Book Group is Moving This Week!

We’re in Kyabra this week and staying a little longer than anticipated. That means we’ll be moving our book group to Wednesday, 11th of April @ 1pm in the Woolshed, Kyabra Station. 
If you’d like to participate long distance, please send your chapter responses to me via email by 9 am on Wednesday morning. 
I think this is a great opportunity for our brothers and sisters in NSW to feel more involved in the study. I find each of your contributions adds unique colour and flavour to the discussion (I love it!). So our session in Kyabra will only add wonderful spice to the series. 
I hope you will also value the opportunity to hear from a different group once the session is posted to youtube. 
This weeks session, discussing Chapter 4, will be available (thanks to Lena & Igor) on the youtube channel to watch before our next meeting, which is still scheduled for Wednesday, 18th April, followed by Karaoke. 
Our longer stay in Kyabra also means a postponement of the planned presentation for those wishing to be of service in the areas of Development, Environment and Construction. I will amend the static pages on the blog now so that the Book Group Info and Divine Truth Events pages reflect the relevant changes from today. 
For those in the Kyabra region, we would love to welcome you at book group. 
Here are the prerequisites: 
– You have read chapters 1 – 4 of ‘Through the Mists’ 
– You have completed the weekly study questions for all four chapters 
– You have watched the four youtube clips of previous sessions 
All of the past book group clips are now on youtube. Igor has kindly pasted the exact links in the comments section of the Book Group Page. 
I’ll also place the youtube playlist as a shortcut under the sidebar titled ‘Internet Love’. 
This Sunday, its one year since we had our final interview with David Millikan here at Kyabra. What a year it has been. Much has changed and still more to process, yet I’m grateful for some beautiful constants that have been with me on this journey – God and His Immense Love and Tenderest Care, my soulmate – his continual, humbling love and truth, my guides, and the many great people who have shown their courage to desire truth and love in the face of ridicule.
I love it here at Kyabra. I treasure the opportunity to share time with our wonderful friends. We’ll be doing some mediumship nights in the woolshed over the next week – check out the Events page for more details.
Have a great weekend,

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