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Hi everyone,
AJ & I have been home for a little over a week. Now that we are back to sleeping when it is dark and waking when it is light I want to let you know about a new project. I have been wanting to start a study or book group for ages and somewhere during one of the 16 flights we took in 6 weeks I finally decided to take action! 
So beginning next week I will lead a book study group here in our local area. Anyone is welcome to attend as long as you are willing to do the reading and study questions. And, as I mentioned to some of you overseas recently, I hope (with the help of amazing volunteers here in Wilkesdale) to be able to provide recordings of the sessions to you via youtube.
Full details of the group are below. They might also appear on the website sometime soon but for now the blog is an easier and swifter way to let you all know.
P.S. Its great to be home and while I didn’t get to post much while we were away, I did write a little and took some photos, so I will be posting ‘retrospectively’ – blogger has taught me how. So if you are interested in seeing some travel pics keep you eye out in January and February postings. 
Introducing a New Group
A study group led by Mary to explore the messages and meaning outlined in the books ‘Through the Mists’, ‘The Life Elysian’ & ‘The Gate of Heaven’ received from Aphraar by R.J. Lees
The group is designed to:
  • Encourage participants to discover, reflect upon and appreciate more of God’s Truth and to practically examine how these Truths impact upon our lives and soul’s journey.
  •  Assist participants to develop self-reflection, an important quality in establishing a personal relationship with God.
  •  {Hopefully} create an online resource via You Tube, for people in other areas, or those unable to attend the group in person, to be able to follow-along with the book group and their reflections.

Participants & Attendance


At commencement of the study group course the group will be open to anyone to attend
After the initial meeting the group will be closed to new members, meaning that people are not able to join the group part-way through the study course unless they have completed all of the required reading, study questions & viewed all the prior YouTube presentations.
Required reading and study questions to be completed before each meeting. Those who are unable to fulfil these requirements should not attend further groups but can continue to follow-along in their own time using the planned YouTube segments.

Group Format & Participation


The group format will be a discussion led by Mary using the study questions and general reflections by leader and participants.
Sessions should last a maximum of 2 hours and will be held weekly with some weeks off due to Jesus and Mary’s travel schedule.

Creating an Online Resource


With the assistance of some of the Gods Way of Love teams, all group sessions will be recorded and placed on YouTube.
This will enable people in other locations to ‘join’ the study group or start their own study group guided by the online format.
With consideration that all filming and production is carried out by volunteers, every effort will be made to ensure that editing and uploading of these sessions happens swiftly. We would love to provide this resource to as many people as possible in a short time frame. 

Details for the First Meeting 


Our first group meeting will be held in the Wondai Diggers Club, March 15th at 12.30pm.
The first book to be studied will be the ‘Through the Mists’ by R. J. Lees and is available as a free download on the website or alternately for purchase at
Set study questions to be completed for each chapter are outlined below.
Before the first meeting please have read the Preface and Chapter 1 and complete the study questions in response to Chapter 1.
Bring your copy of the book, a pen, a journal with your completed study questions for the chapter, a water bottle and your enthusiasm.
Further details about future meetings etc. will be outlined at the first group. If there are any pressing questions before then please contact Mary:

Book Study Group Questions

Each week, read the required chapter and write a response to the following questions:


What issues of God’s Truth are demonstrated in this chapter?
How does this Truth relate to my own life and/or progression?
Did this chapter highlight to me an aspect of Natural Love, Morality, Personal Truth, Divine Love or Divine Truth that I am avoiding and thus hindering my own progression?
Did the chapter raise questions? Was there any part that I found confusing or didn’t understand? Note these for discussion in the group.
Did any part of the chapter move me to anger, grief, fear, joy or repentance? Write and reflect on this.
Journal about any other feelings this reading triggered.


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    Hello Mary, Glad to hear you are back in Australia. I am still inItaly, having left Canada and am on my way to Australia. I will miss the first meeting of the book group,as I do not arrive there until the 24 of March. but I must say I found the book "Through The Mists" fascinating. I am currently almost finished the second in the series," The Life Elysian", also very amazing. I will reread the first one then and really hope to join the group when I arrive, although a bit late. Will surely do the homework|So excited to be coming and joining the Arts team and being of any service I can with other teams as well. Much Love, Lisa

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