Truth, Hope & Change {The Great Experiment Series}

Firstly, thank-you to all of you who responded to my last post, requesting some feedback on whether my idea of posting simple “Jesus Quotes” regularly appealed to you. I had no idea there were so many of you out there reading! (just kidding)

Needless to say, I now plan to make “Jesus Quotes” a regular feature. Thanks to all of you for joining in and letting me know how you feel.


I’ve chosen this ‘Great Experiment Series’ because it’s an area that I’m personally giving focus to at present. The simple process of open-hearted longing and relating to God is at the core of everything we teach. Yet it’s something I feel needs much, much more of my personal attention.

As crucial as I know it to be, at times, to simply sit and engage with myself, in order to even begin to open up to God, can be quite a challenge. As the series goes on I plan to share more about the blocks to opening our hearts in sincere prayer that many of us encounter.

I’ve also chosen a number of Padgett Messages to inspire me in my quest. You can find the full list here. These messages relate the experiences of real people engaging the experiment of longing for God’s Love, and clearly highlight the benefits of doing so. For any of us feeling completely blocked towards God, and disheartened in our prayer life, these stories tell us exactly how and where to start.

The first message in our series was received by James Padgett, from his father John Padgett, on the 31st of December, 1914.

Below you will find:

– Some of my brief and recent written reflections on this message

– A video of Jesus and I discussing the message in its entirety

– A full transcript of the actual message

I think it’s apt that for our first message we find Mackey and Taggart in a stuck and disheartened place – a lot of us start right where they are at. Their expression in this message highlights some of the big hurdles and blocks that have prevented their growth so far, such as disillusionment with God due to teachings they learnt on earth (how many of us are still carrying these kinds of injuries in our soul, even though our intellect is now telling us different?), and their fears of hoping and trying for something that they aren’t sure will ever happen.

And yet by the end of the message we see that they are assisted, through Padgett’s sincere concern and his appeal to their logic, to develop some humility. They undertake to understand and attempt the experiment.

I was impressed by Padgett’s example in this and following messages and was very struck by the references that all of the spirits made as to the power of his individual prayers for them.

Some Specific Reflections:

As I reread this message in preparation for this post, a few things really stood out to me.

I was reminded of the power of Truth. As we see demonstrated in this and many other messages to Padgett, simply hearing a truth, or having contact with a person who demonstrates love and truth can be a crucial turning point in a person’s journey. Speaking and acting in support of truth can reach people even in the depths of their despair and hopelessness. It can begin to generate hope, curiosity, and a desire for positive change. And these qualities are all helpful in building faith.

Indeed we see that Padgett’s demonstration of love for his friends, his personal faith and prayers for them, and his delivery of Truth (even in spite of the protestations and arguments of his friends) – that these gifts planted seeds of hope and the possibility for change in the men in spirit.

In this message Mackay’s condition was described:

“he is not very hopeful of ever becoming very happy, as he sees nothing around him but darkness and depravity, and evil spirits who delight in trying to make everyone around them feel that there is no hope for any spirit; but that their lives must be spent in a condition of suffering and unhappiness,”

So not only was a lack of truth harming Mackay’s progress, but spirits were able to manipulate his ignorance and his despair for their own unloving ends. This can happen so easily to us on earth as well.

When we choose to ignore Truth and the evidence of God’s Love for us, we never challenge our hopelessness, or identify it as just a feeling (rather than Truth). This opens us to large amounts of spirit influence from spirits who are invested in us remaining the same, so that they may feed their addictions through us.

When we are without hope, and do not grieve it, dark spirits can tell us that the situation will never change, and that we are deserving of our state.

But we have the choice to challenge negative messages with Truths that we have already been made aware of. We have so many tools available to us that can remind us, and keep us taking steps towards love of ourselves and honour of God’s Truth.

When we focus on Truth, and are humble to our hopelessness (rather than becoming rigid, angry with others or punishing of ourselves – techniques which actually just distracts us from our fear and sadness), we open the door to change, and guidance from higher spirits. Faith grows. Mackay’s example demonstrates this process.

