Book Group Announcement – ‘Across The Mists’ Part 3

Yep, you read right.
In our next book group we’ll meet up for part three of the discussion of Chapter 12 – ‘Across The Mists’.

Turns out the shortest chapter in the book has many lessons for us all to learn.

So, if you are a part of book group here is some extra homework to prepare for Wednesday (chuckle, I know, I know. Shortest chapter = Most amount of homework ever):
1. In last week’s discussion we talked about how sympathetic attraction between people on earth and in spirit, often leads to codependent relationships (and how – lets face it- co dependence is never really a good thing). So how does this knowledge relate to Cushna’s statement:

Yes! Love conquers death, and that one great law which governs and controls everything with us, is also the means by which we may reach and save mankind. Sympathy, whether pure or impure, base or noble, holy or unholy, has a natural attraction for that which is like itself, and its power is not destroyed by the grave, as you have seen in the cause of our present mission.

If all laws are governed by the one great law (of Love) as Cushna states – how are sympathetic attractions be loving?

2. As Fred and Cushna discuss the darkness of the earth plane, Cushna states:

The amount and quality of light radiating from a man, declares his real condition. We do not need to be told, it is impossible to deceive us, because it is impossible to tamper with the witness.

Fred asks:

What does the cold, keen air indicate?

 And Cushna responds:

The degree of charity registered by the spiritual thermometer.

(or in other words the degree of the lack of charity – my words added here)

Consider the questions:
In what ways do I reflect charity in my day to day life?
In what ways is charity extended to me in my day to day life?

3. Listen to the channelling of a local woman who attends book group, and a group of Christian women who also attend.

You can find the downloads by going to this page.

Or you can right-click the following links and save the file:

Mary 20121020 Jesus Talks To Karen (A Christian Spirit Woman Who Attends Book Group).mp3
Mary 20121020 Jesus Talks To Mandy (A Local Spirit Woman Who Attends Book Group).mp3

There will also be a special guest joining us for the meeting.
Following the group there will be a presentation by Jesus. Topic of the discussion is ‘How to Create Loving Eco Systems’ and much of these lessons will guide our activities at this year’s Summerfest. Anyone interested is welcome to attend and there will be time for questions during the presentation. Full details in the Divine Truth Events tab.
Book groupers, perhaps you would be kind enough to pass on this information to other members who may not have regular internet access?
With love and thanks,


3 thoughts on “Book Group Announcement – ‘Across The Mists’ Part 3

  1. Arvarna Lowe

    totally looking forward to the talk on creating loving eco systems! haven't been able to get to any talks recently because of work.. but am able to make it in between jobs on wed 🙂 stoked 🙂

  2. About Me

    Thank you for posting the homework on your blog, Mary! I'm following along with the youtube videos from here in the U.S. with my book and have been wondering how I can find the homework (I'm catching up; I'm just on chapter 2!)

  3. Amanda

    Mary I havent listened to this recording properly yet and I've still got a lot of resistance to applying these reflections to my own life. i still want to see the rest of the world as having a problem and I suppose there's my belief that changing me is not going to solve anything in the world.The real point i wanted to make is that there is a real concern for me coming from a background where charity and action and giving is viewed as the way to change the world and this path that offers the promise of root and branch change, but involves so much introspection that it feels like self absorption and selfishness. I can see the wisdom of looking at the causes of unloving behaviour but I'm impatient to solve all this injustice in the world. I can also sympathise with Karen, I feel the anti christian anti bible feeling and the blindness to the many many christians who are giving away their time, talents and money to help the poor, lonely, bereaved and suffering in the world. Ive got huge issues with Christianity myself, the arrogance, the beliefs blindly accepted, the unloving attitudes backed up by biblical analysis but clearly unkind, the emphasis on being saved but continuing to act unlovingly and not questioning that, the emphasis on corporate worship and mission above personal change….but most of them care about the world and the disadvantaged and often live well below their means to help others.As ever thank you for pointing us in the right direction….inward.Amanda

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