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Through The Mists {A Continuation}

I thought I’d let those of you who were following Book Group know that Jesus and I will be recording discussions for each of the remaining chapters in the book. You’ll see these added to the Book Group Playlist on the youtube channel. Its a change in format but I am hopeful that the discussions can help add meaning and interest to your reading of Fred’s autobiography of his spirit life.

During these discussions Jesus or I might mention some ideas for personal reflection or some possible homework activities for people following along to try. Its completely up to you if you would like to give them a go. I will no longer be receiving ‘homework’ from anyone via email for inclusion into the discussions.

I do invite you however, if you have any questions pertaining to a particular chapter, to email them to me prior to the filming date for that chapter and we will attempt to cover the answers in our discussion.

So far we have filmed discussions for Chapters 13 part 2 (below), and Chapter 14. If you have questions pertaining to Chapter 15 please send them to me before 8am (AEST), Sunday 27th (a few days away). The first two recordings were very laid back and casual.. and honestly that probably isn’t likely to change (smile – its kind of who we are).. but in future I will be injecting a bit more preparation and order into the way I guide the discussion.

Chapter 14, 15 & 16 deal with issues relating to the sleep state. This is usually a big topic for everyone! And indeed Fred, our narrator, feels its pretty significant as well.

In Chapter 15 he states upon recollection of his sleep state life:

“My earth life was not real; that was sleep – sleep in which I restlessly dreamed of this – now I am awake.”

In our discussion of Chapter 14, Jesus and I covered some interesting points about why we avoid sleep, and why we don’t want to remember our sleep time experiences. I hope you find it useful when it comes along!

Below is the first of our private discussions of ‘Through The Mists’ (Chapter 13 part 2)

A Right Commencement

In Chapter 13 of ‘Through the Mists’ Cushna and Fred discuss the barriers to easy communication between those in spirit who wish to assist us and those on earth.

“But we cannot expect too much from them so long as they imagine our only employments are singing ‘Glory, glory, glory’, or writhing in unutterable torments.”  p.152

Fred wonders at how those who wish to be of guidance do not become discouraged.

Cushna responds:

“Our knowledge of the government of God shows us that all the erroneous ideas of men can only delay, they cannot prevent, the success of truth ultimately. They attach an undue importance to the earth-life, and transfer the great advantages, which are the peculiar features of this estate, to the earth condition when they do so. With them everything is determined by the three score years and ten; the temporal governs the eternal; the finite controls the infinite; the things when are not, are placed in jurisdiction over the things which are. We know better and therefore, can wait, if needs be; at the same time, we are not unconscious of the advantage of a right commencement.” p.152

Our homework for Book Group this week is to consider and notice the ways in which we place emphasis on the temporal rather than the eternal in our day to day living. e.g. The times that we honour that which is only of this life over our spiritual health and growth.

In my experience it has been often my avoidance of fear that has caused me to break good ethics towards others in favour of feeling safe or comfortable. It is the terror of how others might treat me that at times causes me to modify expression of my true heart and passion, which limits my growth into the person God designed. When I justify fear, I also find myself justifying poor choices for my health and my relationships.

Fear makes us believe that all that we have is right here and now, and that here and now is a small and dangerous place.

The story of ‘Through the Mists’ demonstrates to us a different reality, one of hope and love not only for the future but also right here and now. The wealth of information available on the Divine Truth Channel and in The Padgett Messages gives us the keys to a perspective far beyond the ‘three score years and ten’.

At this time, with the knowledge that so many of us have already been given of God and His Laws, I believe that we have the opportunity of a ‘right commencement’ i.e. we can use our knowledge of things spiritual to begin to make choices based in Love, Truth and Humility. We can let decisions based in faith, morality and ethics guide our lives rather than listen to the gripes of fear and doubt.

But are we making this choice?

I am letting this question work on my heart this week and asking for guidance to show me the ways in which I am still clinging to the material things to measure my worth, and the ways in which fear may guide me away from Truth and Love. I don’t want to waste more time, nor overlook the gifts already presented to me  – I’m aiming for a right commencement.

If you care to, you are welcome to join our group in this reflection.

