audio files will then be remixed in the editing stage back home in the studio to create the mixed audio and video files we usually make.

Until now our recording set up at events included six cameras, two moving cameras on presenters, two roving on the audience and two static shots including the back of the room and a side view of screen and presenter. Previously though we used to only record four of these video streams. Increasing cameras views to eight will allow there to be two static views of the presenters at all times, and three static views of the audience, and will ensure that there is always a shot to use in the final video regardless of that is happening at the event, and whether or not the video camera operators have found a useful video shot.

However this change to the number of cameras necessitates an increase in data capture, storage, and back up during events. On average, each camera captures 1TB of recording per day. This means that during our common practice of presenting two assistance groups back to back we will capture around 112TB of data over the two groups. This is if we remain shooting in 1080p (1920 x 1080). If we shoot in 4K, then obviously these numbers quadruple. These precious audio and video recordings then need to be backed up to reduce the risk of loosing data. Jesus has now refurbished two backup servers to accommodate more than 280TB in raidz2 each to allow for this. These servers will travel with us to groups, one to act as the primary server for data we create and the other to store a backup of that data. Of course, the data storage capacity is quite expensive, with each 12TB of RaidZ2 costing more than $1000 AUD.

Once home, we must then transfer this data to other servers which accommodate ALL current Divine Truth editing projects. Jesus has refurbished three additional servers, each with a storage capacity of 280TB in raidz2, to allow the copying of the recorded data, and to store the edited data until the projects are finished. At home we store the data for Divine Truth and God’s Way projects and we have a three copy back up system which enables both on and off site backups of all of our data to be in existence at any one time.

So, during breaks from his audio editing work which are necessary due to fatigue, Jesus has rewired our racks, expanded the 10Gbit network, reconfigured, upgraded the operating system and software, and reinstalled every server and workstation we own (see list below).

Along with that, our existing Apple Mac computers, which are required for both audio and video editing, are becoming old and not performing consistently. My own mac broke down this week. Rather than buy new Macs which are full of propriety limitations, Jesus has taken on a another new project to create virtual machines running on our servers which can serve both PC or Mac desktops and which he and I (since we are now the only two editors) will use to edit and work from.

For the technically minded among you, below is a list of our technical set up which Jesus has been upgrading and maintaining this past year. Jesus acts as software and systems administrator for all of these items. This alone is a full time job.

Divine Truth Technical Equipment
(This list EXCLUDES equipment used during live events to capture data, e.g. video and audio devices, many of which also require firmware upgrades and technical maintenance which Jesus also completes).

Our main storage is configured as:

3 x 45 Drives Storinator XL60 Hybrid servers each now with:
2 x 14 Core XEON E5-2650 processors
45 x 12TB HDD configured into 280TB ZFS Raidz2
32 x SSD drive slots
Centos 8

We have one operational spare main server without disks
just in case the others fail

Our backup and travel storage is:

2 x 45 Drives Storinator Q30 servers each now with:
2 x 8 Core XEON E5-2620 processors
30 x 12TB HDD configured into 280TB ZFS Raidz2
Centos 8

We have two operational spare backup servers without disks
just in case the others fail

Our primary workstations are:

2 x 45 Drives Storinator AV15 Hybrid servers each now with:
1 x 32 Core AMD EPYC 7502P Processor
7 x 12TB HDD configured into 60TB ZFS Raidz2
16 x SSD drive slots, with 6 x 4TB SSD
Proxmox Virtualization

We also have other servers which were required when more people were working with us. These include:

2 x Supermicro Superservers each now with:
1 x 12 Core XEON-D Processor
2 x 1TB SSD
4 x 12TB HDD configured into 36TB ZFS Raidz1
Proxmox Virtualization
Win 10
3 x Shuttle Servers each now with:
4 Core i7 7700 Processors
4 x 8TB HDD configured into 24TB ZFS Raidz1
Proxmox Virtualization
Win 10
Jesus has refurbished these servers to donate to Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins
and Cornelius to use for personal video editing
2 x Shuttle Workstations with:
4 Core i7 7700 Processors
2 x 2TB SSD
Proxmox Virtualization
Win 10
This year we hope to employ Kate Eckersall, programmer, to roll out
planned changes to our website which will include a searchable database.
These units will be used by her (one in the office and one at her home).

