Walking the Way: The 1-2-3 of Passion & Desires

On a recent visit to Kyabra, Eloisa reminding of a channeling I had received and shared with her back in 2011.

I had forgotten the channeling and lost my copy so she kindly sent it back to me.

What I love about this message is the way that Rachael and Tim touch on all of the basic principles of The Way – opening our hearts to God’s feelings for us, connecting to our emotional selves, engaging God in an active relationship. They also highlight how living in fear shuts down the natural process of exploring desire and finding our true selves.

Kyabra in Autumn

Personal Mediumship by Mary Luck

Kyabra Station – 27th September, 2011

Dearest sister, please make more time to sit and spend with us. You avoid yourself so constantly and don’t allow yourself to experience the joy of connecting with and discovering yourself. There is much passion, desire and creativity within you that is, as yet, untapped and undiscovered by yourself.

Focus on your passions and desires more consistently – challenge the fears you have about the judgement of others. In other words let yourself:

1. Identify and focus on things you love to do – i.e. to teach, create, explore, share.
2. Do them, and
3. let your fears and emotions be triggered in the process.

At present you begin at 3. i.e.– identifying your fears and grief and anger at the worlds’ possible response to you and your dreams, or your own potential failings

This limits 2. – i.e. it often stops you even beginning to do what you desire,

and then consequently;

1. Is never fully explored because you ‘begin at the end’ of the process.

You pre-empt any possible joy and creativity because you are so focussed on your fear of the third step of the process. Because you view yourself still as this flawed, first century girl, you believe all will end in failure and pain.

This is truly a state of self-reliance. You allow no space for God to help you grow in this process, and you ignore the provisions that God makes through His Loving Laws, in order to assist and protect those who embrace themselves and their desires most fully.

Trust God more in your day-to-day life.

Keep in mind and heart the process you are engaged in – which is to embrace yourself and to heal any injury which prevents the pure expression of self. This is not a passive process, nor is it one that you can be perfect in (or present yourself as perfect in) immediately.

You still believe that your imperfections are proof of your unworthiness and this is a self-defeating injury.

God’s beliefs are different to yours – you must be willing to open your heart to His Feelings for you. This is the fastest way to embrace this process and to trust its efficacy.

Do not believe dear sister that from your state of error you can accurately conceive the wonderful possibilities that are available to you and all of humanity. Be willing to shed your reliance on what you think you know, in favour of a spirit of trust and exploration. You can stay grounded, but let that be a grounding in the goodness that God does demonstrate – not in the hatefulness of mankind who have strayed so far from Him.

We wish you a day full of exploration and discovery.

We would be happy to return to you and discuss the principles of teaching and learning at a later time. With so much love and affection,

Your guides,

Rachael and Timothy.

14 thoughts on “Walking the Way: The 1-2-3 of Passion & Desires

  1. amenaassaily

    So beautiful! This helps me put more faith into my desires rather than my fears and trusting in Gods design more. ❤

  2. Trish Sanders

    Thank you for posting this, Mary! I’m seeing more and more (as I act in desire more and begin to allow myself to trust these truths), how much joy and beauty and FUN there is in this path! And how much my personal morality has been totally based on self-sacrifice, self-effacement, and self-punishment. I’m starting to feel that God actually LOVES me (REALLY loves me, not like some other people!) and wants me to play all day and be myself! Yay!

  3. Eloisa

    Reblogged this on Dear God… and commented:
    Mary shared this channelling a few years ago now, it is so inspiring and beautiful that I wanted to re-blog for anyone visiting our blog!

  4. Emily Smedley

    When I first read this channelling I was/am annoyed about the 1st part when I keep shutting any possible passions and desires down. It seems so much easier in spirit to progress and know who you are than here in this physical body figuring out that a lot of what I have done is driven by fears of lack and from a lack of self love and a lot of self hate and punishment. Trying to find really what is mine and not what I took on from my parents or spirits. To wake up and be motivated is not there unless I have something planned with someone else and if I have anything I might want to do then the lack of money seems to stop me most of the time, as I am trying to be more self responsible, something that I have not been wanting to be before. I even doubt myself if I am feeling god’s love entering me, I feel overwhelmed and cry but not much else before I shut it down.
    How do I get out of this hole I put myself in and find my passions without keep shutting them down before anything grows? How do I stop living from fears and feel them when I don’t want to do so as I can’t get near them or that it’s so natural to act from them and not love, I want to become loving person and stop hurting myself and others from lack but I just feel so hopeless and don’t get why I don’t seem to have this drive for my desires like others do, they seem to just act and it happens I get stuck with taking action as it seems to fail or is very slow to grow.
    I keep hoping if I can let enough of god’s love in that It will change me, as trying to be more loving without it feels like an effort and I am faking who I am to be nice to others, I have always found it hard to interact with others and how to, when I wanted to when I was young and getting shunned and shut down by other kids and then wanting to escape and hide from the world occasionally trying to come into it only to feel alien and alone in a crowd and still not knowing how to interact.

