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*** Updated to Correct an Error in Dates for Book Group Meetings
Meeting previously published as April 4 should read April 3 at the Wondai Diggers Club
Also updated below

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic response to the book group idea. I have received some questions via email regarding participation in the group, forming your own groups and re-reading the book.

Rather than answer more individual emails I thought it a better idea to just post the responses here.
Participating In The Book Group Long Distance
A few people have emailed saying that they would like to contribute their answers via email prior to the meetings. I love the idea that some of you want to be involved in the book group long distance!
If you send me your answers before the groups I will be able to share some of your thoughts, feelings and questions with the people here during our group, and then once the videos are completed you will be able to hear the thoughts and feelings of those in Australia. Beautiful. Keep in mind though that I won’t be able to share everyone’s contribution every time.
If you are keen to do this I will post all of the dates and corresponding chapters on the blog below so that you can see where we are up to and email your answers accordingly. I will need to receive your responses before 10am on the day of the group (Timezone – UTC + 10).
Of course you may wish to just follow along and do the reading and questions for yourself in your own time which sounds great as well. No need to share unless you desire it!
Making Your Own Book Group
Others have also emailed about starting their own book groups. First, you definitely don’t need my permission to start your own group. If you want to start a group then go for the desire!
I love that there is so much enthusiasm out there.
With that in mind, here are some thoughts I had about how this group may assist other groups.
My idea was that the videos of the groups may form a useful tool for another group to start their own discussion of the book, or a Divine Truth meet-up group, especially if the person wanting to start the group is new to the Way or has little experience running groups.
People could meet each week having done the specific reading, watch the youtube video and then have their own discussion. This gives some structure to a group if the leader is worried about generating ideas for discussion or format for a group.
So if group leaders wait until at least a few of the clips are up, you will get to see how it ran in Wondai, any problems that we had (which you could then hopefully avoid) and any things that worked really well.
Also if you only have a small group of people interested, you could us the clips to watch when you meet up. That way you get to add the thoughts and ideas of those in the Wondai group to those of the people in your small group which may make for interesting discussions.
To my mind, the group would still need a leader to take responsibility for leading discussion and addressing any issues of love within the group. Also the group may not want/ need to watch the videos after a few sessions as they may be in their own flow, have their own ideas on how they want it to run and be following the format easily.
So I think it is totally up to you how you decide to proceed. At this stage, it is unlikely that the videos will be available immediately after the sessions i.e. it may be hard for whoever does the editing to keep up to the week by week sessions.
Some people in other areas are planning follow with the book reading week by week for themselves or in a small group regardless of the videos.
Personally, I think the books are wonderful, so I am just enthusiastic that so many people are thinking of reading them!
Keep in mind that any group we run (you or me or anyone) will be a great demonstration, through the Law of Attraction, reflecting to us any unhealed emotions we may still have.
In this way, following our passions and taking initiative, can create a lot of growth rapidly, as long as we are humble.
If You Have Already Read the Book But Want To Be Involved
I’ll be recommending to everyone who comes to the group here, that even if they have read the book in the past, it’s a great idea to re-read the allocated chapter before we meet and complete the questions. My experience with reading these books is that when I go back and re-read I find more meaning each time.
Part of the reason I am passionate about these books and the idea of a book group specifically with them, is that I actually found the prose and content quite difficult the first time I picked them up. I put them down again for years. Having recently picked them up again and now finding them incredibly beautiful I thought that perhaps meeting up and discussing them chapter by chapter may open them up for more people who maybe struggled like I did the first time they attempted a reading.
If You Live in the Local Area But Can’t Attend Every Week

It is also fine if you can’t attend the book group on all of the days in Wondai, so long as when you do come you are up to date with all of the prior and current readings and questions.
If everyone in attendance has done the readings and questions it means that they are able to give/ contribute at the groups, rather than merely ‘take’ from the experience and reflections of others.
Remember that one of the main purposes of the group is to encourage a self-reflective process around the principles of Divine Truth, Divine Love, Natural Love and Morality. If you are not actively engaged in this process through the readings and questions, then the purpose is lost.
Planned Dates for Meetings With Mary In Wondai
Mar 15, Thursday, Wondai Diggers Club                  Preface & Chapter 1
Mar 21, Wednesday, Wondai Town Hall                  Chapter 2
Mar 29, Thursday, Wondai Diggers Club                  Chapter 3
Apr 3, Tuesday, Wondai Diggers Club                      Chapter 4
Apr 12, Thursday, Wondai Diggers Club                  Chapter 5
Apr 18, Wednesday, Wondai Town Hall                   Chapter 6

Apr 24 Tues (not confirmed) Wondai Diggers Club  Chapter 7
Love to you all, thanks for your questions and enthusiasm,
Happy reading,

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