On Fear, Quick-Fixes & Standing by What We Believe

Recently someone forwarded me the following clip:

My first thought was – why send me this?

What is shared in this clip is one very basic truth that is discussed and built upon in far more depth and detail in recordings of events that I was present at and can be viewed here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here… in fact there are over 1200 hours of video on our youtube channel that bring a far broader context and meaning to the importance of emotions and discuss how they relate to the human soul, God, absolute truth, eternal growth, physical healing, and much, much more.

So this video is not news to me. The people involved are discussing something that I discovered a long time ago.

So why send it?

I can actually think of about four reasons why a person who knows me might send me this clip.

Below are two.

These are also reasons why I think this video will likely be forwarded in unsolicited emails and shared on Facebook feeds by many people who I know and who come to our seminars.

1. The Dynamics of Living in Fear

I often hear excitement from people we know when an element of Universal Truth that we teach becomes more widely known and discussed.

I know that many would like to claim that this is an innocent joy that arises because of knowledge and feeling that more truth in the world might mean improvement in the lives of others. But mostly I don’t believe it.

Greater than their love for humanity, people who attend our talks often have a fear of being judged and considered outside of the mainstream.

When some element of what is already shared in depth via Divine Truth becomes more ‘acceptable’ to ‘normal’ society it can help those of us who fear this kind of judgment to feel less afraid. ‘Excitement’ can actually be because fear is momentarily avoided, and the addiction to popular acceptance seems like it might be able to be met while still loving Divine Truth after all.

In the six years since I met AJ again I haven’t met a single person who was drawn to him because of his (our) identity claims. Most people listen in spite of the fact that the guy making so much sense is also saying that he is Jesus.

No one worships him. In fact, the reality of how Jesus is treated is so starkly in contrast to this idea that the thought of people blindly adoring him makes me laugh out loud. Most people want to argue with him, to doubt him and delay engaging their hearts with what he teaches for as long as possible.

Nevertheless they still attend and if you ask them why – and I have asked a great many – resoundingly they all say that it’s because what is spoken is the most meaningful spiritual truth that they have ever encountered. They say it satisfies questions they have asked for a lifetime.

Yet I know for a fact that many, indeed most, of these same people don’t talk about their excitement for what they have heard from us with others. They don’t mention that they know us when others speak of us publicly, and most certainly don’t forward our youtube clips.

In fact, people I have known for years, who have asked us to their homes, shared their deepest fears and sought advice from us, still wish to hide from everyone in their lives that they know us at all.

Jesus and I currently exist outside what the mainstream accepts as normal. While many people like what we have to say they still live in fear of themselves being ostracised by others. This means that they often ostracise us. But even more sadly for me is to know that while in the company of others they often diminish or minimise their passion for God and don’t speak freely about what they believe. Instead they speak in terms that they think will be less contentious to others. They do this rather than sharing the broader context of God’s Love, God’s Laws and the human soul and how that has made so much more sense than examining only the fragments that the world currently presents and accepts.

And when someone more ‘publicly acceptable’ than Jesus or I states even a small element of the extensive truth that we have been teaching for 2000 years then the sudden rush to share their message is not always altruistic or noble. It is often led by the desire to have someone else to pave the way, to ‘take the heat’ and to make things easier to live and believe Divine Truth freely without fear of attack or criticism.

Coming from a state of fear, it’s tempting to search for ways to present Divine Truths in a form that isn’t so challenging to others.

But Divine Truth by its inherent qualities and existence challenges all error. So, in order for lasting change to happen challenges can and must occur both within us and around us. The fears in you, and in me, the false beliefs the whole world over, are all going to need to be exposed and dealt with. There is no quick-fix or magic bullet that will get us over that line.

2. The Quick-Fix Phenomenon

The second reason I believe that, at least in the short term, that the E-motion clip will get more hits than most of those on our youtube channel is that most of western society has a diminishing attention span. We are also becoming increasingly comfortable with, and even demanding for, things that require little effort on our part in order for us to feel better.

In this fast paced, globalised, fast food, iPad, facebook world that we live in – that is all geared towards instant gratification – we love sound bites. We love small morsels that we can digest without much mastication, or thought. We want things that are easy.

