The “We’ve Been So Busy We Hardly Have Time For An Update” Update

Hello everyone!

Thanks to all of you who have made donations to us over the past three months. We appreciate your support and we are using the funds to get busy on our new projects and to live while we maintain the website and YouTube channels.

We haven’t updated you each month because we have been so busy getting new things organised, including recording, developing the new Assistance Group programme and setting up structures for Learning Centres.

So we will update you now about each thing.


During August the finishing touches were made on the studio. It is so wonderful to have completion on this project.

It took a solid year, a lot of time, careful planning, and attention to detail to build. Jesus oversaw every aspect and decision in the process. I had my input but as I was in a lot of resistance over this period most of the weight of this project rested on his shoulders. He did an amazing job – I am so grateful and proud of him – and the end result is a studio that we really love.

In September we returned to making regular videos to share and we are both happy to be back creating what we really love.

Some of those new videos will go live on our YouTube channels this week and some of the audio recordings are already available via our website.

You may notice over the coming years that, along with sharing general principles and lessons of Divine Truth, we will also be attempting to assist people to have insight into their spiritual condition by providing direct personal feedback to individuals. Helping an individual to see exactly how the principles we teach apply to their personal situation is of huge benefit to them and to others. It is a way to assist people to understanding the practical application of Divine Truth principles and to work through the specific issues that cause stagnation in their relationship with God.

So, we will also now be regularly recording personal feedback sessions for individuals in response to their letters, emails, forum posts, or via in person interviews.

As I mentioned many people find these sessions beneficial and we see these as a valuable new part of our regular output.

We will continue to record regular FAQ sessions, interviews, book group and Padgett message discussions.

I also hope at some stage to film a brief ‘studio tour’ video so that you can see just how wonderful our new digs are.



Jesus has been working on new upgrades to our website.

You may have noticed a few new sections including;

Future Events – lists our planned and proposed future events for the coming years. You can find up to date information about the Assistance Group series here.

How To? – describes how to access services and gifts, attend events, arrange interviews, and download information from our website, Divine Truth Server, and YouTube accounts.

Questions – A new way of collating all FAQ questions, along with questions answered in the Divine Truth Clips YouTube Channel, and by letters and email.

Jesus has also created a brand new ‘Introduction’ section that includes summaries of basic truths about God, God’s Laws, and Discovery of Divine Truth, among others. This section will expand over time so that we have a succinct summary of the basic Divine Truth teachings displayed in one place on the website. I believe that this section has huge potential for new comers to Divine Truth and also for those people who have heard a lot of Divine Truth but may want to summarize some of the basic Truths of the Universe when sharing with others.

Along with these new sections you will soon see a new display format for all downloads, which give more complete information pertaining to each event.

He has reorganized the audio files in the mediumship section. There are some great old ones in there, this one and this one for example.

He has also redesigned the site so that those accessing it from their hard disk drive have the same interface as if they were viewing the page on line. This means that the entire website appears exactly the same if using it on or offline and is fully functional if a person is using the site offline from their hard disk drive only, and the links all connect to files stored on the drive.

Anyone who has taken the time to have a good browse of the Divine Truth website will know that there is a huge amount of information in various formats contained there. Most people have not seen or read most of it. This is partly because at times it has been difficult to organize in a way that makes everything easy to find, and partly because there is just so much of it, it would take anyone a good number of years to read or view it all.

As time goes on, we fully intend to keep producing more and more information, so the website is in increasing need of a back end database and search engine. This would make searches on particular topics possible and easier to find specific resources. Jesus is still working on the best way to do this and still retain hard disk drive offsite copies of the website.

As you likely know, there is already so much material that Jesus has created and we are only just getting started. So, we are constantly looking at ways to make old and new material organized and accessible, while also helping new comers to find the basic ‘What is it all about?’ principles readily and easily.


Learning Centres

As I mentioned back in our June update there are a number of people who have expressed a renewed interest in setting up a local fully functioning Learning Centre. Over the past few months Jesus and I have continued to meet with these people and discuss plans.

We both would like to avoid the issues of the past where projects were halted and resources wasted or abandoned due to a change in desire, or lack of personal humility to work though the issues that arose, in the people in charge of those centres or projects.

Because of this Jesus and I will likely have more of a direct involvement in the operation of any new centres.

We cannot give more detail at this stage because there are a lot of things in the pipeline that have not yet been finalised. We’ll keep you posted.


Assistance Groups

Hopefully by now you have heard about our new “Education in Love” Assistance Group series.

Due to donations received thus far, we can confirm that the initial outlay for the following groups has been covered and will now go ahead:

Developing My Will to Love 19-28 Feb, 2016

Developing My Will to Love 04-13 Mar, 2016

The venue for the groups is called Ivory Palms Resort. You can find detailed information about accommodation options and booking procedure in the Group 1 – Accommodation Bookings document.

Spaces in each of the Assistance Groups in this series are filling up, so if you wish to participate in one of the groups I encourage you to register via the Eventbrite pages. Individual Eventbrite links are all found on the Future Events page of the website.

Remember that we will only confirm that each group is going ahead once we have enough donations to cover the initial outlays involved in running that group at Ivory Palms.

