Donations to Mary & Jesus – Update

Quick Update: Please bear with us while we are investigating various new ways for people to donate. Jesus now altered our donations page on the website. We are trialing and have applications pending with a number of money transfer services.

Thank-you very much to everyone who contacted us with suggestions and found other ways to donate to us after our PayPal account was frozen. We believe we have found a number of suitable options but some require us to set up new accounts and go through an application process which involves updates and changes to our website and provision of paperwork, new bank accounts and various other things. After all this our applications may or may not be approved. So we’ll just keep you informed. Hopefully things will be running smoothly soon.

Thanks to those who have already made donations to us via the new available options. Huge gratitude to you all.


There’s been lots of hard work going on around here these days.

The studio build is in full swing and for the past two weeks the guys have also been working on the entryway, plumbing, gardens and landscaping around the new structure.

Things are looking awesome!

Meanwhile, we have an important message regarding your donations:

Firstly, we are so grateful to all of you who have donated to us in the past and who regularly donate to us now. We feel that each of you are a part of helping us to share Divine Truth with the world.

At the moment (as at 12/02/2015) PayPal has arbitrarily frozen and closed our account which we use to receive donations.

So, some important notices:

1. Please cease all donations to our regular PayPal account for now.

We will attempt to withdraw or refund the donations made to us in the past two weeks, but for now please don’t make any further donations to the account. If you have an automated monthly donation to us set-up in your personal PayPal account please cancel this now.

2. While we try to rectify our account with PayPal or find an alternative system through which to receive your donations, if you wish to donate you can do so to my (Mary’s) account

Unfortunately, as we receive the bulk of our donations from overseas via our PayPal account, if we are not able to find an alternative method for donations and/or my PayPal account is also closed, we will be unable to meet some of our ongoing expenses such as maintenance of our bit-torrent synchronization service, our email addresses and a number of other internet services that are hosted internationally, including our website.

I’ll update this post as more information becomes available.

With our love,

Mary & Jesus

The Workers (LtoR) Brendan, Vlado, Cornelius, Jesus

The Workers at Day’s End
(LtoR) Brendan, Vlado, Cornelius, Jesus