George’s Testimony {The Great Experiment Series}

Last year, we travelled to Barbados and I had the chance to meet and stay with some of AJ’s old friends, George and Calena.

I loved getting to know them and especially hearing from George about his experiences with Divine Love and Truth. On the last day of our stay I also had the extreme honour of channelling George’s guides to him. There is something so special about feeling a guide’s love for their friend on earth. I never tire of this process.

I also get to feel some of the pristine qualities that draw specific guides to their individual charges on earth i.e. what soul qualities they have in common. So its like catching a slight hint of the person on earth’s true personality and potential, for just a moment. As I said – huge honour.

George is a great story teller. During our stay he told me of his first experience with ‘The Great Experiment’ and it was gripping! He is very expressive, descriptive and full of passion for God.

So when I decided to put together this series it seemed natural to ask him to write the story of his receiving Divine Love for the first time. Of course, some of that expression is lost in the written (rather than spoken) word but I still love his story.

Thank-you George – over to you.


George & Calena

This is my testimony and findings concerning GODS DIVINE LOVE which is still available to all mankind.

Some years ago, I believe it was in 1999, my wife’s sister, aged 46, passed away suddenly one night. This of course was shocking to all the family to say the least. In the interim a friend through our network, Brenda, gave my wife a brochure entitled: “What happens when you die” She wasn’t up to reading it for some reason so she gave it to me to peruse. I found this brochure extremely intriguing as no one really talks about death. Makes one wonder is this what everyone is so afraid of it?

Anyway I asked my wife to ask Brenda if there was a book I could read about this, she told me there were 4 plus, I told her get me book 1 please. I don’t think I had finished 20 pages of the book (that has over 300) before I quickly asked my wife to get me the rest of the books.

My life came to a complete halt. I locked myself in my room (peace and quiet) and read these 4 books written in the early 1900’s by James E Padgett, a lawyer form Washington D.C., and New testament Revelations 3 times consecutively. Non stop. I couldn’t get enough. I ate and came back up to read, more than 12 hours a day.

As I read in the beginning these folks writing to Padgett and one thing kept repeating itself over and over and over again…


I hung onto those words and still do like my life depends on it. There is no greater truth that mankind can know, while this privilege is still available.

So the first day I prayed and prayed… nothing seemed to happen.. I broke down and prayed some more and…. zip.

nothing happened.

I kept reading and this same message kept repeating itself from so many different spirits..

So the second day…. I prayed some more, but when I awoke the 3rd day I had the realization that I hadn’t prayed as strong as I had the first day.

Well this 3rd day praying, I let it all go the words IN ALL EARNESTNESS, and read the Prayer for the Divine Love.

I left it all on the table that day.. I broke right down and prayed.

When I look back on that day I realize why I didn’t feel anything right away. I was crying so intensely, wanting to experience the Love so much, that I was in fact expiating quite a bit of negative emotions. (But that is another story).

So I woke up the 4th day. Oh what a glorious morning it was as I sat in bed and felt this beautiful deep glow around the heart region.

It was so beautiful.

It lasted the entire day. I didn’t know that when I woke on the 5th day, the same strong feeling would not be there. Instead I experienced the SOUL LONGINGS, which simply means your soul longing for more.

This is not just a mere thought or words or expressions, but Real True and hard felt emotions. My life has totally changed since.

This is my testimony.

Wishing your soul desires to all come true.

Your brother and friend in the Fathers Divine Love,


8 thoughts on “George’s Testimony {The Great Experiment Series}

  1. Teresa

    thank you Mary, and George. I have been focussed on the why nots…. and with reading this I just get the clear message… just do it…. I’m off to experiment now 🙂 thank you (and thank you to God and my guide for never ever giving up me either)

  2. Marina

    Feels as if my guides are way happy I read this. 🙂

    Never before have I felt the concept that some of our true soul expressions are similar to the personalities of my guides.
    May this post help build that bridge between myself and them.

    Thank you, Mary!

  3. rainbowpilgrim

    Aloha George and Mary,

    Thank you George for this sharing, and Mary for its posting. Having served as a counselor in Hospice, I have long understood the powerful doorway that our own experiences around ‘death’ provides, in potentially opening us to a deeper exploration of the true nature of our soul.

    In the spring of 2012, I was blessed to be with my brother Steve during the last three months of his physical life. Not having any particular religious or spiritual beliefs, his imminent departure triggered some deep questionings that he shared with me in his last few weeks. From the depths of my heart & soul, I felt the flow of God’s Truth and Love intertwining with my love in our reflections, and in reading to him from the books of James Padgett and RJ Lees. It was reading that same line: “Pray in all earnestness for the Father’s Love to open and come into your soul” that sparked a deep desire in my brother. I felt his heart opening more and more each day in humility, as he took responsibility, and felt such deep remorse for all of the thoughts, words, and actions in his own life, which were unloving and had contributed to the pain of others.

    One afternoon, as I sat beside Steve’s hospital bed, his tears were flowing in regret, remorse, and repentance, and he fell asleep for a short while. Suddenly he awakened, with more tears streaming from the windows of his soul, and a smile forming upon his face. He placed his hands upon his heart and cried: “Oh my God.. Carol.. I have never felt anything like this before.. My heart feels such love, greater than anything I could have ever imagined.. I can feel it flowing into me.. No words can describe..”. As I reached for his hand, we both cried. There was an indescribable warmth and glow within and around us. In my soul I knew that he had experienced God’s Love, and that it would spark the longing to feel it once again. As he passed ‘through the mists’ into the realms of spirit, this longing would serve as a spark of light guiding him along in his own evolution through the shadows of error within his soul, in order to grow further in God’s Love and Truth.

    Your Sister in Love – Carol Marie

  4. Sally

    34 years ago, my father was in intensive care. I prayed to God only through my longing emotion with all my might for about 4 hours in bed, when suddenly, an extreme warmth entered my head and moved to my feet and back up very slowly. I slept in peace after that. I look back now, and realize that is when I started searching for God. I started talking to God and getting answers. I learned: don’t manipulate, Jesus was a man for our example, God is my best friend, knowing something and being it are two different things, ritual is for man not God, and you can’t go to church as you are the church. I was still missing something. I verbally gave my guide permission to “give it to me fast and hard” to lead me closer to God. This happened. Still not understanding that I was burying emotions, I yelled out to God that Jesus must be back now, so where is he? Within 2 minutes, I found A. J. and the missing puzzle peice revealed. I’m not there yet, but my guide told me a few months ago, “I am so excited!”, so I must be getting close in my processing. Thank you Mary and A. J.! Sally

    1. telloutmysoul

      I’ve been pondering lately the very big differences between the teachings in the bible and the padgett messages and what your teaching now about God’s love and its power to transform. I realise now I was praying for God to help me open my spiritual eyes more. Today I felt impelled to listen to a Radio church service and the theme was about “the bread of heaven” and holy manna. I don’t know how I missed it before. Give us today our daily bread…real sustenance…..simple and made to share…….the only food that satisfies but it has to enter our hearts rather than stomachs and there is enough for everyone to overflowing, boundless and unending.


      1. telloutmysoul

        I forgot to say that the main theme was a quote from Isaiah 55:2

        “Why spend your money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in rich food.” or in other words “Come on guys come and try the experiment with me.”.

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