How To Hold a Dream

We live in a culture that regularly scorns innocence, passion and vulnerability. All too often we ‘water down’ our true selves in favour of a version of self that suits the cynical and image-focussed landscape in which we live. We are taught to view the preciousness of our childhood dreams and creativity as childish, as too idealistic and unrealistic. [1]
I was taught early that my extremely emotional and expressive self was befuddling and bemusing to my parents. I learnt to be ashamed of this part of myself.
My huge desire to make the world a better place, to extend love to others and change lives for the better, I relegated to an idealistic pipe dream after spending ten years working in our health system and over two years in the Middle East. I came to believe that to be worldly was to face the harsh facts that the world is irretrievably messed-up, that lasting change and peace is a naïve concept. I learnt to judge and be angry instead of grieve the suffering I saw everywhere I went.
When Yeshua began work on the constitution for God’s Way of Love Organisation and as we began to talk about our future vision I had to face how much disillusionment I still carry about the way our world works and how resolute I feel so many of us still are in our decision to deny God and love, to judge our childlike selves and to stifle our creativity in favour of ‘fitting in’.
It seems that to truly embody this vision of ours I must have the courage to grieve my feelings of hopelessness, my belief that the world can’t change. This conviction of mine comes not only from my experiences in the past 30 years but has its roots in a time when a great dream was lost, when Light living in one man was extinguished through murder and a group of people grieved deeply that the presence of God’s Love on earth was so brief. It lived on only in a few of us, and to a much lesser degree. Our devastation was complete and my loss threatened my will to live, my faith and my hope. It broke my heart in a way that now it seems cleaved in two. The wound is covered over by scar tissue and yet underneath is still raw and weeping and excruciating to touch.
To make way for hope and creativity, I must grieve my loss and I must also cease to regard my childlike self in the way that my parents and environment taught me to. We learn to treat ourselves harshly and with reserve to avoid the pain of our wonder, excitement and imagination being stifled and judged by others. We reject ourselves so that we do not feel the grief of how rejected we were by others in our innocent state.
Our tears will free the sparkling children, full of wonder, big ideas and dreams, who are still waiting there within us. We can all learn to be trusting children again – only this time we can come to rely on a God of Love who accepts us as we are and delights in our childlike inventiveness and wonder.
When I consider God’s Way of Love as a vehicle for me (and all of us) to reconnect to this state; as a place that will welcome our tears at past dreams dashed, and teach us to hope again with vulnerable hearts no longer afraid of loss, I am moved beyond words.
I quietly tremble and let my heart release its fear. I allow the tears of my past Great Loss.
In order to hold our dream in my heart I must repair my faith and trust once again in the power, patience and endurance of Love. I must let my tears flow and allow their tracks to create pathways, passageways that may deepen and lead me back to my excitement, spontaneity and creativity.
May the passage of all our tears teach us the wisdom of letting go of expectations and control. May it rebuild in us strong roads of faith, faith in the unfailing strength our Father and the unending generosity of our Mother.
May God bless the beautiful child within you today,


[1] Emily writes cool stuff about this here & here

2 thoughts on “How To Hold a Dream

  1. Suzanne

    Oh Mary, You so inspire me…I can read this over and over, letting it go deeper each time…My heart starts to leap….like a little girl jumping up, to try to see what's over the fence…I so want the Love to win too….Clueless about what's addiction, injury or otherwise in myself…But it feels I can trust in my desire to have Love win, and everyone come home…Love Suzanne

  2. Anonymous

    HI Mary, I Just read your Blog “ How to hold a dream” and remember this poem/writing I channelled in 2001Thank you for your leadership and wisdom and humilityLove Denise ShawHi Denise,this is lovely – if you wanted you could share it in the comments section on the blog site?thanks for sharingloveMaryMy Tears.Channelled by Denise Shaw 2001My Tears are like raindrops washing away the soil and dust of the past. And like the rain my teardrops have caused new growth in me and allowed me to sprout and grow and bloom. Like the rain the tears will wash away the past & let me sprout again. So don’t cry when you see me cry because you feel my pain but please cry along beside me because I will lead your way and make it ok for you to start your tears. Cry for you and release your past and grow along side me when your light shines bright with Gods grace you will lead the way for someone’s tears of release. One by one we can make a nation cry, grow and shine, cry and release, grow and cry,Shine the light so all can see.

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