    My point is I find what they share so hard to even allow to happen and really know if it is my desire and coming from a place of love and not lack, when I feel like most of my life is either escaping from others or doing others desires and having little idea of what my loving ones are if any. How do you stop the doubt from controlling?

    1. Mary Post author

      Hi Emily,

      Believe me when I say I understand where you are coming from. The reason my guides gave me the message was because I was struggling to feel any desires or passion in my life.

      Fear and desire are inter-related. The more fear we live in, the less desire we can connect to.

      Your frustration with the message simply indicates how much fear you are living in, and your resistance to facing your fears more proactively. I have also had this experience, and still have it in many areas at various times. To move through this place I needed to recognise how much fear was ruling my decisions and my life and become more sincere about dealing with it.

      Some things that may help initially are writing a fear list using the table I outlined in this post: https://mary.divinetruth.com/2013/03/20/moving-through-the-four-ds-the-great-experiment-series/
      Doubt remains in control in our lives because we avoid fear. Doubt is a state we choose in order to avoid the feeling one or more fears. It can also become an angry state we choose because we feel it is unreasonable to have to deal with fear or uncertainty or the possibility of getting something wrong (which is really about fear anyway).

      Over the coming months I hope to share more about my journey with fear and desire. I hope some of that writing will be of help.

      In the meantime my soulmate has given excellent presentations on the topic. I’ll link some of them below.


      1. telloutmysoul

        Emily and Mary I found this after reading your exchange that might also be useful(?) – it’s one of the book group sessions (chapter 7) where you looked at Fred allowing his desires and contrasting it with how we deal with our own desires and specific fears that dampen or completely extinguish our desires.


        1. telloutmysoul


          If it is ok to carry on the theme, there is so much in this interview to absorb on desire especially the contrast between addictions and desires and of course some more great stuff on why we don’t embrace our desires.


  5. Moti

    Thank you so much Mary….for being such a beautiful example and bridge for us all. Words cannot express how effected my own life is by your presence in this world. You are so kind to share your journey and your celestial friends with us….so that we might feel more courage to progress in love and learn these wonderful truths through having the path ahead illuminated in these ways. By witnessing your own exploration and willingness to fumble and grow into your glorious self before our very eyes…we are all truly blessed. Thanks for being so awesome!

  6. Maxine

    The words “you avoid yourself so constantly” really hit home. I feel I avoid myself because I am afraid of what awful things I may find.. ie I find out my mother was right about me, but I never thought of the wonderful things I may find. I have always said I enjoy my own company, but realise just now I have been my own co-dependent. My own company involves a million distractions and avoidance of emotions. Actually truly being with myself will be different…joining in with your “operation be present” . Thank you sister. Maxine

  7. marion seath

    Thank you Mary, Timothy, Rachael and Eloisa. This post and Eloisa’s post about Bounce, Captain and friends (clydesdales) has coincided beautifully … a vague recollection of joy is emerging … God processes and provisions work in very different ways indeed …

    As I was dredging my way through raw emotions related to suppressed childhood traumas last November, my soul attracted a number of horse related experiences … I tried to shrug them off having had my love of horses cut down by the traumatic death of my young event horse in 1995. Dave and his beautiful guides, Peter and Jocelyn, gently and lovingly encouraged me to be open to what was coming through.

    The horse experiences continued to show themselves … relentlessly actually … I took a “random” plunge and had my first dressage lesson for 19 years in Scone, the Horse Capital of Australia … Dave hardly recognised the beaming smiling face that looked down to him on the edge of the arena after Diplomat collected briefly into a delicious medium trot …

    Day dreaming about Dippy, having a few more lessons, even some showjumping lessons, plus having more horse experiences with Ken, his stallion Charcoal and a horse with no name (now called America after the band) has kept me going through a difficult time of facing what has happened to the young Marion inside and how I truely feel about myself … not wanting to exist at all …

    I am thanking God, my soul and the other loving souls who are assisting bringing this path through for humanity, enabling all of these experiences, however challenging or joyous. I truely hope others on the path have their soul desires emerge as clearly to assist them with their healing.

    Thank you again Mary and friends.

  8. Amanda Stracey

    Thanks Mary, Rachael and Tim. How practical and down to earth your advice is. It seems simple and straightforward and yet has the power to radically change our lives for the better,,if we are prepared to act on it of course. It’s made me realise some opposing issues but mainly how much I want to control other people but especially control my interactions with God.

  9. Phoebe

    Hi Mary, I’m just wondering if you happened to record the chanelling Rachel and Tim mentioned they wanted to give regarding the principals of teaching and learning? I’ve been feeling into some desires and heading towards studying to become a teacher of young children…just unsure of how much addiction may be clouding a pure desire. Thanks Mary, Love Phoebe

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