And Still More Book Group Info..

Thanks to everyone who attended the first book group yesterday. There were slightly more of you than I had anticipated. (laugh) In my mind I had pictured just a small group in a semi-circle chatting about the first chapter in a very relaxed manner, not a ‘lights, camera, action’ type affair.
However I’m so encouraged that so many people are interested in reading these books anew (and some for the first time). I feel there is so much valuable content in there and I will aim to be concise in my presentation and also allow time to explore your thoughts and questions. There is much learning and growth to be had for me here too. I’ll do my best to serve the purpose of our group.
A special thanks to those of you yesterday who took the bull by the horns and launched in with questions and reflections.
After the group yesterday, we all thought it better to have a later start time so the new times are listed below.
Thanks for your patience as we iron out the logistics.
Wednesday 21st March – Wondai Council Hall – 3.00pm (followed by Karaoke at 6.00pm)

Thursday 29th March – Wondai Diggers RSL – 3.00pm

Tuesday 3rd April – Wondai Diggers RSL – 2.30pm

Thursday 12th April – Wondai Diggers RSL – 3.00pm

Wednesday 18th April – Wondai Council Hall – 3.00pm (followed by Karaoke at 6.00pm)

Tuesday 24th April – Wondai Diggers RSL – 2.30pm

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