The second element to inspire me in this message was Padgett’s reassurance to Taggart regarding the true nature of loving prayer and its power for our planet:

“He says that he never thought of it in that way, but, if as you say the prayer should be that this love which you say would make men love not only God but one another, and make every man strive to make happy every other man, then if that prayer should be answered, the war would soon stop, and the nations as nations and as individuals would undoubtedly be happy and peace would reign over all the land.”

This vision of peace for the world is a dream of my own. And it inspires me to know that as we pray in sincerity to God for His Love, and receive it, the natural love we have for brothers and sisters is also refined.

So to conclude my reflections, even this simple message gifted to us from John, Mackay and Taggart, serves as an excellent tool through which to challenge our hopelessness with truth, and inspire us towards change.

It demonstrates the power of love, of sincere prayer and of the service we can give to each other, by reminding our sisters and brothers of the great truths we know, and the great hope for humanity that can be gained through each of us developing a personal relationship with God.

What stood out to you in this message?

Our Video Discussion:

The Message Transcript:

December 31, 1914

A Message from John H. Padgett to his son James Padgett

Mr. Padgett’s father tells of soulmate records.

I am here, your father:

I am very happy and am glad that you seem to be also.

Yes, because of your experience the other night in loving Helen and her loving you. You certainly were filled with love and you must be perfectly happy, to have had such a demonstration of love and the realization of the actual sensitive presence of your wife. for I tell you that she was with you and was so filled with her love for you, that we all wondered at her love. She is a spirit that seems to have no limit to her love for you, not many spirits seem to have such abundance of love as she has for you. So you must consider yourself a very blessed man to have such a wife and a soulmate.

Yes, as I told you many years ago, there is of record in the heavens a book of lives, as I might call it, which contains the names of those who are decreed by God to be one through all eternity: and when I want to know who is the soulmate of one who desires to know his or her soulmate, I consult that book, and there I find who the soulmate is. I am not permitted to give the name of the soulmate if he or she is on the earth life, for it might create discord or unhappiness to the living, but if the soulmate is not married then there is no restriction upon me, but if the soulmate is married then I must not tell the name, such is the law of God in this particular.

The reason is that I have that duty assigned to me, and as Helen has told you I have taught her to perform this duty and she is now engaged in it, and is most successful in the performance of her mission. She seems to have a wonderful ability, or you might call it, intuition for locating the soulmates in the spirit world as she never fails when she undertakes to find one. She also finds great happiness in doing this work and in seeing the happiness that comes to them who ask her to perform this task. I do not engage in it with so much enthusiasm as she does, but I do the best that I can, and I am rewarded also by seeing the happiness of those soulmates when they are brought together.

No, not if they are not assigned to do this work. It is one of the provisions of the spiritual world that each person has some work of a certain kind, or several kinds to do, and in that way are helped by the higher powers, or, as we believe, the love of God to perform. A spirit who is assigned to do a particular work, such as helping the spirit when it first enters the spirit world, will not attempt to engage in other work of a wholly different kind.

Yes, as to attempting to awaken a spirit to a conception of the love of God that is waiting for it, all spirits may do this, and when a spirit succeeds in causing a darkened or blinded spirit to feel or realize that God’s love is waiting for it, then the spirit who has caused that awakening is most happy.

Of course, it is only the spirit who has had that awakening himself, who can cause or lead another spirit to that desire for spiritual enlightenment, that will finally cause it to get this love to his full and complete happiness. I am not yet in a condition to be fully able to do this with much success, but your grandmother and mother are very powerful in this particular, and they are the cause of many spirits becoming reconciled to God and His salvation.

So you see, the one great thing to obtain, either while on earth, or after you come here, is this great awakening and love of God in your own heart. It is of all things necessary, the greatest. I know to a considerable degree what it means and the happiness that comes from it; but I am not satisfied and am striving to obtain more of this love, and to rise higher in the Kingdom of God. So you must try also, for you need not wait until you come over.

She has it to a degree that almost enables her to go with your mother, and I think that in a very short time she will leave us and rise to the higher sphere, and we will miss her very much.

Yes, he (Mr. Riddle) is becoming more in condition to receive this love and believe in what your mother tells him. She is the one that is trying to show him the way, more than anyone else. He seems to have great confidence in her and in her love.

