Just Be True, The Third Sphere & I Heart God

A new day was just beginning and I, sitting on the floor of our ecotent, looking out on all the freshness, was reading the Padgett messages….

“Be true to yourself and you will soon be in God’s love and favour…”[1]

The message continued but I found myself drawn to these words. I scribbled them in my journal and kept reading.

Again I paused; I looked back to my journal and circled the first four words in the sentence. These are well worn words in our world, bandied about in all kinds of situations. But now here they were at the beginning of a sentence that Helen had impressed upon her beloved mate. There was something big there that I was missing. I could feel it. It was niggling at the edge of my understanding.

“Be true to yourself…” – no don’t brush these words aside as obvious for their true meaning is huge.

“Be true…” to what you feel right now, surrender to your emotion, embody it, allow it. Don’t act it out, or avoid, don’t analyze or understand it. Just be true.

It hits me, a dawning no less significant than the one unfolding around me.
To know God’s Love I must go to Him in Truth. Go to Him in the truth of what I feel, just be true…

Yes I know you’ve heard all this before. But have you really? I hadn’t understood it – in my marrow. I didn’t feel what it meant deep within me.

Lots of us have heard that we must be in truth to receive the Love but do we go to Him in our messiness and sorrow. How can He connect to us if we do not share ourselves with Him, and how can we relate to Him if we avoid the state of complete humility and honesty about our own selves?

In all of my talking, journaling, channelling, processing and yes, even blogging I’ve been missing the point. I’ve been seeking to figure out my feelings instead of just embodying them while I cry out to God for Love and Grace. This revelation of my own smug self reliance stings me. The sin as old as mankind itself, has kept me in its grips. In all of my struggles to free myself of emotional error I have overlooked the arrogance in the way I am approaching the entire process.

I’ve been trying to sort myself and my feelings out so that then God can Love me, (now this sounds ridiculous but only if I remember that God is a Loving Parent who accepts me just as I am, and I forget that most of the other people in my childhood wanted me to hold it together and sort things out, and they found me far more ‘loveable’ and adorable then).

I haven’t been asking God for Grace or for Love, for I haven’t believed myself worthy of such things. I’ve been asking for Him to help to me feel – pleading and needy sometimes. And yet I’ve been afraid of His Love and of truly opening my heart to share my feelings with Him.

I haven’t understood that I must use my will to feel and He will use His Will to ease my burden.

I realise now that in order to truly heal I must take my whole self to Him and say ‘Here I am, teach me to love myself just as I am. In this precious, imperfect moment of my existence show me I am worthy. Let me feel your Love.’

My fear and desperate desire for control has made me, in my heart (the place where true longing begins) resist His Love because of what it may dislodge in me. I have been guarding my worthlessness from Him.


It occurs to me that this is the true transition to the third sphere, or some big step in love, where I stop trying to ‘figure out’ my emotion, and instead am just willing to surrender to it, whatever it is, and to trust God to heal me of it – through His process, not mine. It is the place in which I am willing to be, just be, in the truth of my emotions[2] (not my addictions) and to experience them, at all times.

It is vulnerability – the lesson of my year – that is required. It is saying to God  “I’m terribly afraid that you may reject me but I can’t do this without you. But in order to do it with you I’m going to have to share myself. I’m going to have to ask, really ask for your Love.”

“Man has a will to either accept or reject the Love of God, and until he exercises his will in a way to show that he wants that love, it will not be given him.”[3]

God, I haven’t wanted your Love. I’ve asked for guidance and for courage but I haven’t wanted Love.

I have paid lip service to your Love and haven’t yet yearned for it, in the way of a winsome, lovesick teenager, of a mother for her lost child, of a son for his absent father.. his Father.

I haven’t unlocked the desire that consumes a soul, that is in the heart beat behind every action, present with every word and flavours every minute.

I quake at the thought of unleashing my sheer, unadulterated longing, that my heart may run free and ‘into Your Arms of Love’.

Could I give you my heart God? All the lost and fragile pieces of me, could I offer them up to you? Could I want Your Love so much that I would face all fear and give up all my feeble attempts, these shameful human encounters where I try to earn approval and appreciation, all in an effort to find a substitute for the Love that would fulfill me complete.

