Jesus & Mary – January Update

It is great to finally make the time to sit down and write on update for November, December and January here on the blog.

I really enjoy writing to you all in this way. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on everything that we’ve been doing and what I’ve been learning. This is always fills me with a sense of gratitude for my life, for all of what God has created, the opportunities given me, for my remarkable, kind, gentle, funny and generous man, and for others in my life as well.

I write all these details for those of you who are interested in how we use your donations and what we get up to, and as I do I inevitably end up feeling thanks towards everyone who supports us in this work. Whether that support comes via donations, or through your own increased desire for truth, or through the time and physical gifts you give to individual projects that help other people hear about Divine Truth through new mediums (like short clips or written transcripts) it all helps with our desire to have God’s Truth known again on earth.

I feel extremely privileged to live a life that I love and believe in and each of you who give to us make that possible.

Jesus and I would like to say a special thank you to those of you who have supported our efforts through your donations and work over many years now. Many people listen to Divine Truth for a while and then leave. But those who have stayed supporting us are the ones who have helped us set and accomplish many goals to create, discuss, and distribute God’s Truth earth-wide.

We have also heard from or received donations from some new people over the previous months. We would like to welcome those new people, and encourage them to place seeking for, and living in Truth as the highest priority in their life.

We send a big thank you to each of you for your support.


Studio, New Videos

We’ve become settled in our new studio and have created lots of new videos. Jesus and I are really enjoying how easy this is to do now. These past few months we’ve been very busy preparing for our first set of Assistance Groups so we’ve focussed on recording sessions that don’t require much preparation, that is, personal feedback, mediumship and Padgett message discussions.

It has been great to hear from many of you about how much you have enjoyed these recordings. We have the desire to continue creating more in depth FAQ sessions, including a series on ‘Incarnation & Reincarnation’ and a new ‘Secrets of the Universe’ overview in short videos but this will require mastering a bit more new technology and the time to prepare these. So in depth sessions are still future plans as yet.

On Wednesday we filmed our last session before we started the pack up of equipment needed for the ‘Developing My Will to Love’ Assistance Groups beginning next month. So our newly ‘settled’ studio is in upheaval. It will be quite a challenging year in this regard. We still hope to record sessions in the studio in between Assistance Groups however there is quite a bit of equipment that needs to be packed up and taken to each group and then unpacked and set up again once we return home. This all takes time and care.

Lena and Igor will also be working very hard when initially return from each group to produce edited videos of the group presentations for YouTube. This is so that people who were not present have time to view all the material from the previous group before attending the following one (this is a pre-requisite for attendance at every group).

So our studio will be a hub of activity over the next couple of years!

In our last recording in the studio we channelled a number of messages from spirit friends for those who will be attending the groups or listening to the material online. I found the care that these spirits had for each of you and their desire to serve you a really special experience. These recordings will soon be available on our website and YouTube channel.


Assistance Group Update

Planning & Preparations

Preparation for the 2016 groups has taken up a lot of our time recently. This is especially so for Jesus who has overseen ALL of the technical, logistical and content planning. He has also planned, ordered and implemented a lot of upgrades to overall equipment set up and made sure we are equipped with back up technology should anything fail during a group. Having backup technology means that no time or effort to prepare for and attend the group is wasted.

Recently, Lena, Igor, Cornelius, Eloisa and Peter helped us with a big clean up and clear out of old technology (much of which can now be passed on to others), and with organising and storing our current set up properly. Thanks so much you guys!

2016 Groups Confirmation

I am pleased to announce that we have received enough donations to cover the expenses for both sessions of the first three groups.

This means that groups “Developing My Will To Love” group 1 and 2, “Developing My Loving Self” group 1 and 2, and “Understanding God’s Laws Of Love” group 1 and 2 are all able to go ahead.

We are still receiving donations if you wish to contribute before you attend any of the 2016 groups. Please don’t donate towards any 2017 or 2018 groups until July 2016, since that simplifies our accounting for the 2017 and 2018 groups.

Bookings & Cancellations

There are still a limited number of places available in the each of the first three groups.

If you haven’t yet registered and wish to attend the first group please be advised that there are only 8 places in total left. At the time of writing this post there are 2 places available in ‘Developing My Will to Love 1’ and 6 places available in ‘Developing My Will to Love 2’. So if you wish to attend the first group you need to get in quick.