He is also progressing very fast, and I expect that he will soon be with me in this sphere. So you see we all are doing well in the way of progressing and your prayers help us very much.

I have seen him (Taggart) very recently and he is in the same condition as when I wrote you first about him. He does not seem to realize that he needs any assistance to help him to become happier or to progress to a better condition and it is difficult to convince him. I tried several times, but he said that I was mistaken in what I told him, and that he knew that he was just where it was intended that he should be, so I have not tried lately.

No, I do not, but I can find him (Mackey) if you desire that I shall, He might want to say something to you, but only through me, as you must not get into rapport with these strangers to our band, for it will do harm, and we must not run the risk.

We are here. Mr. Mackey and Mr. Taggart. They say that they are very glad that you have given them the opportunity to say a word.

He (Mackey) says that he is much happier than when he first came over. as he has commenced to see the things that are necessary to make him happier. He says, that he wants you to tell him of your experience with some of the other spirits, with whom you have come in contact; as he says, he has recently learned from earth sources that you have had considerable experience with spirits who have been in a condition of unrest and spiritual blindness, and have helped them some.

He says that he is in the earth plane, and that when he came over it was a very dark and dreadful road that he traveled, that he was all blind and left alone after he first entered the spirit world, and that only recently has he commenced to see a ray of light, that his condition now is not one in which he receives much happiness, and he is not very hopeful of ever becoming very happy, as he sees nothing around him but darkness and depravity, and evil spirits who delight in trying to make everyone around them feel that there is no hope for any spirit; but that their lives must be spent in a condition of suffering and unhappiness, in other words, that they are in hell and have no hope of getting away from it.

He says that he has gotten some little light from a spirit who has been telling him, that there is hope and a better place if he will only believe it to be so, and let his soul open up to the better influences; but that he cannot believe that there is any God or any Saviour or any better place for him. He says that if there is a better place or any reason to believe that there is a God or Saviour he wants to know it, and if you can help him any, to please do so.

He says that he has not seen Mr. Riddle and did not know that he is in the Spirit World. He says that he will try to find him, and may be he can get some help.

He says that I am much more beautiful than Mr. Taggart, and more happy looking. He further says, that I am not so very different, as he sees it, to cause him to ask that question, but as you request it, he will do so. He has asked me and I told him that my appearance and happiness was caused by my having gotten the love of God in my soul, and the realization that God is my Father, and loves me so very much that he wants me to be his child and become one in thought with Him.

He says that that may be true, but he does not understand it, and that if it is the cause, he would like to know the Way, for he certainly wants to be rid of the awful darkness and despair that is with him almost continuously. Because, as he says, that you are his friend and that he will try to do as you suggested; but he says that he cannot yet believe that there is a God who can help him to get out of his awful condition. He says that he will try to pray and try to believe and that if there is anything in what you say, and you really believe what you say, that you must pray for him also.

He says that for the sake of what you say, that if any of these spirits that you speak of, should come to him, he will listen to them, even though he may not believe – that he cannot promise to believe.

He says that he will come to you tonight and try to pray as you say, but he doubts that it will do any good, but he does not think that it can do any harm. He is willing to pray and will try to believe, you must not feel bad, if when he does so, he tells you that he don’t believe in prayer or God.

He says that he is not willing to run the risk of having his conscience lash him or of his suffering any more than he is now. He does not believe that he can do so and live.

He says, that what you say sounds as if there might be some truth in it, and he will think about it, that is, if his happiness or future state depends upon his will, he will very soon determine that question, for if what you say is true, then he will be a big fool to remain where he is, when by the mere exercise of his will he can get into places of happiness and light. So he says, he will think of what you say.

He says that what you say may be all true, but the difficulty is that he can’t understand, and, therefore, can’t believe.

He says that he can say what you have just said and mean it, and he is ready to do so now. “If there be a God, and if that God has a love for me, and is ready to fill my soul with that love and make me happy and full of light, and whether I receive that love or not depends upon my will, then if this is all true, I will that God give me this love with all my strength and desire.”