We live on a media staple of programmes in which someone has already made up their mind about a topic and simply tells us what to think. Journalism, once a profession filled with idealists engaged in the quest to discover and expose truth, has become increasingly dominated by big industry concerns about profit and driven by the need to please a consumer that no longer desires to be challenged. Journalists I meet seem jaded and cynical about the world around them.

The 10 minute grab used in the E-motion promo uses devices we are all by now comfortable with and welcoming of. I suspect that the longer movie will be in keeping with the format of the clip – present a simple idea, expound a little, move on to the next idea. Colour, movement, nicely packaged portions to digest.

While this format can be a handy way to expose people to new ideas, it lacks capacity to delve deep into topics. And sadly, this is what we all seem to want.

We are so geared towards instant gratification that we feel it’s an imposition to attend for longer than brief periods. We want to be able to know without learning. Our attention span is quickly diminishing through conditioning of a world that’s news cycle is so ever changing that we hardly have time to process one great crisis before another is upon us. We are loosing the will to think deeply, to reflect, to consider and to engage in processes that require reasoning and learning. Ironically we are loosing the desire to do exactly what this video is suggesting we need to do – to feel deeply and to change emotionally.

By and large the trend in the west is that more and more people want change to happen in neatly packaged parcels that they can control and direct. Before we even begin, most of us want to be told what to do, for how long, what to expect and what we get as a result of doing it. Frankly, we are becoming dummies limiting our lives and our experience simply because we want to avoid fear and discomfort. When I think of great explorers and discoverers that have changed the face of how we live and the comforts we enjoy today, I know that they did not approach life in this way.

In fact the greatest person I have ever known – across two centuries and much experience –is one who’s spirit of exploration, dedication, patience, humility and desire has led him to discover the Great Truths of God and how we may each encounter them. He did not achieve this quickly; he did not purchase the pre-packaged all expenses paid deal. He set out on a voyage of discovery, without all the answers, without Google and without a therapist.

By contrast to popular mainstream culture, Divine Truth tells us that we are responsible for who we are what we do; that healing is first and foremost in our hands and we can place it in hands of God but only if we will it. It calls us to search ourselves in honesty and humility and to summon our deepest desires and longings in order to know our Creator. It doesn’t give shortcuts.

It does give solid, practical answers that aren’t always easy to hear or to implement when we live steeped in addiction and the desire for immediate gratification. And I happen to know the guy who teaches it best.

He has dedicated his life to sharing these Truths with anyone who will listen, and often in very harsh conditions. I am proud of him and I want the world to know it.

Watching any two hour presentation on the Divine Truth channel is sure to challenge you on one or more levels. It won’t offer you a two minute technique, a tapping exercise or rote prayer with which to engage your Creator or commence your healing. And really, thank goodness for that. Surely our Loving Parent wants more of us than an intellectual recitation or a 5 minutes practice per day. Surely in Her Infinite Love she would want to know our hearts, what pains us, what we dream of and what makes us come alive? She would want us to engage our desire and longings in our relationship with Her. Anyone on Earth who wants to truly know us wants those things from us.

And surely a Parent who really wants the best for us wouldn’t want us to settle into addictions when we could have real joy. He wouldn’t want us to lack ethics and morality, a state that harms not only us but those around us, all for the sake of short-term comfort. He wouldn’t want us to ignore a challenge and limit our lives just because of something as illusory as fear.

Walking the Way means facing our fears, embracing challenges and giving up our addictions to minimum effort for maximum comfort. While I believe that a growing focus on emotional healing would do much to assist the world, I know that it will take more than that for the world and us as individuals to be authentically and lastingly happy.

What is required is humility to new ideas, a love of truth, and a loyalty to ethics and morality no matter the threat or fear we encounter.



In this post I speak to you not as someone who is free of fear or who is without the desire for a quick-fix solution to my problems.

But I am someone whom, from lived experience, understands the temptation to want to have others share the journey with Divine Truth so as to not feel so alone and weird. In fact I really would have preferred the entire world to join me in acceptance of who I am and what I believe before I fully committed my heart and life to it.

