Jesus & Mary: October 17

Hi everyone,

Time for another update to let you know that Jesus and I are still alive and well.

As I mentioned in our last newsletter our focus this year is largely on our personal development and a bunch of behind the scenes upgrades to; recording and production procedures; data storage systems (both physical and digital); transcription, translation and subtitling process and procedures; and completing preliminary work on a searchable database of all Divine Truth materials. Along with that we have been working in a number of roles to assist God’s Way to become an independent company. In addition we have commenced some large scale environmental projects and experiments on our property.

We have also been back recording new material in the studio since July. More details on all of this below.



First up though I always want to convey our thanks to those of you who have donated to us since our last update. Those who donate make everything we share with the world possible and we are immensely grateful for that opportunity. While you haven’t seen much new on our website or YouTube channels over the past 10 months – stay tuned – because there is over 36 hours of video about to be made live and some audio of private mediumship Jesus and I have been doing on our days “off”.




PayPal update

As you will likely know if you are subscribed to this blog, PayPal froze my account back in July. While we weren’t encouraging people to send us donations or gifts via PayPal after they had previously closed down Jesus’ account back in 2015, some of you still used it as a convenient option. Despite my attempts to work out the situation out with PayPal (including being fully transparent about our entire business operation, our legitimate tax status and legal conduct here in Australia) they have ultimately denied us use of their service. So I’ll detail below the donation options we have found most reliable so far.

I still often feel dismayed that the collective emotional condition on earth today is so full of cynicism and mistrust that people who don’t charge for what they do are viewed with extreme suspicion. In contrast those who request large sums for “spiritual” services are often seen as legitimate businesses. I have been noticing a lot of my personal attractions lately revolve around feeling like a social pariah (I’ve been avoiding feeling about that for quite some time now) and my interactions with PayPal were another opportunity to feel about this.

Alternate Reliable Methods for Donating


We’ve found Transferwise to be a great company to deal with. They know how we operate our business and haven’t raised any concerns with us about that. They offer good exchange rates for international donations. You do need to create an account with them in order to make transfers and you will need to fill in some personal information about us which you can find listed in a pop up box when you click on the Transferwise option on our Donations page.

We are also currently in the process setting up a borderless account with Transferwise. This will enable people in other countries to make direct bank account transfers to us without needing a Transferwise account. This new transferwise service enables us to have bank account numbers in the EU, UK and USA. So if you are living in these regions you will be able to make direct bank transfers to us in the same way you would make a payment to a person in your own country, and this also means that if you bank allows for recurring scheduled transactions, you will also be able to do that with your donations to us if you wish. I’ll place more details about this is in my next update after Jesus has made changes to the website to allow for these details to be included.

Credit Card Facility

We do offer a facility to process credit card payments from Australia or overseas. You will find the procedure for this when you click on the Merchant Suite option on the Donations page.

Direct Bank Transfer

If you live in Australia the most reliable method for making donations is likely going to be via a direct bank transfer from your account to the Divine Truth account (or to one of our personal accounts for personal gifts). Please remember to label your donations to Divine Truth DTDON in the description field. By adding this label you help us to account for Divine Truth income easily in our accounting system. If you make a personal gift to us, you will need to fill out a Statutory Declaration indicating that you are giving us a gift (we have copies of these that we can send you).

Other Questions about Donations

Personal Cheques

Some people have enquired about sending personal cheques from overseas. This is not economical for cheques of smaller amounts. This is because in order to bank your cheque and convert the currency to Australian dollars we must pay anywhere from 25AUD to 50AUD. When cheques we receive are small it often costs more, or the equal amount on the cheque in fees to actually bank your cheques. This is why we advise that we can’t receive personal cheques of values less than $100 at this time. If you are wanting to send small (or large) amounts from overseas the best option would be to use the Transferwise service. Alternately some people have purchased bank cheques in Australian dollars and posted these to us. We can deposit cheques in Australian dollars without difficulty.

Google Wallet

Some people have attempted to make donations to us via Google wallet. Thank you for your attempts. Once we have a borderless account with Transferwise, Google wallet can be used to pay funds into our Transferwise accounts. But until then Google wallet is not  a service that can be used by as as it is only available to people living in the USA or the United Kingdom. The service is not available for Australian individuals or companies and does not allow deposits into Australian bank accounts.