Other work stations include:

3 x Apple iMac i7 (2012)
These units are now unreliable but 
still used by Jesus and Mary to complete video and audio editing
6 x WIN7 PC Laptop Computers
16GB i7
These laptops are now 10 years old. 
2 are still used by Jesus and myself to complete tasks 
in word and office. Some others are used for various jobs 
required by the network or when we have visitors working 
on projects. They have all begun to fail.

All of this runs on a 10Gbit network controlled by:

6 x 24 Port 10Gbit Netgear XS728T Switches

Although it may seem we have a lot of storage, we do have a 3 x backup strategy, and we do store a lot of data, because we record 8TB of data per day of recording, and we use about 2-4TB to edit each day of recording. Also, we do not have enough storage to keep all of our data online, and so we also have over 800TB of data backed up on individual 12TB drives. As you can imagine, managing all of this data takes time.

Server Room Construction

Once Jesus saw the necessity for all of these upgrades we had a discussion about how to best house the new larger servers. We decided to make a small server room within our existing studio. This room is sound proof and air conditioned and has removed the need for Jesus to modify servers to have quieter fans (something he has done in the past). Air conditioning a small space is also more energy efficient than cooling the larger room that the servers usually lived in.

So, this year, courtesy of Jesus’ design, and Corny’s work, the new room was built. In order to be able to continue to edit throughout the renovation, our entire operation along with a lot of things stored in the studio, had to be moved into our small house which sits adjacent to the studio. This rendered the studio unusable for recordings.

Our server set up and switches are moved into the house

As we live on a dirt road and have an abundance of insects everywhere, it was a challenge to keep the valuable equipment clean in the less sealed environment of our 45 year old house.

Temporary workstations in the house
A technical workshop in our living area

Nevertheless we achieved it. Jesus worked on building the servers and editing while we set up a sound proof buffer in the home and I continued video editing.

So much wiring and rewiring for Jesus this year

The new server room is now complete. Jesus has almost finished installing new servers into a larger rack while he continues to work on ironing out various bugs and problems with operating systems and software.

Plans for Future Events & Interactions

Jesus and I value the chances we have to meet with you directly. We also know the power and value of receiving personal feedback.

Obviously at the moment, given the restrictions on travel occurring around the world, we are limited in our opportunities to meet people and to have personal discussions.

With this in mind we have been thinking about creative ways to share truth with people, perhaps via video conferencing.

The limitations we have are that:

  1. Our current home internet connection and capabilities are not sufficient in terms of bandwidth or data allowance to enable us to have such interactions from the studio
  2. We require a good quality sound and video recording of these interactions so that they can be edited and shared at a later date via our sites online, as we do our other videos

So, in reality, to arrange video calls it is an entirely new project to launch. One that still requires proper investigations into:

  1. A venue or location from which to hold online calls and interviews; it must have sufficiently high internet speeds and unlimited bandwidth, preferably with a Fibre to the Premises (FTP) internet connection
  2. The correct software and hardware to capture good quality recordings from video calls, and to allow for migration of large amounts of data into our current editing suite

We have done some minor investigations into these matters but as you can see from the rest of this update, our plate is already full with many other tasks.

One variation of how our recording space has looked this year

Once the recording room in our studio is clear of server rebuilds and other vagrant equipment, and older equipment given away or sold, we will again begin our regular studio recordings and discussions. Hopefully these will include some in person interviews with local listeners, discussions about God’s Truth along with mediumship.

Remember when we used to do things like this? It seems like such a long time ago.

Beyond all that, once the ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’ Assistance Group material is output to the world, then we’ll consider our options for the next group. We are also open to international travel again once restrictions are lifted. We know that there are small groups of you around the world who would like to meet with us in person and we would also like to make that happen once we complete the 2019 Assistance Group editing.

Updates about the Education in Love Assistance Group Series

We’d like to update you with two changes to the ‘Education in Love’ Assistance Group series. The first is to let you know about how we are handling the uncertainty about the timing of the next group events given the changing travel and social restrictions in place here and around the world. The second is to inform you of a change in the structure of the Education in Love Assistance Group series.