I long ago left the world of facebook but freely admit that while still a user myself, I was much more likely to share snippets of what I knew to be truth if they were presented by someone other than Jesus. While I knew that Divine Truth was the answer to ending war, poverty, starvation, illness, abuse and every type of suffering I had ever encountered or heard about, I lived in fear about how other people would judge me if they knew everything that I believed. I also thought that I should be a ‘special case’ as my fears were ‘bigger’ since they involved, not only what I believed, but who I am.

Over the years, many times, I have had to face the decision to stand by what I knew to be true or to run and hide in fear. I didn’t always make the moral choice. But sometimes I have and it’s been very, very good for me (smile).

Know this, the fear of being judged, the fear of negative public opinion won’t be gone from you just because Divine Truth becomes more acceptable. Our fears reside within our souls and their existence is not dependent on what happens around us.

Challenging fears and releasing them is a process under our sole and direct control, and even if external acceptances of Divine Truth change, the fear of being ridiculed will not be gone from us until we engage our will to make it so.

I also think that the dynamic I outlined in the post poses some interesting ethical questions to us all:

When new people in the mainstream begin to present other small elements of Divine Truth in a way that society finds less confronting than a man called Jesus stating it, will we be sharing and forwarding that on in all eagerness?

Or will we state that we’d heard it long before from an unassuming Australian guy who practises what he preaches – Truth, Humility & Love – even in the face of attack and condemnation?

Another thing I know for sure is that no truth is easily accepted by the majority if it’s very existence challenges large fears and addictions within that same group.

The world is pretty messed up right now and in order for it to change someone, or some people, will have to show up and disagree with what everyone accepts as normal.

That is my passion, to surrender to what I believe in so fully that no fear will impede my journey, and no threat will be enough to silence my voice or halt my steps towards living an example that demonstrates the power of God to heal all things.



30 thoughts on “On Fear, Quick-Fixes & Standing by What We Believe

    1. Mike

      I wanted to write more last night, but it was late and what I wrote was crap. 😉 I know that I still have a lot of fear with sharing these great messages, even though I see the results in my life. Here’s what I find: In person to person interaction, I bring up the principles that you guys have taught that I feel in my heart as truth (ie: I’ve seen them in action in my life). People react VERY positively. A handful of others (totaling now around 15 or so) I’ve gone further to express who I received this wonderful wisdom from. The spectrum is rather wide. New-age seekers, Born-Agains, Liberals, Conservatives, Hippies, ex-girlfriends, regular friends, family members. When they hear me say that “they claim to be…”, it is rare to not see suspicion or disappointment on their faces. I’ve learned to take that as it is and allow people to feel what they want. When it comes to Facebook, I can’t seem to get the courage. Somehow I feel it’s more invasive and of course more exposed. It’s like standing in a big office on a chair, and starting to talk about it. Some will feel immediate judgment. Some may listen. Most will just go on their merry way. I wonder is Facebook a place to discuss these things openly, where most did not ask for it? Maybe Facebook is not the right place for me to express it. It doesn’t change my fear about it, I know. There’s something about sharing these beautiful things in person that feels more impactful. Regardless, I would like to get rid of my fear about it, whether I discuss it there or anywhere else. Perhaps this can be a part of the Fear series you guys are gathering questions on.

      Regarding the video, Leah and I saw it sometime about a week ago. I felt a bit of excitement and frustration at the same time. The excitement was that it will create more of an opening for people to be exposed to and find Divine Truth. The frustration was that it seemed to be this shiny package that will only slightly touch on the real deal. Plus, these New Age “stars” have been in the limelight for some time and they’ve never focused on Emotion – so why is it now that they seem to be so keen on it? It makes me wonder whether or not they’ve been watching you guys as well, but to afraid to come out and say it too? 🙂

      Anyways, this post is a whopper and it’s a great reminder for me to keep pushing my courage boundaries. I love what you are all sharing. Much love to all of you. Mike

