A Round Up of Thank-yous

Follow-up – Questions on Fear

Thank-you for your enthusiastic response to our call for questions on fear.

Jesus and I have begun filming a new series called “Emotions & Feelings” and we will answer your questions on fear throughout the series.

To start out we have provided some more general answers about emotions and had some recap discussions about the “How the Human Soul Functions”, a topic that Jesus introduced with Luli last year.

If you want to check out the new “Emotions & Feelings” series we have already started to upload clips to the FAQ Channel. I recommend viewing these in conjunction with the “How the Human Soul Functions” series. The Human Soul material provides a lot of context for what shared later in the “Emotions and Feelings” discussions.

Thanks for Stopping-By & Sharing

Many of you shared some thoughtful responses to my recent post on Fear, Quick-Fixes & Standing by What We Believe. Thank-you. I enjoyed the interaction.

Receiving the clip that appears at the beginning of the post was the nudge I needed to share some things that I feel and think deeply about. I like that you thought about it too.

What Your Donations Have Helped Us Do

I want to say a huge thank-you to all of you who have donated to us in recent times. Because of your generosity we have been able to purchase a new ‘switching’ system that allows Lena & Igor to complete live editing. This vastly reduces the time they need to spend in post production after each session we film.

Lena & Igor still need to do some editing after the fact but the new system is much simpler. Let me see if I can explain it in totally non-technical terms (smile):

In the old system, after filming Lena or Igor would have to load everything from the two or three cameras used in recording. They would have to re-watch the entire session (at least once), focusing on the multiple views and manually switching between them to create the finished seamless video you see on youtube or play from your hard disc drive. Then they would have to do other ‘techy’ stuff like compress and render the video and add the title and end plates that you see at the start and end of videos, as well as recording the voice over etc.

With the new system Lena or Igor are able to do the switching between camera views live. This means that by the end of the session they already have a single video file which captures the changes between the three video views throughout the video. This saves tons of time. Lena & Igor still have to do all the other compressing, rendering, title plates etc but obviously there is a huge reduction in time in front of the computer.[1]

So, new recordings should now appear on youtube and become available via Hard Disk Synchronization in around two weeks as opposed to the two months it used to take. (One of those two weeks is actually taken up in posting the recordings to someone who has an internet connection faster than our own and can upload to our server).

This more efficient way of filming means that Jesus and I are able to present more material without completely overloading Lena and Igor. So while their time in post production is greatly reduced we now have them behind a camera 3 days a week. We hope to produce 40-50 hours of new material for you each month!

On that topic, Jesus & I are fast completing our book discussion of ‘Through the Mists’ [2]. Once we finish we’ll probably take a month or two off R.J. Lees’ material before commencing discussion of ‘The Life Elysian’.

If you have questions about anything in the last three chapters of ‘Through the Mists’ or anything in the next book you can send them to me at: mary@divinetruth.com. Please indicate which chapter your question refers to and include a reference to the text that has triggered your question.

I can’t promise that we will answer every question but hearing what you would like clarity on helps me to tailor the discussions to cover what is useful to you right now. Having said that, Jesus and I always do our best to convey just how relevant the material and themes within every chapter are to each of us in so many ways.

Big Love to ‘Legor Productions’

My final thank-you is to Lena & Igor or ‘Legor Productions’ as we affectionately call them. These guys humble me often with their dedication to sharing Divine Truth with the world.

Not only do they give their time and abilities to the filming process but they also donate their living room space for us to do it in. Their love for God’s Way grows all the time and I watch them embracing not only as much filming time as possible but also the feedback that inevitably comes from spending so much time with us.

Thanks you guys. We love you.

Lena & Igor


[1] I should add that along with all this work Jesus, Lena & Igor all ensure that there are thorough back-ups of all the individual camera data. They take time and care to use clear and consistent naming systems for all files which ensures nothing is lost and make sure there is a reliable storage system for our ever increasing amount of data. Jesus keeps track of the hard drive synchronisation, updating the website, tagging you tube clips and so well so much more.

Actually a mammoth effort by these three people, as well as by the members of translating and transcribing team led by Barbara McNair, means that a wealth of information is able to be provided to the public for free via youtube and our website.

[2] You can download a free copy of Through the Mists here.


4 thoughts on “A Round Up of Thank-yous

  1. Jennene

    Hi Mary,

    Huge thank you to Mary, AJ, Lena & Igor for all the amazing work you all do, there is more involved in producing material then I realised, thanks Mary for sharing how it all comes together.

    I’m looking forward to listening to the Emotions & Feelings series and very excited about the Through the Mists & The Life Elysian discussions.


  2. yborka

    Hi Mary,

    Thank you so much for your blog. Notes along the way are inspirational and the updates help us stay connected with how thing are going with you guys, which is great. I was wondering if you and AJ could cover an issue I am struggling with a bit and I’m sure many men are as well. The issue is with building a backbone, setting boundaries and still being loving. After Texes, I have been addressing the issue of codependence and it’s so huge that I had no idea I had this many issues just on this subject alone. I think I understand what you ment when you asked me if I was disillusioned with my relationship with Marina. I realize that part of this particular topic has been addressed with the talks on fear, addictions and others but I feel it would be really helpful if presented as it’s own topic. I haven’t seen all the videos as of yet so this might have been covered In previous talks. If this is the case, it would be great if you could refer me to that video.

    PS: I’m very sorry that the assistance group didn’t work out but I appreciate that there was no compromise of ethics and it was good for all of us to see it in action.

    Take care and send my best to AJ, Igor and Lina.


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