Prayer & Faith {A Seminar in May}

After our time some months off from giving seminars – so long that many of you have stopped checking the ‘Events’ page for updates – I thought I’d give you a heads up in a post that we will hold a seminar May 11 & 12 at the Murgon Town Hall.

Please check out the Events page and/ or the website for full details.

I’m very excited about this weekend as the topics will be Prayer and Faith… two qualities that hold a renewed and strengthened value in my heart this year.

Hopefully in our ‘downtime’ you’ve all still had plenty to go on with.. we have still managed to produce quite a bit of material on both youtube channels. If you haven’t seen the new FAQ channel there is a growing amount of interesting content there. I’ve also been loving our new Padgett Message Discussions, hopefully they interest you as well. 🙂

Don’t forget that if you have a slow internet connection we offer the Hard Disc Drive copy service. If you would like to have a Drive copied or your Drive needs updating the details of how to do that are on our site.

Lots of love and maybe I’ll see you in May!


4 thoughts on “Prayer & Faith {A Seminar in May}

  1. Mike

    I’ll be looking forward to that presentation and getting a better understanding. I find myself constantly talking to God, but sometimes I think I intellectually talk with him/her, rather than it being more heart-based. I still enjoy it quite a bit, but getting to the right “state” on a more regular basis would be more effective, I feel. Thanks!

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