      1. Mary Post author

        Hi Mike,
        Thanks to you and others for sharing your thoughts and impressions.
        For the record I’m not a Facebook user for a reason. As I mentioned in the post its been a fair while since I had an account but if it still runs the same as it did I find that the ‘newsfeed’ function completely disregards free will i.e. I get shown stuff I haven’t asked for just because someone posted it on their wall. Beyond that I feel the entire Facebook phenomenon is rife with many, many insidious and overt addictions created and perpetuated by many users and the founders of Facebook…. narcissism, voyeurism, substituting cyber-interaction for face to face contact in order to avoid fear, wanting to feel connected to others when in fact we need to feel lonely, desire for instant distraction and gratification of various unloving desires, demands for attention… I could go on. I’m not saying that people all use Facebook in that way but I’m just sharing my thoughts here as you mentioned the issue of ‘facebook shares’. I wanted to point out that I’m not trying to endorse those 🙂

        1. Mike

          Yes, that list can indeed go on and on! 🙂 I’m working through a lot regarding that and the reason I wrote about it is because your post made me think about my own usage on Facebook and how I see a lot of people sharing Divine Truth there openly. I think about my own fears by avoiding doing the same, so while I don’t think that I’m going to start posting on FB a lot (for reasons you’ve noted regarding Freewill), I do want to take the fear associated with it seriously. I do love talking face to face about it. I actually look back through my “timeline” and cringe at how obviously needy some of posts are. Ugh. I see that more and more in how peoples general posts are. A lot of “look at me”, and I’m still included, although its far less than before. But, I don’t want to go off topic. The main point is that I want to expand my courage to let people know that they can get to the root cause of the pains in their life and release them and that there is a God that loves us and wants us to grow. When we saw you guys in Philly, I still think about and am working through the impact your response was to my question on my empathetic nature. AJ said work on your biggest fear first and the rest will seem like little nothings! One of them is wanting to be liked and appreciated, so this blocks me from sharing freely and passionately…but I am working on it!

  1. Teresa

    Thank you for this Mary. I feel very challenged and also inspired (but mainly challenged) by your writing here. Way past time for me to step up, I feel. Put my “money where my mouth is”. Buckets of fear around that, thanks for the roadmap! I am finding recently that I have some very clear cut direction in what to work on, and this is a refinement of that.
    Thinking of you, Mary Magdalene, and your soulmate, Jesus, brings tears to my eyes with gratitude that God gave us the gift of you, both 2000 years ago and now again in the physical, to give us all another go at getting it whilst on the planet.
    Thank you, with love, Teresa

  2. Vanessa Hughes

    Thanks Mary for your directness. Yes I put my hand up for all of the above, although I haven’t seen the clip yet. I have often used fear and justifications of to avoid truth and love especially when it comes to Divine Truth and even interactions with Jesus. You have in part answered my wonderings about ‘excitement’ versus fear – I frequently feel ‘excitement’ at avoiding uncomfortable situations or addressing people. Today I watched ‘The Prince of Egypt’ with my daughter – it is the story of Moses retold in a cartoon form. Just before receiving this post I was wondering about the amount of faith it would require to turn your back on a life of comfort and ‘specialness’ in order to become closer to God and real love. I have also been contemplating my lack of motivation to become more humble – what I like to label as laziness really is fear. So I even want to avoid calling a ‘spade a spade’. Thanks for calling the spade.

  3. David

    Hi Mary, I feel often that I’m like Peter recounted in the New Testament, when he denied Jesus, denied being his friend 3 times (which I do consider you both as, although it doesn’t make me a model friend). It’s not ethical when I’m sure you both wouldn’t deny knowing me if it came up. Not that I actively deny, I avoid, I’m scared clearly. When I ask myself if I’m as open about other things I’m passionate about, whatever those things are – I freely talk about them, share them but don’t when I watch a new seminar you guys do, which I always find very valuable. It’s selfish not sharing real value with others, keeping it to myself because I’m scared. Mostly I demonstrate to myself fear is my god. I bypass opportunities God always gives me to find courage in myself (She seems to have heaps of faith in me) and chose the world’s god – fear. I just don’t extend the same faith back to Her. A good reminder for me to have courage and humility, frankly it scares me but thanks again my friend and I’m sorry I’m not that great of a friend.

  4. Perry Haldenby

    Thank you Mary – totally inspiring message, this one hit me !
    ‘That is my passion, to surrender to what I believe in so fully that no fear will impede my journey, and no threat will be enough to silence my voice or halt my steps towards living an example that demonstrates the power of God to heal all things.’