In the early dawn, in my dawning, I realize that I have focused on the eradication of sin and error and neglected (because of unworthiness and fear of grief) the inflowing of God’s Love. And now I see that the fastest way to eradicate sin and error is to focus on the Love. The process of emotional, causal release will be the same but it will happen as a natural part of my relationship with God. It is sharing with God in complete humility that changes our soul. When we truly open ourselves God’s Love gives us courage to step into the depths of pain and She takes the cause from us. The gentle surgeon removes the barbs. It is a process with my Maker – not a trial I must endure before I can relate to Her.

It seems to me in our initial unraveling we do and perhaps we must, engage our intellect. God does seem to many of us a far off figure, shrouded in misconception borne of our upbringing and background. We cannot neglect the important work of unhooking from our re-framing and rethinking, and the breaking down of the addictions that have run our lives. This next step though is the substance of the teachings. All of the thrashing around beforehand is just us lost in the bush, trying to orientate ourselves. This realization is suddenly stepping into the clearing and seeing the luminous Path stretch out in front of us. We must each have our awakening of what is truly within us.. just be true.. and be willing to share this self with God.

‘…for until such an awakening comes to (the soul) there is no possibility of it receiving the Love of God into to it..’[4]


“When we pray to the Father for an increase in faith, it is a prayer for the increase in Love”[5]

If  I block the Love, how can my faith grow?

It ALL depends on the Father’s Love.


As I read my notes to Yeshua, he hastens to correct my last statement. It is not true that I am nothing without God’s Love. I can become God’s creation, perfected in natural love. I explain to him that when I wrote the statement I was feeling so acutely how limited I am without this relationship, how insignificant I now am compared to what I once was when His Love made me His child ‘in substance and not in image only’ In my moments of explaining its hard to contemplate how I could even grow in natural love without the Love of God.

And yet in the next breath, I feel the errors of the first human couple still alive within me – this searing, desperate attempt to prove that I am something and someone, on my own, of my own creation. The utter limitation of this state, of trying to have my ego prove its worth, overwhelms me. I’m locked in a futile struggle to prove my value, that blocks the most significant relationship of my life.

Even now, the idea that me, alone;

without doing good works,

without saying smart things,

without knowing,

without showing that I am worthy,

the idea that I am loved and am beautiful without any of these things is so alien. I feel I must make good before He (and he) can love me, before I show myself to Him.

And yet His Love will prove His Love for me.

But I must have humility and openness to receive it.

If I am needy or demanding I won’t receive it. My neediness is a plea that he make it easier so that I may avoid my darkest sorrow. My demand is anger and expectation that I should be able to avoid vulnerability and openness with Him. Instead I must ask ‘with sincere longings and earnest aspiration, I must truly desire it and be willing to bare my whole self to Him, in recognition that:

“Man is a mere creature and cannot create anything higher than himself; so man cannot rise to the nature of the divine, unless the divine first comes into that man and makes him a part of its own divinity.”[6]

It’s not about saying “God help me feel….”

It is saying “God I feel….”

“God please be with me while I feel.”

“Could you show me your love so that I may have faith enough to step into the darkness?”

It is stopping trying and simply desiring – desiring God, desiring Love, desiring Truth, desiring emotion.


So why am so I afraid to ignite my yearning for God and for Soulmate? So afraid that I hold myself back in the second sphere (and sometimes lets face it, right down in the lower first) – figuring out, analyzing, resisting surrender to the truth of what I feel….

The answer, the reason for my headstrong self-reliance, is that I don’t want to soften into the feelings that for nigh on 2000 years I have relied on a Father of Love. He has guided me. And the love of my mate has nourished me.

I can’t take the next steps until I acknowledge this – that my Mother God sustains me and that my mate, Yeshua, completes me.

I feel so nothing without them. And it feels that I must pass through this abyss of knowing that, feeling that nothing, in order to have them with me again.

I have missed them so much that it terrifies me to crack open the cache of my longing, and have all of my loneliness tumble out with it.

Oh God give me strength…

    dare I ask….   show me Love?

This is the narrow way.

It must be through a relationship with God. Until we have this we are not truly on the Path. We are bumbling along, preparing, removing our blocks, until we reach the point where we are ready to open ourselves to the greatest, most life-givng Love there is – until we are ready to enter a love relationship with our Creator.

I am humbled to admit to you this morning that I have been dallying all this time, on the Natural Love Path. Yes, I have felt and released some emotions and I have come to know the Father a little. But I am hit like a freight train by the understanding that my growth has been seriously stunted by my unwillingness to ‘ask in a way that shows I want His Love’.

My friends, we must learn what it means to ask Him.

To ask with our hearts,

our whole hearts,

our broken hearts,

our shameful hearts,

the parts of us that don’t feel whole because in Truth they lack

His Love.