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.”  Philippians 4:8

The Thing To Focus On First

1.   The benefits of a relationship with God

All of those other beautiful truths, which all of you have been so attracted to for the majority of your lives, will all come to you, if you develop this relationship first. Now those truths may come to you over a period of time if you develop other relationships, instead of this relationship with God, but you’ll never understand them until you receive the Divine Love to understand them. So do that first. Focus on that relationship with God first. When you focus on that relationship and long for God’s love to enter you what will happen is, you will feel this two-way conversation, which is an emotional conversation between you and God. And you will know God exists. That is the way in fact that you will prove to yourself that God exists. And no one will ever be able to shake that in you. And you’ll get to the point when you’ve received enough Divine Love to be at-one with God that no one will ever be able to shake any of the knowledge in you. (02.21.12)
You will feel the truth inside of your being and you will become outspoken about it, you will have no fear about it, you will know it’s the truth inside of yourself. You’ll become the person who speaks in knowledge. Not in knowledge of intellectual knowledge, you’ll become a person who speaks in full emotional knowledge of the truth that you’ve actually personally experienced. That’s what will happen to you. So my suggestion is to really contemplate this stuff about praying for Divine Love and praying for Divine Truth. They are the two greatest things that you could ever pray for and allow yourself to start understanding God’s nature and let yourself to feel and meditate about God’s nature and connect to God. Allow that to occur and your soul will expand a lot more rapidly than if you try to circumvent that or you get interested in other things. (01.22.09)
And the beauty of doing that is that all of your spirit communication will all grow very rapidly as a result. All of your joy will grow rapidly as a result, if you do it that way. If you do it the other way where you’re focused on these other emotions, you’re focused on natural love, you’re not so focused on God, you want to connect with your spirit guide and all those things, it will be much slower for you. So allow yourself to do what’s going to be the most powerful thing. And I know right at this moment many of you may feel like, “Oh, God doesn’t feel real to me.” So say that to God, “You don’t feel real to me. I don’t know why, but I would like you to feel real to me. How do I do that?” And notice what happens in your Law of Attraction. What is it then attracted to you? Say to God the thing that you feel. Just be honest with God. Because remember connection with God is all about honesty and truth. (01.23.10)
Excerpt from the E-book “Longing For Divine Love” 
A transcript of a teaching by Jesus
L to R: Luli, Barb, Lizzi

I’m excited to tell you about the work of these three lovely women. Lizzi, Barbara and Luli have been working to create transcripts of past seminars, and are now putting them into various formats to make them more accessible to others. Due to their efforts many past seminars are now available as e-books.

These books are broken into easy to read chapters, and all the ‘ums’, ‘ahs’ and ‘does this makes sense’s have been edited out. They make for great reading whether it be in chunks or as a long sit-down read.

E-books are available for download to your Kindle, IPod, IPad or computer at this site or at

And Still More Book Group Info..

Thanks to everyone who attended the first book group yesterday. There were slightly more of you than I had anticipated. (laugh) In my mind I had pictured just a small group in a semi-circle chatting about the first chapter in a very relaxed manner, not a ‘lights, camera, action’ type affair.
However I’m so encouraged that so many people are interested in reading these books anew (and some for the first time). I feel there is so much valuable content in there and I will aim to be concise in my presentation and also allow time to explore your thoughts and questions. There is much learning and growth to be had for me here too. I’ll do my best to serve the purpose of our group.
A special thanks to those of you yesterday who took the bull by the horns and launched in with questions and reflections.
After the group yesterday, we all thought it better to have a later start time so the new times are listed below.
Thanks for your patience as we iron out the logistics.
Wednesday 21st March – Wondai Council Hall – 3.00pm (followed by Karaoke at 6.00pm)

Thursday 29th March – Wondai Diggers RSL – 3.00pm

Tuesday 3rd April – Wondai Diggers RSL – 2.30pm

Thursday 12th April – Wondai Diggers RSL – 3.00pm

Wednesday 18th April – Wondai Council Hall – 3.00pm (followed by Karaoke at 6.00pm)

Tuesday 24th April – Wondai Diggers RSL – 2.30pm

More On The Book Group

*** Updated to Correct an Error in Dates for Book Group Meetings
Meeting previously published as April 4 should read April 3 at the Wondai Diggers Club
Also updated below

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic response to the book group idea. I have received some questions via email regarding participation in the group, forming your own groups and re-reading the book.