Timing of the next group

In April this year, as various measures came into place in Australia and around the world to restrict gatherings and interstate and international travel, we decided to postpone our next assistance group originally scheduled for November 2020.

As we predicted, it appears that restrictions on people’s movements here in Australia and across the globe will continue to wax and wane for some time to come as governments attempt to control the spread of the virus. Given the unpredictability of these restrictions we aren’t yet able to tell you when the next groups in this series will go ahead.

As so many participants travel from overseas to attend the groups we are reluctant to hold them before international travel relaxes. However we are also aware that this may not happen for a year or more and so we are considering presenting the groups to an Australian audience only so that the material may appear online for everyone to view at an earlier date.

When it wasn’t such a big deal to sit this close together

For now however, we are still fully occupied with the edits of the last groups and so we can’t consider scheduling the next until this task is complete.

Whenever we schedule the next group I will announce it here and we will allow at least 6 months notice so that people wishing to attend can arrange their lives in order to do so.

New Group in the Education in Love Series

Those of you who were already registered for our next Assistance Group (previously scheduled for November 2020) may have noticed that we changed the title of that group.

As Jesus has been editing the audio of the previous ‘Understanding Sin and Its Causes’ group (a painstaking process which takes him not less than an hour to edit one or two minutes of presentation) he has been reflecting that many participants during the group and the entire series of groups thus far, were still grappling with the key concepts presented and how those Truths related to them personally, their daily lives, and their relationships.

He decided that we needed to add a group to the series to help participants to understand and practically apply the material from ‘Understanding Sin & Its Causes’.

A new group entitled ‘Confronting Sin & Its Causes’ has been placed next in the series.

So, the complete ‘Education in Love’ series will now look like this:

1Developing My Will to LoveCompleted 2016Both instances of this group can be viewed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel: here & here
2Developing My Loving SelfCompleted 2016Both instances of this group can be viewed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel: here & here
3Understanding God’s Loving LawsCompleted 2016Both instances of this group can be viewed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel: here & here
4Understanding Sin & Its CausesCompleted 2019Both instances of this group can be viewed on the Divine Truth YouTube channel as editing is completed: here & here
5Confronting Sin & Its CausesDependent on Covid restrictionsAssist participants with practical application of Understanding Sin & Its Causes
6Removing Sin & Its CausesTBANew material relating to correction, reparation, forgiveness and repentance
7Engaging God’s Loving LawsTBA
8Receiving God’s LoveTBA
9Loving GodTBA
‘Education in Love’ Assistance Group Series

This new sequence is now reflected on the Divine Truth Eventbrite page.

Please note that, due to coronavirus and our work commitments, all groups have been set to postponed. This means that you cannot register for any group until we have a new schedule. This is the most efficient thing to do, as it is unrealistic for people to be able to commit to come a group at some undefined time in the future.

If you were registered to attend the next Assistance Group – previously titled ‘Removing Sin and Its Causes’ and would like to attend ‘Confronting Sin and It’s Causes’ (next in the series), you will need to register for that group once tickets open up again. Unfortunately we were unable to retain your tickets in the prior group.

The timing for ‘Confronting Sin & Its Causes’ is now subject to how the world looks in terms of restrictions on gatherings and travel over the coming months and years.

Timing & Tickets for Remaining Groups in the Series

For any Assistance Group to be held we are always dependent on two things:

  1. That we have received enough donations to fund the upfront cost of venue hire, presenter accommodation and technical set up expenses
  2. That we can find a suitable venue available over a sufficient time period to complete two group presentations
    Within this venue consideration we must now also consider any restrictions or limitations that may be placed on travel and group meetings.

Because we are unable to say with certainty at this time when the remaining groups in this series will be allowed to be held, or if we will receive sufficient donations to meet their costs once they can be scheduled, we made the decision to cancel all tickets in the remaining groups.

Those people who have registered tickets in groups seven, eight, and nine may no longer be available or interested in attending the groups once they are finally confirmed. So it makes sense to cancel all tickets now and open up tickets again to these events with a clean slate when we have a realistic idea of when they may be held.

