When Would You Like To Meet For Book Group?

Book group meetings should occur more regularly for the rest of the year.

I received some feedback that the usual 3-5pm time slot in Wondai isn’t suitable for some of you. So I’m asking that you let me know your preferred time via email (mary@divinetruth.com).

Wednesday Book Group Proposed Time Slots:

3pm- 5pm (current regular time slot)
4pm – 6pm

Please let me know your preference in the next week and based on your responses I’ll decide on a standard time we stick to in future.

I’m really enjoying leading this group – big gratitude to all of you participating locally and abroad. I sincerely love hearing all of your comments and insights. There is no book group without all of you and I still find it exciting that you all want to explore ‘Through The Mists’ together.


2 thoughts on “When Would You Like To Meet For Book Group?

  1. Eloisa & Peter

    I LOVE book group!! smile! Thanks so much Mary for wanting to run it and teaching us about all sorts of really cool amazing stuff!I am really grateful for everyone who contributes also as I gain so many insights that I did not have myself. Thanks Fredrick – what desire! And I am so grateful for your desire to share your explorations, journey and discoveries! It is just GREAT!! I am a bit ooozey about it but really it is worth 'gushing' (and self reflecting) about hee hee.LoveEloisa

  2. Zapatista44

    Thank you Mary !! I can't tell you what a gift it is to hear your insights into our emotions & the book which is my favorite in the world … I tell anyone who will listen .. all the both of them .. that this is the greatest book in the world … so to be able to share in that with you & hear your brilliance on the subject & to be even more enlightened than the already most enlightening book can do … well it's just awesome .. thanx to Igor & everyone who plays a part in bringing this to those of us who aren't in Oz … Oh yeah, seeing as how i am thousands of miles away & will only be watching via the internet or floating above in the spirit world in my sleep state … anytime is good for me … actually maybe later is better as I'll be asleep & can be there in "person" … i never thought of that .. hehe

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