Rather than answer more individual emails I thought it a better idea to just post the responses here.
Participating In The Book Group Long Distance
A few people have emailed saying that they would like to contribute their answers via email prior to the meetings. I love the idea that some of you want to be involved in the book group long distance!
If you send me your answers before the groups I will be able to share some of your thoughts, feelings and questions with the people here during our group, and then once the videos are completed you will be able to hear the thoughts and feelings of those in Australia. Beautiful. Keep in mind though that I won’t be able to share everyone’s contribution every time.
If you are keen to do this I will post all of the dates and corresponding chapters on the blog below so that you can see where we are up to and email your answers accordingly. I will need to receive your responses before 10am on the day of the group (Timezone – UTC + 10).
Of course you may wish to just follow along and do the reading and questions for yourself in your own time which sounds great as well. No need to share unless you desire it!
Making Your Own Book Group
Others have also emailed about starting their own book groups. First, you definitely don’t need my permission to start your own group. If you want to start a group then go for the desire!
I love that there is so much enthusiasm out there.
With that in mind, here are some thoughts I had about how this group may assist other groups.
My idea was that the videos of the groups may form a useful tool for another group to start their own discussion of the book, or a Divine Truth meet-up group, especially if the person wanting to start the group is new to the Way or has little experience running groups.
People could meet each week having done the specific reading, watch the youtube video and then have their own discussion. This gives some structure to a group if the leader is worried about generating ideas for discussion or format for a group.
So if group leaders wait until at least a few of the clips are up, you will get to see how it ran in Wondai, any problems that we had (which you could then hopefully avoid) and any things that worked really well.
Also if you only have a small group of people interested, you could us the clips to watch when you meet up. That way you get to add the thoughts and ideas of those in the Wondai group to those of the people in your small group which may make for interesting discussions.
To my mind, the group would still need a leader to take responsibility for leading discussion and addressing any issues of love within the group. Also the group may not want/ need to watch the videos after a few sessions as they may be in their own flow, have their own ideas on how they want it to run and be following the format easily.
So I think it is totally up to you how you decide to proceed. At this stage, it is unlikely that the videos will be available immediately after the sessions i.e. it may be hard for whoever does the editing to keep up to the week by week sessions.
Some people in other areas are planning follow with the book reading week by week for themselves or in a small group regardless of the videos.
Personally, I think the books are wonderful, so I am just enthusiastic that so many people are thinking of reading them!
Keep in mind that any group we run (you or me or anyone) will be a great demonstration, through the Law of Attraction, reflecting to us any unhealed emotions we may still have.
In this way, following our passions and taking initiative, can create a lot of growth rapidly, as long as we are humble.
If You Have Already Read the Book But Want To Be Involved
I’ll be recommending to everyone who comes to the group here, that even if they have read the book in the past, it’s a great idea to re-read the allocated chapter before we meet and complete the questions. My experience with reading these books is that when I go back and re-read I find more meaning each time.
Part of the reason I am passionate about these books and the idea of a book group specifically with them, is that I actually found the prose and content quite difficult the first time I picked them up. I put them down again for years. Having recently picked them up again and now finding them incredibly beautiful I thought that perhaps meeting up and discussing them chapter by chapter may open them up for more people who maybe struggled like I did the first time they attempted a reading.
If You Live in the Local Area But Can’t Attend Every Week

It is also fine if you can’t attend the book group on all of the days in Wondai, so long as when you do come you are up to date with all of the prior and current readings and questions.
If everyone in attendance has done the readings and questions it means that they are able to give/ contribute at the groups, rather than merely ‘take’ from the experience and reflections of others.
Remember that one of the main purposes of the group is to encourage a self-reflective process around the principles of Divine Truth, Divine Love, Natural Love and Morality. If you are not actively engaged in this process through the readings and questions, then the purpose is lost.
Planned Dates for Meetings With Mary In Wondai
Mar 15, Thursday, Wondai Diggers Club                  Preface & Chapter 1
Mar 21, Wednesday, Wondai Town Hall                  Chapter 2
Mar 29, Thursday, Wondai Diggers Club                  Chapter 3
Apr 3, Tuesday, Wondai Diggers Club                      Chapter 4
Apr 12, Thursday, Wondai Diggers Club                  Chapter 5
Apr 18, Wednesday, Wondai Town Hall                   Chapter 6

Apr 24 Tues (not confirmed) Wondai Diggers Club  Chapter 7
Love to you all, thanks for your questions and enthusiasm,
Happy reading,