I will always announce new events and event schedules here. If you subscribe to the blog you will receive an email notification when the I post these details. Realistically, the remaining groups in the Education in Love series may be spaced over a number of years.

Cabin Construction

15 years ago Jesus had constructed two eco tents on our property. They sit towards the middle of our property, in a gully surrounded by gums and other trees and animals. They have always been our haven to retreat to, away from computers and telephones. A place to spend time in reflection, processing, and sleeping.

The structures had a solid floor, open canvas and screen sides and ceiling with a top fly layer as roof which was water proof.

Unfortunately, over the years, our hot sun damaged the top ‘fly’ roof, weakening it. In recent months, storms with strong winds caused a large tear in one of the tent roofs and then a few weeks later hail punctured the roof of the other.

Once the top fly was broken, water began leaking into the tents themselves and we knew that something must be done to make these peaceful places inhabitable once again.

The canvas was dismantled and all the furniture removed.

We are now employing Cornelius, who is a builder, and Jadda as his assistant, to construct a simple ‘cabin’ in the place of both of the tents. The cabin is designed by Jesus and will be built from some of the original steel frame and base of the tent. A new roof frame and adding additional wall framing must be constructed and then filled in with a mixture of windows and walls.

The finished product should be completely weather proof and durable but still maintain an open, peaceful feeling.

Thank you to those of you who have donated specifically towards this project. Your desire to gift to us personally is much appreciated, and without your help it would have been difficult to begin this project.

God’s Way Involvement

Jesus and I continue to be involved with the God’s Way Ltd organisation.

This year numbers of volunteers within that organisation were also diminished, for many reasons, including that we asked some to leave due to their need to develop more loving behaviour. However Jesus continued to direct works on the large scale environment terrace project and lead the planning and decision making on a major dam extension, the purchase of large scale pumping systems and the caretakers home renovation, to design and engineer a solar electrical supply, and to design and engineer a work shed for bulldozer and excavator maintenance. Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Cornelius have been instrumental in making these designs a reality.

If you are interested in reading more about God’s Way Ltd activities this year, you can read the annual report here.

God’s Way Ltd Members – November 2020

Emails & Office Duties

Because of this enormous workload we’ve been forced to re-evaluate how we spend our time and what is now realistic for us to achieve. Smaller tasks which share information with only one person, such as responding to emails and meeting people in person, have become rare occurrences as we focus on our priority to complete and share video and audio recordings that can benefit thousands of people at the same time.

As a result, for the foreseeable future, we have decided that from December 2020 we can no longer respond to emails sent to or Many of you who have emailed in recent months would already be aware that we now rarely have time to read let alone respond to emails sent to these accounts.

If we don’t respond to emails it is usually because we are fully occupied with other tasks. There are many emails that we would love to be able to answer but just don’t have the time. Jesus also now finds it limiting and time consuming to type out answers to questions that are often misinterpreted by the reader anyway. This is why we still value personal, in person interactions and will continue to seek those out if the opportunity exists.

Please remember that our YouTube channels can be searched for specific topics using the search bar present on those pages. By now, Jesus has presented thousands of hours of material on a huge variety of subjects. The majority of personal assistance requests or specific questions about Universal Truths that we currently receive into these email accounts have already been covered in an existing video.

In the coming year we hope to have a search function available on as well.

Hopefully in the time to come we will again have volunteers who could help answering emails, but this task does require some development in love, which many who listen to Divine Truth seem to be resisting.

Our Gratitude

Jesus and I express our immense gratitude to those of you who continue to support our work financially.

We know that you haven’t seen much new material from us in quite a while. But this isn’t because we don’t want or have more to share with you. As I’ve shown you from my discussion above, we have been extremely busy, with Jesus often working more than 12 hours every day for months at a time. Once our current tasks are complete we will be back in the studio recording, editing, and producing new material. And as I mentioned we also have other ideas about ways that we can interact with more of you in person and/or via internet connections over the next year or two. But setting up new methods will also require some planning and preparations, including finding a suitable venue and making necessary technological upgrades, which again is very time consuming since we have very specific technological and environmental requirements.