He says that he is feeling some strong sensation now, and that he will repeat this and pray to God and ask for faith; and will continue to repeat it, as you have taught him, and he hopes that he may receive this love and light. He says that you have shown him that there may be some such thing as this love of God, and that he is willing to pray, and if his receiving it depends upon his will, he is willing it with all his heart. He says that as you seem to have such faith in this love and in prayer, that you do not forget to pray for him.

Yes, Mr. Taggart has heard it all and he says, that you certainly did put it up to Mackey to try the experiment, but that he is very doubtful if you will see any good results flow from it. He says that he will wait and see what effect it has on Mackey, and then he may be willing to consider the matter. He does not believe that prayer is anything more than a mere wish that emanates in and goes no higher than mind; and that, consequently, there is no God to answer, for if there was the prayers of all the people of the warring nations, would bring about such conflicting answers that confusion would be worse confused.

He says that he never thought of it in that way, but, if as you say the prayer should be that this love which you say would make men love not only God but one another, and make every man strive to make happy every other man, then if that prayer should be answered, the war would soon stop, and the nations as nations and as individuals would undoubtedly be happy and peace would reign over all the land. And if this is the love that you are trying to tell us about, then I am not so certain that it is worth striving for.

You are a very ingenious reasoner, and I commence to see that there may be some logic in what you say, but how am I to attempt to do that in which I have no faith? I know that I ordinarily, when on earth required everything to be proved, and unless things were proved I was not willing to accept conclusions, and I have not changed in that particular since I have come to the spirit world and I find it hard to change; but, as you say, I should be reasonable enough to let my mind be open to a conviction, if such conviction can possibly be brought about by any means, whether they arise from the knowledge that I gained when on earth, or whether they arise from things connected with this spiritual world of which I have very little knowledge.

So after all I guess Mackey is not such a big fool to try the experiment; and having confidence in you as a friend that has at heart my welfare, I will do the same as Mackey has promised to do. So you can pray for me too, and I will pray also – but of course I will not be able to have any belief that my prayers will be answered. So you see I am not only hard headed, but hard hearted also.

Yes I am, if it depends on my will I am more than willing, not only that, but if there be a God and the love that you speak of, I will forever thank that God for taking me away from this condition of blindness and unhappiness.

Yes, I am willing to pray to God to help me to believe, and if that will bring relief, then there will be no difficulty, for I will make such a prayer with all my heart.

You are the most persistent man that I have ever met in these spiritual matters and if what you say happens, I will certainly thank you with all my heart and soul, for I can conceive of nothing more desirable than to have the great blessings and possessions that you tell me about. So I will keep faith with you as I said when nest you give me the opportunity to write, I will frankly tell you what the result of my experiment is.

Yes, and I appreciate what you have done and I say to you that this violation of your law, which the band you speak of has prescribed, has caused me to think more deeply of your interest in me and what you said, than I can express.

So good bye for the present, the next time I come I will try to observe your law, and write through your father, if he will permit me to.

Yes, you certainly did give the gentleman a struggle to get away from what you said to them, and I believe that you have impressed them to such a degree that they will be lead to learn the truth. You are tired and must stop.

Your father,


18 thoughts on “Truth, Hope & Change {The Great Experiment Series}

  1. guitartist2013

    It brought out a big sad feeling i have right now. I feel god is presenting these oppotunities over and over again to share the truth with my brothers and sisters around me. But they dont wish to know and i feel realy sad that i cant share the truth with them. I get spirits come to me and i talk to them and they get angry with me and it feels like such a lonely place still. I feel helpless. My soul is bursting to share yet i hold it back, as i am told i am unloving when i express the truth. I feel i must be worthless why gift me with such love and truth to share, when no one is willing to hear it or feel it. Everytime someone comes to me for truth i get this great feeling i will lose them, but i tell them anyway because i want them to heal. But i am more and more alone the more i share it and confront others. But i am starting to feel god a lot closer through this and realise i am not realy quite so alone as i thought. Gods love is there even if noone else is, maybe i have to go here for me to understand more truth about god. But i still doubt my ability to share truth and my ability that i am actualy helping others through it. It brought up lots of fear watching those i care about suffer because they chose to and fear of my lack of courage to realy step forward and help others. Also some shame. And many things, i am actualy in tears writing this, thank you Mary for sharing xx

    1. marydivinetruth Post author

      Hi Laura,

      I’ve often felt sad as well when I’ve shared a truth with someone and they have chosen to reject me because if it.