So, make sure you don’t book accommodation at the venue for a group that we have not yet advised will definitely be going ahead. If you have registered for any of the groups via Eventbrite you will receive a personal confirmation email to advise you when it is safe to book accommodation for that group.

At present only the first two groups, Developing My Will To Love 1 & 2, are confirmed.

As I mentioned in our introductory post, Jesus and I are passionate about the purpose of these groups and we are really enjoying preparing the outlines for each of them. It is taking us a fair bit of time but we really want to make these groups comprehensive and effective for people wishing to grow in their relationship with God and others.

I hope we have the opportunity to see you there!

Personal Progression

Jesus and I continue to focus a lot of time on our personal progress towards God and on our soul mate relationship.

The past few months I have had periods of feeling totally renewed and inspired. It is an excellent feeling that I attribute to a growing soul based restoration of my faith in God’s Way. The path ahead seems hopeful and full of awesome possibilities.

And now, even when some new resistance is exposed within me, I still feel far more positive about dealing with my issues. I don’t resort to self punishment and succumb to spirit attack in the way that I used to. This is not to say that I don’t feel extremely challenged or frightened at times about what emotion or emotions I discover within myself!

Jesus has encouraged me to write down some of the emotions I am currently dealing with as there are many women in the world with similar issues.

For such a long time I used writing as a way to connect to what I was feeling. And while I think I will always love to write, and that my writing is a way for me to reflect deeply, there have definitely been times when I shared my written feelings or ‘realisations’ addictively rather than just experiencing them.

Over the past year, working through issues of façade and addiction, I found myself almost at a loss for words to write. I became quite paralysed by the thought of expressing myself without façade, straight from the heart, from my genuine experience and in my real voice.

So, I’m looking forward to the challenge of doing some writing that is more about teaching. I have shared a few things recently on the Divine Truth Forum which has been fun. It’s lovely to see some good discussions starting to go on over there.

Jesus is still working on issues relating to worth and love of self. He has had some break throughs recently which is great.

It is a joy for me as we begin to be more aligned on issues from a soul perspective. Creating the Assistance Group material together is so much fun.

As I’ve been working more diligently on releasing my façade and have begun to feel my hurt, I have naturally started to connect to some of my real nature again. In some ways it has taken me by surprise as I’ve found that certain parts of myself, that for a long time I judged and suppressed, are actually qualities that I like and want to develop more within myself.

I have begun to appreciate just how much, when we are both free of injury, Jesus and I will share the exact same passions and desires, and I feel how our personality really is the same.

I believe that this is how we truly ‘find’ our soulmate and know for certain who they are.

By allowing and embracing our true nature (which takes some sincere work on releasing sin and injury) it becomes impossible not to recognise the one other person in all of God’s Universe who shares our personality and has identical passions.

Our personal soul mate relationship is still very much a work in progress. I am aware that the hurt emotions I have with men and my unreleased fears of attack and ridicule still interfere with me fully opening my heart.

I do now however feel renewed passion and motivation to work through these injuries. I feel very excited about what new adventures and feelings of togetherness must lie ahead for both of us once I let these issues go.

I have such love, admiration, compassion and respect for Jesus. With the singular, unselfish desire to assisting others and to ease their suffering, he accomplishes and teaches so much. But perhaps even more special to me is that aside from that massive effort he puts in, he is someone who, under extreme pressure and attack, has never made an excuse for selfishness or badness. Instead he has engaged his will to become a truly kind and lovely person. That is a rare accomplishment. Most people, no matter what their God created personality is, end up succumbing to extreme negative pressure and choose to deny their ability to engage a will to love no matter what the circumstances.

I am very aware of how poorly people on earth understand Jesus’ true character and motivations at this time. And I do understand why that is. Until I myself developed some humility and began to feel what were the true motivations driving my actions and interactions (which were often quite opposite to what I, in my façade, was telling myself and the world around me they were) I was really clueless as to what motivated other people. As I have become more open emotionally to myself I find I am far more sensitive to what motivates other people. And it is only when I choose to avoid feeling my fears, anger or grief that I find I lack awareness of others once again.

Also, it has only been since I began to feel my own injuries and sincerely desire to release those sins because I could feel that holding on to them was harming others and myself, that I have come to have feelings of love, and therefore begin to understand what love ‘in action’ really looks and feels like.

Because most people are stuck in intellectual dominance and view everything that Jesus (and I) do and say through a purely intellectual analysis, it is very difficult for them to feel what motivates one action or another that we take and it is impossible for them to understand from a soul perspective what loving behaviour actually is.

I view a large part of my spiritual progression as me developing a soul based awareness of, and desire for, love and being loving. It is certainly something that I know still requires a lot of development (smile). In fact, I know that this awareness will continue to develop until at-onement with God and beyond that point.  But starting to gain some soul feelings about love again is just a great feeling.

I really hope that the Assistance Groups that we are developing, along with our recording of more personal feedback sessions, will help others to begin their own process of emotional awakening so that many of you can start to feel love and to know what love does.

That’s all from us for now.

Thank you again for your donations and the enthusiasm many of you have expressed towards our new projects.

Mary & Jesus