Jesus’ calls this his mess, I call the scene of productivity and brilliance

As we are now without volunteer assistance, it is will just be the two of us carrying out all of Divine Truth event preparation, including;

  1. Finding and arranging suitable venues and facilities
  2. Setting up and monitoring video and audio recording in the studio or during live events
  3. Editing and production of written outlines, videos, and audio to be shared via the internet
  4. Software and server maintenance and updates
  5. Website maintenance and updates
  6. Video publishing
  7. Managing our various email accounts.

We are grateful to Kate Eckersall who, under guidance from Jesus, has continued to manage Divine Truth transcription and translation work.

At the moment our priority remains to complete outstanding editing tasks from previous events which means that, as you may have noticed, other tasks like the creation of new material, website updates and email responses have taken a back seat for now.

So, we appreciate your faith in and support of our efforts as we continue to focus on completing the editing of the last assistance group.

We sincerely hope we can get back into studio recordings sometime in the new year so that we can not only bring you the ‘Understanding Sin and Its Causes’ material but also some new discussions and mediumship as well.

Personal Progression

Along with producing new material, we are both aware of the importance of our continued spiritual development and strengthening relationship with God. Neglecting these things would mean that we always remain limited in what we can share and the benefit we can have to others. We are both conscious of how much more we can develop.

In the past, Jesus has found it difficult to balance his desire to share more Divine Truth and to ensure Divine Truth and God’s Way operations continue, with slowing down and taking time to focus on his own emotions. His back injury this year forced a very slight slowing of his work pace but he knows that he needs much more time to connect with the emotions he is yet to release.

I have been working through gaining a more sincere desire to feel my difficult emotions relating to being myself, expressing myself, growing to have God’s opinion of myself, and to resolve emotional problems within myself related to my first century memories, and my childhood in this life, and difficulties surrounding my definition of love and loving God.

As the year closes we have both made a commitment to prioritize our personal, spiritual progression above anything else. The world is in desperate need of examples of what it means to grow and develop one’s soul in harmony with God’s Way and with God’s Love. And while I often feel daunted and inadequate for that task, if we don’t do our utmost to be two of those examples, how can we say that we have done all that we can to ease the suffering of humanity? or even continue to teach what we do?

World Events

I know that many of you are eager to hear Jesus’ views on everything going on in the world. You may be surprised to hear that neither of us feel that the appearance of coronavirus globally is of singular profound spiritual significance. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that it’s advent is no more spiritually significant than anything else that is occurring at any given moment, and that every event, in any moment, has deep spiritual significance.

Humanity’s responses to current world events and disease often reflects the selfishness, fear and anger that is so prevalent, and also defended and upheld by individuals and societies on Earth at the moment. As these problems occur they expose emotions and create the opportunity for individuals to choose to either release or act in their unloving emotions. Unfortunately most choose to act in them, rather than to release them and become more loving. Each moment creates an opportunity to either develop new, loving desires, or foster and develop even more unloving and selfish desires. God has given us that choice, and unfortunately for many of us, we keep making the same selfish choices expecting a better outcome.

Events may change but God’s Truth remains the same and God’s Laws are always acting to assist us to grow and learn what love is.

New Life on the Terraces

Those of us in first world countries have the luxury to isolate in comfortable housing and restrictions to movement outside of home create opportunities to face personal addictions, to resolve conflicts in spousal or family relationships which are usually overlooked, to self reflect, and to experience emotions. Of course many of our poorer brothers and sisters in the third world don’t have these luxuries. Many of them are faced with difficult choices and emotions every day, and not just due to one virus.

The corona virus situation also provides those in the first world opportunities to deal with selfish emotions surrounding money, authority, meaningful occupation, freedom of movement, and other related factors. So we hope those of you in the first world have been taking those opportunities.

Of course, there is so much more I could say about this topic but I think better justice would be done to record an interview with Jesus about it sometime in the future.

