Revisiting: Abortion Interview

While I’m busy in my own process I thought it a great time revisit an amazing interview between Jesus and Barb (you can view Part 1 below).

This discussion covers the topic of abortion, and its effects on the soul of the aborted child and both of its parents.

However, in case you skipped this one thinking it wasn’t relevant to you, here are some of the other themes discussed by Barb and Jesus during the interview:

  • The Gift and use of Free Will
  • Our role as parents
  • The unloving investments we may have in the role of parenthood and how these damage our kids
  • Miscarriage
  • Adoption
  • Judgement
  • Repentance

As always there are some great points made and this was a particularly natural, relaxed and respectful conversation about a customarily contentious topic.

Wishing you productive processing time friends.

Your sister,

1 thought on “Revisiting: Abortion Interview

  1. Eloisa

    This is a really powerful interview. I found it challenging, informing, revealing and beautiful.
    I wanted everyone I knew to listen to it as I felt that it applied so much to myself and to so many people I knew. I wished I had heard it before having children. I thought it was such a gift to have a loving perspective and actually understand things that I just hadn’t before!
    Truth has a beautiful way of breaking down [my] judgements, false beliefs, lies, taboos, and stigmas amongst other things but especially in regards to contentious topics I reckon. I really value that about The Truth. Thank you for sharing and revisiting! I like reminders/revisits as it often just doesn’t go in the first time, smile.

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