Some people have contacted us regarding setting up a Bitcoin account. Many people like this as an alternative to the world’s current financial systems. However Jesus and I can see that none of the current financial systems that operate on earth are yet loving, including Bitcoin. We are not opposed to setting up a Bitcoin service for ourselves but it will take time and as we don’t see it as any less flawed than the other options we currently offer. Jesus hasn’t yet made time to set this up. I’ll copy some words that Jesus has previously written about the emotional issues driving Bitcoin creators and many Bitcoin users than lead the system to hold many of the same inherent flaws as the other financial systems on earth today:

Bitcoin is not as ethical a banking system as many believe, since it precludes those without technology at their fingertips from using it, and therefore precludes 5 billion of the worlds population from sharing in any wealth contained within the system. Any system that precludes 60-70% of the worlds population from using it (due to their circumstances) is NOT an ethical or loving system. While I agree that some of the principles are good, I cannot agree that Bitcoin is the solution to all of the worlds banking problems without there being an automatic creation of an account for every person on earth, and a method provided where each person can access their account without limitation.

Any earthly system which requires payment of funds for essential services such as water, food, clothing or shelter is not a loving or ethical system.

Any system that promotes the “mining” process (a feature of Bitcoin) to create more wealth is also not loving, since it only allows wealth to be mined by people who have the resources already established or that they can pay to establish. It assumes a degree of already established wealth. Most people on earth are already too poor to do such things.

Bitcoin also hides the identity of people. Any system that hides the identity of people creates a lack of transparency, which is also against God’s Laws and Principles.

Bitcoin has been created from emotions of fear (of transparency) and anger (with the worlds current systems). Any system which is born in such emotions is not the solutions to humankind’s problems. There are many moral and ethical problems from God’s perspective with a currency that has been created with emotions of fear and anger.

It is great to try to find solutions to the world’s issues and problems, but being driven by self-righteous fear and anger to create a currency that is not available to all due to their circumstances is not the solution. And then to call that currency “ethical” is the height of folly and self-delusion. While some principles of Bitcoin are good, much more work needs to occur before a financial system that is ethical and equitable for the entire world’s population is created.



Swales, pits & terracing

Over the past 6 months Jesus has planned and implemented a number of new environmental experiments on our property. Winter is our dry time of year and so it is always best to complete earth works then. In this case the projects are all about the creation of pits, terraces and swales that, come our rainy season which is just starting now, will preventing top soil erosion, and catch or delaying the flow of water to improve fertility in previously arid and barren parts of the property. he has been doing this to create resources that can be shared about environmental recovery. God’s Way has been documenting some of the process and you can read a little about on the God’s Way Blog.

20170627-1453-ENVIR-Top Fertility Pit-06

20170628-0916-ENVIR-Top Swale Filling

20170705-1339-ENVIR-Overflow Road Culverts-1420170705-1142-ENVIR-Overflow Road Culverts-13

Gardens & Seeds

This year I have also planted out the gardens in the front of our home with native trees, shrubs and creepers. Jesus constructed these gardens last year and we’ve been waiting for our mulch to create enough top soil for us to plant in. I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity of planning the garden considering the habitat we would like to create for insects, birds and reptiles.

I also have some plans for seed experiments I’d like to create and test on the top of the large fertility pits Jesus has just created. More on that in a later update.


Jesus building the garden last year


One of the finished gardens with baby plants

Urine Fertility Experiment

I’ve also started planning an experiment here on our property to measure the effect of adding urine to some of our most carbon rich mulches. I want to create some measurable data so that this information can be used by others. This means in future I may be calling for “liquid donations” from the local community to assist us to have enough nitrogen volume to balance the carbon in our large pits.

I’ll write more about this at another time. This will likely become a God’s Way project and so you may see and hear about it on the God’s Way blog.

Volunteer Selection Programme

The volunteer selection programme, which aims to identify willing volunteers for both Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations, began this week. 15 people have been invited to attend the first round of the programme which will be run by Eloisa Lytton-Hitchins and Tristan Miller.

Jesus and I are acting as mentors throughout the creation and implementation of the programme. This means we have been providing input into what the programme will look for and consist of and helping Tris and Eloisa with various aspects of the design and documentation of the programme. Our aim is to have a basic structure for a volunteer selection programme that can be refined and then reused here and in various parts of the world once God’s Way expands. We’ll be involved at various times throughout the programme to participate and give feedback as necessary.

Volunteer Assistance

Aside from being heavily involved with the creation of the Volunteer Selection Programme we have also started a series of meetings and training to assist our volunteers various emotional issues affecting the operation of Divine Truth and God’s Way.

20171006-1615-JESMM-Special Meeting about Finances-02

Jesus and I lead a special meeting with our current volunteers

Divine Truth

Studio Recording

Jesus and have been back in the studio recording new material, which includes; mediumship, Padgett message discussions and a new discussion series about forgiveness and repentance. 36 hours of material is currently being edited and should appear on our YouTube channel sometime in the next month. Recordings have been slow to appear as Jesus, the team, and I are all working to refine various aspects in the preparation, presentation and production stages of creation.