      Once I’ve allowed myself to grieve though two really cool things have started to happen:
      1. My patience and understanding for people, even ones who reject me or be totally nasty to me, has grown. Because I’m less afraid of my grief, I’m less afraid of losing them, and that opens me up to really feeling and understanding them. I still feel sad sometimes, and I still feel afraid about sharing truth many times, but I also now feel how love and compassion literally grows when we are humble. So I want to encourage you to hang in there, let yourself feel alone and sad.

      2. The other cool thing that has started to happen is that not only am I attracting more people who genuinely want to hear truth, but also those that share my passion for it and other things! This is happening because I’m not so invested in everyone liking me all the time, so the truth I give is more loving (I’m loosing the emotional demand that they like me or what I say while I say it). Purer and more loving truth is always attractive 🙂 to everyone, but especially those who want to grow. So its logical to start to attract more people who want to grow by clearing away my own investments in people ‘loving’ me.

      The good news about this sometimes painful process is that ahead of us lies more and more relationships based on truth and common passions – and less and less addiction. And more and more ability to give sincere love and compassion to others.

      Like, yay!!!

      Thanks for sharing Laura,

      M xo

  2. Eloisa

    Hey Mary and AJ,
    This is so cool! Perfect right now, love the Law of Attraction!
    Awesome to get your guys views on what is going on also in the interactions as I have to say I missed much personally and much was revealed in your discussion.
    Thanks for your time and desire to share this!
    Much Love to you guys

  3. Eloisa

    There was so much in this message:
    How powerful Sincerity is.
    Soulmates – love.
    Friendship love.
    the book of lives – I liked this, I can’t wait to visit the libraries in the spirit world with volumes of Truth and volumes as written on Earth – Can I do this in my sleep?
    How powerful prayer is and God’s Laws being activated by desire.
    How perfect and powerful God is.
    How we are assigned ‘work’ to learn, grow through something, or because we love and desire it. I wondered what my ‘work’ is as God intended.
    How love makes such a difference and is so life changing, supportive, positive and beautiful.
    How Little I truly understand about God’s version of love. How little I ‘understand’ fullstop.
    How there are people who want to love and guide us, who are assigned to us by God – God’s VERY kind and seems very busy. What does God do all day/night now? She’s got all the laws working perfectly and everything perfectly set up so what’s he up to now?
    How different this world can be – with love and our personal engagement.
    I know and understand so little of God’s way.
    How powerful Truth with Love is.
    How powerful it is to ‘just be true’ and sincere.
    God’s got it more than figured out why do I worry so much? smile.
    How cool Padgett is and the personalities of the dudes he chats too!

    How do you keep growing, getting brighter and igniting your light when you hit the desperate hopeless feelings and attract those who want to keep you dark while on Earth – not just spirits?

    So much to reflect upon…


  4. telloutmysoul

    Just want to say how lovely to see you both shedding some light on what’s happening behind the words and the letters. It gives them more meaning and more depth for me. On hopelessness and despair…..the more I feel my own the more I realise how we’ve created this fascinating world of distraction….like magicians do….to take our spiritual eyes off our own misery. Most people would think it completely mad to do what you’re doing and touch it.


  5. David Wall

    What stood out for me was the hopelessness thing. I often get into the state of hopelessness, not feeling it but stuck in it. I look at the world, and often don’t understand the suffering that seems so unnecessary. We humans seem to have so much amazing qualities, like every single individual has the potential for untold, undiscovered beauty and I see glimpses of it, glimpses of God’s work in us all and that does give me a speckle of faith but I easily lose it when I find myself stuck in my own routines that I fall back into. So for me, the idea of hopelessness is one that’s really apt, because I have too a dream of real peace in the world, always have, but often its hard to believe and often I give in. I suppose the God experiment is something I’ve got to do more of 🙂 thanks again for your post and vid, it helps me too see myself more clearly.