We hope that you are all well and making loving choices offered to you by the opportunities in front of you. Often we see many of you justifying very unloving emotions in the name of Divine Truth. We observe that the majority of people listening to Divine Truth are still resisting love and justifying their very unloving and selfish emotions and actions in the name of ‘freedom’, ‘love’ and ‘truth’. There is a need to be more sincere about these matters, and we hope that you will individually be more self-reflective about the choices and decisions you are making, to bring them into more harmony with God’s Laws of Love.

This is what will bring you happiness.

Happiness is what we desire for you.

With our love and gratitude,

Jesus and Mary

Thank you to Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins for most of the photographs in this post.

Jesus & Mary 2019

Are We OK?

Thank you to all of you who have written to us in recent months to check that we are still alive and kicking! It has been over a year since we posted new content to YouTube and I know that many people have been wondering what we are up to and if we are OK.

While we’ve been quiet on the internet, we’ve actually had a big year. We are happy and healthy and working hard on a number of Divine Truth and God’s Way Ltd projects.

Assistance Groups

Back in March and April, we were once again in Noosaville to continue the Education in Love Assistance Group Series. This year we presented “Understanding Sin & Its Causes” for two groups of participants. It was lovely to see so many faces, both familiar and new during the groups.

Jesus and I had spent December 2018 and the early months of 2019 juggling preparations for the group with management tasks in the God’s Way Ltd company. This meant that we were still finalizing presentation content right up until the first night of the first group. So, we started the groups, passionate about the material but also rather tired. This was especially so for Jesus who not only creates the presentation content but also manages the full technical set up of sound, video and data back up for the group.

We had asked Lena to leave the Divine Truth Production Team last year, so that she was able to fully focus on her health. This meant that we ran both groups with an entirely new team (with the exception of Cornelius who remained as centre camera man).

The new team did well at the event however their inexperience, coupled with the fact that Jesus was stretched very thin (and had less time for checking recording levels and specifics), and increased radio frequency interference in the venue, along with around 9 other factors, meant that the sound recordings captured at the events were very poor.

This has meant that since our return from the groups back in April, Jesus has spent at least 8 hours a day, first trying to find a solution to make the sound listenable, and then once that was found, beginning the laborious task of manually fixing sound interference and distortions on individual unmixed audio tracks before remixing them ready to be used in the video edit. More about that later.

God’s Way Ltd Volunteer Selection

Once we returned from the Assistance Group, Jesus and I were then heavily involved in assisting Eloisa Lytton Hitchins and Tristan Miller to implement another instance of the Volunteer Selection Programme (VSP) which commenced immediately on our return.

Jesus oversaw and planned many of the project activities that selection programme participants worked on. And both Jesus and I assisted Tristan and Eloisa with assessing participants suitability to become volunteers.

Existing Divine Truth and God’s Way volunteers also joined in on many of the activities. And while this was enjoyable for everyone, participation took regular volunteers away from completing the editing of the Assistance Group and other outstanding Divine Truth videos. That is, aside from Jesus who throughout it all, still managed to keep editing audio, managing God’s Way Ltd projects and participating in the environmental work completed during the VSP. (Jesus loves outdoor work and often wishes he could spend far more time outdoors and away from a computer screen).

Jesus directs earthworks in the rain
Jesus instructs VSP participants in his fish scale garden design

Divine Truth Production

In the last half of 2018, Jesus and I recorded a number of mediumship sessions in the Divine Truth studio. As Lena left the Production Team in the middle part of the year, remaining team members where not yet proficient and still required training in switching, recording and editing techniques.

This meant that as we started the first Assistance Group in March, there remained 9 mediumship studio sessions that had not yet been edited.

On our return from the group, and after completion of the VSP, Eloisa Lytton Hitchins and I (while still in training) began to assist Jesus with finalizing editing of that backlog of videos, alongside starting to edit the new Assistance Group material.

While editing on the Assistance Group recordings continues, the backlog of mediumship talks are now almost ready to be sent to overseas, where they will be uploaded to the Divine Truth servers and then published on YouTube. We hope that this will happen before the end of the year.

Recently, Eloisa has left the production team so that she can focus on management tasks within the God’s Way Ltd organisation and running environmental recovery projects that Jesus had started. This has left Jesus and I as the only members of the Divine Truth Production Team.