Book Group

Hi everyone,
AJ & I have been home for a little over a week. Now that we are back to sleeping when it is dark and waking when it is light I want to let you know about a new project. I have been wanting to start a study or book group for ages and somewhere during one of the 16 flights we took in 6 weeks I finally decided to take action! 
So beginning next week I will lead a book study group here in our local area. Anyone is welcome to attend as long as you are willing to do the reading and study questions. And, as I mentioned to some of you overseas recently, I hope (with the help of amazing volunteers here in Wilkesdale) to be able to provide recordings of the sessions to you via youtube.
Full details of the group are below. They might also appear on the website sometime soon but for now the blog is an easier and swifter way to let you all know.
P.S. Its great to be home and while I didn’t get to post much while we were away, I did write a little and took some photos, so I will be posting ‘retrospectively’ – blogger has taught me how. So if you are interested in seeing some travel pics keep you eye out in January and February postings. 
Introducing a New Group
A study group led by Mary to explore the messages and meaning outlined in the books ‘Through the Mists’, ‘The Life Elysian’ & ‘The Gate of Heaven’ received from Aphraar by R.J. Lees
The group is designed to:
  • Encourage participants to discover, reflect upon and appreciate more of God’s Truth and to practically examine how these Truths impact upon our lives and soul’s journey.
  •  Assist participants to develop self-reflection, an important quality in establishing a personal relationship with God.
  •  {Hopefully} create an online resource via You Tube, for people in other areas, or those unable to attend the group in person, to be able to follow-along with the book group and their reflections.

Participants & Attendance


At commencement of the study group course the group will be open to anyone to attend
After the initial meeting the group will be closed to new members, meaning that people are not able to join the group part-way through the study course unless they have completed all of the required reading, study questions & viewed all the prior YouTube presentations.
Required reading and study questions to be completed before each meeting. Those who are unable to fulfil these requirements should not attend further groups but can continue to follow-along in their own time using the planned YouTube segments.

Group Format & Participation


The group format will be a discussion led by Mary using the study questions and general reflections by leader and participants.
Sessions should last a maximum of 2 hours and will be held weekly with some weeks off due to Jesus and Mary’s travel schedule.

Creating an Online Resource


With the assistance of some of the Gods Way of Love teams, all group sessions will be recorded and placed on YouTube.
This will enable people in other locations to ‘join’ the study group or start their own study group guided by the online format.
With consideration that all filming and production is carried out by volunteers, every effort will be made to ensure that editing and uploading of these sessions happens swiftly. We would love to provide this resource to as many people as possible in a short time frame. 

Details for the First Meeting 


Our first group meeting will be held in the Wondai Diggers Club, March 15th at 12.30pm.
The first book to be studied will be the ‘Through the Mists’ by R. J. Lees and is available as a free download on the website or alternately for purchase at
Set study questions to be completed for each chapter are outlined below.
Before the first meeting please have read the Preface and Chapter 1 and complete the study questions in response to Chapter 1.
Bring your copy of the book, a pen, a journal with your completed study questions for the chapter, a water bottle and your enthusiasm.
Further details about future meetings etc. will be outlined at the first group. If there are any pressing questions before then please contact Mary:

Book Study Group Questions

Each week, read the required chapter and write a response to the following questions:


What issues of God’s Truth are demonstrated in this chapter?
How does this Truth relate to my own life and/or progression?
Did this chapter highlight to me an aspect of Natural Love, Morality, Personal Truth, Divine Love or Divine Truth that I am avoiding and thus hindering my own progression?
Did the chapter raise questions? Was there any part that I found confusing or didn’t understand? Note these for discussion in the group.
Did any part of the chapter move me to anger, grief, fear, joy or repentance? Write and reflect on this.
Journal about any other feelings this reading triggered.


A Book List

So I read a lot these days. I always used to as a child and teenager, then I went to university and it all but killed my joy in reading and writing. I used to write a lot as well – poems and stories – in notebooks and on scraps of paper. I’d be out walking and inspiration would hit me. Weeks or months later on I might find a poem scrawled in the borders of a National Parks walking map or a scrunched up serviette. I used to copy down the words of others as well, quotes and phrases, and paste them up all around the house, especially in the loo! My Mum and Dad used to laugh good naturedly at all my ‘inspirations and sayings’ hanging about our home.

Lately I rediscovered my passion for reading and writing (and for God and Love). I think the first two are a by product of the last two! Reaching for God and for Love again has brought me closer to the more pure me (don’t you love how that works?)

Anyway down to the point of my post today – I wanted to share with you some books and blog posts that I have read and that I find inspiring. I want to clarify that just because I’ve included a book or a blog doesn’t mean that it necessarily upholds the teachings of the Divine Love Path. Each title is on the list because it moved me, and nurtured my growth in some way. I found when I began to pray for guidance and truth more sincerely I was led to certain books at times when they were most beneficial to me. Can I suggest that if you plan to read any of the books below that you let yourself be guided to particular ones? I feel they will resonate or move each of us in different ways at different times.

