Through The Mists {A Continuation}

I thought I’d let those of you who were following Book Group know that Jesus and I will be recording discussions for each of the remaining chapters in the book. You’ll see these added to the Book Group Playlist on the youtube channel. Its a change in format but I am hopeful that the discussions can help add meaning and interest to your reading of Fred’s autobiography of his spirit life.

During these discussions Jesus or I might mention some ideas for personal reflection or some possible homework activities for people following along to try. Its completely up to you if you would like to give them a go. I will no longer be receiving ‘homework’ from anyone via email for inclusion into the discussions.

I do invite you however, if you have any questions pertaining to a particular chapter, to email them to me prior to the filming date for that chapter and we will attempt to cover the answers in our discussion.

So far we have filmed discussions for Chapters 13 part 2 (below), and Chapter 14. If you have questions pertaining to Chapter 15 please send them to me before 8am (AEST), Sunday 27th (a few days away). The first two recordings were very laid back and casual.. and honestly that probably isn’t likely to change (smile – its kind of who we are).. but in future I will be injecting a bit more preparation and order into the way I guide the discussion.

Chapter 14, 15 & 16 deal with issues relating to the sleep state. This is usually a big topic for everyone! And indeed Fred, our narrator, feels its pretty significant as well.

In Chapter 15 he states upon recollection of his sleep state life:

“My earth life was not real; that was sleep – sleep in which I restlessly dreamed of this – now I am awake.”

In our discussion of Chapter 14, Jesus and I covered some interesting points about why we avoid sleep, and why we don’t want to remember our sleep time experiences. I hope you find it useful when it comes along!

Below is the first of our private discussions of ‘Through The Mists’ (Chapter 13 part 2)

3 thoughts on “Through The Mists {A Continuation}

  1. Kay Hehir

    I was so happy to read …in the city of Compensation…the ears of the deaf are unstopped, the tongues of the dumb loosed etc… another part Fred says that the deformities of the body are not perpetrated in the Soul…The question arises for me, is this so after passing? Also if a person suffered the loss of say, a limb during life, does that then translate to the Spirit world?
    I am smiling away to self here as I am given the visual of millions of people in Spirit without teeth, me included!! Pray it not be so…….lots of love Kay

  2. Kay Hehir

    Oh my gosh I’ve just realised how vain and human this last bit of my message sounds/is….BUT I would absolutely loathe to be without my dentures. LOL Kay

    1. marydivinetruth Post author

      Laugh.. thanks for joining in with a question Kay. I’ll make sure we answer it during filming tomorrow. I like that you have asked a question that many people think about but may not voice!
      M x

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