New Videos

I’m due to post an update here on the blog! But today is not that day.

The truth is that we have both been so busy lately there hasn’t time for blog posts or even for many emails.

So, I’m just going to briefly highlight a couple of new videos on youtube that I think you might enjoy.

The first is an old talk given by Jesus back in 2007. I don’t know why but it one of my all time favourite discussions on the Law of Attraction. I recommend it if you are wanting to grasp the basics about that law.

Here it is:

The second is a new video made by Nicky (the Divine Truth Hub founder) and his mate Perry. I love how open and sincere these guys are in their introduction video.  I’m excited about the future content I know that they are planning to bring you via their channel.

Aside from these videos, there is loads of new material now appearing on our regular youtube channel as well. We hope that you are finding all of those videos of benefit.

Until next time,