So while I don’t necessarily endorse the views on God or emotions that are expressed in all of these books, I do want to honour every single author, their courage, their vulnerability and their gifts. Oh how I wish I could express myself in the perfect simplicity of some of these authors! (By the way, I’ve been cruising some blogs lately and I gather that, for the main part, the way to be a chic, informative, and appealing blogger is to keep it succinct. I apologise to you all – I do not possess this knack. Maybe it’ll come back to me as I get closer to God. I am, as yet, so verbose!)

Also I’ve added hyperlinks for most titles in case you want more information on the book i.e. publisher, ISBN etc.

Relationship With God

The Padgett Messages (available at or here)

There is just so much wisdom and truth in these pages. Each time I return to them I find more and more to ponder and feel about. Truly food for my soul.

My feelings about the Padgett Messages haven’t always been like this. To be honest when I first went to read them I found it difficult.It all seemed very repetitious and my concentration often drifted. Recently I have returned to them with a passion and find every message rich with meaning and emotion. It’s like I’m reading a different text. The truth is I’m reading with a different heart! If you are struggling with the messages can I suggest something that got me restarted in reading them with gusto? I picked up the Little Book of Truths and just read a few short excerpts at a time. I prayed both before and after each message and sat with my journal and asked God to help me understand the true depth of meaning in the message. It really worked for me.

What’s So Amazing About Grace by Phillip Yancey

Its. Just. Awesome!

The Shack by W.M. Paul Young

I read this book quite a while ago and it really helped me to open my heart to an emotional connection with God.

Brokenness: The Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Through the Mists by Robert J. Lees


Healing Through The Dark Emotions by Miriam Greenspan

I have to confess that I am only half way through the first chapter of this book! The fact that I have already put the title on this list should attest to how enthusiastic I feel about it. Similar to when I discovered Alice Miller its refreshing to feel that someone else out there is telling some truth. Its truth that AJ & I talk about all the time but in my stuck times I find that just the reading of such books is supportive and encouraging.

The Heart of the Soul by Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

I found the chapters ‘Boredom’ & ‘Pleasing’ especially relevant to my life.

Feel the Fear… and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers

The strategies Susan outlines for dealing with fear are very much Natural Love techniques and I have not applied any of them – however what Susan states about the nature of fear and how it controls our life really helped me.

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

Brokenness: The Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

I’m really in love with this book at the moment. I’m not entirely in love with the concept within it that love = self sacrifice but I do feel there is a lot to be gained in taking a look at our pride and demanding attitudes that are not qualities of love. The concept of brokenness before God and others is something I pray about daily.

Loss of a Loved One

I Will Carry You by Angie Smith
I cried on nearly every page of this book. The themes trigger very personal things for myself but apart from that Angie is a gifted and vulnerable writer. 

After You – Letters of Love, and Loss, to a Husband and Father by Natascha McElhone

Soulmate Relationship & Sexuality

Are You The One For Me? by Barbara De Angelis
For me the really valuable thing about this book was the insight it gave me into the addictions I have had with men in previous relationships and how willing I have been to overlook simple issues of love.

Female Chauvinist Pigs – Women and the Rise of Raunch Culture by Ariel Levy

Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot: Not Your Mother’s Orgasm Book! by Deborah Sundahl

Eh hemm.. so I want to clearly state that I DO NOT ENDORSE EVERYTHING IN THIS BOOK! Specifically I do not agree with the practices of seeing ‘sex therapists’. I do however agree that our vaginas (for those of us who have them!) store much emotion and connecting to these emotions brings about healing and increased sexual function. Some of what Deborah shares I found to be very relevant to my ongoing sexual healing.

The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

Family Relationships & Childhood Emotions  

The Drama of Being a Child (previously publishes as The Drama of the Gifted Child) by Alice Miller

Other Alice Miller Titles:    The Body Never Lies
                                          The Truth Will Set You Free
                                          Thou Shall Not Be Aware
I think many of you have heard me speak, write or recommend Alice Miller enthusiastically – enough said – she’s brilliant.

Toxic Parents by Susan Forward

Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers by Karyl McBride

Well worth the read with some excellent emotion focused activities in the back of the book that can help anyone explore their relationship with their mother.

Homecoming – Reclaiming and Championing your Inner Child by John Bradshaw

Spirit Life

Thirty Years Among The Dead by Carl Wickland – Unpublished – Free Download @

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

Practicing Love

Radical Hospitality by Father Daniel Homan & Lonni Collins

I love this book! Its not about nice meals and fancy linen – its about hospitality that extends to all strangers and originates in the heart.

Helping Kids with Emotions &/or Relationship with God

‘When I’m Feeling…’  Book Series written and illustrated by Trace Moroney


If you are interested in books you may like to bookmark this page as I will update this post on an ongoing basis.

Happy Monday everyone,