  6. Mike

    Thanks for sharing, Mary. Really nice to see you guys doing videos on the Padgett messages. I don’t think I’ve seen any others on Wizardshak’s youtube page on the subject, directly. The lessons you both give on Love and Truth have already brought much logic to the spiritual table. Still much to be discovered. It’s nice to see you choosing a section of the messages that discuss the feelings of doubt most of us feel at certain points in our lives. But, doubt I feel sometimes can be a great instigator of more discovery, from an experiential standpoint, so long as you don’t stay stuck in doubt where you dismiss any experimentation.

    One of the toughest things for me is calling out to God when I’m stuck in an addiction. I don’t get too upset with myself about it. I see me going into addiction, but I don’t put pressure on myself if I can’t seem to receive guidance from God because I choose to move into my addictions. Or at least I try to not put pressure on myself! 🙂 I know God never puts pressure on me, so I realize that I shouldn’t either. The important thing to do is never give up, because I see the results when I keep feeling through it with this loving desire in my heart to always get better at being my true self as God intended. Although I’m far from perfect, I’m also far better than I was 10 years ago and that gives me great joy and assurance!

    1. marydivinetruth Post author

      Hi Mike,
      The discussion of Padgett Messages is a new project this year. I love talking to AJ about the messages because (not surprisingly) he has such a depth of understanding of them… so I thought – why don’t we film this? Hence the new series.

      I agree with you on the point of God not pressuring us.. one of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt (?am still learning) is that I will never progress unless I start to treat myself in the way God treats me.. which means no punishment or judgement, but no denial or avoidance of Truth either (I’ve found I either live in one state or the other!).. and lots and lots of patience, love and compassion…

      thanks for joining in here, its nice to have you,


      1. marydivinetruth Post author

        Oh also, I love your point about doubt.

        Questioning and being OK to feel uncertain for a time, are so important to change and growth.

        Hurdles like my discomfort with a lack of control and the fear of looking ‘stupid’ or ‘dumb’ stopped my experimentation and voyage of discovery for far too long..

  7. Jen

    Hi Mary & Jesus,

    I have just finished listening to you both talk about one of The Padgett Messages, which I enjoyed. This is the first time I have written anything personal about myself on a public forum, but what stood out the most for me is that by sharing our experiment we may help another.

    The Great Experiment

    I have been experimenting with the Divine Love Path & your teachings since 2009. I have only watched and listened to about 20 of your seminars. Your teachings resonated as truth in my soul, enough for me to try what you had suggested. I started praying for God’s love to enter my soul and I also started to process and feel my emotions. Over the months some deep grief came up, and as I was crying about this, God’s love entered my soul. This was the most amazing experience of unconditional pure love that enveloped me and I could feel it growing in abundance inside my soul, a love that is almost indescribable. A love that I have never felt before that it made me cry even more. This happened twice in 2009. Since then I hadn’t felt God’s love to that degree until January this year 2013. Although I hadn’t felt God’s love in that time, God was and is constantly revealing truths to me and helping me to become aware of and correct error in my soul.

    What I have noticed is that I wasn’t praying very often for God’s love to enter my soul as I believed that once you had received God’s love, you didn’t need to keep praying for it. This belief changed for me last year in 2012 when my mother passed into the spirit world. Two months prior to my mum’s passing, till present, the eviedance of God’s love and the truth of your teachings has been abundantly shown in my life.

    Over the past seven months my mum has shown me in my dreams her passing into the spirit world and the condition she was in. I talked to my mum about what she could do to improve her soul condition and her place in the spirit world by praying for God’s love to enter her soul and I talked to her about your teachings. Although I feel my mum is still in the first sphere her place in that sphere has changed with each dream, her surroundings are better and the last dream I had of her, she was starting to process her emotions, which hasn’t happened in any other dream I have had with my mum. Why I am sharing this about my mum is that I am learning about some of the spirit world through what my mum has been showing me, which somehow lead me to start reading The Padgett Messages in January 2013. From what I have read so far some of the descriptions from other spirits as to what the spirit world is like is very similar to what my mum has been showing me. If I had read these messages before I had the dreams I would not have believed they where from my mum, but something that my mind made up from reading the messages. The Padgett Messages have been a confirmation of what my mum is showing me is real and these teachings are working.