  5. 2bshaw

    Reblogged this on A Private Word With God and commented:
    Mary’s post bought home to me how much I want to hide when I might be “outed” . And how fear dictates most of my actions and in actions. I so want to “fit in” that I give away every opportunity God presents to me to grow.
    Thank you Mary.

  6. David

    I just watched the preview. In my opinion it’s more of the pre-packaged, as you mentioned easy to swallow, new-age feel good can I say “crap” – I just did. My view is some (but maybe not all) of the “visionaries” in the movie are in the business of soothing away truth and keeping people self absorbed. I reckon among other things it’s a concerted effort to steal and disempower the message you guys present. If not, certainly seems to be more new age disinformation which is really just about thwarting real progress for the human race. For what it’s worth I personally wouldn’t be sharing it anyway.

  7. Katerina Paleodimou

    I only watched this clip because it was here and i felt a great deal of emotions while watching.
    None of the were excitement though. I felt those people mastered a way of delivering truth in a money making way. I felt they were masking everything in a light of miracle and that they themselves are much worse in what they actually feel that what they show. And by the way, where is God in their message? I didn’t for a minute buy their confidence or assurance.They felt to me just like any other con man trying to make money on peoples pain. Never in those 6 years I know Jesus and Mary have i felt being exploited or taken advantage of.With this clip I felt it was just an other version of the secret. It had the same taste.

  8. shannonjust

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for your heartfelt and thoughtful post. After 2 years watching and listening to you and AJ on youtube, the immediate feeling I got from this E motion trailer was one of boredom. This felt like the same crew(s) that put together “The Secret” and “What the Bleep” movies. (that I was so intrigued by when they first came out). The excitement I felt back then, is now boredom and disappointment. They certainly fed my “quick fix” when I needed some sort of “hope”. I was addicted to the “snake oil”, for sure, as my bookshelf will attest. I must have watched both of those movies over a 100 times. They helped me remain in a state of constant “fake it, til you make it”.

    It wasn’t until I heard AJ’s Secrets of the Universe discussion that I realized that movies like these left out one very important detail, GOD. It was always “the universe this and the universe that”. I tried every “trick” they mentioned in the Secret relating to their version of the law of attraction. They spoke of it as some sort of personal bank account, car dealer or magic genie. “Just buy these books, dvds and come to my over-priced seminar and “you too” will know how to be a super awesome marketing guru!” I really cringe at that concept these days- sales & marketing + spirituality. What!? That somehow the key to being spiritual was getting rich first. What!? Talk about playing with peoples addictions.

    When I heard more discussions of Divine Truth relating to God’s Law of Attraction and started to feel tiny glimpses of it, I realized that I have spent far to many years playing around with all the “next big thing in spirituality’ programs coming down the pike. I kept getting poorer and less happy. What!? Now my personal experiments with Prayer and Gods Law of Attraction I am feeling a sense of wonder and Faith. While I am certainly still steeped in fear, I am far more optimistic now that I have heard Divine Truth.

    So, Thank you Mary and AJ! It is so nice to feel like I am now on the right path. I say this because you two have provided SO MUCH applicable information and you walk your talk in every moment! There is no fake it til you make it with you two. While people will continue to waste time with pseudo spirituality, I for one, am so grateful, excited and inspired to know that at least two people like you and AJ walk the planet. (and that’s no secret)

    With all the Love I can currently gather,

  9. sradic68

    Hello Mary,
    Today I spoke with a friend who also watches and learns about Divine Truth. At one point I said that I’m learning from the most important person in history and he replied that I was addicted and that is a big difference between study and learn. Right. The difference between theory and practice is huge. Exactly you say that in any two hours of any Divine Truth video has enough truth and drivers who can change a man’s life for the better. I’ve looked at a lot of videos but I made ​​a bit of practice. It has become another addiction, and as a student who does not want to finish college because he is afraid to jump into life, I am studying and studying. As such, I can not arouse the interest of anyone for Divine Truth. The best thing I can do at this point is uncompromisingly resist addictions and start doing what I’ve learned.
    Thank you for the post, it is inspiring.