New Recording


We always talk with our hands

Procedure Revisions

During this new recording period we’ve been updating and revising procedures for outline preparation, filming, chapterisation, video editing, and clipping of our material. Some of the changes to procedures now make it possible for clips (which appear on our clips channel) to be created at the same time as the complete video session is outputed. They also auto-generate the basic structure and headings for transcripts which greatly assists the transcription team in their work.

We have been standardising our methods do that God’s Way can also use the same methods and procedures for producing material. Eloisa has been with us undertaking training in all of these procedures so that she can use these skills in her various roles in the God’s Way organisation. Cornelius is training in the live marking process we use to generate chapters and clips.

20170725-1115-JESUS-Switcher Room Jesus, Corny & Eloisa-01

Eloisa, Jesus & Cornelius review the switching set-up prior to a recording session

At the moment Lena remains the only member of our production team and we would like to thank her for her exceptional efforts over the past 6 months to work with us and improve her work flow. We’d also like to thank Eloisa for her efforts, even while being trained she is a valuable contributor and hard worker who always appears with a smile and thoughtfully considers how she can be of most assistance.

Kate, under Jesus’ direction, assists us with computer programming, and Barbara, the leader of our Transcription team, has continued work with Jesus on various programmes to enable automated generation of sub titles, clip transcripts, transcript headers and time coding.

Physical Storage Upgrade

As I mentioned in a previous update, Divine Truth and God’s Way organisations will be sharing some office space (in the short term) and data storage hardware and systems (in the medium to long term). To this end, in order to make way for expansion of Divine Truth and to accommodate the large amount of data that God’s Way anticipates creating this year, we are undertaking a major upgrade of our physical hardware used to store our digital data.

This means that Jesus is rebuilding our network from the ground up. In the early part of the year he conducted extensive research on options that would best suit the needs of both organisations so that Directors of both God’s Way and Divine Truth could spend their money and time wisely in purchasing the necessary hardware and software to complete the upgrade. He continues to be busy as various elements are now being received and he is in charge of setting up (and sometimes re-engineering) the hardware and installing the operating systems.

He is installing a 96 port 10Gbit network, a 4 way redundant 360TB linux server cluster (total disk space of 1440TB), 2 48TB servers for internet software repository downloads, and 2 linux workstations with 48TB for clip production and 128TB of cold backup storage, along with continuing to maintain 4 16TB network servers, 5 Apple Mac systems with 88TB RAID and 64TB of cold storage, 5 Windows 7 and 10 PC’s, 2 overseas linux servers, 2 local linux servers, AWS systems for Divine Truth website delivery, Google services for mail delivery, and AWS and Google services for God’s Way. As you can imagine he is very busy. Changes still need to be made to the studio to allow for heat disapation from all of the new hardware.

Jesus has taken an extreme amount of care to find systems and a structure that will suit us not just now but in the long term. I would like to thank him for his exception attention to detail as I know it will ensure we have a great system for years to come.

20170822-0859-JESUS-Office IT-02

Digital Data Storage Structure Redesign

Along with the need for more storage space it has become obvious that we also need to reevaluate our file naming conventions and folder storage structure for digital files. Our entire system is now undergoing a complete change, this is to accommodate:

  1. Our dream to build a searchable database for all Divine Truth material

    Our file names and tagging conventions form some important ground work to enable easy searches in a database

  2. Our intention to create more and varied material year after year

    We needed to think about the types of material and the topics we have already created and intend to cover in future. Each file name will now include enough descriptive data to make searching and filing easy and our file structure will now allow for easy work flow for each of the teams needing to work on our created data e.g. the Event team, the Production team and the Transcription team.

  3. Our shared filing system with God’s Way organisation

    Because God’s Way will be creating research projects and educational or service providing programmes in a wide range of fields of endeavour it is essential that our new naming conventions and file structures allow for easy tracking, searching and archiving of data.

Jesus continues to work on this redesign of both our file naming conventions and file storage structure. As you no doubt know, we’ve already created a lot of Divine Truth material and once he has completed the project all of our old files will have to be renamed and reorganised into the new structure. So this project will continue for quite some time to come.

It feels great however to be working towards a long term structure that will accommodate streamlined naming, storage, and searching of data in a wide variety of subjects.


Eloisa, Lena, Jesus: Working on new procedures for tagging, clipping and editing

God’s Way

The Gods Way organisation has continued to dominate much of our time this year. We are happy to invest this time while the organisation is getting under way to assist the Directors and Members in their work towards making God’s Way an independent company.

Jesus has continued in his roles as mentor and also trainer of Directors and Members. In the past months he has spent a number of days training Eloisa in how to use the accounting system and how to properly account for company operations. He also provides input on direction and aims in harmony with love.