We must unearth the parts of us left in the shadows and corners and forgotten caverns in our souls so that She may shine the light of Love and Truth upon them.

I saw a book advertised the other day. It is called ‘Made to Crave’ by Lysa Terkeurst. I haven’t read the book but the short blurb I read about it came back to me as I finished writing this post. I think I’ve gleaned her basic premise (apologies to Lysa If I’m wrong) It is this: We are all made to crave God and all of our other addictions with food, (and I would add with television, in relationships, in our work etc, etc), are just distractions and a poor substitute for the Love we crave the most.

If we want to know God, to receive Her Love, we must open up to our craving and know it for what it is. When we do this our addictions will become unsatisfying and meager in comparison to what awaits us. And this craving and desire will inspire us to face our fears, to face our true selves and expose them to the One who Loves the most. When we do, God in all Her Grace, will clean us and teach us Love.

[1] Excerpt from a message received by James Padgett from Helen Padgett, November 30th, 1914

[2] I want to make a clear distinction here between living in or allowing our emotions and living in addictive emotions. The first is healing, the second is damaging and even more damaging when we tell ourselves and others we are doing the first when we are in fact doing the second. I see many living in addictive emotions and crying non-causal feelings. While we live in addiction we cannot connect to our true emotional state.
[3] Excerpt from a message received by James Padgett from Ann Rollins, December 12th, 1914
[4] Excerpt from a message received by James Padgett from Jesus, October 10th, 1915
[5] Excerpt from a message received by James Padgett from Jesus, March 2nd, 1916

[6] Excerpt from a message received by James Padgett from Jesus, January 24th, 1915

19 thoughts on “Just Be True, The Third Sphere & I Heart God

  1. Anonymous

    Mary, this is just SO beautiful…thank you so much for helping me to feel/be one little step closer to God tonight. (Will be re-reading it very often!) Much Love to you, Mon.

  2. Anonymous

    as i was reading the start of this blog, i was getting the feeling of how hypocritical and arrogant i have been, and probably will be until i allow the meaning of realization about being truthful in a moment ( each moment ) to make its way to my soul and settle there as the ONLY way ( cant underline here :)) in finding my true self, in finding God.I love you Mary, you are traveling along a very beautiful path XX

  3. Anonymous

    Just this week Mary I was praying & asking God to open up my soul so I could receive his Love, when I felt like it was just so hopeless because of how broken I feel.. God could not Love me as I am now… Your beautiful blog has given me hope… Thank You… ❤ to You Mary… Philippa x

  4. Anonymous

    I don't think so, Sweetie. You are not me.You are not and never will be me. I HAVE SOLID PROOF THAT I AM THE REAL MARY MAGDALENE. You don't. I'm so tired of seeing women pretending to be me. It's a disgrace to me and to the messiah which is my partner. He has had a born again and he knows a lot about the bible and the truth about everything. He woke up from this world. He had a true spiritual born again. Not those phony church born again where they pass out and feel happiness only. The people who think they had a born again didn't get the true one. They gained no knowledge. They only gained the high feeling from fainting. When my partner had the born again he felt a lot of love and he gained a lot of knowledge about the creation and the bible back in February (between the 13th and 15th) 1989 and he was told who he was. Trust me. You will know who he is once he and I are awakened. Listen and learn. He knows a lot of stuff in the bible. He knows how Eve got started from Adam. He has had a near death experience in his 30's. He also knows what happens in the Book of Revelation. He decoded it. He knows what he is saying. He unscrambled the bible. Before his born again he couldn't make heads or tales out of it. Since he woke up he can unscramble it. He is sharing everything about the truth though. He bible thumps (He doesn't tell who he is either because the truth is more important right now)every chance he gets and people knows exactly what he is talking about. He makes sense unlike some people out there who are claiming to know the truth. He did suppress his born again the first time around because he didn't know what he was doing and because he didn't find me. I was 4 going on 5 at the time. I was just a little girl who knew nothing of this stuff. I need to wake up along with Henry this time. Speaking of waking up from here we are on our journey to have our born again together. It is going to take us 6 months to wake up. That's how long Jesus woke up the first time in this lifetime. Since I haven't had my born again I am it's going to take 6 months to wake up too. Jesus(Henry is his new name) will probably reawaken before the sixth month is up. Henry still has the knowledge but he needs to reawaken himself again to do whatever he has to do. MARK MY WORD: Expect to hear about Henry and I everywhere between January,1, 2011 and December 31, 2013 when the both of us are fully awakened and when we fulfill our mission.. I'm very serious too. Not joking or playing. I swear to you. If I wasn't the real Mary Magdalene I wouldn't have spent a long time typing you this confession. No one would matter in fact. Okay -CONTINUED

