Assistance Groups FAQ

Reminder: The main source of the most up to date information regarding the Education in Love Assistance Groups can be found on the Future Assistance Group page of our website.

This post answers some of the questions we have been receiving.

I will regularly update and maintain this post to include answers to frequently asked questions about the “Education in Love” group series. If you have a question about the groups and your attendance please check to see if your question has already been answered here before emailing us.

Most recent update: 8th Nov, 15

Registration & Donations

Q: I would like to register for all 8 groups but the Eventbrite links only worked for the first four.

Links for two sessions of all 8 groups are created now. You can register for whichever groups you plan to attend.

Q: I am would like to register for one (or more) of the assistance groups, however it will be a few weeks until I will be able to make a donation. Is it OK to register on EventBrite now? Or is it best to wait a few weeks and register when I can donate?

There is no problem at all to register now on Eventbrite for any groups that you definitely plan to attend.

If you do make a donation later, if possible please label the donation AssGrp.

Also, as per the original instructions, please send an email with all the required data once you have made a donation. That that will help me to track the funds.

Q: Would it be best we wait until this first group is completed before registering and donating in to any further groups?

There is no problem with registering for as many groups as you like now.

Donations towards groups 1,2, & 3 are now being accepted. These donations are essential to cover our expenses and to confirm these groups will be held on the Sunshine Coast.

Please refrain from donating towards Groups 4-8 until the start of the new financial year (July 1st, 2016). This will assist us with our accounting. Otherwise we have to pay a large amount of tax on the donations received in one financial year that won’t be used until the next year.

This excludes donations towards overseas Assistance Groups. We will need to receive any donations towards such groups 6 months BEFORE the group is scheduled to occur.This is so that we have enough time to plan such groups.

A few people have registered and donated towards all 8 groups already. There is no problem with donations already received from these people.

Q: I would like to register for the possible North American event, but could not find the link on the Notes Along the Way post. Please let me know if there is an option to register for it.

We haven’t yet opened registrations for the potential events in North America or Europe as we can’t start proper planning for these groups until we receive enough donations.

All of the venues we have approached overseas require payment of funds and guarantees from us well before such events occur. They also are only interested in serving us if we can guarantee the event will occur. We cannot plan events that we do not have the funds to pay for. We will let everyone know if, and when, we get close to receiving enough donations to hold an overseas group. Registrations for those groups will open at that time.

Our very tight schedule allows us to only run groups at an overseas venue in October of each year, as long as we have enough time to organise the event, and receive enough donations to cover our expenses for the event. These groups would be in addition to the events we hold in Australia. If the conditions for overseas events are not met, we will use the shortfall donations for the proposed overseas events towards booking venues in Australia.

Something for people in Europe or other locations (apart from the USA) to consider is that given your very favourable exchange rate when coming to Australia and that expenses for food and accommodation tend to be less expensive than in the USA, you may find that even though a flight to the USA may cost slightly less than one to Australia, your expenses during the group may be much less if you attended in Australia.


Q: I’d like to attend for the weekend/ for the two day programme.

All participants are required to attend the full 6 day programme. If you don’t wish to attend the full programme please do not register.

All groups in this series run for 6 days, over an 8 day period (2 rest days). The material is sequential in presentation, where each day requires knowledge of the previous days material. It is not possible for us to give places to people who are not present for the entire period for many loving reasons.

Please do not take the very unloving action of booking a place with the intention to only come for a few days of the event. This takes valuable time and limited spaces from people who have a sincere desire to attend and engage the group for the full programme.

Q: I live on the Sunshine coast. Am I required to stay at the venue or can I visit the venue each day?

You don’t need to stay at the venue if you have other accommodation options. This includes if you live nearby.

Q: I’ve been previously asked to not attend Divine Truth events. Can I attend these groups?

Those who have been previously asked to not attend our groups due to their unloving behaviour towards ourselves or others, are invited to attend these groups.

However we will continue to have the policy that people who are unloving in our events to ourselves or others will be removed after receiving a warning about their unloving behaviour.

This policy applies to everyone in attendance at the groups regardless of the distance a person may have traveled to attend the event.

Q: Is there any way I could be removed or asked not to attend the sessions in the group?

People who are unloving in our events to ourselves or others will be removed after receiving a warning about their unloving behaviour.

This policy applies to everyone in attendance at the groups regardless of the distance a person may have traveled to attend the event.

We do this because we believe if you are truly serious about becoming a loving person, you will make a supreme effort to remain loving at the event that is attempting to teach you about love. It is particularly unloving if you attempt to argue with, be angry with, or condescending towards the presenters who are giving you their time for free to help you.

Those who have been previously asked to not attend our groups due to their unloving behaviour towards ourselves or others, are invited to attend these groups under the same policy provisions as everyone else.

Q. How can I know I am ‘ready’ to attend an Assistance Group?

You are welcome at these groups if you have a sincere desire to grow in love and desire a relationship with God.

Really in order to be “ready” all that is required is humility to face where you are ‘at’ the given moment and a desire to work though the blocks to progression.

This includes a willingness to take responsibility for your life and your own emotions. Jesus and I are not responsible for people’s individual progress and we cannot force you into feeling and ensure that you will grow simply by coming to a group. These things are dependent on your individual exercise of will and we won’t accept people attempting to make us responsible for their feelings or motivation to change.

What we do want to provide is an opportunity for sincere people to learn about what is involved for them to develop their relationship with God and offer many truths and tools in order to assist peole who want to try the experiment for themselves.

Q: I remember Jesus saying it’s a bit better to go with partner or family (either?) as the dynamics of relationships can be exposed more, etc or something like that. Is that right?

No, the choice to attend with or without a partner or family member is completely a personal decision. There can be benefits and advantages in either direction depending on your own personal situation, your intentions, and desires for the group.

We have opened registrations for two sessions of each group and if we receive enough registrations and donations for both we will run each group twice.

If this happens people will have the flexibility to attend one of two sessions for each group and thus have flexibility to attend as they desire with or without a specific family member.

Q: I would really love to attend as many of these workshops as I am able, and I currently live in overseas. Are there any locations in Australia where a learning center is yet set up,where perhaps I could contribute to helping at the center and have a place to live & grow towards God over the upcoming workshops?

While we would love to offer this as an option, it is not yet possible.

We have many plans and desires for Learning Centres in Australia and overseas. However the creation of such centres depends upon the desires of others matching our own. We always want to work with the sincere desires in others and never force what we see as great possibilities onto others.

We are currently working with some individuals who are interested in creating Learning Centres and we are hopeful that this may happen over the coming years. But nothing yet is certain.


Q: Has a venue been decided on yet in Noosaville?

Yes, it is called Ivory Palms resort.

Q: Would you please tell me the costs involved in the venue if you know yet?

These are outlined in the Booking Instructions document.

Q. I would like to arrange to share accommodation at Ivory Palms. Is there a way that I can get in contact with others who wish to do the same?

Yes, Rui from overseas has very kindly created a web platform to facilitate such arrangements. Please be sure to read his terms of use before you proceed with this service.

The web address for this service is:


Q: I hope these presentations will be on Youtube as I live overseas and won’t be able to attend in person?

We are certainly going to do everything we can to have these groups videoed for Youtube. However due to some technical and team constraints the speed with which they appear on our channel is not yet guaranteed.

At the very least, we will endeavour to have timely audio recordings for each one appear on our website.

It will be a prerequisite for all participants to have listened to prior groups in the series before attending the latter ones.