A New Space, A New Focus

Welcome to ‘Notes Along The Way’. I hope you enjoy my new approach here in ‘blogland’!

I trust the layout is fairly self-explanatory and hints to the fresh writing projects I have in mind. (We’ll see how it all pans out – seems like I can dream big but writing does take time. Jesus and I have tried to quarantine January for ‘personal time’. So far its (sort of) working).

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Here’s a sneak preview of posts and series I plan to start in February (or late January if inspiration hits early).

Whats Worked For Me:

Notes on Becoming More Present (and therefore more connected to self and God) – A Series

Growing Great Soul Qualities:

Integrity {and its relationship to fear}

Relating To God:

Reflections on ‘The Great Experiment’ – A Series


Notes on Being/ Becoming A Vegan – A Series

(this includes recipes and posts from guest authors – yum!)


It also includes food photography – hopefully a skill I’ll develop!

I also need to let you know ‘What We’ve Been Up To’ regarding the Kenyan project (very exciting with four people from Australia now planning to travel over to deliver the equipment we are gathering for the parishes).

And stay tuned in the next few days for more information on the ‘Biodiversity Fest’ happening very shortly at the Cushnie Learning Centre.

Welcome friends, please make yourself at home.


7 thoughts on “A New Space, A New Focus

  1. David Wall

    This is a bit techy – but WordPress is my most favourite web platform, it’s quite amazing what they just give freely with thousands of volunteers… and they’ve done the best job on the market IMO. Kind of like you guys, just a different market 🙂 anyway Welcome to WordPress, look forward to the new blog.

    1. marydivinetruth Post author

      Hey David, I didn’t know that about WordPress but I like it. Good to know. AJ and I are helping all the Learning Centres set up WordPress blogs as well. So far, I’m glad I made the move. I agree there is lots on offer over here.
      Thanks for joining in on the blog.

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