    With love

  10. Mario

    Thanks dear Mary and Jesus,
    Totally agree and a good remainder of my fear to see my addictions.

  11. Marina

    Hey Mary,

    Thanks for your post.

    For myself, I realized that I, in fact, up until a few months ago really didn’t like being judged negatively and took (and still take on numerous occasions) all negative criticisms to heart. I start crying, like, all the time. I love being the ‘good’ girl, seemingly ‘open’, smiley, etc…but deep down I feel like a monster…a scared little girl afraid to do anything that would upset anyone. That includes telling others who my mentors are.

    Once I started acknowledging and feeling some fear about how I really feel about myself and ‘what if i projected my true feelings instead of hide them?’ i found myself becoming more open to what others felt about me, and I feel lucky enough that the man who I feel is other half of my soul just lets it out without sugarcoating it. 😀 I realized that defending myself can be based on both my own fears and the other person’s fears, but it really is shown to us non-stop by God how his laws work, how much time we invest in wanting others to think we ‘are really great’. Alternatively, we also do a great job of avoiding people that trigger us so we don’t have to deal with them. This is my understanding, at least.

    Telling others yours and Jesus’ identity has been an official trip! I had never read the bible, so I really couldn’t give a crap what was true or not except for what resonated in me and helped me to grow. I always knew priests were flawed, so I let myself just ‘be’. When I had read the Da Vinci code, and they actually mentioned for the first time that Jesus had a partner, it was Mary Magdalene, and she was missing from the Last Supper painting, that’s what really caught my attention!

    My whole point, sorry for digressing, is that for the most part, people are only reflecting a lot of what I’m putting out there. I am of late, having to tell people WHY I feel AJ is Jesus, truths about his life..and speaking up, letting my own voice and beliefs be heard, out LOUD, is a really scary but cool experience. I get projected at, and raged at, to be honest, so I do not always tell everyone around me the truth. A lot of people still project about your identity, Mary, and your profession in the 1st century, but this, again, is just reflecting my own feelings of being a ‘dirty’ woman. Many men feel Eve is responsible for the fall of man too, AHHHH!
    It’s really all relative.

    I feel lost, if I am alone, and I will tolerate lots of unloving behavior, just to not feel the fear, cuz it feels that feelings of loss will last…forever perhaps.

    There is enough of me, now, though, despite my issues, that doesn’t care as much what others think and my soul sings for this Divine Truth (and sometimes Love) to enter myself. If I have any other sort of reaction to what’s projected at me, other than neutrality, I figure it’s something to be felt…big time.

    I have been terrified of being yelled at, my whole life, just like my father has done to me, and I am in a place where I feel that instead of running away, I can stand in a lion’s den with the lion just yelling at me. I feel a bit braver to stand in front of the lion, and maybe even tell him that his breath stinks. 🙂

    You are the ones I have to thank, and you both deserve a lot more credit for your work.

    Thank you again, so so much, for everything.

    Much Love,

    Your sister,


  12. Cecilia

    Dear Mary,

    Thank you soooo much for your inspiring an powerful sharing! It brought tears into my eyes… You just helped me to reflect again on the fears insider of me and reminded me just to keep plunging forward on this path. I feel sometimes God is full of humor and in comparison, we humans are looking so ridiculous (that’s probably my judgmental part speaking!) I just wish I continue to put a little bit more courage in my life every day in challenging my fears and addictions and be the change I wish to see in the world around me.

    Very grateful for what you and AJ teach and practice everyday!

    Much love,


  13. telloutmysoul

    Recently, I’ve dropped writing about my journey as there wasn’t much of one going on I felt and I needed to delve into the reasons for that and start prioritising that in my life – applying the teachings in a more personal way. As I withdrew from that, I found a desire to share snippets/quotations of the Divine Truth teachings that illuminated a point where I had struggled.I started a “sister” blog of quotations which I am trying to make searchable by topic. I have also enjoyed and benefitted from the people who have done the same thing but on facebook. There are also a couple of people who are “snipping” the youtube clips to create a library of topics – shorter and on a particular issues – that really inspired me as well. I did have some fears come up about potentially watering down the teaching, spoon feeding people and taking a clip out of context but I decided to give it a go and see if any of those things were true.

