New Radio Interview

AJ and I were interviewed on Irish radio yesterday.

I believe you can now listen to the podcast here, and learn more about the programme we were on here.  **Update: You can now view online here as well.

Last night I was nervous for sure. But its interesting, as I live this strange experience, this life unexpected, to find that the more I face fear, the less power it has over me.

Living in fear, my life is limited to only those events and experiences that I feel comfortable in. I end up feeling puny, powerless and fragile.

Lately, I’m feeling that for every fear I face, my world expands just a little.

4 thoughts on “New Radio Interview

  1. Amanda

    Mary I'd love to hear an interview someday on true femininity and the female attributes of God…..I struggle even with the word feminine let alone what that means for all of us women and our brother's.Amanda

  2. Kate

    That moment when you are pronounced bigger than Lady Gaga AND Katy Perry!! haha :)The love and absence of any defensiveness you both demonstrate is delightful and very inspiring to me.Love Kate x

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