‘Summerfest’ Date Claimer

Our friends the Lytton-Hitchins family really inspire me.

After many years as sheep and cattle farmers, they now want to transition their 15,000 acre property into an environment supporting all of God’s Creations.
Their farm is already becoming a sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife just through the changes they have made in their souls and the flow on effect this has had on their actions and aspirations. In the long-term I know their desires are to provide a place to demonstrate how farmers can transition from practices that are harsher on the environment to ones that are more in harmony with how God cares for things.
I love that this family recognizes that they are in transition. They can see that some of the things they have done with livestock and the land in the past haven’t been perfect or loving, but instead of just dropping everything and starting again somewhere else, they are acting to change from where they are at. I see this as a demonstration of their desire to take responsibility for what they have created and to move from the point of view of ‘owners’ to become good ‘stewards’ of the earth.
Some exciting things they have been working on this past year have been:
– Breeding intelligence back into their sheep, and breeding sheep back so that they no longer need their tails cut-off
– Investigating (with Jesus’ help) ways to regenerate earth that has been damaged by grazing and by chemicals.
– Experimenting with ‘Back to Eden’gardening techniques
– Experimenting with loving ways to fix erosion, and condition soil. Learning about Living Systems!
To me this family’s journey with the land could be a metaphor for the work we all must do on our own souls. Humbly, we must start where we are at, imperfect and damaged, and take responsibility for what we have done, all the while moving towards the people we hope to become.
Another one of the many things I love about these guys is their passion for giving to others and all of Gods Creations, including plants and animals. Last October they gave us all the opportunity to spend a week planting native trees and shrubs on land that had been grazed for the past 160 years. They took part of what supported their livelihood and gave it back to nature.

Our aim at ‘Octoberfest’ was to form a corridor of native habitation so that birds and animals had safe passage across the property and access food, shelter and water. So much care and planning went into this effort. Jesus and Peter spent a long time in the months beforehand preparing to ensure the trees were well fed and watered through the use of swales and ‘swaling systems’. They also spent time during that week feeling what the land in each area needed and what trees would go together in certain locations in order to form particular and cohesive habitats for certain birds and animals.


Some of my favourite things from the week last year were seeing so many of you (around 100) work together so peacefully and with care and regard for giving to the land and the trees. 
I loved that after all that hard work and despite aching backs and arms, everyone still seemed to have energy for singing or dancing in the evening. I loved yoga in the early morning with Cecily.
I loved the spectacular thunder storm that descending after our last day of planting. 

This year the Lytton-Hitchins family are offering us all another opportunity to learn and to give to the land and its systems.
‘Summerfest’ will be held from the 27th of November till the 4thof December (more details at the end of this post).
This year the focus will be on understanding, supporting and creating eco-systems with special emphasis on the importance of bacteria, fungus, insects and creatures that live in the soil. We will also look at ways to create self-supporting systems i.e. planting and creating habitats that don’t need ongoing care and maintenance.
While we will still plant some trees, the week will broken up between different activities that will give you opportunities to learn as well as give to the land.
In the evenings we are hoping to have some fun with Karaoke, dancing and possibly more mediumship. There might also be ‘Finding Your True Voice’ workshops, face painting and various other escapades according to the desire and passion-following of individuals. 
Last weekend we got together to plan and have some fun in preparation for ‘Summerfest’!

Summerfest Date details are as follows:

27th November
Arrival @ Kyabra in the afternoon to set-up camp
Evening welcome and orientation with Jesus and Mary

28th Nov – 3rd Dec 
Activity Days in Teams

Activities will include:
Creating a Systems to Support Small Animals
Creating a Loving Home Garden
Working with Swales, Living Systems and Contour Planting
Tree Planting
Tending to Last Years Plantings
Three Considerations for Supporting Wildlife and Planning Where to Position Nesting Boxes

(full programme details will appear later so that you may plan which days you would like to attend, not every activity will be happening on every day of Summerfest)

4th December
Pack up camp and go home.


This event is open to anyone wishing to participate, not just those who are interested in the teachings of Divine Truth.

If a week is too long, it will be possible to attend and participate for only part of the week.

Because of the need to organize teams and events it will be necessary to register your intention to attend. Details on how to register will appear in the Divine Truth Events tab soon. When you register please provide details of which days you plan to attend and if you will be camping.

Camping is available on Kentucky

If you plan to camp please:

1. Advise when you register your desire to camp and the length of time you plan to attend.

2. Observe the Lytton-Hitchen’s guidelines for camping including no alcohol, cigarettes, meat or drugs on the property. More details will appear on Pete and Eloisa’s blog.

3. And ask yourself the ‘three questions’ found on their events page.


If you attended ‘Octoberfest’ last year, what were your favourite things about the week?

6 thoughts on “‘Summerfest’ Date Claimer

  1. Philippa

    As you know Mary…Soooo excited about 'Summerfest'!'Octoberfest' for me was a BIG basket of amazing gifts:The gift of giving to the land.The gift of learning.The gift of growing with my partner.The gift of friendships.The gift of getting to know myself & God more.Last but not least – The gift of the opportunity for all of the above given by the Lytton – Hitchins family. Thank You!I felt what I gave was little, I received so much more. with LovePhilippa x

  2. Marina Smargiannakis

    '…but instead of just dropping everything and starting again somewhere else, they are acting to change from where they are at, I see this as a demonstration of their desire to take responsibility for what they have created…'Something that I am realizing for myself. Thank you. :)It would've been nice to be able to fly there and be a part of your totally awesome Summerfest. Hopefully someday. I love the pics…especially the face painting!Sending love from autumn NYMarina

  3. Lenchinka

    Last year was awesome, I have learnt so much! Was thrilled by the storm at the end, as we nearly got blown away in our little cozy tent!!! So romantic hahahawould love to do it again this year and learn learn learn more! and really intrigued by the Finding Your True Voice workshop… yes! hahathanks guys for putting it all together xo

  4. Shannon Just

    Thanks so much for the Back To Eden Movie link. I just watched it and my mind is blown! What profound gardening information! I am just so excited to apply these techniques in my own garden. Amazing! Of course, by now I should know I am only getting the best info from you and AJ! Have a great OctoberFest! Happy Gardening, Shannon

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