    My desire for God’s love has grown and I now pray daily for God’s love to enter my soul. My faith and love for God grows stronger everyday.

    Thank you Mary and Jesus for not only sharing and teaching God’s way of Love, but also for the love and understanding that you give to us all.

    Jen ❤

    1. marydivinetruth Post author

      Wow Jen, thanks for sharing your story. I really enjoyed it.

      Have you read the books by Robert James Less that you can download from our site? They are the story of one man’s journey in the spirit world (that combines with many stories of other people in spirit). I just had the feeling that your Mum might learn a lot by ‘reading along’ with you.

      Thanks for joining in,


      1. Jen

        No I haven’t read them. I will read them, thank you.
        Yes I feel you are right about my Mum reading along with me, as I feel her presence when I’m reading The Padgett Messages.


  8. Marina

    Hi Mary,

    I wanted to share my piece of experience in terms of ‘The Great Experiment’, that I feel for me in my life is actually ‘The Greatest and Most Difficult Experiment’.

    I have been following Aj’s and your teachings/experiences for almost four years now. It is only in the past few months that I have TRULY been more humble and honest with my current stance with God. Of who He/She is, whether I really feel in my heart that the greatest parent that ever lived wants to get to know all of me and Love me with a fervor like everyone talks about, and if I actually want this for myself.

    I do believe these past years have been a cohesive effort and a driving force to help me clear a lot of my false beliefs and feel ok to attempt the untouchable anger, and grief that I was always judged for in my life.
    I have grown increasingly tired of being constantly cold and having the same temperature hands and feet.

    For whatever reason, and however it happened, when I decided to understand, even intellectually, that there is a God that I can pray towards and will listen to everything, and WANT the best for me, I felt prompted to read the Padgett messages from the beginning. I still have a looong way to go, but as mentioned by others in earlier comments, I agree that not pushing ourselves and letting ourselves be ‘free’ to do what we want is the best approach to open our souls to what we really want…and what we really want to change.

    I had to be really honest with myself that I felt that God and my guides don’t exist. That I loved the idea that MAYBE they could exist and that would take a load off of my worry, and give me a purpose, since I feel so unworthy and incapable often…but I never really admitted that truth fully until this past summer, and then it was once I was honest about that, things started to change. Who was I doing all this for? Me? God? That’s when the spirit’s hold lessened and I started drinking a lot more water (this helps me more than anything else that’s tangible at the moment), eating cleaner; thus I started to see under the facade (finally), see the princess i want to maintain, and i knew that instead of judging myself for past experiences (though there is still much shame to grieve) I noticed that what I really want for myself in this life is…to be happy! To inspire others through my passion through art, and for whatever reason I am often obsessed with the concept of soulmates (please post more), and wish everyone in this universe to find their other half and become as we are destined to be.
    I don’t even have this for myself at the moment, but I have hope!
    That even if I had a shitty character, I still wanted those things. For myself, and often for everyone.

    So that’s when the greatest experiment started from me.

    Whenever I am feeling totally blocked, I pick up the big book and realize that even reading about it, totally helps me.
    I do love stories anyway. Especially Romance and Sci-Fi..

    Thank you both, for your love, and generosity, and I have never come across any piece of information that has had such a profound effect on my life.

    I am forever grateful.


  9. telloutmysoul

    I’m still terrified of dying and arriving in these dark terrible places. It’s easy to read these accounts and treat them like stories and not really get that these are real people in real situations, lost, confused, desperate and afraid. It helps explain why James is so persistent and patient and eager to encourage them to try. The common theme seems to be that they weren’t that interested in spiritual matters when they were on earth and end up in spiritual darkness.

    It seems important when we’re feeling hopeless to find a little tiny bit of faith and hope to help ourselves.

    Had a little chuckle at the guy who wants to put off the experiment rather than go for it…saw this quote on a poster outside a local church….

    ” God says, “At the right time I heard you. On the day of salvation I helped you.” Listen, now is God’s acceptable time! Now is the day of salvation!”

    (From Corinthians) and another little quote I say to myself often (from revelation?)

    “I have set before you an open door”


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