Kate Eckersall continues to help with computer programming and the transcription/translation teams however Jesus and I deal with the entire audio and video editing processes – with Jesus still completing far more than myself at this stage. I am being trained by him in the complete video editing process as we go and I hope to be able to become independent in this as time goes on.

Jesus remains the only person with abilities in audio editing. He is incredibly proficient in this by now. And the extremely poor quality of the audio captured at the groups is causing him to work hard to find new methods for repairing sound problems. As this happens his skill only increases. I often sit behind him and marvel at how he is able to take barely audible or unintelligible sound and fix it so that a new listener would never know that there was ever a problem.

The recordings from the groups are so bad that, on average, it is taking him an hour to edit every 3 minutes of recording. There are over 1000 corrections to make per 60-90 minute presentation. I don’t know anyone else who could show that much patience and dedication to the material to sit for 8 hours at a time and have only 16 minutes of audio fixed at the end of it. (It is unable to be fixed using automated processes – which would normally be how we fix these kinds of sound problems).

In total, the combined length of both assistance groups is over 60 hours. To continue to sit and edit at this pace each day, knowing just how much there still remains to do, requires extreme humility. Jesus never fails to blow me away.

So, Jesus and I have spent a lot of time over the past 8 months looking like this….

Additionally, in order to prevent the same sound recording problems ever occurring again, Jesus has invested a lot of time since our return researching and trialing the best options for a full upgrade of all Divine Truth audio production equipment. This was something that he knew would have to occur soon and the issues at the Assistance Group highlighted that we needed to do it before we give any more public presentations. The upgrade is costing around close to 100 000 AUD.

Looking After Ourselves

Because of all of the problems with the Assistance Group recordings, the reduced Production Team (just Jesus and I) , the large backlog of unedited audio/video (over 100 hours), and our ongoing desire to share this material with the world, Jesus and I have spent a lot of time over the past 8 months editing Divine Truth productions.

In addition to that, the God’s Way Ltd organisation still requires a lot of mentorship from Jesus. And I remain a director of the company. So most “breaks” from editing tasks have been spent designing, planning, managing and participating in God’s Way Ltd projects.

However both Jesus and I are mindful of our need to love ourselves, pursue our soul’s passions, focus on our personal progression and on enjoyment of life and each other. We are still making time for these things as much as possible.

As the Assistance Group material still needs to be completed, we will continue to need to spend a lot of time editing. However we are looking at ways that we can build breaks with each other into this time. And, while God’s Way Ltd projects often involve management and planning, we do enjoy these. So we continue to get outdoors working on them as much as possible.

We have both also started to build movement and exercize breaks into our editing days – otherwise we end up with RSI and stiff muscles!

Once these large editing tasks are complete and our new audio equipment is set up, Jesus and I hope to do more of the other things that we love such as meeting with people in person and creating new teaching material. While we are editing old material we can’t create any new presentations despite having so many ideas and inspirations for them.

Thank you

Finally. Jesus and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who continue to support our work.

As of today, it is over a year since we published any new content on our website and YouTube channels and while I know that there is a great deal of material already there from which people can benefit, I am often overwhelmed by the generosity of those of you who still donate to us during our seemingly ‘quiet’ times. We are never truly idle but in this modern world in which everyone is so accustomed to receiving 24 hour news cycles and social media feeds that are updated daily, if not hourly, it is lovely that so many of you still value the message of Divine Truth rather than the constant distraction of ‘something new’.

Thank you to all of you who donate to us. There are so many of you now that we have not ever met and I hope that soon we can begin to do more regular traveling again and put some faces to names. The design of our new sound system should facilitate easier traveling.

But regardless, we are extremely grateful to each of you who donate to us, those we know and those we have never met. Thank you for valuing our dream that everyone on Earth at least has the chance to hear the Truth about God, the spirit world and the human soul. This information provides an opportunity for people to understand the power and gift of their free will choices. We use every donation we receive to further that aim. We aren’t invested in what people choose to do with the information we share but we would like everyone on Earth to at least have the opportunity to learn about it for free if this is what they desire to do.

I will try to do more regular updates from now but given our workload it is sometimes impossible.

Until next time, with our love,

Jesus & Mary