I have become a lot more active in my role as Director. At the moment I am leading discussions with the other three directors relating to:

  • Our company purpose, aims and values
  • Our vision, strategy and systems
  • Creating and implementing templates and standards for design, recording and analysis of experimental projects
  • Many other important aspects of laying the emotional and skills based groundwork which I see as necessary if God’s Way is going to have longevity as a productive and positive organisation

God’s Way Purpose

God’s Way is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to improve the quality of life for all humans and to support and restore the natural environment. We do this through the development and sharing of systems and concepts that are effective, equitable, innovative and sustainable.

We seek to scientifically prove that God’s Truth is universal and benefits all of humanity, that God’s Love is a real substance that can be obtained by any person who desires it and to show that systems and creations designed and implemented in harmony with both God’s Love & Truth are not only sustainable but automatically lead to more peace, harmony and joy in all living creatures.

Some of our core values include the equal treatment of all people and we believe that truth should be available to everyone who desires it. Because of this we provide all information and services for free.

We are not aligned or affiliated with any one specific religious organisation or religious faith.

God’s Way Aims

We aim to educate the world that a personal relationship with God is possible and is obtainable to any individual who seeks to obtain it

This relationship is possible without belonging to any group or religion and is not dependent on any ritual or acceptance of holy book or doctrine or belonging to any of the established religious faiths that currently exist on earth. We don’t seek to create a religious movement but rather to teach people desirous of this relationship how to establish it on their own.

We know that personal relationship with God is the single most transformative endeavour any human can engage and has the power to bring about not only complete personal happiness but if engaged by a significant number of humanity would bring about peace and harmony in all world systems and societies.

We aim to benefit all humans (whether still on earth or having passed into the spirit world) through the discovery and demonstration of ‘God’s Way’ in action.

We define God’s Way as any approach or method that is implemented in harmony with God’s Laws that govern the universe. We know that these Laws exist and are measurable and we seek to scientifically prove and to educate others about how to live and create in harmony with these Laws.

We aim to benefit humankind via the development and gifting of innovative, proven, sustainable and efficient systems which serve not only the needs of humans but also support all other aspects/elements of God’s established natural system.

At the moment we aim to develop systems in the following fields:

  • Energy generation
  • Water harvesting and storage
  • Food production
  • Eco system regeneration and support
  • Education of children, parents, families, couples, humanity
  • Building

Personal Work

Given the large number of projects that we have running concurrently at present and the potential for these to completely dominate our time, in August Jesus and I reevaluated our ‘work’ and ‘personal processing time’ balance. We have now created some ‘forced’ breaks in our schedule meaning that we physically go away for one week out of 6 to spend time together working on our personal emotions and our relationship. I am absolutely loving this. I enjoy spending time with Jesus and the space away from our regular work activities helps me to focus more inwardly.

Since Lena is currently our only video production switcher and editor, going away also allows her to catch up with our regular filming schedule.

2017 has perhaps been my biggest year for growth thus far. I am noticing more changes in myself, feeling more connected to emotions (be they happy, sad, angry, or fearful) and thus feel more true to who I am. In the past few months I’ve been focusing on experiencing my desires and this has been confronting a lot of resistance I let lay dormant for many years by simply withdrawing from feeling that I wanted anything. Sadly I feel I spent most of 2013, 2014, & 2015 ‘on strike’, sitting in resistance and unwilling to decide what I wanted for the rest of my life. I was angry that God’s Way was to feel everything and to experience and express who I am so I just sat in one place not making decisions one way or another and not acknowledging how angry I was. Jesus once told me that whenever you get stuck it is because you have fear of moving in any direction, forwards or backwards, and looking on those years I can see how true that has been for me. I lived in fear of embracing who I and what I love and also in fear of stepping back from what I feel so passionately about.

2016 was a bit of a wake up call for me and I started to sincerely look at where I was at spiritually and emotionally and how unhappy I actually felt with the options I had in front of me (before then I was ignoring the choices I was making). In some ways that made it a tough year but in others it was an improvement. I was starting to feel and face the truth of how much I had stepped back from definite decisions and action. This connection with truth (however painful) began to bring rewards.

The lessons of last year are paying off in more significant ways in 2017. I have more faith that feeling leads to growth and I am being more courageous to feel what I want for my life rather than living in fear of how others and the world will view me. I’m still very much a work in progress but I’m happier and more hopeful than I have been in a while.

20171006-1245-JESMM-Special Meeting about Finances-07

Jesus has been working on some emotions about how he was treated by his father in the first century, how women have treated him all of this life, and emotionally working through memories associated with the role he has been assigned by God in the spirit world. He needed to restructure our weeks so that he gets time to process through is own emotions instead of working all of his waking hours. Now every second week he focuses at least 6 days straight on working on himself emotionally.

I’m so happy that he is prioritising his own growth more.



So that’s about all from us for now. Until next time, we send you lots of love and thanks.

Jesus & Mary