I’ve had a few requests regarding swapping groups, or cancelling places at certain groups.

It is absolutely OK if you need to cancel your place or if you wish to swap groups. For these Assistance Group events our registrations are being handled directly via Eventbrite pages.

So, if you wish to cancel your place you need to log on to Eventbrite using the email address that you used to register your tickets. Once logged in you will see a list of your current tickets. When you click on each one it will give you the option to cancel them individually.

If you wish to swap groups you simply need to cancel your place in the group you no longer wish to attend and register a new ticket in the new group (providing there are spaces still available).


Jesus and I have now completed preliminary outlines for every talk we will give in the first group. You can access those outlines via the Downloads section on our website in the 2016 Events page.

I highly recommend reading these outlines before you attend. In my experience the more I grow my awareness of a concept or issue the more I begin to open up to it emotionally. So, if you have the time before coming to the group (and you have finished all of your other pre requisite viewing) it would help to read and feel about the content in these outlines.

You may also wish to print a copy of the outlines to bring with you to assist you with note taking.

The programme that Jesus and I have created for the entire group series is very carefully thought out to assist willing people who engage the entire group programme to go through a process of awakening to their own condition, to God’s Truth, and to God’s Love.

This is a special programme that we will never repeat, so if you are sitting on the fence, trying to decide to come or not, know that we don’t plan to run a similar programme again.

Learning Centre Plans

I am pleased to share that a group of enthusiastic individuals have decided to re establish God’s Way of Love company. Jesus and I will be members of this new company but not directors. This new group is planning a number of exciting initiatives with the goals as outlined in the God’s Way of Love constitution.

Amongst our other projects Jesus has spent many, many hours over the past month on this project. He has been assisting with and writing important new drafts of the constitution and generally sharing his experience of company set ups and of all of the loving considerations involved.

The group of people involved have been eager to learn and we’ll keep you updated as this exciting new project unfolds!


Personal Progression

Reflecting over the past few months in terms of my personal progression I am tempted to say that these months have been the best for me in terms of progress and happiness since I first encountered Jesus again in 2008.

That’s a big statement especially since I also feel that these past few months I’ve at times felt completely upside down, crazy and quite sad and angry at times, but the more I reflect the more I feel it is true. Feeling all of those things has created the progress. And increased happiness, I’m extremely glad to report, is the direct result of progress.

For a lot of years I have laboured under the false belief that progress and my living humbly, would, in the end, only lead to further pain. I espoused or even ‘preached’ quite the opposite sentiment to other people. I really felt that humility and seeking truth and love would result in happiness for others but I held firmly to the feeling that the same rules did not apply for me.

Without going into the emotionally injured ‘how’s and ‘why’s I used to justify this position internally (they aren’t really important anyway), I’m sharing this aspect of my own change because I feel that almost all persons who listen to our teachings also carry the feeling that their own case is ‘special’. While they say that all of this love, truth and humility ‘stuff’ is excellent in theory, when it comes down to actually doing it, they lack the faith that actually putting it all into practice will actually lead to an improved and more fulfilling life.

If you have that feeling, there is no way to really overcome that belief without actually experiencing some of the fears and sadness that underpin that idea within you, and begin to experiment with doing things God’s Way all the time. Then the rewards do come.

Most of you, just like me, will need to feel just how UN-fulfilling and UN-happy life becomes when you choose to stagnate, justifying the lack of truth and faith in your life before you will be motivated to put God’s Love first.

God’s Laws apply to everyone all of the time, and living in harmony with those laws does lead to greater happiness –even though fear tells us the opposite thing before we actually try it. Living in harmony with God’s Laws and engaging them willingly and actively with the desire to grow and know God’s Way is the thing that opens us up to His Love.

I’ve taken the opportunity that God has placed in front of me in the form of this new Assistance Group series very seriously. I want to be the best example of a person attempting to work through my own issues with humility that I can be. I also want to be someone who can speak to you from direct experience and share what I have learned in implementing everything that we will teach you about. That is my desire.

Jesus and I send you our love.

We look forward to seeing some new faces and many we already know at our first set of groups in February.

‘Til next time,