What we’ve been Up to – June ’15

Hey everyone,

Here I am again with a bit of an update from Jesus and I.

Thank you

As always I want to start with a thank you to everyone who donated to us in the month of June. With our new diversified methods of donating I don’t always receive an email to my inbox or catch you in our bank statement every time each of you donates. This means that many of you are not receiving my personal thank you letters as you did in the past.

Many of the new services hide the email addresses of the individual who has donated and since other methods take place as a direct bank deposit I no longer have access to your email addresses to send thank you notes to. For this reason in future our thanks will come in the form of our regular updates here on the blog and on our website.

We are deeply grateful for your contributions and even more so lately as we are aware that many of you have had to make an extra effort to donate to us via these new methods (by setting up new accounts etc).

Jesus and I also want to express our gratitude to the volunteers that have done lots of work to assist us this past month. Cornelius and Igor have been assisting Jesus in the studio, Lena has been working with me on our Office and FAQ email procedures, Moti has done a wonderful job coordinating volunteers and assisting with document edits for our clips project and Barbara continues to coordinate volunteers and also does a lot of editing work for the transcribing team. Thank you so much guys! We love you.


I’ve had a few emails lately asking for details for accounts to transfer donations to, correct labels for donations and other general questions about donating. Just a reminder that you can always find up to date information on how to donate to us on the donate page of our website.

{Reminder: if you are donating via direct bank deposit please remember to label all of your donations dtdon. This helps us greatly with our accounting.}

We recently had Currency Fair refuse to transfer funds to our accounts so the donate page has been updated to reflect that change and a new method of donating has now been added. This new service, ‘EMatters’, is via our personal merchant banking facility which was finalised this month. It is one of the few services that should not be cancelled in the future but can only be used with a credit card.

I know a number of you have also found others services not listed on our page to transfer funds to us. As long as these work for you then that is fine with us also. Thank you for taking the initiative to seek out these services.

In June we didn’t receive any donations towards International Assistance Groups.

Studio Project

We are so close to finishing the studio. It is looking fantastic.

In June all of the wiring was completed. This included SDI, Cat 6A computer wiring and general electrical and was a huge job.

The guys have also been working on building custom spotlights for the main recording room. They have also been completing external landscaping so that people can get into the studio without making it very dirty.

All that is left is to give the place a very thorough clean. There is a lot of dust and shavings around the place that we don’t want to come into contact with our sound and video equipment.

There has also been a problem with the benches and desks that we had made through a local supplier and so we are waiting on them to fix this issue.

This may take a few weeks and so it looks like the studio won’t be operational until the end of July.

Creating Divine Truth Material

We are doing our best to get operational so that we can create new Divine Truth material. But we have had many interruptions and delays in the studio build and other operational matters. This has taken up a lot of time and energy over the past 6 months.

There is a lot of spirit interference in everything we are attempting to do at the moment and it has been quite exhausting for both of us as we have worked to correct the issues created by the negative interference. Our inboxes are also flooded with emails from spirit overcloaked or influenced people who express a large number of demands or attack.

We are focussed however on what we have to do in order to get back into our passion for sharing Divine Truth and hopefully in August we can start to create some new recordings. Initially we will probably only complete 4-5 hours a week until we have ironed out the bugs but we are both looking forward to creating some new content for you all to view.

Many of you may have noticed that we haven’t updated the website much over the past month. This is because we have had so many other projects on and Jesus has not had time to do complete any updates. So for those of you who are wondering what has been happening, updates are coming as time permits.

Clips Project

During June, after a lot of programming by Jesus, our clips project got off the ground. Moti is coordinating the volunteers and doing a great job. She is taking a lot of care that the clips are of a good quality and suitable for use on the channel. We hope to upload 1000s of clips to our channel over the coming months.

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered your time in learning this new process. I look forward to seeing your clips!

Learning Centre Meetings

Also in June we gave two formal full day presentations and have spent at least another 5 days in discussions with people who are displaying a sincere interest in helping the Cushnie Learning Centre to become operational.

It is possible that the Cushnie Centre will be purchased by new people who are quite passionate about bringing the centre more in line with the teachings of Divine Truth.

While Jesus has always been willing to assist people with advice about how to run a centre in harmony with God’s Truth he has seldom been consulted and if he has been consulted his advice has mainly been ignored.

However, if the Cushnie land is purchased by people who are more passionate about embracing The Way themselves the centre will come into more harmony with the vision that we have always had for Learning Centres.

There is so much that could be said about the history of the Cushnie Centre. We feel that there have been so many things done out of harmony with love. This includes the intent of the original purchasers of the property which were generally not aligned with Divine Truth principles. It would be wonderful to see many of these problems and issues corrected by new owners who are passionate about learning God’s Way and living their lives in harmony with it.

Over the weekend presentations, Jesus presented some great material about the purpose of a Learning Centre run in harmony with Divine Truth. These were stated in a talk at Eudlo over seven years ago but the recordings were confiscated by the videographer.

He focussed on three principles and he asked the participants three questions:

Does it help people to learn about God?

Does it help people to learn about love?

Does it help people to learn truth?

The answers to these questions should guide the selection of all projects, planning and participants.

He also outlined his larger scale desires and visions but that was primarily for the people who had demonstrated a desire to know those things. So I won’t go into that here!

Taking a Short Break

Our previous six or seven months have been busy but June took things to a new level! So I am pleased to report that we’ve scheduled a bit of a break.

Next week we’ll be welcoming five family members from the Miller clan to our home for a few nights and after that we are all heading off to the Gold Coast to relax and eat good vegan food together. We are both really looking forward to it. We are very tired and badly in need of a rest.

After we get home we hope to start recording in the new studio.

With lots of love until next month,


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