    But when I read your paragraph here:

    “We are so geared towards instant gratification that we feel it’s an imposition to attend for longer than brief periods. We want to be able to know without learning. Our attention span is quickly diminishing through conditioning of a world that’s news cycle is so ever changing that we hardly have time to process one great crisis before another is upon us. We are loosing the will to think deeply, to reflect, to consider and to engage in processes that require reasoning and learning. Ironically we are loosing the desire to do exactly what this video is suggesting we need to do – to feel deeply and to change emotionally.”

    That has already given me the nudge that a good test is does the quotation enhance and “pack a punch” to the talk it is taken from – would it encourage the reader to listen to the whole talk or investigate themselves further but really i would be interested in your views on quotations and clips.

    the quotations site address is http://divinetruthquotations.wordpress.com/


    PS The whole post is very challenging personally.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hi Amanda,
      As I said in the post, I think that presenting snippets of truth is a way to introduce people to new ideas. I’m not actually opposed to this. It may lead people to investigate more deeply.

      I simply meant that in order to grow towards God, we will have to give up the idea that simply reading a snippet of truth or engaging a short technique will be all that is required. Since every part of Divine Truth teachings actually reinforces this truth I don’t think that you are in much danger of presenting a false picture of that.

      As I said in the post:

      “By contrast to popular mainstream culture, Divine Truth tells us that we are responsible for who we are what we do; that healing is first and foremost in our hands and we can place it in hands of God but only if we will it. It calls us to search ourselves in honesty and humility and to summon our deepest desires and longings in order to know our Creator. It doesn’t give shortcuts.”

      I think that in our modern world we are increasingly conditioned to want to be able to grow and heal (physically and emotionally) by engaging with a technique or message superficially i.e. not engaging our full soul desires in order to get a result. We want ‘quick fixes’ and are coming to expect them.

      Ironically – and perhaps I should have made this clear in the post – engaging the Way is actually the way to have the QUICKEST long-term and lasting fix of our problems, but it does require our full engagement. We can actually progress VERY quickly by engaging the simple principles of desire for truth, willingness to be humble and longing for love. But it requires a level of sincerity that we commonly avoid through living in addiction.

      Change via The Way actually takes LESS energy than constantly trying to deal with and fix the effects of causal injuries and false beliefs. But it means engaging our individual WILL in a loving direction. Because we commonly have many injuries about not wanting to take responsibility for ourselves (the quick-fix phenomenon encourages this) we usually have to do a lot of work initially to come to feel the truth that we are responsible for what is within us and to begin to embrace a process of dealing with that with God. That’s why the Way seems a lot harder to some than to others. It depends on how many injuries we have around our responsibility for and use of our will, and embracing the natural ‘soul state’ of humility.

      Does that help?

      I appreciate the question as it gives me the opportunity to clarify further.


  14. elvira

    Thanks Mary, I needed to hear again that I am responsible for my own injuries, I can use my will in a loving direction and God is willing to help me in the process; I am very glad to hear that we usually initially have to do a lot of work to feel the truth that. Every time I have felt that truth and actually do a bit of processing I seem to hit a new brick wall and have a foot stomp about not wanting to take responsibility. I am seriously beginning to feel I need to make a choice to stop taking the arduous, rocky, steep incline and do the straight path with God. I am looking forward to the fear FAQ because that is the wall, there were some good questions posted.
    Love and Thanks Elvira

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  16. telloutmysoul

    Hi Mary

    I was reminded of this post as it dawned on me today that God does actually give us feedback on a lot of things we’re not aware of, even our attempts at quick fixes. The “Diet-Industry” seems to have had the result that people who have the money and access to food have actually become fatter eventually, as we try the quick-fix or work around whilst unaware or unwilling to look at what’s driving the behaviour. I had never thought that it might be more effective to feel and admit that I actually want to eat chocolate biscuits for breakfast, lunch and dinner and start looking at why I want to do that, what is food helping me to feel and to avoid. I do have a relative who has lived like that (just eaten what they want when they wanted to) and they have never been overweight despite eating what is a pretty poor diet. (I’m not advising that by the way).

    With thanks


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