  5. Anonymous

    CONTINUED- If you Google my name( Susan Maria Tower) you will find nothing on me (YET ANYWAY) because I haven't gone public yet. I can't go public right now. I will go public once I have my born again and Henry is fully awakened again.BTW before I move on here is a little taste of truth and proof that Henry is the real deal and I am too.HERE GOES: 1. What are horseless chariots in heaven in modern day? What are they? ANSWER: They're cars! Guess what? We're in heaven already too. Heaven on earth.3. How did my father create Adam and Eve? What did he really do? ANSWER: It really wasn't a rib. He was cloned.SPEAKING OF CLONING THE NUMBER 666 STANDS FOR CLONING. You can't clone people because if you do then they are beasts. They have no souls in there bodies. They would be like animals. Animals don't have souls too and that is why they are called beasts.4. The whore that sits upon many waters…Answer: It's the statue of liberty.See? There you go. Now you know who you are not. BTW I know you're not going to improve this either because you will be in denial and brush it off. That's fine with me. I just wanted to let you know that I know that you are not who you claimed to be. It's our little secret. For now, anyway. Once I'm awakened your little secret will be exposed. That's how the cookie crumbles.TRIVIA: My old name(Mary Magdalene) is encoded into my new name in this lifetime(Maria Tower).Double M( Susan Maria Tower) Bye and God bless! 😉

  6. Anonymous

    Oops. January/1/12 to December 31-2013. I mean. I really am going to have to wake up now since I told you the date. I have a year to wake up so I better start the process ASAP. Well, Bye.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank You Mary, this was the words I needed to hear, to read, to let sink into my heart. I have felt so tired, so exhausted from trying so hard all my life, to do it right and earn the love. And God's love is so different, it's finally ok to be me, just little me, tired and needy for God to love me… Love Eva

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you Mary,I have been tip toeing around this for a while myself now and not getting anywhere fast. Have now realised that I do believe I can do this on my own, that I dont need God and I must work hard and look pretty before I can go to Him. Wrong wrong wrong. Damn this arrogance and self reliance. Looking forward to getting to the other side of this so I can REALLY connect and have a love relationship with my Mother God.Thank you for your words, they have triggered me……Marie

  9. Suzanne

    Dearest Mary,Just wanted to let you know that your writing is perfect…because I am really feeling it so deeply…I just sit and read this over and over, because it has so much in it…every three or four lines is a profound teaching in itself..laid out step by step helping me to understand the subtler points of processing and seeking God's Love.This morning it was really moving me to the most beautiful tears and realizations..truly helping me to open my heart to God…I had a kind of an insight that somehow Jeshua will provide the overall teaching and understanding…bring us Truth and show the way, but that you will teach us how….through sharing how you feel your way in the process step by step…Forgive this it may be an addiction…But, it felt like a beautiful mother, gently showing a child how to tie it's shoe laces, and as I felt the image, my heart flew open and my eyes filled with tears..Love You,Suzanne

  10. Zapatista

    I don't think I have ever felt something so deeply … like I was facing east in search of a sunset & you have set me straight … Thank you again … Enrique

  11. Anonymous

    Dear MaryI have watched you on you tube and you seem to me to be one of the most sincere people I have ever seen (from my vantage point of the cyber universe )….but I have a feeling that you are attracting some people who just want to flatter, protect and defend you.

  12. Laura

    Hello Mary,

    I see this post is nearly 4 years old now and yet for me, you could have written it this morning. It is so perfect and your honesty so inspiring, uplifting, helpful – words cannot convey.

    Thank you for your “Notes Along the Way” – they help me feel connected and bring new insight.


  13. Maxine

    Thank you dear sister. You say what I have been unable to figure out and where I go wrong when I ask for God’s love. Much for my own self reflection and so beautifully written. Nearly 5 years on we can see how you have embraced this. I listened to the discussion you and Jesus did about Solomon’s message in the Padgett messages and it touched to feel what you both know about Gods Love and the shared passion of your whole soul. A beauty of a soul so connected to God .. I know I only feel a tiny fraction of this but it spurs me and really consider…wow God loves me even with all this sin in me and God wants my love! Even the idea exposes so much. Thank you ❤

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