The Great Experiment {An Introduction To A Series}

* This post has been updated to include more messages.

On December 31st, 1914 James Padgett encouraged his old friend Mackey to pray:

“If there be a God, and if that God has a love for me, and is ready to fill my soul with that love and make me happy and full of light, and whether I receive that love or not depends upon my will, then if this is all true, I will that God give me this love with all my strength and desire.”

It is in essence a simple and powerful prayer – made somewhat convoluted by Mackey’s state of doubt and lack of faith in God at the time.

The prayer could perhaps be summarised as:

“If there is a God who loves me, I ask then for that Love.”

But isn’t the truth that most of us start out with hearts just like Mackey’s?

And today, if we still aren’t receiving God’s Love often, then wouldn’t it be fair to deduce that, even if our thoughts about God may have changed, maybe our hearts are still that same way?


As part of the new blog and my new focus I’ll soon be kicking off the first set of posts in the section ‘Relating to God’.

The series will be entitled ‘Reflections on the Great Experiment’.

I’ll be sharing some personal reflections, pointing you to some resources and inviting you to share with me your experiences of this grand experiment that Mackay and many others have undertaken over the past 2000 years.

Throughout the series I’ll be placing special focus on individual Padgett messages that discuss or share experiences of spirits’ experimentation with receiving God’s Love.

Here are the messages I will be referring to throughout the series:

December 31st, 1914 – A message from John Padgett

January 12th, 1915 – A message from Helen Padgett

January 20th, 1915 – A message from Albert Riddle

April 20th, 1916 – A message from Solomon

June 27th, 1916 – A message from Jesus

September 16th, 1915 – A message from Caesar

December 13th, 1916 – A message from Caesar

December 20th, 1916 – A message from Caesar

May 1st, 1917 – A message from Caesar

NB: You can view each of these individual messages now by clicking on the text outlining who the message is from. You can now also view all of the individual messages in date order easily from our site here.

I will spend at least one post focussed on each of these messages.

If you plan to launch in and read or re-read these messages now please shoot me an email if you have any questions about any of them. I’ll try to address these in the individual post referring to the message.

Otherwise there will be the chance to discuss or ask questions in the comments section at the time each post goes up. In fact I hope that you will take the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings about each message here at those times.



My online dictionary tells me that an experiment is: A scientific procedure undertaken to make a discovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact.

To me an experiment is something full of possibility, it means trying something new, hopeful for change. By very nature, it’s a launch into the unknown and that can mean adventure and unexpected beauty.

But lets face it – Trying something new can also bring up a feeling of risk and fear of failure.

Change can feel uncomfortable. And in my experience significant and lasting change almost always feels a little scary, risky and raw. But I’ve learnt to view this as a good thing, as a part of growing.

As my wise soulmate once said “Everytime you feel overwhelmed – that’s your soul expanding”.

So friends, in the coming months as I write about this ‘Great Experiment’ I’ll be keeping all that in mind. I’m setting myself the task of revisiting this ‘experiment’ with new eyes and heart. I’ll be praying for growth, relishing my innate desire for adventure, and reminding myself that all significant change comes not without a little stretching of my comfort zones.

I’m also reminding myself that I was born a great experimenter. To learn how to walk and talk and eat, I had to take leaps of faith, I had to test what I believed would be possible but wasn’t yet sure of.

This relationship with God is yet another step in faith, and I can take it with the enthusiasm of a child or the reluctance of a cynic.

I’ll leave you with some words from one of the world’s most recognised experimenters!

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” – Albert Einstein

And to further put you in the mood here is a talk by my gorgeous man called ‘The Experiment’.

All great and successful experimenters have had to be humble and I can assure you that my man displayed extreme humility in a somewhat hostile environment during this talk.



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  1. Michael

    Everytime you feel overwhelmed – that’s your soul expanding” There is another quote that this one made me think of: “If you’re not wanting to quit everyday, then you’re trying hard enough.” It came from a leadership course to expanding our thinking and belief. How do you expand your plate – by stretching it, once stretched it never returns to it’s normal state.

  2. Kathy from California

    Enjoyed the video immensely. Makes me want to know how it finished up after the break….

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