3 Truths

Yvette wrote to me and said:
I’m also really enjoying motherhood (at last).. instead of being in constant fear that I am damaging my children with my suppressed emotions. I am feeling my own emotions much more than before and my children (especially my toddler) is in such a clearer space.  Its so fabulous when she has a tantrum and is crying and then I sit down and feel what it is about in me and as soon as I start crying…she stops! Just like that! It’s like magic! I am telling all the mum’s I know about it as it’s instant feedback and such a beautiful way to help all parties involved! It seems so logical yet we tend to do exactly the opposite in society! Now I’ve started to see the results for myself it’s so much easier to understand. She is a joy to be around at present and we are having such fun together”… “I feel that for the first time since I was introduced to this path that I am enjoying finding out about myself (flaws and all).. I view it now as very valuable feedback that can change as long as I am willing to be humble.”
I smile because I never get tired of hearing gifts of ‘the Way’ expressed from the hearts of others.
You see I have this notion that Divine Truth changes lives.
And even though it’s a narrow way, that will lead us all to know and understand the same strong truths as we walk it, initially we are drawn to it from different places, from different spheres of interest and concern. Different things matter to each of us. 
When someone like AJ comes along and unlocks the Secrets of the Universe, each of us fall upon different truths, and quickly or gradually they work their way into the fabric of our lives changing the tapestry of our souls forever.
Because of that, I’m always excited to hear the unique way Divine Truth is changing reality for someone right now. For Yvette the understanding of one truth about parenting has not only altered her day to day life, its changed her children’s lives forever.
A few months ago I asked a small circle of friends:
“What are the three most significant truths you have learned since finding Divine Truth?
What I really meant was; what would you say if you had to distil the wealth of information offered to you by AJ, down to just three things that have changed the way you view life forever?
They didn’t need to be things that encompass or signify everythingthat this path stands for.
I didn’t want to hear the about what they were on the cusp of learning, things they knew were are ahead to grasp, or the things they thoughtmust be true but hadn’t found home in their hearts just yet.
I didn’t want to hear things that they thought the world should know.
I wanted to hear things that had changed their world, in the way they related to a partner, their family, to life, or to God.
I asked them to tell me the things they had learned about love, or truth, no matter how small.
Because truthfully none of these things, that alter a soul, are small.
The thing is that when a truth has really entered us, when it has been received by our soul, it becomes something we can share with words of our own.
And you see I have this dream – that one day the world will be full of a thousand voices {dare I hope, even more} that all speak strong, loving, life-giving truth in words from their own hearts. That one day {soon} a group of people, doctors and lawyers, mothers and daughters, florists and farm-hands, fathers through to grandsons, could live their own lives, follow their own dreams, and simultaneously lift up their voices to form a glorious chorus of truth. 
That’s the thing about a chorus, that its not formed by us all singing the same note, or saying the same words. A chorus comes when share the melody, but raise up our own unique offering and make the whole song rich.
I believe that such a chorus, united in truth, conducted by love, could reach into every dark corner on this planet and bring healing, and light.
I believe that the world needs more than one voice to speak about God, and Love and Truth. We are each of us unique and our contribution touches those who have shared something of the same journey as ourselves. One day it may be your voice that moves a person that any other would not reach.

Something exciting happened while we were away. After I asked these friends my ‘three truths’ question, a few of them got together with video cameras and {without our direction} decided to put some answers on film. They have since edited the results and I believe the film will appear on youtube soon.


Some Truths Shared:

I have learned:
1. How much I avoided my personal truth and lied to be accepted instead of being me and living passionately doing the things I love to do no matter what people thought about it. 
2. I have learned how much pain I have in me and how much I really don’t want to feel it.
3. That god loves me and how much I am blocked to that love.
1 God is Loving and Love Rules (Big Relief )
2 There is no death ( Mountains of my shoulders )
3 Everlasting discovery, higher and higher emotional experiences and of course unlimited gifts ( No boring bits :))
even though I do not yet feel God
he is always trying to find ways of reaching me,
and has built a whole universe
to guide me home.
God created me capable of experiencing my most deep and painful emotions. To come to know God and for my life to grow in joy, I must allow myself to fully feel my supressed hurt.
The most beautiful things we know of on earth are but a minute fraction of what God has in store for his children. When my heart is touched by the beauty in nature, I am reminded that these are gifts and expressions of love, from God… to me.
1) I can never have a deep and loving soul relationship with my soulmate until I let go and resolve the emotional hooks and injuries I carry from and with my mother.
2) My children can never be healthy and free to be themselves until I can fully own and feel truly sorry for the damage I have caused them.
3) I can never be free to feel and know who I am until I let go my deep need to look after my family’s, and other people’s emotions and welfare before my own.
1) Obeying God’s Laws will lead me to happiness.
(*I almost always forget this one, but there is no denying that it is
2) My unfelt, unloving feelings attack, harm and damage people,
animals and environment, close to me and in the whole world. (I hurt
people by holding onto my hurt)
3) If I am humble, God can show me love and truth.
Mathew 19:26  “Everything is possible with God” – at the moment this plays a very helpful role in bringing me from self reliance to God reliance. 
Whenever I am focused on results, or failure, or others opinions I am not being God reliant and I am not giving God my best. God reliance is when I am in my desires and giving my best to God and am not concerned about the results, (provided I am in harmony with love).
·        God loves all his children equally………….I haven’t been forgotten………I am worthy of God’s Love……., God’s love is available to us all and obtainable by all his children………….that includes me and all I have to do is ask…………..
·        We have a soul, the soul is eternal and the condition of my soul is the direct result of the use of my freewill ……………. My growing relationship with God depends on my willingness to be open to the real condition of my soul
·        The Spirit Life is real and is an extension of this life…….not all spirits are loving……….spirits in poor condition are my brothers and sisters who have never known love and deserve my compassion
The three most significant truths since meeting you guys? That’s easy, I don’t have to cook every night!  Just joking.

1. I can not feel God, connect with God or be helped by God unless I am prepared to be in truth in that moment. To receive Gods Love I must be open to Gods truth, specifically and especially about myself!!

2. Every hurt or belief inside me, every unhealed, unresolved grief is automatically passed to my children and born silently as their own.

3. I’ve learnt how desperately I have sought mans approval instead of Gods Love and how unloving this has been to everyone around me. This makes me cry as I write and reminds me of the bible quote about serving two masters.

7 thoughts on “3 Truths

  1. Teresa French

    I have put myself through hell recently, and I was starting to hope that maybe I hit the bottom and was on my way out of it this morning.Reading this is a confirmation that I can choose to start to come out of it.Thank you for this Mary, and I thank God for showing this to me as it does help me a lot in this mess I feel I am in right now.Thank you for showing me I have so much to be grateful for really.

  2. Motavenda (Moti) Melchizedek

    I love reading these experiences….they are very moving to me…and bring tears to my eyes. I am only weeks into learning of the divine love path and immersed in these teachings now…applying them too to my life…overwhelmed with hope and joy and relief. Thanks to you Mary and to AJ and to all these lovely people who share so openly here and in the videos. I have learned so much from all of you already.Moti

  3. Fabio Tolli

    Hi Mary. The way you described the music section is so beautiful. It was an inspiration and collection of hope, faith, love, imagination, desire and God. It opened me up to want to give more and unite and create music that will allow that unity.Thank you and look forward to see you both when your down next or might come and visit some time.Love you bothFabio xx

  4. Carol Marie/Rainbow Pilgrim

    Aloha and thank you Mary, and all who share so lovingly in your blog. In 2008, the phrase 'Harmonic Gatherings' was dropped into my heart and mind. I understood it to be about gathering all that is within us, and finding the harmony and balance that we are missing, as individuals, within relationships, and as the collective of 'Humanity'. I have always felt the unique harmonic tone that we each sound within the orchestration of God's Creation. Within the gifts of your free wills, you and AJ have shared loving harmonics of your hearts and soul with us all, and once again brought forth the 'narrow way' with the teachings of God's Truth and Love. The first and deepest Truth that I received since connecting with the 'Way', through all that you both share, is that the 'I Am', of the newer ages of spirituality, was missing these four words:"… a child of God". The second biggest truth that I discovered was that I can have an emotional relationship with my True Parent, God, Who is a Personal Being, of whom my mind cannot fathom, but my heart can feel; and the more that I feel Her as my Mother, and Him as my Father, the more my mind expands to receive Truth and understanding. The third truth came in Dallas, as AJ pointed to the rage that I still held with my father. This was the truth of how hidden, layered, and smoothed over our deep core emotions are, and how Humility is the key to owning them all, to being self-responsible, and that the Law of Attraction works so perfectly in continually giving us just what we need to possibly unwrap and perceive the gift within everything that we experience. I have followed my heart's desire and am now in the Blue Mountains of 'OZ', processing and writing, opening my heart and soul more and more to the wonder of God, and finding myself returning to the awe and wonder of the 'child' that I am. Mahalo again with Rainbow Blessings in Love and Gratitude, Carol Marie

  5. Amanda

    Mary your own words moved me when you say…one day it may be your voice that moves a person that any other would not reach.Since I was very young I have felt that there is a higher purpose for our lives-actually it felt more personal than that, it felt like God had an important part for me to play. For most of my life I have dismissed that as completely delusional and arrogance of the highest order. Now I'm feeling that the arrogance is that we do not have a part to play in God's plans. Look at Fred's, Helen's and Marie's service to us all when they were not anywhere near a perfect condition.So with that in mind just a couple of things that I've heard that have impacted me……."To hear God we must be in a humble place – by hearing I mean emotions because God communicates through emotions."What we think and say are less important that what we feel about ourselves, others and God.There is nothing that cannot be forgiven.Amanda

  6. Amanda

    Hi Mary I thought I'd posted a comment a couple of days ago but it hasn't come up so I'm hoping to restate what I wrote then. If you did receive it first time apologies for reposting it.Looking at all the great comments I didn't want to add anything of my own and thought it would be arrogant to. Then I re read your post and felt that the true arrogance is to feel that if we truly have something that we want to share form our hearts that we shouldn't speak.In Through the Mists we see Fred and Marie and Helen offering what they can, even though at times it may feel like the most meagre offering (especially compared to anothers), we might not be the best judge of its impact on another.Anyway most of these are what AJ has said perhaps embellished with my own flavour…God communicates through emotions – that is how I am going to hear God and to hear God I must be in a very humble place.We hear with our heart and God is constantly trying to get us into humility.What I think and what I say are not as important as what I am feeling. In fact I often falsify what I think and say so that I don't have to feelwhat's really going on.With LoveAmanda

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